Can you believe that in 41 more days this Rocky Top Fashionista will slay the stage for graduation? This is the moment all those long nights in the library and weeks with only $4.85 in your account were for. What the days you went to class with yesterday’s yoga pants were for, and what your parents will die for: graduation.

As we go into the last weeks of the semester, it’s important that we acknowledge our graduating seniors. It’s definitely grad season in Tennessee, so what better way to slay than senior pictures? I said, “It’s great to be a Tennessee Vol”, isn’t it?

Her Volunteer orange off-the-shoulder button-down blouse is one that is extremely in season and pretty popular right now. As if that wasn’t enough to catch the eye, she paired vintage high-waist, skinny leg jeans to give off that edgy, yet casual and chic look. Her brown leather Dillard’s backless, platform chunky mules complete her look and their silver studs spice them up just the right amount! I love everything about this look, as it hits all this season’s newest trends.

We could all take a couple notes from this diva! In one look she’s given us graduation, courtside and wine night vibes, with an outfit that will have you prepared to casually slay any occasion. A simple yet bold look is always the key, especially when giving style advice. The best looks come together when the express and compliment the person wearing them, and her smile tells it all! I was happy to catch this bubbly, energetic Vol slaying campus for one of the last times. What better way to begin grad season, than in your Rocky Top Orange!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Comeback for the Culture

Money calls and patches have made a comeback: yes I said a comeback. I spotted this fashionisto posted somewhere secluded in the woods of campus. The off-black, vintage denim jacket paired with matching black vintage jeans is bold statement, but not one that we haven’t seen before. It seems as though 2017 is reaching back a decade into fashion and we’re seeing more 2000s looks like this denim on denim. However, it’s the details that make this look, and by that I mean the patches. The skulls and patchwork down the leg offset his edgy biker boy look. With olive green high-top Air Force 1’s and a matching olive green dad hat he finished his look with just the right dab of color. Pay attention to all of the detail, even though some may go unnoticed as he passes through campus; the importance of this look is all in the details. Sometimes the simple sauce is the best kind. Like every other college student, we’re in a rush, under pressure, and on a budget. As if school isn’t enough, this young student and entrepreneur is clearly a busy man. He’s sporting his Apple watch alongside his Michael Kors watch as he takes clients call. This look is one for the culture, and the statement is all in the outfit’s details. This bold reach back into the 2000s fashion was enough to capture my attention and appreciate this look for the culture. I wonder what’s the next fad to make a comeback.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Slay

Every Fashionista on campus embodies their own personal sauce and style, it’s simply what makes them different. Whether it’s jumping out of bed at 7:45 for your 8 a.m. in your oversize hoodie, yoga pants, and Ugg boots that you fell asleep in, from the night you spent in the library; or you’re cruising on campus like this Fashionista. As a senior, we all know the feeling of senioritis and not wanting to even attempt to dress up, but there’s those like this diva that make it look easy. Between focusing on graduation, jobs, internships, naps, and a social life the very last thing we have time for is dressing up for class.

With it being the beginning of February, and we still haven’t had a winter, the weather here on Rocky Top is unpredictable. You’re torn between wearing the same hoodie you wear every Tuesday, or waking up in enough time to casually slay campus. So, what do you wear? This campus fashionista has paired some everyday basic leggings and T-shirt with a vintage thrifted blazer. As if the blazer didn’t set the tone, she carries her books in a nude oversized over the shoulder bag. To top if off she’s sporting low-cut Pocahontas style black booties that are super comfy for walking through the hills of Rocky Top.

In college you learn how vital your mornings are, so it’s crucial to appreciate the days we have time to put ourselves together like this diva has! Grab a pair of comfy booties, leggings, and be bold with your own personal sauce to it. We could all take a few notes from this queen, she’s mastered the art of what to wear for a casual campus slay.


Hey there! My name is JaTaun Bolen. I am a senior majoring in broadcast journalism and electronic media at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I’m elated to call myself a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, as I absolutely LOVE fashion, beauty and writing!

As if being a full-time student that’s graduating in May isn’t enough to keep me busy, I am a proud business owner of Bombshell Tresses, which is an online virgin hair extensions store. Since high school, I’ve taken cosmetology classes and always been the one my friends could count on to do their hair! I also have my own custom wig line, Queen JaT customs. A normal week for me consist of shipping out orders, and constructed wig units all while vlogging my days onto my YouTube channel!

For this look, I went for simple, but bold and edgy. I took my favorite slightly distressed vintage black jean jacket with a cross body bralette. To add a pop of color, I paired this outfit with soft pink thigh-highs. I love to do not too much, but just enough. To pull out the pink, I topped it off with a handmade fur clutch. Yes, I make bags too! Last but not least, I’m rocking a Queen JaT Customs wig, made with hair from Bombshell Tresses!

I make sure everywhere I’m representing my brands in some sort of way! As you can see being creative comes natural for me, and its what I live by. If you want a simple, yet bold slay this is the look to go for. Keep up with fits and follow all my social media to experience a day in the life with Queen JaT!