STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion To Suit Your Day

Clothes can show all the different sides to our lives. Most working people in the weekdays you will see wearing smart tailored clothing and by the weekend they are in their casual, comfortable clothing such as jeans. Formalwear clothing is usually for the times we need to feel sophisticated or are in a formal environment. The beauty of fashion is that we have so much choice on all different types of looks that we can create!

This week’s Fashion Retail Academy student was on her way to her work experience in a fashion head office in the buying and merchandising department. She wanted to dress smart but still have her usual style. On the day I spotted her she had decided to wear a floral print top to brighten up her outfit which is from Pop Boutique, a vintage fashion boutique.  She has then added a black skirt, tights and shoes to keep her outfit looking sophisticated and as she demonstrates, black is definitely the best colour to give you that sophisticated look (and it is a colour which never goes out of fashion!)

To include some tailoring she has added a black blazer which she purchased in Forever 21. Blazers instantly dress up any type of outfit. She has made this outfit individual by styling it with an overload of different types of jewellery, a tan coloured belt and a tan coloured bag. The best thing about her bag is that it was her dad's gym bag from when he was younger (I never would have known!) Although you can not see it in this picture, she is wearing four different rings which I love as why decide on one when you can wear all of them at the same time!


My favourite trend this autumn/winter has to be fur, which is why I was so pleased to spot this Fashionista with an outfit that included a fur coat. Fur constantly comes in and out of fashion and is a controversial trend that will always cause debates and protests against fashion becasuse of animal rights. I personally think that faux fur is a great fashion autumn/winter investment as you can still get the luxurious, sophisticated look for a much more affordable price. Designers, such as Tommy Hilfiger, used real fur for their autumn/winter 2011/2012 shows, although. What I loved about Topshop Unique's collection was how they proved that the designs can still look just as good made in faux fur!

This Fashionista has got her brown faux fur jacket from Next and is wearing it over the top of a satin shirt which is also from Next. She has also added jeans, socks and boots to her outfit, which gives her that winter look! She wears her fur coat it in the daytime with jeans most of the time because of the shorter style of the coat. This Fashionista has chosen an off-brown coloured fur coat, which is easily wearable as it matches with most colours. I love the colour pallet she has used as the colours she is wearing are all autumn tones.

Whether it's fake or real fur, it gives you that glamorous feeling for both day and evening. There are also some lovely faux fur ponchos and capes around in the shops at the moment, which work well for a casual weekend look. Faux fur will always come in and out of fashion so make sure you find a style that suits you so that you can bring it in and out of your wardrobe whatever season it decides to come back.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trying the Brights

Bright coloured skinny jeans, would you or wouldn’t you?

I found this week’s Fashionista on her way to her work experience. She had decided to try out her new pair of red skinny jeans from Next, which she said she was not her usual style. She mentioned how she would not normally wear a bright pair of jeans and was unsure about testing them but decided to give this new look a try. This bright colour is daring but she has made them work by styling them with navy blue colours. Her bow blouse is from Topshop, which she also usually likes to wear with velvet leggings or tucked into a leather skirt. If you have a collar chiffon blouse you could create a similar look to this by adding a ribbon underneath the collar and tying it into a bow. She has also added a bow to her hair, which suits her short hairstyle.

I straight away noticed her navy blue patent handbag and thought it was a designer make; although, to my surprise, she bought it at a high street price from a boutique near to where she lives in Essex! Of course I also could not take my eyes off her boots, which are from the Vivienne Westwood’s Melissa collection. Even though it is a hard colour to match to your clothes, this navy blue tone is perfect for this time of year.

This week I have spotted a student wearing an item different to what they are normally used to. Even though she feels like she probably will not wear bright jeans again it is good that she has tried something new and this is something we all should do more often as how will you know if you never try?


No matter how many pairs of jeans we buy we always seem to end up only ever wearing our favourite pair! Jeans are the one item in our wardrobes that we can always rely on to not go out of fashion. The different styles of jeans change but they are always there in our everyday lives made for our comfort.

There is such a variety of jeans to choose from such as boyfriend, skinny, bootcut, straight and many more, so it can sometimes be difficult to find what suits you. The answer to finding the pair to suit you is to not rush into buying as you need to try on lots of different styles from all different stores. Jeans are so easy to dress up or dress down and a good way to dress down your jeans is to wear a plain top and flat shoes as this week's Fashionista has done. The same pair of jeans can also be dressed up for the night time by adding your favourite pair of heels. Skinny jeans tend to look the best for nighttime wear, especially for when you wear heels.

This week's outfit reminds me of the way Kate Moss dresses. Most of the time Kate Moss wears her jeans with a plain T-shirt or plain vest top and usually adds a belt. This Fashionista has added a flower print top, leather jacket, gold statement necklace and brown pixie boots to her jeans.  

I love these skinny high-waisted jeans from River Island, which are perfect for petite Fashionistas as they lengthen the legs. I also noticed these black bootcut jeans, which are also from River Island, and are flattering for pear shape bodies to balance your curves. Jeans are here to stay, so find the right style and colour to suit you.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fit for a Princess

The usual place I spot Fashion Retail Academy students are along Oxford Street, which is where I am also guilty of spending my free time shopping! How can we resist when the Academy is in the heart of where London's best high street flagship stores live? I found this student outside Topshop and I loved the colours she has put together in her outfit. Black and cream are two colours that work well together to give a sophisticated look. She has added lace-up brogue shoes to add an on trend item to her outfit. You can find similar shoes to these in Topshop.

If you are looking to invest in a cream skirt I discovered this designer-inspired cream skirt from MANGO, which is a sell out item and is only available in stores. If you are lucky enough to purchase this skirt then wear it with a plain black top to make the pleating on the skirt stand out and to create the black and cream look.

A huge style icon not just in England but also worldwide is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. In the summer she was seen in this Burberry cream trench coat, which completely sold out the day after! Since most of us can not have the Burberry version I discovered a similar classic cream trench coat from Next for a much affordable price. I continuously see Kate Middleton in fashion magazines wearing the colours black and cream so how could we not feel inspired to wear these colours if a princess is!


I have never been a fan of the cold winter and if you agree then just remember a positive of this cold season are the winter trends! Layering is a big trend for this winter, which is why I love this week's outfit as she has layered up with a jumper, fur cardigan, a leather jacket and a scarf. She has added fur heel boots which dresses up her look and gives her height and her on trend leopard print bag from Topshop makes a statement. Her fur cardigan from River Island is my favourite part of her outfit as it makes it look as if the fur is part of the leather jacket which shows her style creativity!

There is such thing as too many layers as you do not want to look like you're wearing your entire wardrobe all at once! A good way to layer your outfit is to put a gillet over a cardigan or long sleeve top and simply add a scarf. I found a black faux fur gilet from Next, which is a key item to have if you are thinking about updating your wardrobe.

When I worked at London Fashion Weekend I was fortunate enough to see some catwalk shows and I noticed how most designers were using the layering trend for this autumn/winter. Jaeger London demonstrated this trend by styling cashmere dresses with chunky knitted cardigans and fur gilets which looked cosy and stylish. The way the Jaeger models were styled can easily be copied. You could also add a skinny belt around your waist if you feel the layers are making you appear a bigger shape than you really are.

When your parent's tell you to "wrap up" listen to them because they are right! This season's layer trend means that we can be warm, cosy and on-trend. Fashion in London has never been so ready for the cold temperatures that we have to face this year.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to Never Never Land

Who would have thought that the popular character Peter Pan would ever be associated with the fashion industry and would be a huge inspiration for fashion designers back in the 1950s and then once again to this day! Peter Pan collar dresses and tops were huge this summer and will continue to be throughout this autumn/winter. Prada, DKNY and Marc Jacobs showed us their way of creating Peter Pan collar designs in their autumn/winter 2011/2012 collections.

You will notice that this style is now all over the high street, so it is a trend which is easily accessible! I spotted this butterfly print Peter Pan collar blouse on, which I love. However, avoid a high neckline top if you have a "top heavy" body shape as this type of neckline and material will make your bust look bigger than it actually is and this type of body shape needs to dress to draw attention to the lower part of her body to give an illusion of a more balanced figure. 

This Fashionista bought her Peter Pan collar top from Topshop and has added a floral skirt from H&M, which instantly gives the outfit a girlie, soft look, which is a style that always seems to get my attention. I love the colours of this outfit as the camel and brown tones work well together.

This week's outfit has made me think more about how fashion trends are an ongoing cycle as fashion will always repeat itself. So, maybe fashion and Peter Pan do have more in common than we think — they never want to grow up.  


Are you wondering how she has managed to pull off so many colours in one outfit? This was my first thought when I spotted this Fashionista, which is why she has caught my attention this week. One of my favourite on-trend colours that you will see a lot throughout the autumn/winter months this 2011/2012 is the mustard colour. It is a brave colour to wear and most people seem to avoid it if there is an alternative colour option of the item that they like.

This Fashionista has colour blocked her outfit with a mixture of colours by adding a mustard jumper from Urban Outfitters with burgundy velvet leggings from American Apparel and orange Vans. These are three colours most people would not consider putting together yet she has made it work well. She has added a multi-coloured bow to her hair, which shows us more of her individual style and adds a girlie look to the outfit.

My favourite mustard item at the moment for the male readers is this mustard waffle snood, which you can find in River Island's menswear. Wear it with a black leather jacket and jeans as it is bright enough to wear with a plain outfit and plain colours! However, if you are small in height then avoid this as too many colours in your outfit will make you appear shorter than you really are! For the girls, I love this belted coat from ASOS, which has a darker tone to it. Women who have a rectangle shaped body (this is usually someone who has little definition around the waist, has a high metabolism and rarely puts weight on) should wear belted coats to create a waist!

I love this outfit (especially the jumper) and the way she has styled it. She is on-trend and it looks comfortable to wear, which is perfect if you are a student and you love fashion!


The sun and the heat has finally decided to visit us here in London and after a rainy summer and we are all making the most of it. This week's Fashionista has decided to take advantage of the sun by showing off her legs and fast forwarding to the spring/summer 2012 trends by wearing a skirt similar to one Christoper Kane created for his spring/summer 2012 collection. She has kept her outfit looking clean and light  by adding a plain grey T-shirt from French Connection to her Beyond Retro skirt.

Although I have never tried it myself, I love Converse with a skirt as it dresses down the outfit, which works well for college and university students who want to still be comfortable walking around their campus. I think the clutch bag also works well with this look as it is something many of us wouldn't consider adding to a daytime outfit. This Fashionista is making use of her mum's wardrobe by borrowing her oversized clutch bag. Borrow and lend from your wardrobes with your friends and family as it is a real money saver, especially if you are a student. If you are looking to splurge on a bag this Michael Kors clutch is my favourite around at the moment and it will carry on being perfect right through spring/summer 2012 when the print trend is everywhere.

What I love about this week's outfit is that she is thinking ahead to the trends of next year. If you want to find out more about the trends of spring/summer 2012 magazines such as Vogue and ELLE will have good catwalk coverage.

If you want to get the spring/summer 2012 look during this nice weather think creamy neutral colours, think wet looking hair (if you can pull it off), think lots of prints and think metallics (but not all at once, of course!)

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shopping Outside the Box

Do you ever buy clothes and have that little worry that one of your friends has got the same item? It is something that most of us fear- going out and having an identical outfit to your best friend by mistake! I asked students around the Fashion Retail Academy "which shop do you buy most of your clothes from?" and of course the most common answer was Topshop which made me wonder why we are all sticking to our comfort zones and not being creative with where we shop.  

This week I decided to find a student who does not shop in our usual London high street stores. I found this Fashionista who works for and who's wardrobe mostly consists of  Never Fully Dressed. This is a lovely boutique which you can find on ASOS Marketplace. She has tied her leapord print scarf into a bow on her shirt and added a mohair jacket, Mulberry handbag and white converse. What I love about this brand is that you can find one off on trend peices that your friends will not have! Caggie from 'Made in Chelsea' was recently spotted in one of their dresses at a Lipsy event! I discovered Never Fully Dressed at London Fashion Week and decided to treat myself to this poncho blouse which is my favourite item in my wardrobe at the moment. It looks perfect over the top of a cream dress with cream socks and a pair of wedges!

So next time you are thinking about updating your wardrobe consider thinking outside the box by finding boutiques to make your style more unique!