Can you smell it? It’s the scent of winter and the coming holiday’s There are always so many wonderful things to indulge in when the holiday’s roll around but the biggest thing of all is being with family and friends. In other words I’m talking travel people! What better way to enjoy the winter holiday’s than traveling to some of the most wonderful cities during a wonderful winter vacation. Whether it’s traveling to New York to experience the lighting of the Christmas tree or some other festive event, we mustn’t forget the proper key items for traveling. I’m a believer of a lot of things but this is number one, travel light but always fashionable.

This Fashionista has chosen to dress in a knit winter green dress, leggings and ankle boots. To defy this cool and windy weather she has paired her outfit with a black and white plaid trench coat. If I do say so myself but she looks fabulous. If anything I’m more inspired by her trench coat more than anything else. It reminds me of my favorite fashion icon Twiggy. Her outfit is definitely something she can wear straight out of the airport and onto the busy streets of any city.

When it comes to traveling for the holiday’s I have five top winter essentials that you should always have in your traveling case. Cashmere accessories should be at the top of your list, this includes hats, scarves, socks and a range of other things. Next up are stockings, tights, leggings, and everything and anything that goes underneath to keep those legs warm. Don’t forget boots! These are a must the winter season is after all about the shoes. And of course finally a good coat never hurt anybody, at least not intentionally. These are my top winter picks, I hope you agree and have a happy holiday.


Brr! It’s cold outside. Now it truly feels like the winter season, the chilly weather has finally made its way down south, which means it’s finally time to whip out those coats and winter sweaters. Speaking from experience I’d say most of us Floridian’s couldn’t’ wait for the chilly weather to finally settle in. But now that it has we’re ready to just enjoy what the 40 degree weather has to offer. I’m one of those who has a love- hate relationship with this weather. I enjoy the winter fashion and some of the cool weather but once it drops below 50 I want out. So I usually make it my mission to find coats and sweaters that’ll keep me warm from the cold breeze but won’t suffocate me when I stand in the sun.

Of course I look to my local Fashionistas for some advice. This particular Fashionista found a great mix of the two. She’s wearing a beige wool sweater and hat to keep her warm and toasty. So she can enjoy the nice cool weather she is wearing a pair of jeans with a pair of grey boots. I love how her look is fun and still practical. Let’s face it sometimes when the temperature drops we have to look for clothing that’s fashionable and practical that doesn’t give us the frumpy appeal.

This Fashionista wore a few layers of clothing that were thick enough to keep her warm and still fashionable. A collection that I enjoy and think is fashion forward for this winter season but still has the sense to keep you warm is French Connection’s winter collection. Their collection is fun and feminine without the frump.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Exam Anxiety Made Simple

Countless piles of books, long hours of studying, days holed away in a library corner; sadly this signals the beginning of exam week. Aside from trying to make sure that you study for and try to pass every course, the last thing anyone wants to consider is what to wear during these long isolated weeks. Only two words come to my mind, simple and comfortable. This is usually a time where people look for something comfortable to wear as they spend most of their time studying and going through class materials in preparation for finals. We need something that’s comfortable, stylish and easy to put together as we rush through the day. Personally I’m known for wearing oversized sweaters and sweats which I’ve deemed unfashionable.

This Fashionista found the perfect balance between comfort and being fashionable. As a top she is wearing an oversized sweater that has an exaggerated turtle neck, leggings and black booties. During the time of exam week I think comfort is ideal because a person feels less stressed, they feel comfortable and therefore they can focus. So to make things easy all you need is a little planning and a few essentials. The weekend before exam week plan out your wardrobe, this makes things a lot easier and less stressful.

As you plan out your wardrobe all you’ll be able to pick out your outfit and go take that exam. It’s important to focus on items that are basics; jeans, tanks and tees, cardigans and sweaters, simple handbags, boots or flats and simple accessories are a list of essentials that you’ll need. Most likely you’ll be taking an exam which means you won’t have any other classes to worry about. Dressing simple is the easiest option.


This season be prepared for a treat like no other. The winter season always brings such a broad selection of stocking stuffers, especially around this time of year. In fashion there are only so many fashionable pieces that the average shopper can come in contact with. Personally I’ve always dreamed of having couture inspired pieces in my closet and I’m sure many of you have had that same exact dream. Well the wait is over!

Today's Fashionista is wearing a representation of what I call modern couture, or at least the ready to wear kind. She is wearing a printed dress; the top portion resembles a corset and the bottom has a slightly full skirt. And if there’s anything that I know is that I love a skirt with a little bit of exaggeration. Her look purely shouts romance and has a very flirtatious and whimsical aura to it. To amplify her look she pairs her attire with beaded accessories.

Now the news you’ve all been waiting for, my fellow Fashionistas/o you can get a similar haute couture look from my favorite popular retailer. Lanvin for H&M has finally hits H&M stores and with it they bring a couture inspired collection at affordable prices. But if you’re like me and love to admire the more extravagant fashions, Valentino has couture inspired designs with silhouettes that makes a bold yet feminine statement. There are so many places to shop and explore and I can’t wait to discover them all. I’m excited for this seasons shopping and I’m hope you are too.


The one thing I love about Florida is that the weather is constantly changing, one day there’s a hurricane and the next you’ve got sunshine and fluffy clouds. So when the winter weather let up for some serious sunshine this week you can believe that everyone took the opportunity to shed their winter duds to try on a few spring essentials.

If you’ve ever seen Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2011 ready-to-wear collection you’d be amazed at the simplicity of the designs. There was a specific piece that a Fashionista reminded me of. Her look was similar by how simplistic and feminine it was. She didn’t have to do too much or use too many accessories to appear fashionable. She wore a lightly floral romper and wore a light yellow cardigan over her shoulders. To give her legs length and beauty our Fashionista wore t-strap heels. She finished her overall look with an oversized purse. Something that isn’t seen all the time but I’m sure will appear more as spring gets closer.

A great and inspiring collection for this spring would be D&G’s Spring 2011 collection. The collection embodies spring in the colors and in the floral prints. In some ways it gives the essence of the 1950s or 1960s spring afternoons, many of the designs were playful yet romantic. The collection shows styles inspired by a garden party which include a few hot items such as bubble shorts, strapless rompers, wide-necked tanks and many more fashionable items. It just shows that it never too early to do spring.

SYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Thanksgiving Hunt

The holidays are quickly approaching which means Thanksgiving should be right around the corner. It’s a time to get together with your family and friends and celebrate all the great things that’s happened this year. For my family Thanksgiving is all about family togetherness and of course the food. But before anyone can actually gather around the dinner table this year the first step I’d say is to get that turkey. Whether it’s getting it from the market or hunting it yourself no one ever said getting the Thanksgiving turkey had to be an unfashionable deed.

Today's Fashionista is ready to hunt that turkey down, so to speak. She is wearing a simple plaid button down shirt which she paired with a set of suspenders and a pair of jeans. To accessorize her outfit she used a great pair of strapped winter boots and a knitted hat. I’d say she looks fashionable enough to ‘hunt’ a turkey, don’t you? This thanksgiving fashion should be about versatility and transition. You should be able to have fun with your family in the outdoors and still be able to settle down at the dinner table.

I find that it never hurts every now and then to try a sophisticated yet rugged look. Especially this time of year when the leaves fall from the brittle tree branches leaving us ample time to bask in the mountainous heap that’s left behind. Fashion designer Michael Koris’s fall fashion line portrays some images of outdoor fashion but gives the look that versatility it need while still giving a rugged feminine look. Its fashion that I anyone can appreciate.


With the cool winter winds quickly sweeping under our skirts I’d say it’s time to get a head start on this Fall’s latest trends. This season not only are there numerous trendy clothes hitting the stores but they’re also dynamic shoes built for both the practical and stylish use of this cool winter season. The array of stylish shoes this fall season’s presented has ranged from military style, such as these Christian Louboutin Button Flannel Booties, to desert boots, such as these from Piperlime. There has been a big and unique change in the designs of boots for this fall season. Not only are the designs different but there has also been the return of some older fashionable shoes such as the combat boot.

Everyone knows fashion isn’t about what you wear but how you wear it, at least to some extent. This Fashionista has gone and used that rugged boot style and transformed it, giving it a feminine appeal. She’s paired her boots with a floral dress, a trend that will definitely make its appearance in springs fashion once again, and a wide belt. Her overall look just presents sweet and feminine but also quite confident and fierce. Just because winter brings cold winds and lots of snow doesn’t mean your shoe fashion has to suffer pure neglect. If anything just as you can never have too many good friends, you can never have too many good shoes.

I’ve been searching for some of the latest and greatest trends in shoes and here are a few that I’m sure you’ll love just as much as I have. Although I can’t afford a pair of Louboutin shoes here is a great alternative to fulfill all of your fashion fantasies. These military inspired booties can still make a statement wherever you go. If you’re looking for a desert inspired shoe these lace boots from ModCloth are it. And finally I don’t think winter would be the same without a good pair of over the knee boots, such as these riding boots from LOFT.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Fashion Filled Halloween

Look out! Ghouls and ghosts, Halloween is right around the corner and I think it has presented itself with some awesome styles. Be prepared to be frightened by the amazing trends and styles that are offered this year. Halloween is more than just dressing up as a vampire or any other regular costume. It’s where you have the opportunity to transform yourself into anything you’d like to image for that one night. Personally I’m thinking of reliving the retro years.

This Fashionista had a piece that I’d like to use as a part of my costume and I have to say it’s one of those items that I wouldn’t mind using on a daily basis. She’s wearing a blue blouse under her asymmetrical patterned jacket and a coral colored skirt with zipper detailing on the front. She includes a pair of red sunglasses to complete her look. I love her overall appearance especially the skirts. It’s different and reminds me a little of the older fashionable years.

Halloween presents itself with some interesting and not so interesting trends. But it’s about having fun while still being fashionable and not too trashy. If you’re looking for some inspirational ideas you should swoop down and take a gander at Patricia Field’s Halloween collection. It’s fresh and very fierce for this season just like her styling in Sex and the City. If you’re not looking to be a part of the norm try creating some DIY costumes, imagine piece that are out of the ordinary and that can really spook the crowd. If you're looking for some inspiration take a look at some of these celebrties and their idea's i'm sure you won't be dissapointed.


The fall season has just begun and already I’ve seen countless inspirational items that are fall fashion worthy. Trends that I’ve seen a lot of are military inspired fashion items from distressed jeans and cargo pants to embellished jackets. This fashionable Fashionisto simply caught my eye while I rushing to my next class period and I automatically knew this was the next thing. Not only is this a popular and worthy trend this season but it’s also affordable. Stores from J. Crew to Kmart are embodying the military style.

This Fashionisto is wearing a simple striped tank and pairing it with cargo shorts, which have the added effect of being rolled at the knee. He’s accessorizing his look with a satchel bag which can transform into a backpack, a pure example of utility. I’d say our Fashionisto is definitely stylish and it looks great with his overall look. The season has started with a very casual approach such as the use of cargos and jackets being paired with more feminine, or in this case masculine, items to give it a more casual but edgy look. With the constant bombardment of military inspired clothes I’m ready to go in search of my own. I’ll make sure to keep in mind this season’s most popular colors, beige, olive green and various other colors that can stand alone and make a statement.

As I go on my hunt for these military items and my very own two-in-one satchel bag I thought I’d share that this season Kmart has really made a comeback. Their lookbook for the season is incredible and most of all in an affordable price range. I’m looking forward to see what pieces they have and I’d say all of us college students would be grateful for.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Charming but Simple Accessories

Accessories! It’s the one thing that I’ve been relentlessly drilling into your innocent little minds. Now I get to showcase exactly why that is. Accessories don't just include jewelry anymore but the combination of other items as well; handbags, shoes, scarves and other intriguing things that are found all around us that can be used to enhance our outlook on our attire.

I’d like to commend today's Fashionista for showing you exactly what I’m trying to portray. She’s is sporting a vintage blouse which reminds me of something I’d probably steal from my father’s closet, white trousers; with pleating details in the front, knee – high boots; a fall favorite of mine, and a messenger bag. I’d have to say the accessories here would be her boots and as many of us have debated her vintage blouse. What I’ve learned be watching and listening to everyone is that accessories come in many forms it’s simply how you use them that makes the impact.

Now I’ve seen countless of items and accessories that I could share with you but that would lead to pages and pages of items. So instead I’m just going to share with you my top five affordable favorite items, from shoes to jewelry, that I’ve seen this fall that I’m sure you’d love because I know I do. First up is the Temple St. Clair collection for Target. You’d be surprised at what this collection has to offer, the jewelry is nicely crafted and yes I admit I did purchase a piece but in my opinion it was worth it. Next are these desert inspired boots from Forever 21, another fall fashion that I’ve seen on and off the runway. Aside from that I never thought I’d see lace in the fall season but once again fashion has proven me wrong, number three is this lace ruffled skirt from Express. As the leaves chain in fall so does my nail color. NARS has given me that perfect shade that resembles the autumn leaves. And finally I just couldn’t leave a good pair of leggings behind. Provided by BCBG Max Azria the contrast in these leggings will give me that edgy look this fall.

If you’ve gotten to this final sentence congratulations you’ve endured my incessant babbling and I hope you enjoyed these accessories as much as I have.