WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Alert

With the weather finally warming up, you can finally wear something to show off. No more bundling up in those thick jackets and heavy boots. You are now free to wear whatever you want without having to think if it is going to fall in line with the cold weather. However, since you are able to show your outfit freely now, the question of “What do I wear?” may come to mind. Well, have no fear. First of all you should be able to wear whatever you want! Second of all, since it is spring you have tons of choices to pick from.

Even though it was a little chilly, this particular Fashionista decided to enjoy this spring weather by wearing a denim jacket and black jeans. With the color coordination she had with her white shirt and her black and white Vans, she was able to show off her sporty look and take on the day with a smile. I really like this outfit because it really brings out her bright personality and coordinates well with the spring weather! The colors she uses are definitely a plus.

Even though I love every part of her outfit, one way she can make her outfit even better is by adding some accessories. Adding some accessories like a necklace or earrings will give the outfit more of a chic look and redefine the whole outfit. Besides these small details, everything about her outfit is great. She is definitely ready to take on spring and also end this semester strong!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring Calls for Bright Colors

Spring is calling our name and so is our new wardrobe choices! Some people take this weather change as an opportunity to bring out their best wardrobe choice. Because, you know, you can actually show them off. The outfits they show can include some nice long sleeve tops, some sweaters, long boots, and some spring dresses. However, because it is Chicago, I would say it is not safe enough to start bringing out the spring dresses.

This particular Fashionista decided to bring out her accessories in this wonderful weather. With this particular day being nice and warm, she was able to pull off a black jacket and some nice long boots. She decided to put some accessories that could match her outfit, such as her clutch bag, ring, and scarf. The clutch she is holding really brings out the color from her outfit and allows there to be a sense of edginess to it. The ring she is wearing clearly matches her outfit and is able to add some nice details to the outfit she is wearing.

The things I really loved about her outfit was that she was able pull off a long top with a leather jacket. Usually when I am wearing a long shirt, I wear a longer jacket along with it. She, however, was able to pull it of great! The open leather jacket, allowed her scarf to give more color to her outfit and add a little darkness to it as well. Everything in her outfit looks great, but one thing I would suggest is to wear a darker color pair of boots. Besides that, this Fashionista did a great job of pulling an outfit together for the start of spring!

STYLE ADVICE: Much Fashion, Much Wow

This past week has been pretty hectic, overall. Not only in terms of weather, but also in getting everything done on time. What time is it? It is midterm week. In other words, it is hell week. Have no fear though! Even with the overwhelming amount of things you have to do, it is still possible for you to look extra fabulous. It could come to the point where you look that fabulous, that a person stops to admire you and says “wow.” Much fashion, much wow.

This particular Fashionista impressed me with the fashion choice she decided to take on during this crazy week. She decided to go with a nice green jacket and some black jeans. The pink shirt she decided to wear under her green jacket really allows her outfit to burst with color. With the gloomy weather and the feeling hell week has brought, this Fashionista has decided to take it on by using bright colors and holding a positive attitude!

Her outfit really gives her a glow, but what I would do to make this outfit even better is add some accessories! An accessory, such as a watch, a necklace, or earrings would make this Fashionista’s outfit much more fabulous. Not only that, but to add on an even fiercer look in her outfit, I would recommend her wearing a leather jacket. The leather jacket would be able to give the overall outfit a different a feel. Overall, this Fashionista’s outfit was great and was able to show the amount of positivity she had going forward with hell week taking place!

WHAT TO WEAR: Back to School Chill

Winter break has come to an end and it is time to go inside your wardrobe and change out of those baggy and comfortable clothes you have probably been wearing your whole break. With the crazy weather Chicago has been showing, it has been pretty hard to pick an outfit to display. People decide to cover themselves up and stay warm, causing them to not show their outfit off. Perhaps some even just decide to wear their comfortable and baggy clothes like they did in winter break to further prolong the feeling of being relaxed. Whatever it may be, it can sometimes be hard to recuperate and build up the motivation to dress up.

This specific Fashionisto has not allowed the cold weather to stop him from dressing up though! This Fashionisto is wearing some black leather shoes along with his dark blue jeans. He goes for a relaxed and casual look that allows him to totally embrace the winter season. Puffy jackets have a reputation of making you look bigger than you actually do, but he pulls it off by wearing a grey fleece hoodie under his jacket. Staying warm and looking fashionable at its finest!

This Fashionisto’s sense of wardrobe choice was great, but one thing I would to make it look even better is add some accessories. These accessories can include a small silver watch, a belt, or even a necklace. However, the glasses this Fashionisto is wearing already completes the outfit alone!

Even with the cold weather, you can still be warm, comfortable, and look stunning just like this Fashionisto was able to do. As always, be you and embrace the genuine fashion you have!

STYLE GURU BIO: Jessica Criollo

Hello all! My name is Jessica Criollo and I am currently attending Loyola University in Chicago. I am a sophomore majoring in public relations and advertising with a minor in marketing. I am a super enthusiastic, open-minded, fun individual that loves trying new things. I am so glad to be continuing my journey as a Style Guru Intern! I started off this journey in the fall semester of 2016 and I could not be any happier.

I have been living in Chicago for the past 19 years and I have embodied myself in the amount of fashion trends that appear seasonally. Some of the cute things I like to wear include the relaxed/punk look that could fall from wearing converse all the way to wearing some cute booties. On top of my favorite fashion trends are other things such as, watching horror films, reading books, and playing soccer.

Given the opportunity to be a Style Guru Intern, I have made it my goal to emphasize the importance of using fashion to express yourself. Everybody has a different sense of style that allows people to learn more about each other. There can be people that like wearing sneakers and joggers while others like wearing high heels and tight jeans. Although there may be differences in fashion between people, it allows you to become more aware of the different fashion trends around you and even learn about the significance of your own fashion. With this being said, I hope to allow each and every one of you to recognize the beauty behind your wardrobes and the beauty behind being a Fashionista, as it allows you to express yourself!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cold Weather? Time to Bundle Up!

The past week it hit a beautiful 70 degrees. It was warm and many people saw this as an opportunity to bring some of their summer attire back out. However, after only a week, the weather went down to a chilly 28 degrees. With gloves, hats and scarves taking over people’s closets, it is safe to say that winter is coming. How is one supposed to dress up with this cold weather?! Fear not, this Fashionista knew exactly how to do it.

Even though the winter may limit you to what you want to wear, there are still many fashion trends you can follow. Some people may wear big jackets and long boots in order to fully cover themselves from the cold, but that is not the only choice you can make when picking an outfit. This particular Fashionista decided to go with a relaxed look that still allows her to keep warm. Some may think that double-layering is not trendy and lacks a sense of fashion, but this Fashionista is wearing a The North Face jacket with a Loyola sweater under, and she completely rocked it. With this, she is sure to keep warm! Along with that, she is wearing light blue GUESS jeans with small black boots that have a strap on the side.

This Fashionista decided to keep herself comfortable, while still keeping warm. The clothes she picked out still emphasize the fall and winter trends, while she brings out both a sporty and cute look! I think this is a great transition of wardrobe considering it was just 70 degrees last week!

WHAT TO WEAR: Sporty and Relaxed Wear

Midterm week consists of all-nighters, bummy clothes, countless hours of studying and maybe a few hours of Netflix here and there. It can be quite hard to take care of yourself when the only thing you can think about is the crazy amount of exams you have coming up. However, with midterm week coming to an end, you can finally make yourself comfortable and go back to dressing in the fabulous way you did before!

After a very hectic midterm week, one just wants to relax and surround themselves with relaxing vibes. Some may go for a spontaneous and fierce look right after midterms, but others may prefer going for a much more relaxed look. A perfect way to show a relaxed look is by putting on some comfortable, sporty and edgy wear that still makes you look cute. This particular Fashionista displayed her fashion by wearing a light blue Nike sweater with some black pants and white Converse. With the Chicago weather being unpredictable, it is quite hard to pick out an outfit, but this Fashionista did a great job by picking this relaxed look while also emphasizing the fall weather coming into place! Comfortable and edgy all at the same time. What more can you ask for?

After a hectic midterm week and with Chicago’s crazy weather, it may be a little hard to make time to dress up. However, don’t let this bring you down, but instead, let it motivate you for dressing up! This Fashionista did exactly this and she was able to pull off her outfit and look edgy!

WHAT TO WEAR: Spirit Week and Fall Weather Take Over!

As the end of Loyola University Chicago’s Family Weekend comes to an end, we may see many students roaming around with their new attire! Along with that, you may see many students starting to bundle up since it is finally fall! Some of the fashion trends that may start to pop up include some comfy long sleeves or sweaters, along with some comfortable jeans or joggers. With Welcome Week coming to an end, students have taken advantage and purchased some Loyola gear to continue to show the support they have towards their school. Chilly weather and the end of Loyola’s Family Weekend is sure to put up some good fashion trends for the next few weeks of the semester.

This particular Fashionista is wearing a Loyola maroon and gold long sleeve in order to show the amount of pride she has to be at this particular university. She goes for a trendy and comfortable look that makes her look both comfortable and stylish, while she still holds an “I’m ready to go!” type of look! This long sleeve shirt gives this Fashionista a cute look even though it is a little oversized on her. The black Vans this Fashionista is wearing really fit well with her outfit since it emphasizes the relaxed look she was looking for. The black leggings she is wearing with her outfit goes to show that this Fashionista is looking for something simple, but cute, which will allow her to be comfortable.

As the fall weather continues to progress, cute and comfortable outfits like these will continue to pop up. So why not find a way to take on some chilly weather and continue to support your school with an outfit that compliments both, just like this Fashionista did!

WHAT TO WEAR: Trendy Back To School Outfit

With school starting up quick and fast, it can get pretty frustrating and hectic picking out an outfit. It comes to picking out either a comfy outfit such as joggers and a T-shirt or wearing something cute and popular such as high-waisted jeans and crop tops. It is safe to say that fashion can be a bit complicated at times. However, a balance can be found between dressing comfortably and cute.

As school starts again, it is natural to want to impress your classmates and professors with the way you dress. Dress for success, right? Even though that may be true, it is always good to express yourself through the clothes you wear, but also, make sure you’re comfortable. After all, your day will probably consist of studying, and you’re bound to want to be comfy, right?

This Fashionista’s outfit includes both a comfortable and trendy look that says she’s ready to take on her day. She is wearing a black and white striped shirt from Forever 21 that brings a sense of the ’70s look back to life. The loop and tie at the bottom of her shirt definitely add some more spice in her outfit and make it look a lot more trendy. The simplicity of this outfit is great, and the piece that completes her outfit are her Toms. To add more originality to her outfit, you can see that she added a golden necklace. The golden necklace definitely makes her outfit stand out and shows us the values and personality she may hold.

This is a very simple look that is able to make her look both fierce and comfortable as she prepares to take on college once again!