Even though we are still waiting for a cold front to finally come in, we can still pretend it's cold, right? Scarves are my favorite item of the season because they come in every type of fabric, making them ideal for every type of climate. Since it is scarf season, we Texans can still dress for the holidays with some seasonal scarfs.

My absolute favorite stop for scarves is Urban Outfitters. Luckily, the University of Texas has an Urban Outiftters right on the drag, which ties in conveniance plus adorable fashion. My favorite scarf silhouette of the season is the eternity scarf. It looks super classy and is extra comfortable for the wearer because it can't be pulled in uneven directions. A perfect scarf for the Texas heat would be the Ecote Tapestry Eternity Scarf. It still is warm, yet is made of light fibers and a floral pattern that works perfectly with our Texas winters. To be a little bit more fashionable, try the Urban Renewal Burnout Velvet scarf. Velvet is so hot this year and it gives any outfit a chic touch.

This Fashionista knows how to work a scarf into her comfortable everyday wardrobe. The best way to get the most wear out of this accessory is to stick with a solid neutral for this everyday look. A scarf like this Fashionista has on will never go out of style and will last as a major staple in your closet. An example of this would be a lightweight woven scarf in black.

So bundle up in one of these fashionable scarves and maybe the cold weather will come sooner!


Here at the University of Texas at Austin, wintertime just can’t come any slower. Although we Texans love the high temps, I think we’re all ready to break out into those winter wardrobes. Unfortunately, these 80-degree afternoons tend to put a damper on the typical winter fashions. But don’t worry, just because it’s hot out doesn’t mean we can’t dress for the season! This Fashionista does an excellent job mixing winter essentials with summer basics.

Sweaters have hit the fashion world hard this winter, in just about every shape and form. Whether it’s a thin knit or chunky wool, you can find a sweater to fit any temperature. Fortunately for Texas, there are plenty of thin sweaters to stock up on. As our Fashionista has done so flawlessly, matching a light knit with your favorite denim cut-offs is the perfect warm winter alternative. A jersey knit is the ideal beginning and this one from Zara would make a great basic.

Another trend I have spotted recently is a thin knit with a chiffon layering, chiffon sleeves or back. This trend is a great choice for this weather. A cute of example of this is Zara’s sweater with chiffon detail. This week’s Fashionista layered a precious sheer chemise over her ensemble to give it the extra touch of seasonal fashion. This is another way to get a layered look without all the extra fabric.

The perfect finishing touch to looking warm yet staying cool is the slipper staples. These cute and easy oxfords can be found in just about any shoe store this season. Whether you go for cheetah or a simple black basic, these little oxfords are a great substitute to boiling in your UGG boots. 

So let’s keep dreaming of a cold winter, and maybe we’ll soon be pulling out our downy coats and riding boots!


When I spotted this Fashionista walking on South Congress, I was immediately drawn to her sunglasses. Cat eye sunglasses are the major trend of the year and they don’t seem to want to leave the spotlight. But of course, that’s okay with the rest of us since these gems look good on just about anyone. The cat eye comes in so many different shapes and shades that any girl can make this trend her own.

First off, I am loving this Fashionista’s adorable sunnies. This darling pair of glasses by Tory Burch comes in tan (as seen in the photo), red, blue and tortoise. You don’t see many sunglasses in nude, so this pair is definitely set out for the trendsetters. My favorite aspect of the cat eye trend is the fact that they are so retro, making these sunnies a timeless addition to your wardrobe. An example of this is the Tory Burch Retro Sunglasses. I absolutely adore the light shade of tortoise and think it flaunts the 1950s style with a modern touch. 

My favorite pair that I have found is Dior’s Cat Eye Sunglasses. The frame is both stylish and elegant, and of course with Dior you will receive the quality you have paid for. Obviously, we can always get this look for less. The oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses on Urban Outfitters are the perfect pair without the hefty price tag.

The great part about the cat eye sunnies is that they look great whether it's summer or winter! Notice how this Fashionista pulls off the pair with riding boots and a sweater. But also picture them with your favorite bikini and sun hat on the beach! There’s no better staple to your wardrobe than one that is timeless and seasonally versatile.



My latest style obsession is adding a pop of bright pink to a neutral outfit. This Fashionista flaunts it well, as her shoes add vibrancy to her everyday school ensemble.The best part about this pop of pink is that it doesn’t have to be tied in somewhere else in the outfit. The bold color stands for itself and doesn’t need to be supported elsewhere. Because of this, it is very evident that pink is a classic touch in the fashion world. The shoes were a great touch, but there are plenty of other fashionable ideas when styling with pink hues.

One of the easiest ways to boast a touch of pink is by pouting your lips. MAC lip pencil in cherry will add the right bright pink to any occasion. Another idea is to add the adorable Bewtiched Bloom Collar by Anthropologie. The collar would dress up your favorite striped sweater or neutrals on any day of the week. The printed silk top by Zara adds my favorite pink hues without overwhelming the wearer and making the top too limiting.

Of course, we can always copy this Fashionista’s style and add in the classic hot pink shoes. The Flynn Flat from DV by Dolce Vita is the perfect start for both comfort and style. Since the holiday season is approaching, pink is also the perfect beginning to your holiday gift search. Check out Kate Spade’s holiday gift guide and their many hot pink-inspired gift ideas. It’s hard to go wrong with a pop of pink!

Spotted: Pink in's Market Highlights.


So unfortunately, this week we have had some record high November temperatures in Texas. But that doesn't stop any Fashionista from bringing out her boots and sweaters. We can still pretend it's cold, right? This Fashionista whipped out her winter wardrobe and “mix and matched” it with a variety of colors. I love how unpredictable the mixed colors and patterns are. There are no rules in fashion and street style is definitely the new runway! Street style is all about taking what you already have and making it your own in a million different ways. I think the best way to do this (like this Fashionista did) is through accessories.

This week's Fashionista inspired me to make a post on mixing and matching accessories. So let's begin. My favorite accessory this fall are tights. They are coming in every print, pattern, material and color possible. First, ombre tights. Need I say more?

Anthropologie has outdone itself again with legwear. Along with those gems, I'm so in love with these polka-dot tights that I had to buy a pair myself. Polka-dots are classsic and timeless, and these tights will always stay in style. The next winter must-have is the knitted scarf. You can already feel it's cozy comfort just by looking at this knitted scarf by Zara. This scarf would go with just about anything, even your sweatpants and sweatshirt! Next is the perfect winter earring. Props to Kendra Scott for releasing the Art Deco-inspired Della. This earring in black will dress up any outfit with class and style.

Lastly, throw on your favorite pair of booties, riding boots, combats or flats and you are winter ready. Now we just need winter to come!


This fall, I have been super inspired by the Michael Kors fall 2012 RTW collection. I love the rich colors mixed with the oversized coats. But most of all, I’m currently loving the dark shades of the plaid. And as usual, everyone always seems to follow MK and his ready-to-wear masterpieces.

Since it’s finally chilly here in Austin, I was very excited to snap this fall-inspired shot. I love how this Fashionista combined shades of dark blue with her black accessories. She looks very fashionable, yet remains comfortable and casual for school. Plaid is a great addition to a winter wardrobe not only because it’s the perfect winter neutral, but because it’s so wonderfully wearable.

Austin just got it's very own Topshop in the Nordstrom of Barton Creek Mall, so I’m currently obsessing over the British clothier. The Mix and Match Check shirt from Topshop is a genuine counterpart to a winter wardrobe. You could wear this as a blouse or as a comfortable sweater as this Fashionista has done. You could also change it up with the Tie Front Check shirt paired with some high-waisted denim jeans.

But my favorite gem from Topshop is the Knitted Check Coatigan. It reminds me so much of the Michael Kors fall line and would be the perfect winter staple. The coatigan comes in both black and grey plaids, which would look great over any color.

Never has it been so easy to be both fashionable and comfortable! Welcome, fall!

Spotted: Plaid in Michael Kors fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection.


It’s that time of year again! Austin City Limits time, that is. Every ACL I find myself digging through my closet, searching endlessly for some sort of hippie attire. Whether it’s maxi skirts, crop tops, combat boots, headbands or fishtail braids, ACL is the center for Austin’s fashion forward crowd.

I spotted this Fashionista right after the amazing performance by Florence + the Machine. She was jamming out to the concert when I noticed she was rocking the perfect definition of ACL attire. Although a bit more subtle than many outfits I noticed, I thought this was a flawless mix of comfort and style for the event. Even though summer is over, Austin just can’t get enough of denim cut-offs. I saw these gems on just about all the girls out there. Whether they’re tie-dyed, neon, embellished or vintage, these shorts are here to stay.

Urban Outfitters has a great selection of this high-waist style. Urban Renewel’s Wrangler Cheeky Short is a fine example of these popular shorts. I love it when the shorts look worn-in and distressed. It gives the shorts character and a hippie-inspired style. I also personally love the boyfriend version of these shorts. The super loose fit is comfortable, slimming and becoming extremely popular.

Even though I prefer sticking to neutral and versatile shorts, I just can’t get enough of the bedazzled shorts I saw, whether it’s studs, ombre, lace or patterns. These shorts can make or break any outfit. I love these Urban Renewal shorts and feel like they’re one of a kind. I'm sad that this year's Austin City Limits festival is over, but it has been a great source of inspiration. I may have to steal a pair of these shorts for myself!


Now that midterms are here, dressing up for school is becoming more and more difficult. It’s hard to look cute for class when you barely have time to catch some Z’s. However, this Fashionista proves that you can do it all. While looking both classic and well put together, she still manages to dress for comfort.

My favorite part about this Fashionista’s confident look is her cool and crisp boyfriend blouse. This versatile blouse can be worn in a number of ways, making it worth the purchase. Forever 21 showcases a trendy version of the top with their Spiked Satin Shirt. Tobi has the great number that adds a touch of subtle ombre to the outfit. Another choice is the Blythe Blouse by J.Crew, which is both fabulous and comfortable. To get the most wear out of the look, I would suggest copying this Fashionista’s style. The Gap makes a terrific boyfriend shirt that would get the job done.

After I had snapped a couple photos of her outfit, I noticed this Fashionista’s vintage-inspired watch. I love how classic and timeless this watch is and realized that this watch would make a great addition to my own wardrobe! Sasha Rhett is the fabulous creator of the gem and has designed quite a collection. The leather straps and unique design make the watch completely worth the somewhat hefty investment. I personally adore the Red Ostrich motif, which provides a sense of timeless design and a bright pop of color.

So as you plow through your midterms, remember that fashion doesn’t have to fly out the window.  If you follow this Fashionista’s smart lead, fashion and comfort will become effortless!


What better way to brighten up a rainy day than throwing on a pop of neon? Color can make the darkest days the brightest through adding a dash of rainbow. This Fashionista caught my eye because of her mix of bright hues in the midst of our recent gloomy (and welcome) rainy weather.

Everyone owns a rain jacket, however, not as hot as this one. The North Face not only is one of the most functional rain jackets out there, it’s definitely the cutest. I love the fact that this jacket can make grey sweatpants look so stylish. The Women's Venture Jacket by The North Face comes in a variety of colors and is form fitting as well. Although this week’s Fashionista didn’t sport rain boots with her colorful coat, I’m currently obsessing over Hunter rain boots. These stylish and trendy boots also come in a rainbow of colors and are the perfect rain day alternative.

But it’s not only about making rain bright, but studying right. This Fashionista is sporting a Marc by Marc Jacobs laptop case that is as cute as it is functional. Kate Spade also has a great selection for laptop cases and tech accessories that are both trendy and serviceable. Next is the adorable Longchamp bag. These bags are wonderful, but they can be a bit pricey. I’m loving this clear plastic shopper bag by ASOS for a rainy day like this. Waterproof yet adorable, this bag would be the perfect rainy day staple for your closet. Just because the weather outside is dark and gloomy doesn’t mean your outfit should be!


In honor of the all the Fashion Week buzz, I thought I would share with you a quick look at the street style at this year’s Austin Fashion Week! AFW happens in mid-August every year here in Austin, TX. Local designers, press, models, editors and the fashion-conscious gather to get a sneak peak of Austin’s future trends and current fashion. This year it took place at the Driskill Hotel and the fashion and designs were breathtaking.

This week’s Fashionista was working at the event and dressed up in this hot number. I couldn’t help but fall for her charming sleeves! The best part about Alicia’s ensemble was that she was able to throw on her favorite pair of comfy flats with her dress, yet still look Fashion Week ready. Notice how she paired the tight mini dress with metallic gladiator flats, not a pair of fancy pumps. Dresses like this may seem so limiting, yet she has transformed it into a more casual daytime look. Anyone else can do the same!

But it wasn’t just Alicia who did Fashion Week the right way. This year’s New York Fashion Week outdid itself, as usual, with an array of collections that I just can’t seem to get enough of. I have fallen in love with the alice + olivia spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection and their must-have selection of 1950s-inspired dresses. The colors are fabulous and the dresses have the same day-to-night transition that this week’s Fashionista so flawlessly conquered. It’s clear that these mini dresses are the newest staple in our closets to transition us from one occasion to the next. As Alice + Olivia’s collection at NWFW and AFW’s street style has shown us, there is nothing more appealing than the little feminine dress that you can throw on for a fashionable night out — or a casual day on the job.