ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Tousled and Teased — A Flashback to the 1980s

Fashion has always repeated itself and many modern day trends often gain significant inspiration from the popular styles of prior decades. Think about it: boxy blazers of the 1940s, long, wispy eyelashes of the 1960s, cat-eye sunnies of the 1970s, being retro has always been en vogue. That being said, I loved seeing the models’ hairstyles at Rodarte’s Fall 2011 show this past September, as they alluded to the fabulous 1980s unlike anything I had seen in a while. Crafted by skilled hairstylist Odile Gilbert, the Rodarte models rocked deep side parts and natural-looking waves with extreme volume at the root, a trendy hairstyle (sans fishtail braid) first popularized in the ‘80s. As depicted in the Rodarte show, there’s something super stylish about doing your hair this way — it is just rebellious enough and has an effortlessly chic attitude that is very intriguing.

This week’s Fashionista proves just how versatile this 1980s hairstyle can be. Having just returned from her internship on the Hill, I stopped this Fashionista right after she grabbed coffee at the GW Deli. This Fashionista’s minimal makeup, coupled with her outfit of charcoal chinos, white button-down, red booties, a black scarf and a simple camel colored satchel complement her dramatic ‘do beautifully. To my surprise, I learned that her hairstyle can be just as effortlessly created as it appears: according to Allure, all you have to do is tousle your roots with some volumizing mousse and, essentially, blow dry your hair one piece at a time. To further this look, I would even recommend teasing your roots once your hair is fully dried, so to ensure that the volume you are looking for is achieved.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Curly and Voluminous

A hairstyle popularized by Sarah Jessica Parker in the early days of Sex and the City, curly, voluminous hair has been a go-to look since the invention of the curling iron. Whether sporting waves during the day en route to class or at night for a more romantic look, big curls are always a seemingly effortless way to spruce up whatever look you are going for. However, Fashionistas tend to lean more toward stick-straight styles, perhaps in fear of seeming too overdone. As this week’s Fashionista shows, however, big waves and a more playful style are just as easily incorporated into a daily look as those reliant on a flat iron: having a bold ‘do does not necessarily detract from your daily ensemble.  

This Fashionista proudly lets her incredibly voluminous, curly hair flow freely on campus this week. She did not opt for the picture perfect, romantic wave one might expect in a curly style, rather, she teased and tousled her locks, leaving perfectly imperfect ringlets all around. This Fashionista’s outfit is still the center of attention, even with this super bold hairstyle. The ensemble of a printed dress beneath a woolen trench, a laid-back beanie and chocolate-colored oxfords is the perfect winter look for the District’s unexpected fall weather this month. In fact, she proves that maroon tights and a curly mane can go hand-in-hand, or, lock-in-lock if you will.

To achieve a hairstyle similar to the one sported by this Fashionista, visit’s “The Look: Curls” for some tips and tricks that every Fashionista can use. As always, don’t lose your creative touch when it comes to your hair, just as you wouldn’t when it comes to your outfit: be bold, experiment and have fun!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Head-to-Toe Color Blocking

Color blocking no longer solely applies to one’s outfit, and colorful fashion and makeup trends have graced numerous catwalks and trend reports for the upcoming season. As evidenced in’s Resort-themed In the Mood For editorial, current Resort collections (for both fashion and makeup) encourage (and applaud) the use of colors and color blocking. Despite this, however, I have still found that many Fashionistas are hesitant to combine these two colorful concepts: why color block on your body if you want to sport a bold lip (and visa versa)? In response to this hesitation, I now introduce this week’s Fashionista who proves that bold fashion and makeup trends can (and do) go hand-in-hand.

Sporting a pair of ocean-blue, wide-legged, satin trousers and a pink-and-red striped cashmere sweater would have been bright in itself – however, this Fashionista does not stop there when seeking to create a all-around color-blocked ensemble (and I’m so glad that she didn’t). To her vibrant outfit she adds a darker-toned red lip…completely proving that “going bold” does not mean you have to sacrifice a colorful lip for a vibrant outfit. So to not appear too over-the-top, this Fashionista has left her long locks down and loose, and her natural waves really balance out her multihued style. To finalize her look, this Fashionista expertly adds a pair of tortoise, cat-eye sunnies, an incredible bib necklace, a simple gold ring, sky-high black wedges, and a camel-colored satchel. This Fashionista truly proves that color blocking is no longer reserved for your clothing – one really can be colorful from head to toe.

While I do not necessarily condone wearing colorful eye shadow with a color-blocked outfit, I am a major proponent of the bold-lip-and-bright-ensemble style evidenced by this Fashionista. Interested in replicating this Fashionista’s show-stopping look? Make sure that your lips complement, not detract, from your outfit. I encourage trying a matte lipstick as opposed to a high-gloss alternative, especially when experimenting with this trend for the first time. For a deeper-colored red lipstick like the one sported by this Fashionista, try a matted lip color like NARS’ Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio and let your creativity shine.

Expert Tip from Cassie: When choosing a lip color, make sure that the color is more muted like Jessica had mentioned. It's imprtant to stress that your color blocked outfit should be the focal point of your look, not your lips. If you are hesitant to play with an opaque color lip, go for a more sheer lipstick like Josie Maran Lip Stains. This line of lip stains will introduce you to wearing colors on your lips. Once you have become accustomed to seeing a sheer color on your lips amp up your look to a matte lipstick. Comapnies like MAC and NARS have wonderful colors to check out!

Style Guru Bio: Jessica Cecere

My name is Jessica and I am a senior at GWU majoring in Business Administration (with a Marketing concentration) and minoring in Psychology.

I grew up in a suburb approximately 15 minutes outside of New York City, and my personal style is incredibly urban because of this. I very much enjoy mixing extremely tailored, crisp and undeniably geometric pieces with loose and flowing fabrics, and I have yet to find something studded and/or generally embellished that I didn't love. When I'm not thumbing through fashion magazines or surfing the Internet for the latest and greatest fashion blog, I'm an avid equestrian and thus have a major sweet spot for the uber-chic and sophisticated equestrian style. I am constantly inspired by (and enamored with) the genius that is Christian Louboutin and attribute my months spent interning in his corporate office to my love for the color red.

Further, my favorite designers and/or labels include Marni, Theyskens' Theory, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler, Band of Outsiders, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Opening Ceremony, Yves Saint Laurent, Thakoon, The Row, Isabel Marant, Rodarte, Lanvin, Céline, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone, Carven, A.L.C, Yigal Azrouël and Burberry Prorsum. My fashion muses are Brooklyn Decker, Chloë Sevigny, Victoria Beckham, Leandra Medine, the Olsen twins, Monica Rose, Nicole Richie and Alexander Wang's niece.

I truly believe that fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand and my infatuation with both began at a young age. In fact, I vividly remember admiring my mother's extreme shoulder pads of the 1980s, and how she expertly complemented them with her use of delicate makeup and graceful hairstyles. This admiration eventually developed into an understanding and appreciation for both fashion and beauty – that implementing certain beauty techniques can really transform a good look into a great look. Now, years later, I’m a self-labeled addict to red lipstick, a dewy complexion, the cat eye trend and a slicked-back ponytail. Also, I am often spotted strolling to class with a ballerina bun atop my head, lengthening mascara on my lashes and basic balm on my lips.

I am so excited to again be a Style Guru here at CollegeFashionista, and can't wait to highlight many of the incredible beauty and fashion trends I see walking the streets of GWU’s campus for all of you Fashionistas and Fashionistos out there. Get ready for a great semester!

CollegeFashionista X Victoria’s Secret PINK Yoga Advertorial: George Washington University

In the past, yoga clothes and fashion trends were two things that didn't necessarily go hand-in-hand; in fact, it seemed as though what you looked like on the outside didn't matter that much…just so long as you could stretch easily and were generally comfortable. I personally don't believe that you should ever leave the house in something you're not completely proud of, however, which means that I'm a major proponent of expressing yourself sartorially even when headed off to yoga. That being said, I am here to introduce you yogi-Fashionistas out there to one of the newest (and coolest) Victoria's Secret PINK collections: Victoria's Secret PINK Yoga Collection. This collection embodies everything that the PINK label is known for: it's fun, comfortable, and stylish. I also love this collection because it's very versatile: the pieces are the perfect lounge-, class-, and yoga-wear.

CollegeFashionista: Tell us about this look. What inspired you to style your yoga this way?

Jessica Cecere: I love to layer, and this collection has great layering basics. That being said, I knew immediately that I wanted to layer (as I always do) to create a new yoga outfit. The first piece that drew my attention was the neon green V-neck T-shirt (it's so soft!), and after deciding to wear the V-neck T-shirt, I put on Yoga Legging to complete my new and super comfortable yoga outfit. To keep myself warm, I then threw the great Half Zip and layered a down vest on top of it.

CF: What is your must-have from the PINK Yoga Collection?

JC: The Yoga Legging! They are so comfortable and are my favorite pair at the moment. These leggings look great with just about anything, and never, ever stretch out or lose their shape.

CF: We know you love your yoga, but how else do you like to stay fit and healthy?

JC: I'm an avid equestrian and I also really enjoy spinning classes – they both are really great cardios!

CF: What do you think is the greatest advantage of doing yoga?

JC: In addition to being a great workout, yoga really focuses on bettering the spirit. With the everyday stresses of college, I think it's really important to find a relaxing outlet in which to focus on the mind and body, and yoga has provided me with exactly that.

CF: What's your top tip for looking cute and staying comfy?

JC: When looking for a comfortable, go-to look, try sporting a great pair of leggings with an oversized sweater or hoodie. In this, you'll be just as comfortable as you would have been in sweats, but you won't look nearly as sloppy!

TREND: Pleats, Pleats, and More Pleats

For this upcoming season, I simply can't stop obsessing over pleated skirts…and I'm not alone. Back in February, Who What Wear highlighted two pleated skirts in their three-item-long The Haute List. And truthfully, this popularity comes at no surprise: pleated skirts' loose and flowing style enables Fashionistas to stay comfortably cool despite the absolutely brutal D.C. heat…and this characteristic alone could make them a go-to spring and summer staple. However, these skirts have many other wonderful features aside from their ability to beat the heat: they're feminine, fun, and suitable for almost any occasion. Need I say more?

This Fashionista impressively displayed one of the many positive features of this great trend by sporting a pleated skirt to her internship this week. This Fashionista wore a black, pleated skirt at her waist, elongating her legs in the process. Tucked into her skirt was a sleeveless, denim button-down which she wore beneath a tri-blend, gray-toned grandfather cardigan. This Fashionista accessorized with a braided, black belt, a simple black hobo, cocktail rings, and an amazing pair of loafers which featured burgundy- and chocolate-colored leather. This Fashionista's personality and fashion sense came through very well in her pleated look, and I absolutely adore her easy-going, almost prepster-like style.

Hint: When you're looking for the perfect pleated skirt this season, try one featuring a floral print. If that sounds too busy for you, do as this Fashionista did and opt for a solid-colored option. Pair your skirt with neutral-toned oxford booties, exposed socks, and a tucked-in, basic T-shirt for a show-stopping look!

TREND: Summertime Booties

With more and more designers incorporating lightweight boots into their spring and summer lines, it's fair to conclude that boots are no longer a footwear style that's restricted to winter months. Among all of the lightweight boot styles that I have seen recently, the ankle-grazing bootie is most definitely my favorite for the spring and summer seasons. Booties are a unique alternative to simple ballet flats or oxfords, and they can easily transport a look from plain-jane to one with an undeniably chic, indie vibe.

This Fashionista sports the really fun bootie trend that I've fallen in love with. Her booties are tan in color and feature a lace-up front and one singular buckle that wraps around her foot. The bootie itself folds down once it reaches her ankle because this Fashionista did not tie them all the way up, and I really like how laid-back this looks. This relaxed attitude exists in the rest of her outfit as well, and she has expertly created a fashion-forward, unquestionably comfortable look which complements her summer-appropriate booties. With her booties, this Fashionista sports a pair of cuffed denim shorts, an oversized oxford shirt which she has tied at her waist, and a pair of tortoiseshell-rimmed sunglasses. This Fashionista tops her look off with beaded bracelets, a skinny, brown belt, and a cocktail ring. Her entire look is easy-going and so fun, and I really love how well (and confidently!) she rocks her booties.

Hint: If you're looking for the perfect pair of summer-appropriate booties, be sure to not purchase those that seem chunky and heavy (these are more for winter). Instead, try ones that feature oxford-like styling or openings. Booties made in these styles are great for summer, and you'll quickly learn to love them as much as I do!

TREND: White Linen

There is no fabric that screams "spring" and "summer" more than white linen. It is lightweight yet still incredibly crisp, and pieces made in this fabric tend to have an undeniable sense of sophistication to them. With warm weather now a consistency in D.C., white linen looks are great options for everyday wear. And, truly, the rule about no white before Memorial Day is irrelevant; being fashion-forward is always en vogue, regardless of the time of year.

It was during one exceptionally warm and sunny day this week that I spotted this Fashionista, sporting an amazing white linen look. This Fashionista sports white linen in the form of an ultra-feminine sundress that I really like: the length, the ribbing down the front, and the faux collar all immediately work to provide an indisputable cosmopolitan look that propels her into the chicness of adulthood (and farther and father away from the appearance of an everyday college student). This Fashionista could wear this great dress to an internship, dinner, or class…her options are truly endless. I also really like how this Fashionista used a belt to break up the all-white look (which may have been somewhat overwhelming had she not done so). This Fashionista's belt features white braiding and a vintage-inspired, chocolate brown leather buckle; because of its styling, this belt will be easy to pair with almost anything in this Fashionista's closet. Finally, by accessorizing with tan-colored ballet flats, a small, tan-colored clutch, minimal jewelry, and a pair of aviators, this Fashionista pulls her entire look together with ease.

Hint: For D.C.'s warm weather, do as this Fashionista did and break out your white linen! The whole you-can't-wear-white-before-Memorial-Day notion is a complete fashion myth and is one that should never be abided by if the weather is appropriate. My favorite way to rock this über-chic trend is by wearing white linen pants with a knit top and fun, single-toned sandals. This look is perfect for springtime in the District because it's leightweight enough to wear in the warmth outside, yet heavy enough to stay toasty in GWU's overly air conditioned classrooms. Plus, you'll also quickly learn to love this look because, in addition to it being fashion-forward, it's also incredibly comfortable. Need I say more?

TREND: Maxed Out

It is finally springtime in the District: there are numerous barbecues in Kogan Plaza and tons of students hanging out in U-Yard. It comes at no surprise that, in true GWU style, Fashionistas throughout campus are welcoming this warm weather in their most fashionable, springtime looks. Often, I'll see Fashionistas meandering around Foggy Bottom in cute shorts and gladiator sandals; however, I have found myself taking notice of those who have decided against the shorts-only trend and are sporting, instead, more unique styles.

My favorite springtime piece is the maxi dress: they're so easy to wear and even easier to form a great outfit around…you just throw them on and you have an amazing, fashion-forward look! And I'm not the only one who loves this maxed out trend: WhoWhatWear wrote a Trend Report recently about these great dresses. Because I love them so much, I've been specifically stopping and talking with Fashionistas on campus who have decided to wear maxis, and I chatted with this Fashionista between two of my classes the other day.

This Fashionista sports a nautical striped maxi dress from BCBG with a simple jean jacket and tan gladiator sandals. For her books, she carries a baby blue Longchamp bag. This Fashionista looks incredible; her dress is perfect for the D.C.'s warm weather, and by layering with a lightweight jacket, she stays warm in her air conditioned classrooms. I like how this Fashionista cuffed the sleeves of her jacket – it adds another fun element to her look. I also love her sandals; they're gladiators that wrap around her ankle for a fun and unique style. When asked, she told me that it took her a maximum (no pun intended) five minutes to get dressed. How easy is that?!

Hint: For the warm weather, try wearing a maxi dress! They're fashion-forward, easy to wear, and super comfortable. With so many different maxi dresses in stores right now, browse through the numerous maxi styles for the one that's right for you!

TREND: Comfort in Disguise

With midterms officially a thing of the past and finals (unfortunately) around the corner, Fashionistas and Fashionistos around campus are sporting incredibly fashion-forward looks, perhaps in anticipation of sleepness nights to come. While looking chic, though, these fashion-forward students do not compromise comfort. In fact, GWU Fashionistas and Fashionistos are professionals at looking and feeling their best while meandering around Foggy Bottom. Leggings are history, and now it's all about the jegging on campuses around the world…and with more and more jean companies designing pairs that feel just like sweats, this comes at no surprise. With this wonderful combination of comfort and style on my mind, I spotted this Fashionista walking down the street. This Fashionista looks absolutely fabulous in her comfy yet stylish look. She sports a pair of bootcut jeggings that she's cuffed at her feet, a cozy and loose cashmere sweater, and a basic pair of ballet flats. With her outfit, she wears a knee-length, lightweight military-inspired jacket and a pair of jeweled earrings, giving her look a great pop of color. Her jeggings are super soft and comfortable and her sweater is cozy and warm; combined, she's created the perfect comfortable look in disguise. Because this Fashionista looks so well put together, you'd never know she's just as comfortable in this look as she would be in her sweats unless you asked her.

Hint: For your own comfortable look in disguise, try wearing a pair of moto leggings or riding pants with a loose blouse and ballet flats. You'll be turning heads in your fashion-forward look, and no one but you will know that you're actually incredibly comfortable!