Detailing on a garment can take it to another level. It is when “features” are added to a piece of clothing for a more attractive look. This can be anything from functional or non-functional add-ons like zippers or pockets, pleating, embellishing, draping, smocking, and in this case, hole cutouts. When I think of the usage of holes in my wardrobe, I look back to the days of denim jeans with pre-made holes but now it is so much more than that. These details are being strategically placed in clothes for those who are in need of something a bit more adventurous and different.

When I asked this Fashionisto if I could report on him for CollegeFashionista, the first thing he said was, “But I’m not proud of my outfit today.” All I could think was “No way! I love it!” Apart from his triple-buckle bracelet and purposely undone shoelaces on his combat boots, it was obviously his T-shirt that caught my attention the most. The punch outs on the front of his top were perfectly balanced with the same detailing on the armholes. Although it is just a black T-shirt, this brought a distinct touch to his too-cool-for-school look and showed how much potential an everyday piece can have.

Sure enough, fashion designers have incorporated the use of perforation into their own collections. On the eastern side, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week showcased Reynu Taandon’s spring/summer 2011 safari collection filled with neutralized colors and cutouts on button-down tops and short shorts. Alexander Wang’s spring/summer 2012 show included the hole-y details all throughout his athletic-esque collection. My favorite aspect of the collection was the application used on the pockets of the pants especially in a simplistic manner such as this look here. Of course, Sarah Burton’s design aesthetic for Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection was a showstopper as always as she applied honeycomb shape cutouts not only in the garments but as well as the wide-brimmed, hollow hats.

Whether you’re wearing holes as a distressed, grunge factor like this Fashionisto or sporting them upon clean-cut silhouettes, take a chance with this twist of fashion detailing. It will surely rev up your style and set yourself apart from the rest!


Some people tend to think that you are only subjected to one style at a time, but in my opinion, one of the best things about fashion is experimenting and trying things outside of your comfort zone. Mixing styles in a single look is one way of doing just that. Whether it be western and preppy or grunge and girly, clashing styles done correctly can take your outfit to a whole other level.

It was a normal, humid Philippine November day when I spotted this SoFA Design Institute student. She is wearing a blue pinstriped blazer, a leopard print blouse, purple skinny jeans and magenta ballet flats. The thing I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit is the cross between her corporate-like top half and her feminine playfulness bottom half. She exudes sophisticated chic perfectly and it’s a great way to look comfortable, yet stylish for those busy on-the-go days.

The secret to achieving your best clash is one mixing up two different styles and two, your pieces are evenly balanced just like this week’s Fashionista. For example, for a different take on the comfy meets chic, try the sweatpants look! Wear a statement shirt like this from Romwe, a pair of cute knee-length sweats, and some killer heels. This will not only free you from a pair of jeans in a day, but you’ll look trendy and comfortable all in one. The sweatpants and heels look has been done by bloggers and is still creeping its way in to the general masses. Whatever your style clash may be, it’s a way to push yourself creatively and will surely be an unexpected yet pleasantly fun surprise to those who look your way!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Wave of Watercolors

As a fashion design student, illustrating is an incredibly major part of the creative output. It’s always exciting to see your sketches come to life on a dress form or a model, but what’s also fun is experimenting with coloring, or, rendering. My inner giddy elementary school girl with the fresh new box of crayons always comes out whenever I’m rendering my design plates. From colored pencils to markers to chalk, I enjoy painting the most, more specifically with watercolor paint. It’s one of the hardest mediums to control, but it can also be the most soothing.

When I saw this Fashionista under the humid Philippine heat, “watercolors” was the first word that came into mind when I noticed her little summer dress. Just looking at the strokes of cool colors made the heat a little more forgiving. What I also noticed was her accessories. She wore a summer hat, a simple yet elegant Tiffany & Co. necklace and black jelly flats. Notice how she didn’t stack on bangles or statement earrings for this summer look. Instead, she made the dress say it all. The perfect classy and sweet summertime outfit!

Watercolor frocks can be found almost anywhere especially during the hot season. This Milly Phoebe dress is vibrant with colors from all over the spectrum. Personally it says summer cruise getaway all over to me! You can also opt for watercolor pants, too. This pair from Threadsence is great because you can easily take this from day to night in an instant. But don’t let your clothes get all the attention. Why not incorporate some watercolor accessories into your wardrobe? Banana Republic’s scarves can be used in the wintertime since it’s thicker and more insulating. For you artwork lovers, this Vans x Kim Buzzelli “Sorry is for Suckers” bag not only has swatches of watercolors but an artsy female figure as well. Just remember, if you use watercolor accessories, keep your outfit’s color palette simple and less distracting from the watercolor prints!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Native Glam-erican

Navajo prints, teepees, and fringe are just a few words that come into mind when I think of Native Americans. What keeps me intrigued is the fact that the earliest settlers in North America are still influencing fashion today. For me personally, it is one of my favorite styles. I love the native-bohemian look: the flowy, boxy silhouettes; carefree vibe; neutral colors and the overall organic look. However, it doesn’t hurt to glam up this earthy style every once in a while.

This Fashionista’s style is always on point. Whenever she walks into class I admire her wardrobe choices all the time; she is the perfect muse for the bohemian identity. On this day the piece that quickly caught my attention was her sweater. I’ve been living in the Philippines for two years and when I saw her slouchy knit I suddenly missed the frigid winters of Michigan. The unique cut and tribal print also made this sweater a winner. What also made this look great is the touch of glam in her accessories. She wore oversized sunglasses with unique metal detailing, a tribal necklace, bracelets, black skull and tiger rings and gold, metallic sandal wedges. Quite the accessory stylist, she looked like a modern-day Pocahontas!

As mentioned earlier, American Indian culture is widely seen in the fashion industry now from celebrities to the runways. Isabel Marant’s fall 2011 collection was heavy on feathers, embroidery and fringe on almost everything with a twist in dark colors. Proenza Schouler’s fall 2011 collection was also heavily inspired by the Native Americans with the use of bold colors and tribal print. Being eco-friendly is a major part in the industry now so when you combine both Navajo inspiration and sustainable fashion together it is sure to be a hit. In 2009, Tine Winther Rysgaard and Trine Maja Krisoffersen’s “The Cactus, The Bear and The Mountain” collection did just that. Their collection of heavy knitwear was mainly inspired by totem poles of their culture. Now that is a Native Glam-erican.


Some say that in order for an object to be “vintage” it must be 25 years or older. However, in this buzzing industry of fashion and the clash of the eras, the definition of this term can be a bit fuzzy making it important to be specific with the era that’s being referred. This week we’re taking it back to the time of the videotape, the launching of satellite Sputnik 1, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

1950s fashion was fond of peter pan collars, scalloped trimmings, voluminous knee-length skirts, puffed shoulders and blouses with pleated and gartered details. This week’s Fashionista looks like she came straight from this decade. She wore a cream colored dress with three-fourths sleeves. The dress was entirely in lace which also camouflaged the collar. These Zara tan oxfords gave more of a vintage appeal as her Forever 21 blue polka dot socks gave a fun pop of color to her monochrome outfit. She kept her accessory simple by wearing a single strand necklace of pearls, pink roses and gold leaves details. Surely a fresh and innocent schoolgirl look!

You don’t have to wish you were born in the 20th century to dress like this Fashionista. Try a bright vintage style dress from b + ab. For even a more modern take, wear black tights with a print like these from Hue and black patent heels. In the Philippines, fashion brand BAYO always seems to be in stock with pieces that mix the 20th and 21st century together. Tops like the Colline and Celine are very 1950s appropriate with their peter pan collars yet are modernized with a keyhole detail and batwing sleeves. So don’t be afraid to travel back and play around with past fashion trends and what’s in style now. Enable your vintage vision!


Growing up I went all out for school. Inside my oversized Jansport backpack were notebooks, pencil cases and folders of everything pink, sparkly and loaded with graphic designs. As I grew up and went onto fashion school for college, my notebook had Hello Kitty and my calculator was pink with random swirly designs. What can I say! I wanted to work with and see fun things that expressed my personality in the middle of all the in-school activities and late night projects. It put more fun in school! It then came to my attention that some of us Fashionistas/os are really nerdy deep down inside. Even as we grow older and are constantly loaded with high fashion, designers and trends, we still tend to want the quirky little things that give us a grin.

As I led this week’s Fashionista outside to take a photo, I wondered why she brought along her iPad. However, to my surprise, it worked. Her fierce look and fashionably chic outfit contrasted perfectly with her iPad case of an anime cartoon and her three-dimensional glasses. Truly a Fashionista nerd at heart! The rest of her look consisted of a dark purple and grey tank top, white, sheer cotton pants and purple platforms. She accessorized with a heap of gold accessories; her arm candy included stacks of gold bangles and a chunky bracelet while her huge gold plated necklace with textured designs easily became another statement piece.

The “geek chic” concept is very much a trend in the industry today. Why do you think you see the mustache accessories and non-graded, thick-rimmed eyeglasses all the time? The thing that was once a mocker in school is now seen on the runways, just look at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Peter Jensen, and Ashish’s fall/winter 2012 collections. To bridge the gap even more, brands have created tech products along the lines of this Fashionista’s iPad case. From Marc Jacobs’ fun USB sticks to Rebecca Minkoff’s animal print keyboard and mouse set are all a part of the nerd girl trend. So don’t be shy to show off your tech gadgets with geek accessories. Fulfill your inner nerd!


Red-orange, auburn, burgundy, brick and maroon; these are just a few shades in the color family of red. The list goes on, but let’s take it back to the original primary color. There is nothing more striking than the pure red hue. It is nothing short of strong, bold and daring. No wonder stop signs and stoplights are always in this color! In the fashion world it is the color of “statement,” and, for some, it is not to be taken lightly.

As you can see from this Fashionista’s two-tone look, red is the most prominent color. She is wearing a black tube top, red high-waisted shorts and the Kylie G wedges from the “Rajo! For Parisian” line. She completes her ensemble with a chained necklace, stacked beaded bracelets, bangles and a skinny black belt. What I admire most about her outfit is that she is not afraid to use red. Some people tend to use it as their “pop” of color whether it is on a belt, a purse or even just lips. This Fashionista, however, uses it as the main focus for her lower half. The unique style of her shoes also brings more of a spicy hotness!

Unlike light pink in the spring and mustard yellow in the fall, red is a must for all-year ‘round. Go out head on with the pigment whether you’re gearing up for the chilling winter or prepping for the heat of summer. You can do just about anything! Try red pants like these from Levi’s with a graphic T-shirt and a studded biker jacket. These Wallis heels allow for a breaker between the red pants and shoes. You can also try a full on red dress and accentuate with gold accessories for a sure to be stunner look. One final tip: red may be a color of confidence, but only you can truly exude it. So be confident!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Simple Yet A Statement

I appreciate all styles from the minimalistic to the innovative but I really admire those that can make an effortless statement. I would say this is a happy medium between simplicity and complex. To be more specific, I believe it’s when a Fashionista/o successfully takes non-over the top pieces together with minor detailed items to make an unforced fashionable look that sets itself apart from others.

I caught this Fashionista wearing a color palette of black, tan and mint. I usually don’t see these colors together, but I must say, she totally rocked it! What caught my attention the most were her Princess Jasmine-like mint pants and her heel-less Rajo! For Parisian shoes. Although her pants were subtle, sweet and simple, its flowy-ness and fresh color gave a feminine and alluring affect on their own. Her shoes, of course, were also a highlight of her outfit that contrasted the femininity with an edgy vibe. Its shape was unique and since the front was gartered, it conformed to the feet better making comfort a plus. Notice how her look didn’t have to be decked out in prints, patterns, different colors and extravagant details to stand out. The solid colors and silhouette of her pants and shoes were just right.

Why not try making your own “effortless statement” today? Find items that are casual and simple like an old pair of jeans or a plain T-shirt and pair it with something that has a detailed twist to them such as a cut out shoulder blouse or slashed knee leggings. Shoes that pop yet are comfortable is key. Try a silver brogue boot or a wedge boot if you want some added height. Accessories can also be minimal such as a wide brim hat and a bangle. Then, you’re off!


Forever 21 is one of the leading fashion brands that offers apparel, accessories, cosmetics and footwear especially to those who are style conscious and trend-savvy. With hundreds of branches across the globe, it’s hard not to be familiar with the fast fashion brand. I personally have been an avid shopper of Forever 21 since my high school years by rummaging through the countless racks and whizzing through shelves and tables. Now, as an intern in one of their Philippine branches, I can say that they are really a one-stop shop for any Fashionista/o.

Why am I giving Forever 21’s company background and my own testimony? Because I found this Fashionista in head-to-toe Forever! I can’t help but to admire her look not only because it’s one of my favorite brands (obviously), but because her styling is on point. She is wearing a black T-shirt then takes it to the next level with red pants. She also makes a subtle and stylish statement with her gray leopard print Mary Janes. What also catches my attention is her color choice for her accessories. A bright, neon pink necklace and a robin egg blue spiked bracelet. They give a great unexpected punch to her outfit!

You, too, can achieve this look with other pieces from Forever 21. For example, if you have a graphic T-shirt, you can take a single color from it and wear leggings or pants of that color. Then take a black pair of shoes which unifies the look. For jewelry, stack on bracelets, wear minimalistic or statement earrings, or silver finger candy to complete your outfit. 

One of the best things about Forever 21 is that whatever style you may have and whatever event you are attending, chances are they’ve got it. From club, bohemian, cocktail, grunge or girly chic, you can count on them to provide you with what you’re looking for. It is also a fun place to expand and explore into your own personal style more with their pieces. So the next time you’re in a Forever 21 store take in the retail vastness and the wonderland of items because you’re standing in one of the largest retail brands in the world that is all things fun and fashionable!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Color Coordination

Whether we like it or not, we’re all stylists. We style ourselves each day while getting dressed based on what our personal style is, what makes us comfortable or the brand. But what gives life to the above? It’s color! Our color choices and combinations play a big factor in our personal style and essentially our first impression to others.

This week’s advice comes from this trendy Fashionisto. As much as I admired his interesting graphic T-shirt (and rare Filipino tallness), it was the balance and coordinatioin of his accessories and clothing by color that got my attention. His neutral cardigan matched his charcoal cap, the details of green on his T-shirt seeped onto his belt and pendant and, of course, his lower half had a blue hue harmony. His bag and loafers also caught my attention; their cohesiveness gave him a sophisticated yet quirky vibe. Doesn’t it look strategically effortless?

Leave it to the head fashion influencers to inject complementary colors and clothing coordination into their own collections. Recently during the spring/summer 2013 fashion weeks, Versace’s cerulean blue sequence had matching shoulder bags and pointy stilettos. For Giorgio Armani’s s/s 2013 collection, his use of solid colored clothing went well with muted simplistic boxy handbags and clutches. Gucci’s vivid and color packed s/s 2013 collection was synchronized throughout the entire collection from the sunglasses to the shoes and the earrings to the purses. So if you’re looking for a new outfit change-up or some inspiration, choose a color or two and revolve your whole look around them!