Finals are officially in full swing here at Rutgers. Though stress levels may be soaring through the roof, I have concluded that finding a greater appreciation for the little things becomes exceptionally important during times like these. My list of “little things” consists of quick, spontaneous meals my roommates and I share together, finding time to savor a good cup of coffee and seeing a fashionable outfit that stands out in a sea of sweatpants and North Faces. This week’s Fashionisto proves that it’s completely possible to look stylish in the midst of what seems to be a million final exams and papers.

Name: Larry Leung

Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: Junior

CF: How would you describe your style?

LL: It really all depends on the day. Usually, I like to be a little more casual and not too dressy. I would say that the outfit I’m wearing today is a little dressier than normal. I like to wear collared shirts and button-downs a lot. When I’m not wearing those kinds of shirts, I usually wear V-necks or cardigans and other clothes that are laid-back.

CF: A lot of the guys I know are really into shoes. Would you consider yourself a shoe guy?

LL: Oh yeah, I definitely love my shoes the most. I have boat shoes, dressier shoes like these and Vans. I mostly wear my Vans since they’re so versatile. I could’ve even worn them with the outfit I’m wearing now if I wanted to!

CF: Any men’s fashion tips you’d like to share?

LL: In the winter season, always rock a leather jacket and a hoodie; it’s a good combination. You also can’t go wrong with khakis. You can dress them up or make them look casual based on the shoes you wear them with and they can be worn anytime of the year. It can’t hurt to look sophisticated, especially during the wintertime since it’s so easy. Throw on a nice peacoat and you’re done.

How To: Adding a few basics to your wardrobe will help you attain this Fashionisto’s admirable style. Chambray shirts, which I feature in a lot of my posts (they’re a borderline obsession of mine), aren’t just for women; gents can rock them too! Wear yours under this jacquard patterned cardigan with these light brown Levi’s. These socks and green suede oxfords will take your outfit up several fashionable notches. Finally, utilize this Fashionisto’s tip and throw on a classic black peacoat. Happy studying!


Sometimes in life, simplicity goes a long way. The same can be said about fashion. When I saw this Fashionista minimally dressed in her coat, scarf, boots and jeans, I realized that the days in which my ensemble is comprised of such simple elements are ones I feel most relaxed.

Name: Sophia Cho

Major: Finance and Supply Chain Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Sophia Cho: Honestly, it depends on my budget. When I’m feeling budget conscious, I like to go to Forever 21 and H&M. Otherwise, some of my other favorite retailers are Banana Republic, Express and Zara.

CF: Describe your personal style.

SC: My style’s a little hard to define. I’m not too girly but if I do decide to wear something more feminine, I like to contrast the girlyness with something rocker-ish or a leather jacket. But, I’m not too edgy either. I like when outfits look clean-cut, sophisticated and business casual.

CF: Which celebrities do you look to for style inspiration?

SC: Even though I don’t necessarily dress like them, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston always look so put together and they’re sure of their own style, which I think is admirable.

CF: How do you feel like your style has changed since your freshman year?

SC: My style’s definitely more refined and less all over the place, if that makes sense. I pay more attention to what I wear in class. Instead of just wearing jeans and a T-shirt, for example, I’m more inclined to wear a nice blouse and jeans. I think it’s becoming more important to look more presentable as you get older.

How To: These next few weeks we’re bogged down with finals. Make fashion easy for yourself and stick to the basics. Wear this coat over this Ruche top and jeans from Madewell. With brown boots like these and a stunning loop scarf like this, you’re definitely on your way to acing your finals in style!


I’ve been addicted to style star Blair Eadie’s blog, Atlantic-Pacific, for quite some time now. I pay a daily visit to her site with childlike excitement to see the fresh and unconventional ways she puts outfits together. Aside from her picture perfect ensembles, I think what captivates me the most about her style is that it’s completely effortless. She makes print mixing, texture mixing and proportion mixing look like a breezewhen even the most well-versed Fashionista can admit to experiencing hesitance at such tasks. Interviewing this week’s Fashionista and hearing about her affinity for laidback fashion reminded me of Blair’s enviable natural sense of style. 

Name: Candace Mosley

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How has your style evolved over the four years you’ve spent in college?

Candace Mosley: I feel like I’ve placed more of an importance on style as I’ve gotten older. Freshman year, I was alright with going to class in sweatpants and a sweatshirt but that rarely happens now. I make more of an effort to step out of my apartment in an outfit that’s more put together.

CF:  What clothing styles do you gravitate towards?

CM: I keep my outfits simple—jeans, a cute top, a pair of boots and a cardigan or my favorite blue blazer I’m wearing now! I make sure my look is laidback, usually adding a pair of earrings to accessorize. I get a lot of my clothes from Forever 21, Macy’s and H&M and I pick clothes that I can get multiple use out of. I’m not so much of a trend follower but if I can make several outfits from an article of clothing I like, I’m buying it!

CF:  Favorite article of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?

CM: All of my earrings! I have tons of them and accessorizing with earrings is so much fun. The right pair can easily dress up an outfit.

How To: To obtain this Fashionista’s relaxed look this winter, make this red cardigan a wardrobe staple. One day, wear this striped knit top under with this pair of jeans from Urban Outfitters. Throw on a pair of these darling earrings for an ultra feminine addition. A winter ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a pair of boots and coat!


Every now and then, I find myself looking through men’s fashion magazines or scrolling through The Well Dressed Man and marvel at how creative menswear can get with a few basics and some accessories here and there. A huge takeaway I’ve been able to receive from admiring men’s fashion is the ability to streamline an outfit and show off your personal style through simple yet interesting pieces that make a stylish impact. This week’s Fashionisto’s motto is just that: dressing casually while making an impression.

Name: Fykeson Sarmiento

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Fykeson Sarmiento: Well, I'm wearing a button-down shirt from Lucky Brand, 7 for All Mankind jeans, Sperry Top-Siders and a Bulova watch to top off my outfit.

CF: Where are some your favorite places to shop?

FS: I like clothing that has a preppy feel to it, so some of my favorite places to shop are J.Crew, Banana Republic and Gap.

CF: How would you characterize your style?

FS: Overall, I think my style is very casual. I like to dress to make an impression, but without looking like I tried too hard.

CF: Where do you normally get your style inspiration?

FS: I base my style from what I see around me, so my style comes from a lot of different inspirations. I try to pick clothes that make me look like “Fykeson”. I like to keep my look simple and wear clothes that I gravitate towards, not necessarily ones that are trendy.

How To: Like this week’s Fashionisto, grab a pair of Sperry Top-Siders you can wear casually with these jeans from Banana Republic. Tuck in this check button-down and complete your relaxed suave look with three accessories every gentleman should have in his arsenal: a watch, a belt and a bowtie.


The holidays are only a few weeks away and splashes of festive reds, golds and silvers are taking over campus fashion. This week’s Fashionista certainly caught my eye by rocking her red blazer and belt with her all black ensemble.

Name: Myla Zhang

Year: Junior

Major: Finance

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Myla Zhang: Not to sound cheesy, but I honestly get my inspiration from everywhere and everyone I encounter. I believe that fashion is everywhere; you just have to have the eye to spot it out because it can be subtle. It can be found anywhere and on anyone. I can get my inspiration from anything such as magazines, nature, architecture, animals, food, celebrities and everyday people I encounter. Whenever I see a style or item that appeals to me, I would make note of it and I usually connect it with other fashion ideas to create my own style.

CF: How important is keeping up with fashion trends to you?

MZ: Keeping up with fashion trends didn't become as important to me until this summer. Before this summer, I always just bought what I thought was cute and what I could afford. But then after interning at Dolce & Gabbana, I fell in love with fashion since I was surrounded by it on a daily basis. I learned that fashion is more than clothing and accessories; it is a lifestyle. Fashion trends come and go but lifestyle is eternal.

CF: So you mentioned you intern (while I was conversing with this Fashionista) for Chanel. That's so awesome! What do you do there?

MZ: I am an accounting intern. My job is pretty boring in relation to fashion because I do a bunch of paperwork and computer work in regards to Chanel's finances. However, I do get sweet discounts on Chanel products.

CF: Do you see yourself working in the fashion industry in the future? If so, what would you be doing?

MZ: I definitely do see myself working in the fashion industry, specifically in New York City. I want to be working in the front office of the financial department of a fashion company. I would love to be able to further branch away from finance to get more involved with fashion, but I have yet to discover how I will do that yet.

How To: Make sure you have your go to piece for upcoming holiday parties. Tuck this ivory bow blouse into these sequin shorts to show off your fashionable finesse. Complete this holiday look with black tights and black shiny heels from Zara. Happy almost Holidays!


On days I find myself feeling lazy and resorting to stepping out in a pair of sweats, I stop myself and reevaluate my decisions. When faced with such temptation, I think of the simplest way to pull an effortless yet fashionable outfit together: neutral with a pop of color —  a go-to trend that this week’s Fashionista impeccably exhibits.

Name: Summayya Ahmed

Major: Pharmacy

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Summayya Ahmed: Taupe silk button down, stockings, brown printed scarf, dark brown leather boots and black coat.

CF: I am in love with your Michael Kors handbag. Are handbags what you normally splurge on? If not, then what?

SA: Yes, I love handbags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. I believe splurging on such items is in a way an investment because I'm able to wear them no matter what time or season of the year and never get tired of brandishing them.

CF: When you're putting an outfit together in the morning, what article of clothing/accessory do you like to base your outfit on?

SA: It always depends on the occasion; if I'm going to school, it's usually something casual but cute and trendy at the same time, and I always start with the top. If I know I have to look formal for a certain event, then I usually set accessories and jewelry as the baseline and go from there.

How To: If you have a good amount of neutral pieces in your wardrobe, then you’re well on your way to emulating this Fashionista’s chic ensemble. Remember the old rule about not mixing black and brown together? Ditch it and incorporate both in your fall outfits. Pair these black leggings with this “tux boyshirt” from Madewell and these dark brown boots. Complement your look and keep warm during these next few months with this camel cape zip coat from Zara. Spice up your neutral mix with splashes of red with this cashmere scarf and crossbody bag — it’s never start early to start showing off festive colors!


If you know me, you must know that my obsession for florals can’t be matched. You can catch me wearing floral print anything during all four seasons — even fall! Though it’s not traditionally what you think of when fall fashion is concerned, it’s definitely a trend you can definitely incorporate in the chillier season, as long as it’s in small doses. This week’s Fashionista clearly proves flowers in the fall are fashionably fine.

Name: Angela Mukkadan

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What kinds of clothing styles do you find yourself gravitating towards?

Angela Mukkadan: I feel like it depends on the day. I like anything feminine—floral prints and softer colors. I don’t think I have a particular style, but I like to keep my outfits simple. I’m not big on accessorizing, I usually just throw on a pair of earrings and I’m all set.

CF: Who are some of your favorite fashionable celebrities?

AM: I love Zoe Saldana’s everyday style! I feel like anything she wears looks amazing on her and can be worn by virtually any woman. Kate Winslet is another celebrity I look up to when it comes to fashion. She always walks down the red carpet in beautiful dresses — she’s a perfect example of classic beauty!

CF: If you had $500 to spend on a shopping spree, where would it be and why?

AM: It’s a toss up between Banana Republic and Kate Spade. There’s something so classic about Banana Republic’s clothing, especially their jackets. Since I’m all about simplicity, Banana Republic is the ideal place to find streamlined clothing with a fashionable edge. Then there's Kate Spade, which has the prettiest accessories with such impeccable detailing. How can you not want to spend $500 there?!

How To: It only takes a few fall essentials to imitate this Fashionista’s outfit. This floral dress from Urban Outfitters is seasonally ambiguous, so take advantage of it this fall by pairing it with a military-inspired parka. Let these gray socks peek out of your brown biker boots to add a soft touch on such a tough looking boot. Tie your ensemble together with this color blocked purse from Anthropologie for a sweet autumnal look.


For quite some time now, thrifting has increased in popularity amongst celebrities, fashion bloggers (like one of my favorites Extra Petite) and general masses as a way to enhance one’s wardrobe. I’ve always been so envious of my friends who manage to score some really unique finds at thrift stores and admittedly, I’m still a work in progress when it comes to discovering my own secondhand treasures. This week, I chatted with Fashionisto, John Tomasello, about the beauty and practicality of thrift stores.

Name: John Tomasello

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Let’s start off with a simple question. What are you wearing today?

John Tomasello: I’m wearing pair of penny loafer dress shoes that I’ve had for years and used to wear to church on Sundays. The sweater is from Kohl’s. I got the button-down and jeans from a large thrift store near my parents’ house.

CF: What stores do you find yourself frequenting the most? Why do you constantly find yourself going back?

JT: Because of my limited college budget, I shop mostly at thrift stores and department stores like Kohl’s. I come from a large family, so I'm used to getting hand-me-downs or clothing from thrift stores. The habit stuck and I still would much rather buy secondhand clothing that is in great shape over stores that carry expensive brands. Plus, thrift stores usually have plenty of brand name clothing at such a low price.

CF: Where do you usually get your style inspiration?

JT: I don't consciously follow fashion trends like looking at magazines or websites. I'd have to say I just pick it up from what I see around  from television, movies I watch or from what I see other people wearing around campus. I, by no means, would consider myself a pioneer of fashion.

CF: What are your favorite articles of clothing or accessories in your closet?

JT: I love Converse! Every other year, my family goes on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and there’s a Converse outlet store there that sells discount pairs for $20. Last vacation, I bought a pair of blue high tops, and two years before that, a pair of army camouflage ones.

How To: This Fashionisto looked casual yet put together in his budget friendly ensemble. Ladies and gents, layering a nice sweater over a button-down is a classic combination that you can’t ever go wrong with, as demonstrated by this Fashionisto. Slip on your favorite pants and you’ll be set for any occasion — like thrifting with your friends! Try going to your local thrift store and peruse it's mix of diverse offerings. You never know what thrifty fashionable gems you may stumble upon!


I’m not quite sure why it happens, but every time I tell myself I’m going to start my homework, I find myself watching Mad Men episodes on Netflix instead. As much as I love its plot, I have to admit that it’s the impeccable style showcased on the series that keeps me coming back for more. I was in for a treat when I spotted this week’s Fashionista looking picture perfect in her modern Mad Men-esque ensemble. With just the right touch of her compass necklace, tan sandals and oxblood (the color of the season!) belt, it’s no surprise learning about this Fashionsta's taste for all things timeless and beautiful.

Name: Becca Brooks

Major: Politics

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you characterize your personal style?

Becca Brooks: I kind of like the vintage-romantic feel. I gravitate towards styles from the '40s and '50s.

CF: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

BB: 90% of my clothing is from Anthropologie because I love the romantic feel of its clothing. Actually, Free People just came out with a line of clothing with a romantic touc so I’m excited to check that out!

CF: What’s one trend you’re looking forward to wearing in the fall?

BB: The classic equestrian look is definitely a trend I’m excited to start wearing in the fall. I can’t wait to start wearing leather riding boots!

CF: If you could trade closets with a celebrity, who would it be?

BB: I’m really into style from the '40s so I would have to say Ingrid Bergman, with more of a romantic, flowy twist. For a contemporary celebrity, I'd definitely have to say Adele. Her style is so Mad Men chic!

CF: Since you don’t go to Rutgers, I’m curious to hear about your take on Rutgers fashion. How is style different here from your campus at Brandeis University, right outside of Boston?

BB: Well the few times I’ve visited, I’ve noticed that students here are proud to show off their school spirit with Rutgers apparel. At Brandeis, students tend to dress with more of a bohemian feel. Even though those are some generalizations on fashion at the two campuses, each person’s style varies within each school.

How To: If you’re like this Fashionista and are inspired by a classic feminine look, then consider Ruche your go-to online shopping destination. For an outfit that’s both parts flirty and chic, this dress paired with these burgundy heels will do the trick. Accessorize with this charming bottle necklace and this initial bangle to complete your delightfully sweet look.


Considering that we’re college students, we don’t exactly have the ability to shell out the big bucks and fulfill our Fashionista dreams of owning a Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe (at least not yet!). Thankfully, our favorite retailers make it easy for us to wear looks identical to those seen on the runway for less. I was lucky to meet this week’s Fashionista, as she gives us words of wisdom on how to maintain your stylish ways without breaking the bank.

Name: Michelle Kim

Major: Marketing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

MK: I'm wearing a satin-finish shirt from Forever 21, pink cropped pants from Urban Outfitters, boots from ALDO, a Pour La Victoire bag and my favorite Michael Kors watch that I actually wear religiously.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

MK: My personal style is mainly streamlined and classic, with a minimalist approach. It's mainly inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss.

CF: Do you have any tips on maintaining a fashionable wardrobe with a college student budget?

MK: Definitely work with the basics that you already have in your closet. My rule of thumb when shopping: if I can easily picture something in at least five different outfits based on what I already own in my closet, then I'm good to go. Versatility is key when maintaining a closet with a budget.

CF: What's one item in your closet you are more inclined to splurge on?

MK: I am definitely more inclined to splurge on accessories like shoes and purses because I believe they are the finishing touches that can really make or break an outfit. I recently splurged on this black bag, not only because I was obsessed with the zippers, but also because of its versatility. I knew I could wear it everyday with nearly every outfit, so it's more worth the investment.

How To: This Fashionista stays true to her minimalist style with the outfit she’s wearing. For a similar look, tuck this floral blouse (totally appropriate for autumn) into these wine colored skinnies. Keep the accessories simple with this custom-made hexagonal charm bracelet by Carissa Rae Jewelry, and don’t be afraid to mix prints by slipping on these leopard pumps. With such a cool look, no one would have ever guessed you were shopping on a budget!