How to Dress Trendy at Your Summer Internship

Summer is an exciting time for college students. Not only is it a nice break from the constant class time and studying, but it is wonderful opportunity to gain career experience through a summer internship. While yoga pants, an oversize crewneck, and a messy bun are acceptable attire for lectures and taking exams, that is not exactly the case when it comes to a real world job. It is extremely important that you are dressed to fit in with your company’s culture. You definitely do not want to be underdressed, but you also do not want to be overdressed. Make sure to ask your boss or other people in your office what the proper attire is.

Some companies will require business professional, while others may be cool with jeans and flip flops. Most establishments usually go with a happy medium, abiding by the business casual look on a daily basis. Luckily for you, there are so many fun and trendy ways to make business casual a lot more fashion-forward than what it gets a rep for.

Let’s take a sundress for instance. You could 100 percent wear this dress to your family’s cookout with sandals, but you could also wear it to the office with a trendy blazer and flats or heels. Never underestimate the power of a blazer.

When I used to think of blouses, my first thought was something along the lines of bland and boring. I learned quickly that this really isn’t the case! So many stores offer professional shirts that are stylish and trendy.

You can also take a plain blouse and dress it up by simply adding a fun statement necklace. I love bold necklaces because you can re-wear them with different tops and have a completely different and unique look every time.

An impressive bag can totally transform an entire look. Treat yourself to a classy, versatile purse to take into the office every day. Personally for myself (a girl who takes many snacks to the office), the bigger the bag, the better!

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How I Turned My College Apartment into a Home

After a year of living in a stuffy dorm room the size of a shoe box, I finally reached the exhilarating stage of moving off campus into my very first apartment. There are so many fun and exciting things about having a place of your own. Whether you have the whole residence to yourself or are living with roommates, the experience of moving into your first place is electrifying and every second should be cherished.

One of my very favorite things about my apartment—candles galore! Lighting candles was a big no-no in college dormitories. I can distinctively remember coming home for holiday break freshman year and realizing how great my house smelled because it was filled with candles in each and every room. Candles not only make your living quarters smell incredible, but they add a decorative element as well. They can really turn a building into a home. I love burning the fresh, tropical summer candles when the warm weather comes around, but nothing beats those pumpkin candles in the autumn and holiday candles around December.

All college dormitories are different. Some people have their own bedrooms, while some share their sleeping quarters with roommates. When I finally got my first apartment, I also got my own bedroom, which meant endless decorating possibilities!

Being on a college student budget, I turned to do-it-yourself projects whenever I could! One tip that I have is taking old furniture and painting it. I was able to spray paint furniture my family already had gold to match all of the accents in my room. The coordinating furniture really brought the room together, and all I had to pay for was a single can of spray paint!

The tapestry possibilities are ceaseless. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, due to the fact that there are so many awesome tapestries out there to choose from! With four walls and a ceiling of your own, try mixing and matching different tapestries or even stringing lights from them to really make them your own!

There are so many awesome canvases that you can purchase with gorgeous artwork or motivational quotes on them. I think that it is a great idea to not only buy canvases, but to also mix them in with some you create yourself. I painted on a few small canvases some of my favorite quotes. It made my apartment feel so much more personal and creating the art itself was an accomplishment in its own.

There is nothing like finally having a place of your own. While it does come with many responsibilities, the fun that comes with it makes the pros far greater than the cons.

What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your apartment space? Let me know in the comments below!