ACCESSORIES REPORT: Oversized? Or Just Right?

By time December rolls around I think it is safe to say that we are over school, over dressing nice, and ready to go home and enjoy Winter break. I caught today's Fashionista, looking comfortable and fashionable on the last day of her Fall semester. Flannels have always been a Winter staple, it is a great pattern to be worn at anytime of year but when those cold frigid days come by, a authentic thick flannel is the perfect solution to stay warm. In the past few years, over sized clothes have been trending, also known as the “boyfriend look.” This over sized flannel is the perfect example of the boyfriend look, this Fashionista is actually wearing a men's flannel shirt, you would never know because of the way she is able to dress it up and tailor it to her body with the belt. Although Target may not be considered “fast fashion” or “name brand,” they still have great buys, including this awesome over sized flannel.

Today's Fashionista's belt is perfect additon to this accessories report, belts are such an important part of a look and can completely transform something slouchy and unflattering into something much better.

Spotted: Steve Madden black booties with a wedged heel. I can not stress how big these are this 2011-2012 season, I defineately see this style staying around for a good amount of time. They are so good for dressing up a casual look and not looking “over dressed”

ACESSORIES REPORT: Perfect Outfit for Unpredictable Weather

With less than 10 days until Christmas , we are seeing the traditional weather, it has been in the high 50's making it hard to plan outfits. This Fashionisita found the perfect combination to beat this crazy weather. Her light weight jacket is just right for her look. American Apparel has a great selection of outerwear, including a great function houndstooth jacket. American Apparel is normally known just for their huge variety of basics but also offers so many other things past that.  Houndstooth and plaid are both timeless patterns that can worn season to season with out going out of style.

Headwear is my favorite thing about accessories reports, it is a perfect accessory to make a terrible hairday into a great one. Nordstroms has a huge selection of headwear, from feathers, headbands, and even flowers. Today's Fashionista isn't afraid to mix and match patterns. She effortless wears a floral print silk headband in combination with a plaid jacket.

Spotted: One of this seasons trendiest shoes is the oxford style. Today's Fashionista is rocking the Oxford heels.  Anthropologie has a huge selection of Oxford style shoes, they have heels, flats, and even wedges. This is perfect shoe to be dressed up and down.


As classes wrap up for the fall semester, it hard to find Fashionistas that put efforts into their looks. Today’s fashionita is dressed simply but in a perfect winter way. It is especially hard to come across designer hand bags on campus normally you just find fine the typical North Face backpacks or Longchamp  tote bags. Today’s Fashonista is carrying an amazing Michael Kors bag for this 2011 collection. This bag is staple piece that can be used from season to season. It takes some courage to rock a white bag during the winter, but I think we are getting past the “no white after labor day” rule. This bag can be used for anything, as today’s Fashionista demonstrates it can be used to class, but also it would be a great travel bag, very big a easy to carry with the two different sized straps. The simplicity of the bag also makes it a great timeless piece that can be passed down from generation to generation, especially because it is leather. As far as I am concerned this is one of the best pieces to have been in any acessories report!

Another of my favorite things about today’s Fashionista is her earth-toned parka. A parka is must have when you live in Indiana, the winters can be brutal and on such large campus the walk from one side of campus to another. Earth tones are so a great thing to have this season, they go with anything and everything. Earth tones also are great to transfer to all four seasons, never goes out of style.

Spotted: Tory Burch riding boots from this seasons latest collection. These leather boots are the absolute perfect asset to any shoe collection. They can be used for any purpose all year round, also makes for an awesome Christmas gift!!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Sustaining Second Hand Treasures

Today's Fashionista is the perfect poster girl for vintage, second hand, and thrift store treasures. She is dressed head to toe in great finds. Thrifting and second hand shopping may have been looked down upon years ago but now it is something so many of us are a part of.  Not only is second hand shopping affordable but it is pushing efforts to more sustainable retail industry.  Now more than ever green initiatives are being pursued in all types of companies and the apparel industry has so much room for growth. In years to come we are going to see the market for second hand clothing striving more than ever to keep up with the damage done to our environment from so many apparel production companies.

My absolute favorite piece of today's Fashionista's look is the multi colored patterned blazer, it is so unique and perfect to make you stand out from your typical solid color blazer.  As I mention most of the Fashionista's pieces are treasured from second hand jobs, so locating repeats of the look is quite impossible. Some vintage inspired stores such as Urban Outfitters and Etsy have similar blazers but less unique than today’s Fashionista.

Spotted: The perfect bag to end any accessories report, a simple leather back pack, so simple that it can be used over and over again for any occasion with any outfit.  It is also awesome for any season!




ACCESSORIES REPORT: All for the Faux Fashion

This Winter faux anything is trending at college campuses anywhere. Today's Fashionista is full of faux from her faux suade boots to her faux fur vest. Most of us college students can't afford real fur, leather, suade, and so on.  We made due with the resources availble and this season, fake is better.

Aside from faux faux faux, today's Fashionista is effortlessly wearing a detailed metallic jaquared scarf. Scarves, the perfect accesory for an accessories report, is the easiest way there is to completely transform a look. They are so easy to add and take away from an outfit, also many scarves are very affordable, not to mention they keep you warm. Burberry has a great grey tone jaquard scarf, no sparkle but an eye catcher for sure. I, personally am a flashy person, I love the new metallic detailed trend coming around. Nordstroms has a perfect selection of beautiful metaillic detailed scarves of all sorts of fabrics.

Right now, faux fur can be found at almost any fashion forward retailer. It's the hot new must have of the season and I don't see it going away anytime soon. Today's Fashionista effortless wears a all fur vest, for some that may be too much. If your looking to tone down a look but still be apart of the new faux fur movment, Express carries a great faux fur loop scarf.

Spotted: Valoure day dreamer handbag straight from Juicy Couture's winter collection. This bag seems to keep it's head in the fashion game, always a must have of every season. It is always a similar style but has a unique touch to match each year. A perfect bag to last you a long time.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Perfect Pattern Leggings

Wearing such loud print bottoms takes a lot of courage these days. Today’s Fashionista brings together her look with a bright patterned pair of leggings. This look can only be so perfect because the bright busy bottoms are paired with a simple top and other staple accessoires. So many times there is that person who wears clashing patterns to much jewelry, too many layers, and it ends up just looking like a clustered mess. Pattern leggings have made a growing appearance in Europeann style but are slowing entering the American trends. 

Leg wear is a growing trend in the accessories report and just keeps on making an appreanace. Leggings are key element to so many looks. They are more versatile than jeans and more comfortable. Leggings were first introduced in the 1960’s and keep on coming in and out of style, but more in than out. has a great selection of designer and unqiue leggings at really awesome prices. Modcloth also has a really unique varitey of patterned leggings, they have simliar ones to today's Fashionista and many others.

Spotted: Wool slouchy winter hat! Burberry has a great hat similar to this! Perfect to keep warm on cold winter days. This type of hat is a winter staple and can turn any bad hair day around.

ACESSORIES REPORT: Cowboy vs. Indian

Today most fast fashion is inspired but an era of time, a culture, or a stereotype of what we think a culture should be dressed like. Today’s Fashionista has many different characteristics of these things in her look. Her bag is a unique small canvas navajo-inspired bag; it is a great vintage piece that can be easily complimented with any style. Similar patterned bags and other pieces can be purchase at  Navajo prints, tribal prints, Santa Fe prints, etc. are being seen all over the runway and in street fashion. Not only are these being seen on bags, but sweaters, knits, button-ups, and even socks. It is definitely a winter 2011 must-have.

Taking it to a different style, today's Fashionista diversified her look by using some western inspired pieces. Her hat, which can be put into a few different categories, is a western style hat or also can be classified as a boat hat. Boat hats or similar western inspired hats can be found conveniently and affordable at Forever 21. This hat found at Forever 21 is wool and a great Winter accessories to have. In pervious accessories reports I have mentioned that hats can make or break a look, this hat is a perfect example!

Normally Fashionistas don’t have ever component of accessories covered in just one look, but this Fashionsita brings a lot to the table. Her scarf, another great fall/winter staple to have, is a great pastel color combination. It is a light weight enough material to be worn even in the warmer seasons and has a variety of colors making it compatible with so many different looks. Not to mention the scarf goes great hand in hand with the Fashionsita’s think tortoise framed glasses. 

Spotted: Leather Oxfords! This style of shoe of 2011, it is being seen all over college campuses. European-inspired, now turned into the must-have shoe here in the states! These shoes can now be found at a wide variety of places including Target, L. L. Bean, and even Prada.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Falling for a Functional Fashionista

Fall weather is so unpredictable, especially in Indiana, one day it’s 75 degrees and sunny the next it’s 45 degrees and rainy. Today’s Fashionsta was 100 per cent prepared for this nasty weather. It’s hard to look glamorous when the rain is hitting you in the face and the wind in knocking you back. This Fashionista is functional and fashion forward. These two things can be hard to come by in one look.

Rainboots are a big hit on IU’s campus and a big must have for every season. There are always varieties to choose from. The big trends this fall are Hunter, Burberry and Coach. Yet these all have something in common, and that is the price. Sperry on the other hand, has a little bit more reasonable prices, great quality, and great aesthetic value.

One of the best investments a college student can make is to purchase a vest. On a day like today, a full on winter coat is not necessary, but it is too cold to just have a thin rain coat. So today’s Fashionsita paired a down feather vest with a great Northface zip up. Northface has hit college campuses with a great reputation since I started college four years ago. It’s not often you see a brand go strong for so long. That being said, Northface is still the” it” brand for functional, fashionable outerwear. Juicy Couture has a great puffy vest in the season's collection, perfect for dressing up a simple under shirt or sweater.

And to top off her weather resistant look, this Fashionista added a great nude cashmere scarf. Cashmere in my opinion is as warm as it gets, also is super comfortable and versitile. My favorite type of scarves are the oversized style, so comfortable and cozy for the winter ware. Banana Republic has a great selection of large cashmere scarves in tons of different colors.

Spotted: Striped high knee socks, a must have in this week's acessories report. The high sock, layered with the boot is everywhere the season. Spotted on campus, the runway and the celebrities.  


On this gloomy day, colors are hard to come by. Today’s Fashionista’s muted colores matches the rainy day. But in this case, the dull colors aren’t a bad thing, keeping it classy and simple today's Fashionista is prepared for this rainy fall day. Each color compliments the other making the outfit stand out. 

It’s so hard to find the perfect bag for the fall season, whats even harder is transitioning from summer to fall wardrobe,it can be such a difficult thing. These colors are the perfect transition from her great beige trench coat, to her cashmere scarf. Scaves are a must in all of my accessories reports this fall. Scarves can completely transform an outfit and change up your everyday ensemble. Barney's has great collection of neutral colored similar to the type our Fashionista is wearing. This scarf can go with anything, so spending the extra money on it would be worth it in the long run!

Spotted: Large shoulder bag straight of Chole's fall 2011 ready to wear collection. Great for any occasion and perfect for the fall season.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Less is more, more is less.

For October, it is uncharacteristically hot out for Bloomington IN, yet we will are ready to the fall season. Today’s Fashionisita is dressed the best, still showing her fall spirit but ready for the 85 degree mid day scorch.   She is sporting a great casual look for a full day of classes, but still keeping it fashion forward will her simple accessories.

Our Fashionista tops off her look with a great hat, that strays away from the typical styles we are currently spotting on campus.  Not quite a fedora, yet not quite a riding hat, but stuck right in the middle and looking great. has great vintage hats similar to this particular style. I realize that I am always referring to vintage pieces in my writing, but because so many stores copy their designs off vintage piece, vintage is truly the root of fast fashion. 

Although are Fashionista has a great look, she deginately isnt overdoing it.  So many times I see too many pieces of jewley with too big of glass and to gaufdy of a hat and too flashy of a purse.  Ladies, sometimes less is more. Her sunglasses add the essential touches to the accessories report, they are a great size and style for the shape of  her face. Similiar styles of these glasses can be found in Prada's 2011 collection.

Spotted: Chanel's collection of Rough Allure lip stain, this speicifc shade is called passion.