The saying goes, “Save the best for last”, and did I make sure to follow that adage. The epitome of Southern California chic is perfectly executed in this Fashionista’s ensemble. We SoCal girls have that special ability to pull off a multitude of hot trends effortlessly. The relaxed vibe of the golden state inspires Southern California students from all over the globe to take notes from the laidback coast’s common attire. Oversized apparel, chunky heels, quirky patterns and breezy backs are all hip trends worn by us new and old West Coast dwellers, including this Fashionista, raised in both Australia and Indiana, who is able to combine them all and create the perfect SoCal chic look.

Quirky and funky are the two choice words to describe her fashion. The most obvious standout of this outfit is her eccentric shoe choice. Jeffrey Campbells are flying off the racks at lightening speed, and for many obvious reasons. His 70s-inspired clunky heels, with as much comfort as fashion, come in a wide range of patterns, colors and textures and can take any outfit from drab to fab. At first glance, this Fashionista’s shoes look like a cool pair of JC’s covered in a neat tapestry pattern. However, with a closer look, these chunky clogs are covered in none other than one of the hippest animals on the block – cats. One wouldn’t expect a pair of shoes covered with cats to be the epitome of California chic, but the subtle yet loud announcement of one’s love for cats worn on her feet is a cool way to make a bold statement. 

Another California staple is the open back shirt. Sheer, flowy shirts are a must for us Californians in the hot summer sun. However, an alternative to the v-neck, the open back shirt is a great way to show some subtle skin without the vulgarity of excessive frontal exposure. Like the mullet skirt, the open back also follows the funny phrase “Business in the front, party in the back”.  An underappreciated type of exposure, a little back skin can go a long way. This Fashionista pairs her sheer open back black button down along with her cat crazy shoes with a caged bralette and black stretchy mini skirt. The simplicity of the outfit doesn’t make it boring, but rather an uncomplicated approach to some very bold fashion.

Spending your college years in California makes for a very spoiled Fashionista. The ability to wear any type of clothing without weather restrictions is every Fashionista’s dream, and us USC students get to live out that dream on a daily basis. However, with abounding sunshine comes great responsibility. From quirky to casual, or preppy to hipster, we SoCal Fashionistas take pride in our beautiful weather by letting our personal styles shine like the sun every single day!



In 2010, designer Balmain introduced the world to the Slashed Army shirt. This shirt was covered in rips and tears and rang up at the mere price of $1,625.  An unaffordable price tag for us college Fashionistas, other designers took note of this holey trend and started creating similar shirts. We’ve all had our fair share of ripped jeans, but this tattered trend for tops became a purposeful grungey look. Inspired by your favorite worn-in T, holey shirts are a match made in heaven for those who love the look of your old T but the feeling of a brand new addition to your wardrobe.

Wearing the holey shirt trend is definitely an easy task. With the holes and tears typically in modest places, unlike Regina a la Mean Girls, Fashionistas can integrate the ripped apparel into everyday wear. This specific Fashionista keeps it simple with her holey shirt in a basic white crewneck style. The small amount of holes in her shirt keeps it from looking too accidental as well, a key for rocking this trend. There’s a fine line between tattered Ts and overused, holey tops.

She keeps her look simple by pairing her hole-filled shirt with medium wash blue jeans, a black thigh-length sweater, and a basic black oversized totebag.  Another cool '90s-inspired addition to her outfit is her velvet Dr. Martens. A blast from the past, Dr. Martens have been finding their way back into relativity by expanding their horizons with different patterns and textures. This velour pair is the perfect match for her grunge-inspired holey shirt. Next time you find yourself with a little rip or tear in your shirt, feel free to add a few more and be inspired by this holey trend.



In the animal kingdom, the cheetah is one of the fastest known animals to mankind. Its sleek spotted fur dashes around vast, open spaces of land in smooth, long dashes. With that being said, who knew that throwing on a leopard-print accessory or two would make just as quick a fashion statement as a cheetah running through the desert. Adding small doses of animal print can make even the tamest Fashionista look oh so wild.

This Fashionista starts her outfit off with the perfect canvas of an all-black ensemble. Maintaining a basic color palette is a great way to allow your bold patterned accessories to be the main event. She pairs a basic black denim skinny jean with a sheer black button down shirt to keep her outfit to a minimum. Then, she takes a walk on the wild side with her feline accessories. She wears a feline-inspired leopard print scarf that drapes almost over her entire front side. One leopard print accessory isn’t enough for this ferocious Fashionista; she wraps her head in another maroon-colored leopard print headscarf

On her paws, or in the Homo sapien world, feet, she wears a pair of distressed brown leather combat boots with a fun pair of Rastafarian-inspired laces. A couple of handmade bracelets, and this Fashionista is set with her fun and fearless look. Her adventurous ways with the addition of a leopard print neck and headscarf are the perfect approaches to add a little furry kick to a basic look. If you’re feeling extra audacious, try a pair of leopard print denim or blouse. Taking a walk on the wild side has never looked so chic before!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Totally Trendy Tights

Showing off your sunkissed LA tan is always in style here at USC. You can find students whizzing around on their beach cruisers or flying around on their skateboards on the daily in denim cutoffs, flip-flops and tank tops. However, when the sun doesn’t shine as much as we Los Angelenos are used to, we must find ways to adjust our normal summer-like fashion to keep our limbs slightly warmer than usual. Let me introduce the spring/summer tight.

Being able to rock the tights-under-shorts trend is actually a rather easy task. It surprisingly flatters Fashionistas of all shapes and sizes; playing with the length of the shorts as well as the materials of both your bottoms and tights can help make you look your best when attempting tights under shorts. This throwback 80s/90s trend is reminiscent of the fun and edgy fashion of previous decades. A little bit rock-and-roll, a little bit grunge, a pair of semi-sheer tights underneath shorts is a great way to stay warm and keep a little bit to the imagination. 

This Fashionista rocks a plethora of trends on top of her already fashionable bottom half. Her military-inspired navy blue sweater is a perfect pair with her high-waisted black shorts and semi-sheer black tights. A pair of grey combat boots adds to the military look, but is softened up with a singular bohemian peacock feather earring and her touchable curled hair with a hint of the popular ombré hair coloring technique. Mixing different styles is a doable task and this Fashionista proves it with her confidence in wearing a multitude of trends.   

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Bold And The Beautiful

With the warm weather and eternal sunshine, spring in Downtown Los Angeles has enhanced my love for this beautiful season.  A huge trend of the season is everything floral.  Typically, we see more subtle patterns of this trend adorning flowy blouses or small touches such as floral jewelry.  However, adhering to the phrase “go big or go home,” this Fashionista takes the floral frenzy trend to a new level. 

Graphic tops are always an easy way to make a statement, and this Fashionista takes the cake with her oversized sunflower graphic T.  The bold graphic print on her shirt shows off her fearless attitude and is a great take on the typical floral trend of the spring.  She pairs her fun floral graphic shirt with another spring trend – bright colored denim bottoms.  Colored denim is cool twist on basic blue denim shorts, and by adding a pair of bright blue bottoms to an already bold graphic T is a great way to show off your fun personality through your wardrobe. 

With all of the bold pieces of this Fashionista’s outfit, she kept her accessories and shoes low-key.  A pair of neutral, off-white slip-on strappy sandals and a simple gold watch are the perfect additions to her standout outfit.  Having one standout clothing article is challenging enough, but pairing bold on bold is a way to show off your Fashionista confidence and test out all of the season’s fun trends.


Being the product of the '90s, we have come to love the classic pop princesses, from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson. None of us can ever forget Christina Aguilera’s classic jam “Genie In a Bottle.” Who would have thought that the provocative subject of a seemingly innocent song could have translated into the world of fashion as a pair of hip genie-style pants. Better known as the harem pant, the trend has definitely been a hot topic for many Fashionistas; the trend teeters the line of being hip and trendy to just plain baggy and shapeless. It definitely takes a certain kind of attitude to rock these slightly saggy bottoms. However, with the right combination of tops and accessories, it can make for an effortless hipster look.

This Fashionista knows how to make harem pants work for her. The cool worn-out striped pattern of her cotton genie-inspired bottoms gives her outfit a laidback feeling. Not to be outdone, she doesn’t let her pants do all the talking by wearing a multitude of standout pieces. She bleeds a rocker chick attitude with her tough-looking black leather jacket and lace-up combat boots. A tip to pulling off the harem pants trend is balancing the slightly shapeless bottoms with form-fitting tops. Although this Fashionista has the body to pull off a floral bustier, it’s definitely not a necessity to let your midriff run wild. However, if you have as much cool confidence as this Fashionista, a midriff-bearing crop top is a sweet pair for harem bottoms.

So for you risk-taking Fashionistas who want a little pizzazz in your life, throw on a pair of harem pants and run to your nearest karaoke bar to belt out your best rendition of “Genie in a Bottle”!


As Friday night rolls around on college campuses across the nation, Fashionistas will spend hours in in front of the mirror trying on dozens of outfits to get that perfect late-night ensemble.  Nighttime staples include flashy, sparkly shirts, waist-cinching short dresses, dark denim skinny jeans, sky-high heels, and of course, the tight mini skirt.  This small article of clothing may be tiny in size, but it goes a long way in every Fashionista’s closet that can transition from a nighttime staple to a daytime appropriate bottom.  In dozens of colors and styles, ranging from the basic cotton skirt to the form-fitting bandage skirt, the mini skirt has become more than a cheesy show-off bottom that can flatter every figure with the right cut and color.

This Fashionista works her tight and bright mini on just another clear Southern California afternoon.  The cheerful tangerine color is the perfect shade for any time of day or night.  What makes this mini appropriate for the day is how she balances out the short length of the skirt with the rest of her outfit with a little bit of modesty.  Showing off your legs is always an unexpected twist for class, but having the ability to make it daytime appropriate is a great Fashionista skill!  Letting her skirt do the talking, she paired her citrus-colored mini with a sheer white button down shirt with chest pockets.

Her bold, adventurous accessories are the perfect additions to this daytime chic look.  A mint green beaded necklace, large brown leather tote bag, gold bangles, and a sophisticated pair of black round sunglasses round out this super stylish look.  As always, every Fashionista knows the importance of a great pair of shoes, and this one polishes off her look with a pair of shiny leopard flats with a black fabric trim.  Don’t be afraid to add multiple splashes of color into your daytime outfit and take inspiration from your Friday night fever!



Although April is typically a month filled with fluffy pastels and sheer textures, we sometimes find ourselves nostalgic for the rich color palettes and warm materials of seasons past.  This fall, we saw the camel color trend burst into mainstream fashion, with designers finding ways to bring the color from drab to fab.  Camel is flattering on every skin tone and can be worn with almost any color feasible.  This neutral hue can either be played up as the main event or down as a stage for more bold articles of clothing. 

I spotted this Fashionista rocking the trend of yesterday and transitioning it into a hip springtime look.  The key to making this look work for spring is all in the materials.  Her camel-colored blazer’s lightweight quality makes it the perfect throw-on over sheer, flowy blouses or tanks.  Camel is the perfect color to build an outfit around because although a neutral at heart, its bold undertones make it standout all on its own.  This Fashionista takes the camel trend to a whole new level by wearing it not only on top, but on bottom as well.  Her chic open toe camel-colored heels are the perfect footwear addition to her stylish ensemble.

Letting the camel hue take center stage, this Fashionista pairs her blazer and shoes with a pair of dark rinse skinny jeans, sheer patterned button-down blouse, and a springtime-friendly white quilted shoulder bag.  Although her outfit may be full of neutrals, she knows how to bring back one of the fall’s most desired shades and rock it in a new bold and cutting-edge way. 



In a time of vulgar rap music, skintight leggings, and high, high stilettos, there are still many Fashionistas inspired by the trends of the past. Role models like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly or Jackie O paved the way in creating a chic look for the modern woman. These fashion icons emphasized class by dressing in the most feminine ways.  For these women, simplicity and modesty was the way to show off their personal senses of style. They are all still major style icons in today’s society and their anything but basic styles still inspire Fashionistas today.

This Fashionista takes notes from the most beautiful women of the past by creating a chic ensemble with very feminine touches. Her asymmetrical cream-colored button-down blouse caught my eye; this modern twist on the classic blouse is a great way to bring a basic top to a new level. The sheerness and soft chiffon texture also add a feminine touch to this modern take on the button-down blouse.

Her ladylike accessories are what pull the outfit all together. Pearls are always a classy accessory, and this Fashionista makes a playful attempt with her neck accessory.  Knotted at the waist, her long strand of pearls is the perfect touch to her classic ensemble. Also, her bright green quilted purse adds the perfect pop of color to her neutral-colored outfit as well.  She allows her shirt and accessories to take center stage by wearing a pair of dark colored straight leg jeans and basic black ballet flats.  

Taking inspiration from classic fashion icons of the past is always a “do.” So ladies, throw on your classic ladylike blouse, chic dark cuffed jeans, and grab brunch or sip on some afternoon tea with your fellow females and feel the classic blast from the past!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Re-Rise of the Lumberjack

This week’s temperature drop from a sunny and warm 80 degrees to a chilly 60 degrees have made Fashionistas across campus resort to pulling out some of their fall fashion pieces and integrating them into their spring wardrobe. We Californians have perfected the look of West Coast chic, pairing casual sandals with cut-off shorts or flowy skirts and relaxed Ts or billowy blouses. But when you throw some East Coast cold our way, we sometimes may be thrown for a spin. 

However, this Fashionista knows exactly how to dress for this So Cal weather blip. Bringing back the lumberjack trend of the fall is an excellent way to stay both stylish and warm at the same time. Typically seen in male fashion, lumberjack-inspired flannels have crossed the line into women’s fashion and moved past being a work necessity.  Plaid flannels are an easy throw-on that can take your outfit to a different, more relaxed level. 

This Fashionista takes a cue from some vintage '90s laidback grunge, combining a Kurt Cobain-inspired outfit with a little Courtney Love attitude. She layered her red and black plaid flannel over a basic flowy white tank and paired it with distressed denim jeans. To finish off her grunge/lumberjack-inspired look, she added a pair of brown leather combats boots and folded them down for an extra dash of cool. 

So stay warm, my fellow Fashionistas, and take inspiration from the workingmen of America. You may never have thought that taking cues from the men who work in the logging business would have given you a great stylish (and comfortable) wardrobe staple!