ACCESSORIES REPORT: A Walk on the Wild Side

Fall and winter have been seasons full of animal prints. At first I was hesitant to try this trend, as animal print clothing can easily go wrong. However, I have fully embraced the print in my accessories. A small pop of it is a great way to stay in style without going overboard. This Fashionista stays on trend while toting her snakeskin bag on campus. 

This snakeskin Michael Kors tote is to die for! All animal prints are a major trend right now in accessories and clothing, but I think snakeskin is by far the most practical and enduring. The neutral grays and subdued pattern allows the print to be very versatile. Usually animal prints command complete attention in an outfit, but a snakeskin bag could complement other accessories instead. This Fashionista was smart to invest in a snakeskin bag since it is very popular now but will be able to be carried longer than other prints.

Pairing a trendy bag with other classic accessories creates a cohesive look that doesn't overwhelm the Fashionista’s overall look. This Fashionista accessorized with two simple gold necklaces from Stella and Dot and traditional brown Frye riding boots. While not everyone may feel comfortable wearing animal print clothing, accessories are the perfect way to try this trend for a more subdued look. Animal print accessories are also a popular spring trend (like these Sam Edelman platforms) so don't be afraid to embrace your wild side.

Spotted: Snakeskin was spotted at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Wayne fall 2012 show.


This Fashionista quickly caught my attention due to her jeweled headband, which popped against her dark hair. In the morning, I usually just grab a hair tie to keep my hair out of my face for class, but a headband is a much trendier alternative. This jeweled headband is such a great way to add a little bit of sparkle to any outfit.

While her headband adds the perfect touch of femininity and sparkle to her outfit, her Frye cowboy boots and simple jewelry allow her headband to shine. I really like her unique hammered “S” necklace, which can be worn every day. And of course, cowboy boots are an essential for any Fashionista in the south.

Headbands are a great trend for any Fashionista on budget to try because they can be found at a range of prices. Even stores like Target carry a wide variety of basic headbands while higher-end stores such as J.Crew and Shopbop have more decorative selection. Not only are headbands found at a wide price range, they also can easily transition from day to night. This Fashionista’s jeweled headband from Anthropologie adds a feminine touch and also makes the Fashionista look very pulled together.

Similar jeweled headbands were a major trend at the Golden Globes this year and were seen on big stars including Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams. Headbands are a big trend for spring and I can see why, they are so versatile and easy for any Fashionista to wear!

Spotted: Headbands were also seen throughout Louis Vuitton’s spring 2012 runway show in Paris. The show ended with Kate Moss wearing a delicate headband.

ACESSORIES REPORT: Back to the Backpacks

I found this Fashionista walking on campus during one of those so-called February days when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. This weather can prove hard to dress for, since a Fashionista can’t wear clothes that are too light or too warm. I love how this Fashionista took advantage of the warmer weather and incorporated a softer floral skirt but kept with the seasons and wore tights and a bulkier sweater.

Her backpack is the ideal bag for campus. I always struggle with choosing a trendier tote bag or a more practical backpack. Of course, while many people on campus choose to stick with a basic North Face backpack, this Fashionista's backpack is both practical and unique. The neutral color and trim can complement and match every outfit. While I always underestimate a backpack as being a trendy accessory, this Fashionista proves it can be. Backpacks are a good investment piece as they can be used day after day, unlike many other accessories. Urban Outfitters carries a similar style available in multiple colors.

Pairing her sweet skirt and bulky cream sweater with knit tights and neutral suede buckle boots, this Fashionista is accessorized just right. All the accessories work together and create an eclectic vibe. I love how this Fashionista went away from mainstream accessories that are frequently spotted around campus and created her own unique style.

Spotted: At the Charlotte Ronson fall 2011 runway show, thicker winter sweaters were paired with delicate skirts.


The gloomy winter weather is not much motivation to put on a great outfit every morning. I know I am so guilty of throwing on leggings and a neutral sweater and forgetting entirely about color. Personally, color is one of my favorite ways to express one's self in fashion, but in the winter it is so easy to stick with neutrals. Vibrant color just seems so fitting in the spring and summer when everything is in bloom and the sun is out, but there is no reason to completely eliminate color from your winter wardrobe. This Fashionista inspired me to bring color back to my winter accessories when I spotted her on campus. There is no way to overlook this daring Fashionista. Her neon pink relaxed blazer is not a piece every Fashionista would be confident enough to wear in the middle of January but this Fashionista styled it perfectly. She let her jacket be the main statement of her outfit by wearing simple black boots and a neutral scarf. I love that she didn’t go overboard with too many bold accessories but rather her jacket and accessories work together to complement each other.

Not only is this Fashionista confident with her bold pink but also she is also very practical. Dressing for class in the winter is a challenge due to the cold walk outside but also the warm classroom temperatures, so layers are key. Her accessories are so transitional and I love how she was prepared for both the outside and inside temperatures. Her chunky infinity scarf keeps her warm and stylish while walking through the cold to class, but she was prepared for taking the scarf off once she got inside to her classes. Under her scarf, she was wearing the coolest turquoise necklace that I was immediately drawn to. I am a huge fan of statement necklaces as they can be styled in so many ways. It has the same vibe as a House of Harlow sunburst necklace but is actually from a boutique in downtown Athens. Her simple bracelets polish off her look without taking away from the necklace or jacket. This Fashionista doesn’t let the dreary winter get the best of her style, which is so refreshing.

Spotted: Bright blazers have been spotted at the Paris Haute Couture spring 2012 shows including this neon green blazer from Armani Privé.


Many Fashionistas get caught up in the hype of the latest trends and underestimate the ease of classics. Of course, trying new styles and trends is expected; I love how this Fashionista didn’t overlook the staple pieces of her wardrobe. Her Barbour coat, brown boots, red Longchamp tote and Ray-Ban sunglasses are all classic pieces that are very transitional. The mix of these classic pieces creates an effortless and tailored look that grabbed my attention just as much as any new trend on campus does.

Although I do love a bright statement jacket, I think every Fashionista needs a simple yet sophisticated coat just like this one. We all know finding the right winter coat is not always the easiest task, as problems with fit and function are always issues, but this Fashionista got it right with her timeless coat. Her traditional Barbour coat has been a northern staple for years but is finally becoming more popular here at UGA. This Fashionista is wearing the women’s original waxed style but there are other quilted styles as well. No matter which style a Fashionista decides on, the classic fit and neutral colors of a Barbour jacket add effortless class and style to any outfit.

The outfit wouldn’t be complete without the Longchamp bag and brown leather boots, though. A bright bag like this Longchamp is available in many colors and is a cute and simple way to ditch the old backpack and add style to your class look. Lastly, her brown Steve Madden boots top off her chic class outfit. A classic pair of brown boots can last for so many seasons and are easily transformed from day to night. These simple and sophisticated accessories are also great when mixed with statement pieces so the outfit doesn't become overwhelming. Some of these pieces may be a little pricey, but it makes sense to invest in timeless accessories that can last for years and not go out of style. No matter how much you love rocking the newest trends, don’t forget about the classic pieces hiding in your closet.

Spotted: The jackets from the Chanel fall 2011 line are another example of timeless and classic pieces.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Combat the Weather

As I headed to class on a rainy day, I immediately noticed this Fashionista and her unique style. Unlike many Fashionistas who often opt for rain boots and comfort on days with bad weather, this Fashionista stood out because she was prepared for the rain with an individual flair. Her edgy combat boots and bright scarf stood out among the many other outfits on campus. Her boots are comfortable enough to walk around campus but also trendy at the same time. Combat boots are not a new trend to fashion, as Dr. Martens combat boots have been around for the last 50+ years and are now making a comeback in the fashion world. A lot of Fashionistas are guilty of not always dressing their best in the rain (I know I am), but I love that this Fashionista stayed true to her style even during a less-than-ideal day on campus.

Not only do I love her combat boots, but her bright scarf is also a simple way to add color to any outfit. Scarves are my go-to winter accessories because they are so effortless. A colorful or patterned scarf like this Fashionista’s adds a bold statement to a subdued outfit and can just be thrown on before leaving the house in the morning. Scarves are in almost every store this winter and can be found in many different varieties like infinity, patterned or fringed. These two accessories make any basic outfit unique and do not require much extra effort in the morning for a busy Fashionista.

Spotted: Edgy combat boots have been spotted all over pre-fall runways and are showcased in Theyskens' Theory pre-fall 2012 show.



Style Guru Bio: Jessie Tharrington

I am so excited to begin writing for CollegeFashionista this semester! I am a Fashion Merchandising and Public Relations double major at the University of Georgia, though I'm originally from Durham, North Carolina. The roots exposed me to a more traditional southern style, but since moving to the always-stylish Athens, my personal fashion has evolved. Athens is the perfect city for any Fashionista to find her true style. While either dining downtown or walking on campus, you can find a wide array of styles, all with their own individual flair. Being surrounded by so many other Fashionistas inspires me to try more daring trends and to be more creative with every outfit. 

My personal style is usually pretty classic but with a twist. I love having a statement piece in every outfit, whether it is a bold necklace or a great pair of bright heels. My closet has a wide variety of brands ranging from Tory Burch to Forever 21, but nothing gets me more excited than when I find a great piece on sale — combining fashion with a college budget is not always the easiest.

I cannot wait to begin showing you some of Athens' finest every Friday in the ACCESSORIES REPORT. Not only am I excited to write every week, but I am also excited to truly absorb all the inspiration across campus. I easily forget to notice other Fashionistas in the rush between classes, so I am excited to be aware of all the great style around me on a daily basis. I am looking forward to starting this semester with CollegeFashionista and seeing where fashion will take me next.