STYLE ADVICE: Throwing Shade for the Sun

Like a ray of sunshine, burst through the weather with some confidence. That’ll make even the shadiest of them all spot you in a clear and perfect view. It’s summertime, and while others may be dipping and diving into swimming pools and getting ready for a summer vacation, we can’t forget the most important thing: staying hip and stylish. As Fashionistas, we must know that simplicity is key. Yes, go for a bold color and even go the extra mile with patterns. Even if it’s hard to admit, this breakout of weather will convince you that less is definitely more.

With shutting the door to spring and allowing summer access to our killer wardrobes, the sun shouldn’t allow us to get out of hand either. Every individual has their go-to style, but everyone wants to look great too, right? The number one item for me is sunglasses that are in a nice color to bring out your face. Another element that is great is a hairdo of some spectacular style.

To accompany her bold sunglasses, this Fashionista opted for a fresh and clean look in a plain tan sweater and matching slacks. She is also not doing too much with her balanced tones in her color scheme, which allows you to take note of the colors of her wardrobe and accessories. Paired with a plain black handbag, Nike cortez sneakers are also worn to bring everything together. In the end, this Fashionista’s sunglasses were the focal point of this look.

STYLE ADVICE: Girls Got Swagger Too

A wise gal once declared bravely: “Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you,” whilst standing toe to toe with a guy dwelling in immaculate swagger. But of course, hers was a tad bit better. I reassure, being as though it was yours truly. When opting to take the biggest risks in the name of fashion, I advise to never conform to the usual standards of what’s known as “gender norms”. A man big and buff with much bravado can, yes you bet, wear pink. And a girl wanting to wear her boyfriend’s jeans has the ability to look just as good, if not better, in them than her hunky beau. With style, it’s about what makes you as an individual stand out and brings forth comfort in your own skin. Keep in mind looking in the mirror to get dressed, it’s only you that you see in your reflection; so be comfortable with your attire of choice.

I’ll have to admit that my favorite style of clothing is definitely unisex, that can look good on any body type. That’s if I don’t grab an item intended for one, and make it my own anyway. I found to know with my analytical eye, most pieces designed for men have this distinct boldness. Whether it’s the color so clean cut or the preciseness of a shoulder or even shape of a pant leg, it’s admirable and attractive, to say the least. So just maybe an extra edgy motorcycle jacket or a pair of Nike sneaks so masculinely defined needs a feminine touch to make the outfit much better.

This fellow Fashionista is adorning under a khaki jacket, a blue and white striped button-up. Providing just enough umph to what can be considered “casual cool” attire. With a slight sag, a pair of matching khaki pants is worn, with white Vans, and a black and brown backpack.

STYLE ADVICE: Schoolboy Cool

Grab your textbooks, adjust your frames, and get ready to get studious, schoolboy. But this time walk into lecture hall letting your sophistication speak for itself. Away with your typical cardigan, button-down, and those oxfords in a color so plain one can find their self cringing out of boredom. We’re breaking through the norms and stereotypes like rules, that say perhaps, a beanie, hoodie, and dress shoes? Just don’t mix. Your typical school attire doesn’t have to be so conventional. Spice it up with a dash of color, your untypical fashion piece, and enough confidence that’ll get your naysayers shook.

Also, I think it’s time we nix the idea that sophistication and prestige must parallel with your average getup of a “uniform.” So that would include the negative connotations associated with being “nerdy,” and that you can’t be chic or stylish in the midst of it. Beauty and brains, intellectuality and handsomeness, or smarts and charm never have to be one or the other. So let your look reflect that. The key to any form of expression and to showcase the uniqueness of any fashion sense, is staying true to who you are and not allowing social norms to construct whatever that may be.

Bridging the gap between sophistication and cool, fellow Fashionisto is adorning a beanie and jean jacket with a royal blue hoodie underneath. Not your average attire for the classroom, this studious individual however makes it work. With a light olive green pair of chinos and brown suede oxfords it shouts to the rooftops “suave but with intellect.” So, whether you’re hearing a final bell signaling for first period, or walking up the crack of dawn for that 8:30 a.m. class, let’s try to stay cool for school in the sunny weather ahead.

WHAT TO WEAR: Truly Un-fur-gettable!

Although one may have gotten the chills from Winter’s rude grand entrance into our pity party of the weather, we don’t have to look dreadful in the midst of it. For the new spring semester ahead, let’s get a little braver. With Christmas being left in the old year, it’s now out with old, and in with the…nude? Yes! Unfortunately that would entail ditching your green and red sweaters, peppermint swirled earrings, and stockings alike for a fresh, bold, and clean look. Why enter the new year with extra baggage? In this case, color that is.

Often time, we easily overlook the most subtle colors of the palette when neutrals are mentioned, depending on the circumstance too. Because no one ever thinks of nude, or beige as “Oooh, groundbreaking!”. It’s like that extra side dish at dinner you contemplate on whether or not it’s worthy enough of even adding to the plate. But it’s still tasteful, a good choice, and when seasoned with that extra umph, an even greater component. For a true “Ooh” and “Ahhh” moment one couldn’t dare ignore, to let’s give a little fur action too. It gives off the right amount of a drama without being too loud, and overbearing for a fashion statement.

Fellow Fashionista is adorning a black long sleeve top, and brown and beige fur over an edgy motorcycle jacket that adds some neutrality in the wardrobe choice. And lastly the thigh high boots pieces together the perfect outfit for a pre spring outbreak. When going with soft and subtle color tones, it’s best to have a great balance of color and textures to make a bold moment really pronounced. We’re going with clean cut, and simple but not boring, and it’s easy to misconstrue the two with colors that aren’t immediately striking to the eye. So for your next RSVPed event, no worries; this time you’ll be the life of the party.



Known as the girl with that special “Juice,” I, Jennet Jusu, will attest to enduring hunger pains. Some are so severe in the name of fashion, music, and my culture, that it’s inevitable to not ignore. I crave the latest trends I can dominate on my own, and write about how my obsession with ’90s style is surely making a comeback (like windbreakers, door knocker earrings, and Timberland construction boots are really anything “new”). You’ll find me tackling many projects including fiction writing, a dance number I choreographed, photoshopping graphics, and drafting blog posts just to further prove not only am I a busy body, but I want to do everything!

Well not everything, just performance art, and fashion related to creatively direct; if I don’t write a fiction novel of a made up character I’ve developed in my head to introduce to the world first. I want to do it all in the name of fun, and then some. And in this twisted, creatively insane head of mine that’s surely to have my signature ‘fro of a hairstyle on top of it, has dreams larger than my ego. For starters, I made it my goal to at least breathe the same air as my editorial hero Anna Wintour by the age of 27, but will stick with jpeg images as a close second while I work up to that point. I aspire to be a Magazine Columnist, Fashion Journalist, and Creative Director for preferably Vogue magazine. Any fashion house of Haute Couture would do as well. Let’s pray my to-do list however has room to include backup dancing for Beyonce, too. But I have no issue with sticking to being an Assistant Choreographer, and dancer for my university’s band dancing team at Montclair State University.

As well as dancing and writing, perfecting my craft of journalism has always been a goal of my own, and honing the skill of photography as well, preferably fashion photography. To wrap it up in a package perfectly bowed, and sealed, it’s my destiny to never constrain my creativity and confine it to just one thing. Life is full of possibilities, and I plan on showcasing myself through my many talents and skills of writing, dancing, and styling.

Wearing a custom African designed dress with colors of green, peach, and red, I opted for a signature look inspired by the ’70s era. With my afro, circled patterned dress, and big statement piece of gold earrings paired with wedges, I wanted to show my varied style that goes from funky chic to settled sophistication.