Style Guru Bio: Jesse Gaver

My name is Jesse Gaver and this is my third time returning as a Style Guru for the University of Arizona campus. I previously wrote the “Style Advice of The Week” column, but now I'm super excited to be writing the column “This Time Around”.

I’ve found that my style influences come from corky inspiration and ranges all the way into vintage territory.  I will be an official University of Arizona graduate with a degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Communications, after this summer and can’t wait to begin my post-collegiate life. My influence in fashion first started when I studied abroad, where I was truly inspired by all the eclectic and unique street style I saw in various countries. My personal style has changed a lot since then and I wouldn’t really even consider myself stylish until my later college years. I think everyone has their own style evolution and time frame for developing their own style.

Moving to Arizona introduced me to sundresses and shorts year round, making me able to easily style pieces together and really find my personal style taste. While I love sticking to the basics I cannot stop myself from always sporting a chunky necklace, bold earrings, or I’ll flip my hair over and show off my Alice Dellal inspired buzz cut.


Long skirts are awesome. Seriously, to put it lightly, they’re a favorite summer item of mine, and I’m going to tell you why. For one, long skirts flatter virtually every CollegeFashionista and allow you the freedom to dress it up for a night out, or keep it cool and casual for during the hot summer days. One of my favorite ideas for a maxi shirt is to pull it up around your chest and belt it into a maxi dress, pending there is an elastic waist present. I spotted this Fashionista walking through some ugly campus construction, spotted her amazing maxi after immediately noticing her vintage umbrella, which in turn made me had to have her for a photo.  She was also walking with her super trendy boyfriend and let me tell you those two made for quite a stylish pair.

Zara has an amazing collection of floor length maxi skirts to please many arenas of Fashionistas including this salmon maxi pleated skirt. Zara also has a more pale peach color called the long skirt with pockets. I’m also here to recommend some out of the box options for those Fashionistas who want to mix and match. Which is why I’ll recommend from J.Crew the scatter-dot skirt. While it's not exactly maxi it certainly gets the job done since it hits well below the knee hem. However, available in both lime green and hot pink J.Crew does offer an awesome shirred maxi skirt  The texture of the skirt alone makes me need to have it.


The revolution that is all things jean has come full circle this season. With jean on jean making a comeback and being deemed fashionable as opposed to the classic Canadian Tuxedo means denim has made a way to stay. The denim surge comes complete with a new take on ways to wear denim fashionably and still maintain a unique look.  I spotted this Fashionista one morning while finishing up finals and loved her spunky take on a denim vest. Turns out this denim vest had a lengthy journey, it initially started out as a jacket where it then went to a vest and then came the bleach to add the acid wash effect.

I have seen some pretty awesome denim vests, like this studded Forever 21 pyramid studded denim vest. I just love quirky details that really set an item apart like the studs or the acid wash of this week’s Fashionista. Keeping it simple with a breezy bro tank inspired sundress this week’s Fashionista kept it stylish, cool, and unique in her outfit choice. Some vest options also come in dark and some come cropped.

The Roxy Waxer Jean Vest is short light denim that would be perfect with a coral colored skirt and light tank top. I find myself partial to the J.Crew denim vest in Workwear Wash it’s long fit seems to be virtually flattering on most Fashionistas. Spruce up a normal denim vest with a vintage broach or silk scarf to ensure pure outfit originality.


As the school year's end rapidly approaches, I’m readying to spend my first and last summer in Tucson. Considering Tucson is the desert and habitually dawning temperatures well into the 90s, with summer approaching those temperatures will only increase which presents a problem. As a native Chicagoan, I grew up knowing 85 to be almost too hot with humidity making it hard to breathe It comes as a bit of a challenge to maintain style integrity while simultaneously accommodating the scorching Tucson heat.

I spotted this week’s Fashionista pre-finals week keeping cool in white. The heat didn’t affect this Fashionista walking across campus mid afternoon at all. Paired with an A-line dark skirt, this Fashionista kept cool while maintaining a cute outfit.

This week, I’m advising a new twist on the classic A-line skirt. Find one in a funky print or color; it is effortlessly chic with a plain white tee or tank top. I’ve found that Zara offers what looks like a pleated take on the a-line but is really a modern skort. A similarly cute non-skort option would be the printed frilled skirt whose bright colors lend attention to any outfit is versatile enough for day and night. I particularly love this because its' easily matched with an awesome printed shirt or blouse, or kept simple with a baby blue tee. Topshop has an amazing royal blue bow skirt, which is great because it's easily matched with an awesome printed shirt or blouse, or kept simple with a baby blue tee. This week’s Fashionista kept her ensemble clean with a crisp white tee and doing the same will keep you cool and effortlessly fashionable for the summer months.


Crop tops are awesome. We’ve seen them come leaps and bounds from the '80s parachute pants and work out top combination to a seriously fashionable and super cute wardrobe staple. While not every crop top is created equally, some are for more fancy occasions pared with a high-waist skirt, and some are perfect for a simple bathing suit cover-up.

As another school year comes to an end, the revolution of year to year continues, as does the appearance of the crop top in and out of most Fashionistas' wardrobes. Since it can officially be said the crop top is back, it's important to remember there are so many different crop tops for so many different reasons. This week’s Fashionista went with a low key crop top that knotted at the belly and threw on some jeans to pull her look together perfectly for a day of classes.

I’ve managed to find some super cute crop tops at what seems like the motherland, American Apparel. From jean, to velvet, to mesh or long sleeve, American Apparel can feed your need. If you’re interested in something light and breezy perfect for keeping cool in the usually over heated summer months then try out this Pins and Needles Cropped Prairie Cami from Urban Outfitters. Free People has this awesome embroidered daisy crop top, it's even on sale and comes in a light or dark option. Try out a crop top, and I'm sure you'll be sold for sure. 


For years, we’ve seen the maxi dress fade from fashionable to boring and bounce back again. This spring and summer season is no exception, maxi dresses are back but in a super new way.  Everything from watercolor prints, to bold color blocking, to head to toe stripes the maxi dress comes in just about every option.

Walking through the union on a scorching afternoon, I spotted this week’s Fashionista from far away by her head-to-toe opposing pattern schemes, cool and casually. I love how this week’s Fashionista did a twist on the maxi dress. She mixed it up by paring her Missoni-inspired maxi skirt with a contrasting horizontal striped tank. This Fashionista pulled the whole outfit off effortlessly by mixing and matching patterns.

Forever 21 has a super cute knitted maxi skirt, called the Maxi Length Lace Skirt; I advise styling it with a tied up jean shirt, or even a plain white tank and chunky dramatic necklace. I found a C&C California Tie Dyed Maxi Dress that is sure to stand out and be a nice addition to any Fashionista's wardrobe. For those looking for a more modern twist on both the maxi dress skirt, try something with a cut out. Zara has a deep green dress with transparency keeping your maxi needs met and your knees cool. This horizontal Amie Maxidress in Engineered stripe from J.Crew can be dressed up for dinner with wedges and a blazer or worn on a cool summer evening.


As summer rapidly approaches all I find myself thinking about is perfectly timing the emergence of my sundress collection. Seriously, I have a collection of sundresses I typically hold off to pull out until its full-blown summertime. It makes the transition from spring to summer that much more concrete and exciting. I have figured out that I have the most luck finding amazing Arizona Fashionistas usually early in the morning and this week was no exception.

I politely waited for this week’s Fashionista to finish using the ATM on campus and was super excited that I spotted her florescent plaid dress from across the mall. With all the recent hype around the Mad Men season premiere, I was immediately reminded of their retro glam inspired characters with this week’s Fashionista.  I loved the way she looked effortlessly dressed up, and it only took a great fitting dress and a cute pair of white sandals to tie it all together. I find myself drawn to advise some amazing Kate Spade dresses, like this bright orange Solar Kristy Dress.

However, as college students I’m sure that seems a bit out of our price range, I know it's way out of mine. Luckily I’ve rounded up and found some pretty unique summer dresses that still embody that retro '50s glam style. Zara’s black and white Tulip dress ads a modern twist on the old school silhouette with a deep V back with an exposed bulky zipper. This print in a baby pink can be found on a strapless and elegant retro-inspired dress.  Sticking to the deep-v back trend, Zara’s florescent lace dress with crossover at the back is fitting in appropriately with this week’s Fashionistas color scheme.


The University of Arizona really has an awesome representation of different kinds of Fashionistas. As much as Arizona brings a truly eclectic representation of students from all over the country, the fashion on campus is represented just as vastly. I always get lucky whenever I venture to campus super early, and this week was no exception. I spotted this Fashionista strolling on the mall early in the week and snapped her picture immediately. Her personality complemented her flirty floral dress as she welcomed me to take her photo.

Paired with a versatile cardigan, this week’s Fashionista dressed up her daytime dress by adding a vintage broach. Free People carries a similar style called the Brunch Date Dress but instead of floral, it has tiny stripes available in different color options; I’m personally partial to the dusty rose and black combination and has a super cute cut out neckline. Urban Outfitters has a super cute floral lace dressed called Pins & Needles Backless Lace Dress perfect for multiple occasions. I’d dress it up with a chunky necklace or skinny chrome belt.

NASTY GAL has a pretty similar dress to the one seen today on this week’s Fashionista, black with large white daisy’s called the MINKPINK Betty Floral dress, and it even ties up in the back for an extra little perk. This NASTY GAL exclusive, the Flower Trip Dress, has a super unique crochet detailing on neckline and an open back.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tantalizing Trousers

As I’m attempting to dress up my wardrobe from college student to full blown Fashionista, my hardest transition has to be going from leggings to trousers. I just love leggings, as I’m sure many of you can relate to.  They’re virtually perfect and freakishly comfortable but also completely unrealistic for the real work world. I’ve been obsessing over trouser pants in all forms. Pleated, cropped, colored, any and every particularly unique trouser I love.

I spotted this Fashionista on an unseasonably chilly morning riding her bike to class and I of course loved her clip cropped trousers.  A topknot ballet bun and bright sunglasses paired with spring approved bright striped flats from Urban Outfitters, this week’s Fashionista pulls together multiple spring trends and looks great.

If you’re a Fashionista a bit fearful of bright color and tend to stick to khaki, then I advise switching up your basic pant with these stellar Mango Cropped Trousers. They’re super cute but offer a unique spin to make your khakis different than every other Fashionista. Capri pocket trousers are also available from Mango and in super sweet neutral colors like white, cream, navy and salmon.  For the funky Fashionistas, Zara has tons of floral print trousers, some in super bright spring patterns, some in a more neutral pallet print, and some with a contrasting waist.  Gap has super cute slim cropped pants for the Fashionistas looking for a tighter fit.  I’m particular to a slim fit since I’m pretty short and stocky; I’ve found they fit my proportions perfectly. Fashionistas adding to their professional wardrobe should definitely attempt to mix up boring trousers with funky ones we're seeing throughout spring this year. 


One quick flash of a pretty gold ring and this Fashionista was going to have her picture taken by me if I had to track her down for days. That’s right, I initially noticed this Fashionista and with one swipe of her hand to graze her luscious locks I was mesmerized by her gold initial engraved ring. Besides the fact that she looks amazing sporting black skinny jeans, oversized vintage aviators complements of a costume shop and a light chiffon blouse, this week’s Fashionista looked flawless without effort. And, as those muggy sticky summer months approach without caution effortless beauty is a strict necessity for everyone.

The key to looking flawless without the stress is to keep it simple and classic just like this Fashionista did. Try to use classic light items like this awesome coral knot top from Zara.  Zara per usual is an amazing go to for light breezy items perfect for a muggy summer wardrobe. If you’re particularly interested in a more similar blouse to the one this week’s Fashionista is wearing then again Zara has you covered, with the lace cape blouse. If you’re a Fashionista who generally strives for a bolder look like me but still craves the simplicity of a classic item then check out the studio shirt with studded collar. Its an amazing shirt and I want it – bad. Mango also has some pretty chic summer themed options like this super cute relaxed-fit racer back blouse