Back in 2010, InStyle posted an editorial on their website highlighting the top ten celebrity hairstyles featuring ways for its readers to achieve each style. Perhaps not too surprisingly, this editorial proudly featured the ombré trend, a trend that had not yet gained that much public attention but was regularly requested by salon-going Fashionistas around the country. When this spread first debuted, I instantly found myself enamored with the ombré trend and I began paying attention to its celebrity wearers for personal inspiration.

Two years later, the ombré trend is still super-hot. Most notably is Leandra Medine’s (of The Man Repeller) execution of the ombré look; her natural-looking subtlety really gains attention in the best of ways. This week’s Fashionista sports an ombré look similar to the one donned by Medine: her tips, colored a beautiful cinnamon, are just slightly lighter than her chocolate-colored roots, a hue that is just different enough to successfully achieve the rock ‘n' roll style she was going for. Her outfit of skinnies, a burnout T-shirt, jean vest, motorcycle boots, black sunnies and oversized hobo complements her understated hairstyle so well and I couldn’t help but stopping to discuss her style while heading to class. 

Although InStyle’s original spread implied the need for subtle tips when experimenting with the ombré trend, the magazine recently provided a 2012 update to their editorial discussing the “Dynamic Ombré.” This candy-colored modification on the already super-grunge look calls for Fashionistas to color the bottom of their hair with bolder colors instead of using subtle colors. Although the spread’s featuring of Chanel Iman and Shailene Woodley exemplify less bright versions of the Dynamic Ombré, this update on the 2010 editorial proves this trend’s endurance.

As InStyle says, the ombré trend is a low-maintenance, super-chic hairstyle — one that is perfect for all college-going Fashionistas. Interested in trying this look out for size? Take baby steps, don’t go all out and dye your tips a very bright color at first. It is always much easier to go back and make a look more dramatic than to try to tone-down an overdone look. Be sure to talk to your stylist beforehand to decide what shade would be best for you!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Parted Down The Middle

What do Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Olivia Palermo, Elle Fanning, Karlie Kloss, Elizabeth Olsen and Jennifer Aniston all have in common? Well, aside from being major celebrity Fashionistas, all of these fabulous ladies execute the same hairstyle: the super-chic center part. Although its popularity has been tangible for a while now, the center part has recently gained significant attention within the fashion world. Specifically, back in January of this year, Teen Vogue published an online editorial discussing this trend, illustrating that its implementation serves as a quick and easy way for Fashionistas everywhere to switch up their look. The spread also illustrates the style’s red carpet appropriateness, demonstrated through the celebrities listed above. However, red carpets are not the only places that Fashionistas can don a center part; in fact, this look is arguably one of the most versatile yet, with its wearability ranging in intent from casual to runway.

This Fashionista exemplifies this exact versatility: although the center part has been spotted at numerous fancy occasions, it can also be sported to class as well. With her locks loose and naturally wavy, this Fashionista exudes an element of simple sophistication primarily through her hairstyle. She looks effortlessly chic which, in my opinion, is the best type of chic there is. Her center part is further complemented by her simple sunnies, fluorescent salmon thermal (brights are in for spring, after all), cuffed skinnies and black ballet flats. Rocking the perfect daytime look, this Fashionista is simply (pun intended) show stopping and radiant.

Executing the center part starts from the moment you step out of the shower. When brushing out your freshly-washed tendrils, part your hair down the middle with a comb to make sure that the part is straight. Then, blow dry your hair as your normally would (don’t forget to add a heat protecting product!), making sure to blow heat from above to tame any fly-aways or cowlicks you may have. This look works with both waves and super-straight hair, so don’t hesitate bearing your natural tresses. When you have finished blowing your hair, apply a shining serum (this one is my absolute favorite) and you will be ready to go!


The ballet-inspired bun is arguably one of the most long-lasting beauty trends. Despite it being a style most typically considered classic and sophisticated, this hairdo has survived the tests of time presumably due to its indisputable versatility and apparent simplicity. In fact, Fashionistas everywhere have been spotted sporting these easygoing buns at almost every occasion: from the red carpet to Sunday morning brunches, ballerina-inspired buns have been a go-to ‘do for years.

This Fashionista demonstrates yet another reason why these chignons have continued to remain oh-so-popular: their addition instantly incorporates an element of delicacy to just about any look. Donning a fantastically urban ensemble of jeggings, a studded flannel beneath a fur vest, motorcycle boots, sunnies and a hobo bag, this Fashionista’s panache maintains a sense of softness due to her ballerina bun. Although she could have opted to execute just about any other hairstyle to enhance the metropolitan look she was most certainly going for, this Fashionista chose to go with a timeless bun and, in doing so, created a look that’s both grungy yet gentle and perfect for spring.

In her fall 2009 presentation, Monique Lhuillier had her models wear ballerina buns to ensure that the focus was on her clothing and not the models themselves. In doing so, Lhuillier (perhaps unintentionally) created an allure of refined elegance… so much so that Elle reported the tools necessary to create a chignon just like the ones that strolled the catwalk.

Interested in trying this look? Do as Sabrina Michals (the hairstylist for Lhuillier's presentation) suggests and do not first brush your hair into a ponytail; rather, gather your locks into what would be a ponytail but do not secure them – instead, twist your mane and then wrap it around itself in a bun shape on the back of your head, securing with pins as you go. For the inevitable fly away, take a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray and brush down the rebellious bit(s). Don’t have time to pin down your tresses? Simply secure your bun with a fabric hair elastic for a strong hold with less fuss.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Makeup That’s Au Naturale

Older ideas of “beauty” include heavy makeup and over-done hairdos. Lucky for us, this belief has gone out the window and those considered beautiful no longer require copious amounts of hairspray and a chisel to remove their makeup. Rather, Fashionistas now leave their houses wearing barely any at all and their locks naturally flowing. Some may argue that this complete 180 is in part due to high fashion models debuting at younger and younger ages while others may attribute this revolution to our generation’s generally laid-back attitude. Whatever the reason, though, Fashionistas everywhere are embracing this au naturale trend full-force and so it comes at no surprise that GWU’s many Fashionistas can be spotted meandering through campus sporting very little makeup.

This Fashionista truly epitomizes the minimal makeup component of this au naturale trend, as her skin appears truly flawless and glowing. Her application of very little makeup enables the focus to be on her outfit and not on her face and had she applied a bold cat eye or a bright lip, her look would have appeared far too done up. And, could you blame her for wanting to stand out in her fabulous, daytime grunge look? She has transformed her LBD into a super-chic frock by pairing it with patterned tights, strappy wedges, a charcoal-colored leather jacket, a bold red beanie and lightly colored sunnies.

As this Fashionista demonstrates, the key to the makeup portion of the au naturale look is to make your skin seem, well, perfect. Fear not, Fashionistas — this task is not nearly as daunting as it may seem! In fact, your entire makeup application takes less than two minutes: perfect for the Fashionista on the go. To successfully achieve this look, I recommend applying a BB cream before heading out the door. BB creams are amazing because they are like tinted moisturizers (my prior go-to) but better: they pack in skin-bettering qualities including UV ray protection via SPF and anti-aging antioxidants. In addition to these skin-perfecting traits, BB creams also conceal just about any imperfection without clogging your pores or weighing you down, leaving you looking dewy and radiant. After applying the BB cream, simply paint your lashes with some lengthening and defining mascara to complete your look. How easy is that?

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Neon for your Nails

It’s official: neon is in, yet again, for spring. As such, it may come at no surprise that, in true GWU fashion, neon colors have started to flood Foggy Bottom. From clothing to accessories and beauty, everything stylish seems to be growing brighter and brighter. Arguably one of the easiest ways to incorporate neon into your look is by painting your nails a bright hue and I, personally, have spotted countless Fashionistas meandering through campus having done just that.

As Marie Claire illustrates, though, following this trend can be fairly tricky and requires some levels of self-control. To that end, I admittedly have fallen victim to the neon craze more than once and have realized all too quickly that, after lacquering up my nails and sporting a colorful sweater and a bright red lip, I resemble something of a bad 1980s disco chick. So, then, what’s the key to successfully incorporating neon nails into your look? Keep it simple. Easy enough.

This Fashionista epitomizes this exact fact. To complement her sparkling orange nails, she wears a pair of American Apparel leggings, a loose and flowing button-down, a grey cardigan and camel colored moccasins. To top off her look, she has pulled her hair up into a high, ballerina bun and has utilized minimal makeup. Had she opted to try a bright lip or a plethora of neon accessories, her nails would not pop as much as they do and her look would have appeared far too overdone. This Fashionista’s overall ensemble is hip and modern and she has successfully placed an exciting emphasis on her glowing nails.

I can’t sufficiently emphasize how imperative it is to exercise some moderation when trying this trend. That being said, though, the need for minimalistic accents should not hinder your drive to experiment: paired with a nude lip and a simple outfit, neon nails are sure to please. Unsure of where to look for the perfect neon nail polish? I recommend trying essie’s Navigate Her spring 2012 collection. Featuring a bright orange, a bright pink and a bold blood orange, this collection is definitely one of essie’s best yet.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Half-Up, Half-Down

Whereas fashion continually develops and changes season-to-season, beauty and hair trends seem to stay pretty much the same — developing and transforming only minimally each year. On this point, the half-up half-down hairstyle is one of these consistently popular styles and has been in a go-to for as long as I can remember. Perhaps its popularity stems from how easy it is to execute (wherein you simply tie back half of your hair and you are finished) or perhaps it is due to its ability to add a bit of volume/texture to the traditional completely loose locks.

Arguably the best feature of this trend, however, is how (seemingly) effortlessly chic it is. Whatever the reason, Fashionistas everywhere have turned to this style for almost any type of event: from running errands to walking the red carpet, the half-up half-down style is incredibly versatile. The unique versatility also exists in the distinct number of ways this trend can be executed: from gentle and sweeping to bold and geometric, this hairstyle can really complement just about any look.

This Fashionista is pulls together her urban-chic look so well with her delicate application of this hairstyle. So to keep the hair out of her face while in class, she maintained her natural center-part and pinned back the shorter pieces of her face-frame to complete her half-up half-down look. Her outfit of a basic T-shirt tucked into leather pants, a blazer, a fur vest, pony-hair driving shoes and a camel colored satchel ooze sophistication and her use of her minimal, delicate accessories further complete this look.

To achieve a delicate half-up half-down look like this Fashionista, take the front parts of your hair and pin them back, remembering to not brush out your natural part. Secure the hair you just pulled back with a hair elastic or bobby pins and then spritz your locks with a frizz-controlling product (this one is my favorite) to eliminate and tame any fly-aways. A look that takes no more than one minute to achieve, the half-up half-down style is a great default style and I recommend that everyone experiment with this classic style as much as possible.


A little less than one year ago, Glamour highlighted a red-carpet walking makeup trend: the nude lip. Around this same time, InStyle also published a spread on how to find the perfect nude-colored lipstick for each and every skin tone, stating that nude-toned lips were an up-and-coming beauty trend for the spring. Up until this point, I had really only seen nude lips on runways and on celebrities (such as Kim Kardashian) and this new emphasis on its wear-ability by the average woman instantly intrigued me. Despite this intrigue, however, I still try it right away — before I was going to coat my lips in what I thought must only be concealer, I wanted to make sure that others, too, were just as into this bold lip trend (nude is bold in this case, after all) as I was.

Then in August 2011, popular blog Fashionologie posted a list of eight lip shades that, they believed, every Fashionista should try. While this list contained the expected reds and pinks it, too, included nudes, stating (yet again) that nudes were still all-the-rage for the upcoming fall season. As both an admitted magazine hoarder and obsessive follower of beauty and fashion blogs, I had finally been convinced of the beauty behind the bare-looking lip and immediately wanted to see how well I and other Fashionistas on campus translated this nude lip from runway-only to an everyday, go-to beauty application.

This Fashionista proudly sported the nude lip trend on campus this week. Her nude lipstick had a barely-there appearance, and even though she’s was sporting a full face of makeup, her general application was completely flawless and looks undoubtedly au naturale. Because of her almost unrecognizable makeup application, her complexion and general look made her appear awake and ready for the day, with nearly perfect skin and a gleaming smile.

This Fashionista’s outfit embodies a similarly effortless appearance: her skinny, leather pants, chunky knit sweater, fur vest with leather collar, driving shoes, camel-colored satchel and retro aviator sunnies were undoubtedly easy to put together, yet still give off an exceptionally stylish vibe. It’s quite clear to see that this Fashionista’s general style is laid-back and chic and her use of nude lipstick only further upholds this image.

If you are interested in trying the nude-colored lip trend for the first time, I recommend first experimenting with a satin-sheen lipstick. If this doesn’t have as much drama as you were hoping for, try adding a layer of lip gloss on top of the lipstick for a more shiny appearance. Also, don't forget to line your lips with a lip liner that's in the same shade as the lipstick you plan on wearing. Doing so will secure the lipstick in place and will make sure that your lips don't ghostly blend into your skin.


When the Brazilian blowout debuted not too long ago, Fashionistas around the world flocked to their hairstylists to get their hands on this revolutionizing treatment. Women with super-curly hair could finally wear it straight without the exhaustive efforts and damaging effects of continually blow drying and subsequently straightening their locks with a flat iron. In my opinion, the unveiling of the Brazilian blow out really brought light back onto the blow out in general – highlighting, once again, its simple elegance.

It’s true, though: there really is something extraordinarily graceful about a blow out and it therefore may not be all that surprising to note that the blowout has been an under-the-radar yet must-try hairstyle for generations. Pinpointing the exact cause for its allure is almost impossible; nevertheless, whatever the reason, Fashionistas around the world have looked to this style for occasions ranging from grocery shopping to the red carpet and its versatility is undoubtedly worth recognition.

This Fashionista proves just how easily the basic (yet beautiful) blow out works for class. Although she did not experiment with the Brazilian blow out, she explained that she does blow her hair out a few times a week to achieve that same wind-swept sophistication. It’s understandable, though: especially with her ginger locks, the blow out really suits her facial structure and overall look. To complement her perfectly blown hair, this Fashionista rocks a pair of Prada flats, satin trousers, a basic T-shirt and a comfy, oversized sweater. Instead of going for a backpack or an oversized shoulder bag, she opted to try a patent leather hobo her books, further adding to her undeniably chic ensemble. In an outfit that she claims didn’t take more than ten minutes to throw together, this Fashionista looks super stylish and sophisticated for class.

If you’re anything like me and don’t have a clue as to how to achieve the perfectly coiffed blow out on your own, Allure has come to our rescue (yet again): Beauty Director Amy Keller Laird outlined five simple steps for the “bounciest blowout ever” and I am so excited to experiment with this style.


When Brooke Shields first stepped foot into Hollywood, fashion and beauty mavens took note of her incredible eyebrows almost immediately. Little did Ms. Shields know at the time, but her brows would soon become one of the most commonly desired facial features by young women around the globe; thin, skinny brows were officially out and full, natural brows were officially in. Fast-forward a few years, and Brooke's bold brows are still a beauty must-have, as Allure so eloquently illustrates. In fact, full eyebrows are known to instantly add a bit of glamour to your look but yet are still subtle and natural-looking enough to be your daily beauty go-to.

This Fashionista’s brows look very much like Brooke Shields's: they’re full, natural looking and balance out her facial structure very well. With her great brows, this Fashionista painted her lips with a really pretty fuchsia color — one that doesn’t take away from the natural look she’s striving for. To then complement her makeup, she rocks a pair of skinny jeans in an style that echoes Isabel Marant, a cheetah-print belt, a basic white T-shirt, an olive-green military-inspired vest, simple ballet flats and sunnies. With her hair slicked back into a basic pony, the attention is on her face and her outfit. Although her look is undoubtedly show stopping, this Fashionista appears relaxed and ready for class.

To achieve eyebrows like this Fashionista’s, put down your tweezers and stop stripping your brows of their natural shape. With that being said, take eyebrow pencil (this one happens to be my favorite) and simply fill them in, brushing and combing the pencil’s tint out evenly throughout the brow. Because you want your brows to look as naturally-full as possible, I recommend going with an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your brow color. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the pencil, though, because then it will look like you drew your brows on and did not achieve them naturally.


Back in 2010 Alexander Wang's spring RTW show presented a hairstyle that would take the fashion world by storm: the braid. A style perhaps not all that nouveau or modern at the time had suddenly become a chic fashion must-do (pun intended). Now, seasons later, the braid is just as stylish as it was two years ago and catwalks and red carpets alike consistently feature at least one Fashionista with these braided styles. As with every fashion trend, the braid, too, has experienced numerous transformations throughout the years and many different types of braids have been gained popularity since Wang’s show. From the fishtail to the waterfall braid and everything in between, the options are seemingly endless for Fashionista’s everywhere.

This Fashionista sported a timeless French braid as she strolled to class this week. One of my favorite braided styles, the French braid is clean and elegant and consistently gives a look of sophistication to its wearer. The French braid hairstyle is great for class, too, because it keeps your hair out of your face and off of your neck; simply put, it’s the perfect alternative when looking to avoid any hair-related distractions. Further, this 'do seems to complement almost every single face shape: whether your face is oval-shaped or circular, you can rest assured that your bone structure will undoubtedly balance well with this hairstyle. Still not convinced? As this Fashionista has proven, this style can also be paired quite easily with your daily ensemble and isn't solely reserved for dressy occasions. In fact, this Fashionista's black leggings, basic T-shirt, black boots, olive-green military jacket, patterned scarf and sunnies go oh-so-well with the way in which she's styled her hair.

Not exactly sure how to do a French braid on yourself? Well, fear not, because there are numerous tutorials available online. For my personal go-to, click here — this tutorial takes the French braiding process slowly and step-by-step.