As we gear up for the nearing fall semester, it is time to start transitioning our summer fashion staples into our fall wardrobes. Before we begin back-to-school shopping, let's take a look at what summer pieces we can make fresh for fall. It is a trend we have grown acsustomed to this season that has brought class and sophistication to most of our wardrobes.  What am I talking about? Well, the summer trouser. It's a look that channeled the fashion icons of the '70s with a nod to Studio 54. Long, lean lines and majorly flared legs were in full force this summer and guess what – the drama of the '70s will continue for fall.

Take a look at this Fashionista's sophisticated style in her wide-leg summer trouser. The emphasis here is on the pants that create such long legs and a silhouette that commands our attention. For the last few weeks of summer, pair your trousers with flowy, feminine tops like this Fashionista has done. Continue to play with floral patterns and bold color. If you are looking to create a long leg, wear your trousers with a wedge or platform sandal. This Fashionista is wearing a super cute pair of summer wedges. I found a similar pair at Target. The Fashionista finished off her look with a slouchy carryall bag. A great bag with structure will be an essential for the school semester. I love the Cambrige Satchel Company. Its bags are a classic shape and come in so many colors, like the one here.

Hint: Dressier fabrics and saturated colors will bring the trouser trend into the fall season. Take a look at the Celine spring 2011 runway to see a slouchy, loose trouser style that will be cool for fall. It's a little like a pajama pant with its drawstring and satin details. The slouchy trouser will give you a more casual option; wear it with a pair of Keds sneakers or Steve Madden oxfords and you will be well prepped for class!


We are used to seeing colors of electric shades going out of control and being used on just about everything that makes up our wardrobes. Well now, the focus is on patterns and fabrics. Take your trendy tribal patterns and go for an eclectic look like this Fashionista by pairing them with stripes. It's a way to take two popular season trends – tribal prints and stripes – and mix them together to make a whole new chic look.

You can mash up patterns you already have in your closet and make them look refreshingly new and cool. This Fashionista took a colorful tribal print tank and paired it with a geometric clean-lined striped skirt. There is a key to becoming a master of pattern mixing like this Fashionista. Mix bolder patterns (like tribal) with more subtle patterns, like thin stripes or small polka dots. Pair geometric patterns with more abstract florals and animal prints. Remember – if your look doesn't exactly follow the rules, but works, then go for it! Mix golds with silvers, stripes and plaids and blacks with browns. Don't stop with just one layer; carry the trend into fall and layer with mix-patterned pants and jackets.

Hint: Take a look at this Fashionista's earrings. I'm sure you have all seen the feather trend that seems to be sweeping from the East Coast to the midwest. While the trend may be to have feathers put in your hair, I really love the idea of a feathered earring. It's a lot more versatile than feather hair extensions. Jessie Williams designs really unique earrings on Feather earrings would also be a great summer D.I.Y. project and you can customize the look with the colors and sizes of feathers. If you need assistance there is a make your own earring feature on that allows you to design your own pair of earrings.


Hemlines are getting longer and waistlines are on the rise this summer! It seems to me that high waisted pants and shorts are a Fashionista favorite in the big city. This Fashionista takes the spolight looking edgy and cool in her black high waisted jeans. It's a look that can be made casual and everyday or chic for the office. In any case, high waists are a must have for this summer season. High waists are a tricky trend to pull off, but if you want to jump on the band wagon, the key is to find the perfect fit.  Don't over exaggerate and wear a cut that is too high waisted, also make sure that you are choosing the right leg width. This Fashionista has gone for a skinny leg, but the high waist can be even more flattering with a flared leg. To get you started, take a look at the high waisted skinny  jeans I found from Urban Outfitters. For a wide leg option, take a look at these jeans from Free People.

Today's Fashionista has styled her look with a crop top and strappy sandals. I really love a cropped tee or blouse to excentuate the high waist. If you don't have a cropped top, just try tucking in your shirt and adding a belt.


Menswear-inspired looks were in full force on the fall runway. It's understandable that the thought of wearing pleated pants or a suit jacket seems stuffy and stiff in the summertime. But, this Fashionista sheds new light on the menswear trend and gives us an oxford blouse that is chic and totally appropriate for hot summer days. The key to make this trend a summer staple is to maximize on size.

White, billowy blouses are certainly a must-have during the summer. The key is all about shape. You don't want to go too oversized and completely drown yourself in your shirt. Let's take a few tips from the Fashionista I spotted. She wears a blouse that is loose but has shape in the shoulders; this will give your shirt the perfect drape. As far as length goes, make sure that your shirt is not too long and is appropriate to be paired with your denim shorts. I found a great blouse at Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , , , , Leave a comment on FASHION FROM ABROAD: Oversized Oxford


Well, when it comes down to it Fashionista/os, the summertime seems to bring out the laziness in me. I know why they call it the lazy days of summer; there's just something about the attitude and atmosphere that makes me want to kick up my feet, relax and bask in the sun's rays. The key in the summertime is not to overcomplicate things, especially with your wardrobe. Making things easy and simple is a must this time of year, which brings me to the focal point of this post, the sundress. It's the perfect outfit for a perfect lazy summer day, and I think every Fashionista must have one. Whether you choose cotton, jersey, linen or anything in between, a sundress is an easy piece to relax in and make you feel comfortable wherever you go.

I spotted this Fashionista walking around the Chelsea neighborhood looked laidback but super chic in her jersey floral frock. This Fashionista's dress is especially suited for summertime with its flounce and floral print. There really are no boundaries when it comes to a sundress as long as it flatters your figure and is well, fun! It's summer, so don't shy away from bright colors or bold prints when picking out a dress. You want to be sure that the color and detail will add to the simple shape of the dress. As you can see by this Fashionista's ensemble, very little needs to be done with a sundress. Once you have the base of the outfit, keep your accessories simple and don't fuss with chunky chains, links and beads. All you need is a great shoe and you're on your way to the perfect outfit. This Fashionista is wearing unique ankle booties with strappy details. Whether you chose ankle boots like these from ASOS or gladiator sandals like these from Zara, be sure to go for a dress with a shorter hemline so you can show off what's on your feet!

Hint: Another cool feature to this Fashionista's look is her side braid. Playing with new hairdos is always fun in the summer; I am always looking for an alternative to your basic ponytail. Side braids are a cinch and are great for the beach or in the office. If you want to spice up your side braid and make it extra trendy, try a fishtail braid. It's just a tad more complicated than a regular braid, but with this step by step tutorial on, I say give it a try!


Nothing gives off that summer vibe more than a pop of color. This summer, the it color is coral. Whether you choose reddish shades or paler pink shades, coral will make an unforgettable statement in your summer wardrobe. It's a color that reminds me of summer sunsets and the tropics. Take a look at how this Fashionista has incorporated this summer shade into a chic look.

Corals have been seen on all sorts of accessories and separates. This Fashionista stands out in her coral dress. Pair corals with ruffles and florals like this Fashionista has done for the ultimate feminine ensemble. Great coral frocks are perfect for the beach or on the city streets. I found a fun dress at ModCloth. It could be dressed up or worn casually, plus the black bow gives it an extra girly accent. Keep in mind, you could also tone down your coral colors by pairing them with tans and neutrals, like a great khaki pant. I love this Fashionista's accessory choices. She adds unexpected patterns with her scarf and floral-printed shoes. Scarves are a great accessory to play with in the summertime. You can experiment with different colors, wear them in your hair or around your neck or even tie them to your bags for color. This scarf by Kate Spade combines coral with different shades of pink, tangerine and peach.

Hint: Have fun with floral-printed shoes. I want a pair of these fun lace-ups, like this Fashionista wears. I found an inexpensive pair of floral oxfords at Forever 21 in a cute print. Abstract and graphic prints are a great way to add a splash of color and bring together an outfit. Treat them like a neutral and pair them with anything!


I know I have said it many times, but I cannot get over a fearless Fashionista. Those who take risks, go against the crowd and let their personalities make a statement through their wardrobe are those Fashionistas whom I most admire. Being fearless makes fashion fun, and isn't that the point of it all? It seems this industry is one where rules are made to be broken and pretty much anything goes. The Fashionista that I spotted on my way to class showed me how to have a unique voice in the fashion world.

Her ensemble is unique all the way down to her brightly colored nail polish. But, let's start with her top and jacket. A cool way to show your personality in your wardrobe is to showcase sentimental pieces. Think of an old jersey or a neat tie dyed shirt from summer camp, and update it by topping it off with a chic jacket. Using your own old T-shirts is a great conversation starter and alternative to expensive vintage pieces.  A unique denim jacket is a perfect topper in the summer season. This Fashionista's jacket is embellished with military-inspired buttons and navy piping on the sleeves. I found a cool denim jacket at ASOS with some interesting leather and zipper details. The Fashionista continued to inspire me as I looked closer at her oversized accessories. Her gold earrings add more interest and intrigue to her outfit. She mentioned to me that she loves her statement jewelry, especially the kind she can make herself. She completed her look with a pair of leather lace-up boots. Short boots are a great alternative to sneakers and TOMS in the summertime when you want your feet covered up. Check out these from Free People. You can pair them with your shorts or skirts, or even try them with your long maxi dresses to get the most out of their versatility. So, take a chance in your wardrobe, add personal touches and include oversized accessories to give your attire a unique personality. 

Hint: If you want to add a personal touch to your statement jewelry and are looking for a summer D.I.Y project, I suggest taking a look at your local thrift shops. Find inexpensive pieces and take them apart. Use the beads and ornaments to rebuild them into unique pieces that no one else will have!

Style Guru Bio: Jennie Jones

Well College Fashionistas and Fashionistos, it's the summertime! Summer is the most relaxing and exciting time of the year for most students. We finally have time to catch up with old friends and regroup before the next semester. This summer I am studying and interning abroad in New York City. I will be embarking on new adventures, new fashions, and new trends in a totally new scene. I hope you all will enjoy what I find on the city streets.

First, a little about me. I am going to be a junior at Indiana University this fall. I am studying Apparel Merchandising and Business, and all my life I have been an artist. Whether it is with macaroni noodles and pipe cleaners or the more traditional paints and pencils, I love to create! Today, fashion is my primary outlet for creativity, where clothing and accessories have become my medium for artistic expression. 

To me, fashion should be a reflection of your personality and character. My one rule is to always consider your body type and personality when building an outfit. Stick to pieces and trends that will showcase your own beauty and creativity. I personally love classics, those like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel who will remain undeniably chic. However, I find most of my inspiration is drawn from those who are fashion risk takers. Fashion should be fun! I tend to enjoy pieces with creative features, like sparkling embellishments or layers of ruffles. With every outfit, I mix patterns, add pops of color and pile on the jewelry. This summer I will keep you Fashionistas/Fashionistos updated with style tips and updates about new fashion trends from New York City!


Khaki, it’s a color that many of us are familiar with and is a go to neutral in most spring and summer wardrobes. While I love the color, let’s be honest that it can be dull and boring most of the time. In a style season full of bold color and vibrant prints, I think many of us are reluctant to venture back to basic and blah neutrals. But then I spotted this Fashionista who gave me some inspiration on how to bring the life back into my khaki and more muted looks.

The Fashionista is decked out in a monochromatic look. She focuses her outfit by layering pieces in different browns and khakis. I love monochromatic looks like these because you are forced to experiment with silhouettes instead of color. To make her traditional khaki chinos trendy she rolls up the bottom hem. This gives your pants a more laid back look. Mix different neutrals in your look through your shoes. Try a flat canvas shoe or a more girly chunky heel. This Fashionista is wearing the popular wood clog with her look. This Fashionista tops her outfit off with a camel leather jacket. Adding unexpected style details is the key for a successful monochromatic look. The best part of this Fashionista's outfit is her supsenders. She gives her khakis some added detail by strapping on a pair of suspenders to the belt loops. I can’t remember the last time I saw suspenders look this chic. This Fashionista shows us how style details, like suspenders, will add personality and fun to your outfits. 

Hint: Don’t think that with the absence of color or pattern that your outfits will become dull. Play up unexpected accessories and silhouettes to create a fun and inspiring look.


We have seen scarves as neckties, scarves as shawls, and scarves as neck warmers, but these looks are all old news. The look breaking headlines this season is the scarf as a wrap for your head. The new trend is in line with all the other vintage looks of the season inspired by the 60’s and 70’s. It was the recent royal wedding and Kentucky Derby that introduced us to the most dramatic hair accessories from hats to fascinators. Although you may not be sporting one of those Phillip Treacy headpieces like the royals, you can still create your own awesome headwear with just a simple lightweight scarf.

Make a style statement and bring the head scarf into your daily look like this Fashionista has done here. The trend is actually super simple and the end result, so dramatic and chic. This Fashionista has stuck to the basics wearing her scarf as a traditional headband. To create the look you just fold your scarf on the bias and then tie a square knot on the side of the neck. to jazz up your look, try placing the knot in the front. It is key to keep in mind the colors of your scarf, for this Fashionista, her scarf’s leopard print was the focal point of her ensemble. She accentuated the scarf by wearing a light colored blouse and simple skinny jeans. If you are going to make a statement with a headpiece, make sure to balance out the rest of your look by keeping your coordinating threads simple. This Fashionista kept the rest of her accessories minimal with just a gold watch and bangle.

Hint: If you are looking for a way to wear your scarf that will put you on top of the trends for 2011, then try a turban creation. The turban is the ultimate high drama accessory that can be made easily. If you don’t want to craft your own, I found a few great pieces at Etsy, you can find full wraps or headband versions. Now, although this standout look is not for the fearful Fashionista, a little confidence is all you need to make your turban wearable and sophisticated. Take some inspiration from the Milly spring runway and you will have people head-over-heels for your headgear.