The saying “All ends are new beginnings” always helps me get through the last days of summer. Surely we’ll miss the carefree days and long warm nights but it’s always good to meet our college and work friends again. Going to campus this week turned out to be a great foreshadowing of the outfits I’ll see during the upcoming semester. This lovely Fashionista is the perfect example. Though in some countries girls wear heels from a very young age, here in Portugal they are sort of a taboo. One of the things I like most about college is that this prejudice (so visible during high school) is long gone, so beautiful wedges like the ones this Fashionista chose are a hit.

Her trousers were also a lovely pick. The ethnic pattern, along with the singular cut and the soft fabric are perfect for the warm weather. When combined with the heels they look more refined, and therefore perfect for classes. The tank top follows the colour trend of this look, and its versatility is ideal if you want a sudden change of outfit.

This Fashionista opted to go light on accessories, a choice I understand given the stress of the first college days. However, the little detail of her also ethnic earrings was a clever choice. It complements the look without making her outfit too “matchy matchy”. Add a pair of edgy Von Zipper sunglasses to keep your eyes protected and all is set to enjoy a quick break under the sun between classes!

One Simple Change: If you need to do a presentation, switch the tank top for a simple blouse and a blazer and you’ll be ready to nail it.

WHAT TO WEAR: Birthday Party

The day you were born deserves a big celebration, and no matter how much you dread the end of your teen days, there’s no way to deny this. From throwing an unforgettable party to treating yourself to a massage, this is THE day to pamper yourself and (without a doubt) to show off your favorite attire.

This Fashionista decided to celebrate her birthday in style. Before heading to a cocktail with friends (followed by a family dinner), she explained to me the little details that made this her outfit of choice for such an important day.

The dominant piece of her look is a beautiful red dress. As she told me, it was picked not only because of the intense, bold color but because it is a nice change from her daily wear— which, as a med student, consists mostly of white coats. Being a more timid person, she pointed out how this vivid color somehow boosted her mood. She called it, “color therapy.” Given such, I think it’s important to keep in mind not only the stylish dress (you can find similar items all across the internet) but also how vital it is to fully embrace the wonders of fashion, with body and soul.

Regarding her accessories, I especially liked the matching heels (with a lovely pattern on the sides). The bag in a neutral darker tone is great for any occasion and the shades help you to face the sunnier days. Watches, like this one, and a pair of elegant silver earrings are very feminine— perfect to show the classiest side of any Fashionista.

One Simple Change: When the semester begins, opt for a pair of flats and don’t forget a cardigan to spend the day between classes.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends represent the best part of the week for most of us— no matter the season! Some go back home and others just take the time to relax and explore the city. Whatever you choose to do, there’s no denying this is the time to strut a more relaxed and casual look, the most distinctive mark of weekend wear. This Fashionista is showing off what I consider the ideal outfit for these laid back days.

The Converse sneakers have been a hit for decades because they are as comfortable as footwear gets and they are so versatile (some edgy couples even use them in their weddings).

Though I’ve praised denim jeans before, this time I want to draw your attention to a trend this Fashionista told me was one of her favorites: stretchable denim jeans. Once again, comfortable and stylish are the words to define this type of jean, a fresh change from the skinny model. Several brands have been focusing on this hit, making it easier to find the perfect pair without the fuss we girls usually create. I especially liked the top this Fashionista chose because it recalls the navy style, very appropriate for summertime. However, you should be careful— personally speaking, I always find horizontal stripes make me bigger than I am.

When examining her accessories, this Fashionista told me she always opts for more inconspicuous pieces during the weekend. A silver necklace, a pair of the classical Aviator sunglasses and a watch to keep an eye on the time.

One Simple Change: If you happen to be experiencing a rainy day, put on a pair of boots and a trench coat and there’ll be no weather condition stopping you from rocking these trends.


Since summer holidays have officially arrived for most of us, the city doesn’t leave you much to do during the day, unless you run errands.

What seems to be a pretty harmless task proves itself to be the ultimate challenge— no one can deny how hard it is to cross the city under such high temperatures in order to fulfill all your duties on time. Desperate times do call for desperate measures so what’s the best way to cope with the immense heat than with a summery and fresh outfit?

This Fashionista’s look is the perfect example. She kept it casual and cool, just like the situation demanded.

Her footwear shows how sandals are our best friends this time of the year, and pairing them with the anklet gives them an unique and very personal twist. Denim shorts are a must have. As long as you opt for the ones that suit you best (let go of anything too loose or too tight), this is the must-have piece for the season. The fact that the tank top was handmade makes it a one of a kind item. The girly necklace, along with the pearls, complement the look without overpowering it.

Surprisingly, clothing wasn’t the main motive of pride for this Fashionista. When I asked to take a closer look at her accessories (her wonderful bag aside), she promptly showed me a SIGG bottle of water. Like she stated, it proved not only that she was eco-friendly but also it showed that fashion goes way beyond what you wear. It’s a lifestyle and we should celebrate it in every way!

One Simple Change: If you’re in for a girls’ night out, choose a good pair of jeans and the highest, most colorful heels you can find. Add a clutch and a pair of bold earrings and you’re ready to go.

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The business world knows no seasons. Even though the heat is striking, summer is the prime time for internships. These represent some of the best opportunities to learn on the job and to get to know the industry while creating a great network. Also, it’s the ideal setting to show off the best office attires— one of the main reasons why I can’t wait to start working!

On a break from his intern tasks, this Fashionisto gave me great insight on how to make the most of your wardrobe in these situations. Though I knew putting a suit on creates wonders in this industry, he kindly told me there’s more to men’s fashion than meets the eye.

When out to buy a suit, there are some important aspects to consider. It gets easier everyday to find good options without spending a fortune. However, I would advise you to see such buying as an investment— after all, a suit isn’t something you buy on a daily basis. Besides the fabric (which you should adapt to your taste and the formality of your job) and its pattern and color, always make sure it fits you right. If it is too short or too loose in any place a suit will lose most of its impact. In this Fashionisto’s case, I especially liked the intensity the all black suit transmitted— perfect for a working day. Another element you shouldn’t overlook is the shirt. After making sure it is your size, there’s a wide range of models for you to choose from— edgy, patterned or classic white.

Finally, there are multiple ways to complement your suit that will surely guarantee you many compliments. This Fashionisto opted to leave the tie and pocket square for a more formal occasion but told me he would never forget to put on a good pair of shoes and a statement watch— small details that make a big difference.

One Simple Change: if your job doesn’t require so much formality, opt for a black blazer with a pair of plaid trousers when in need to run errands.

WHAT TO WEAR: On the Quad

With summer officially here it gets harder everyday to find Fashionistas and Fashionistos in college grounds. Despite many of us being away for vacations, it’s always motivational to find great examples of how to incorporate the best trends into our daily lives.

This friendly Fashionisto was out on the quad, finishing some final papers in order to set sail to summer holidays. While in and out various libraries and walking all across the campus, comfort is a top priority and it’s something we should always aim for in such situations. On top of that, neutral solid tones and good quality fabrics will always help you be at your best.

I know sneakers are a must have for boys. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to choose the perfect match for almost every look. Though the large majority of girls tend to prefer more feminine footwear options, the fact is that keeping a good pair of these in your closet half-way ensures a more comfortable day.

Denim will always have a special place in my ideal closet. Despite its multiple variations and diverse uses, the fact is that jeans come to our rescue whenever we need a more casual outfit on the go— and isn’t that a need on a daily basis?

Finally, I found this Fashionisto exhibiting a piece I haven’t praised enough: the flannel shirt. We’ve see them in all colors but for me less is more: especially when it comes to edgy color combinations. Given such, I was very well impressed by this Quiksilver model, which black and blue style can be found in other brands.

All in all, I firmly believe a fashionable outfit can be put together with the simplest items. Add a confident smile and a positive attitude and you’re ready to make the most of your day.

One Simple Change: If you’re up for a presentation don’t forget to bring a good blazer and change to a more formal pair of shoes. That’s all it takes to make a great first impression.

WHAT TO WEAR: At The Beach

There’s a first time for everything in life: and so I commence to write about men’s fashion. It was something I never thought about doing but the fact is that this industry has understood that—even though they try to deny it—boys worry about what they wear as much as we, girls, do. And in a place where Fashionistos are as inspiring as they are here in Portugal, I just couldn’t resist finding a bit more about their looks.

When we ran into each other, this handsome Fashionisto was on his way to the beach. The summer weather has been treating us nicely and so the proper outfits for such an occasion have been in vogue more than ever.

The overall outfit is the perfect example of how ‘boys will be boys’: a T-shirt, shorts and alpargatas. However, it was the attention put on details that really caught my eye. First of all, the color coordination hasn’t been left behind— like he told me, it’s one of the things guys pay the most attention to. I loved the fact that burgundy was the dominant color, not only because it emphasizes the tan color typical from this time of the year but also because it’s a very elegant choice. What I liked the most about the shorts were the thin stripes. Invisible from a distance, they create a lovely pattern on a closer look. The shoes tone the look down and make it ideal for a day at the beach. Plus, they reminded me of TOMS shoes, which I think are the perfect pick for summer days.

When it came to accessories, this Fashionisto assured me that not all boys are as daring as he was: going for a bold blue pair of sunglasses and a lovely hat. However, it’s the small things that make it all worthwhile— and made this the most challenging experience as a CollegeFashionista so far!

One Simple Change: If instead of the T-shirt you opt for a white linen shirt you’ll be ready for a casual date night (maybe drinks at the beach?) in no time.


Summertime is great for many reasons: the sunny days and the warm nights, hanging out with your friends and not being stressed about college. I’m sure the wonders of summer deserve many articles but there is one situation that stands out while holding hands with fashion: music concerts.

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, we all have sighed in admiration when looking at the amazing outfits created at concerts. Over here, I found a Fashionista that wasn’t lucky enough to attend one of the wonderful venues but had an amazing look nonetheless.

I’m always up for color blocking and as soon as I saw her red blouse I knew I had to capture this outfit. The light fabric is amazing to face both a hot day and the crowd during a gig. At the same time, the bright red makes it as fashionable as they come. The trousers are also to be noted. The vertical stripes give the illusion that you are taller and they are versatile enough for any show. Finally, the boots give it a rock ‘n’ roll flavor, making it ideal for this occasion.

During out small chat, this Fashionista expressed her concerns regarding safety cautions during gigs. Worried about being robbed while enjoying the music, she told me she always goes light on accessories. The silver necklace was a vintage piece with great sentimental value. I’m sure we all have a similar accessory we love because it’s what makes every look unique. The black leather clutch couldn’t suit the look more: simple and elegant, yet capable to hold every essential.

One Simple Change: To make this look a bit more formal try it out with a skirt and heels. It will be perfect for a date night — this classic combo will never let you down.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

One of the biggest differences I felt going from high school to college, apart from the crazy overload of work and the amazing friends you make, is how you meet professors all the time. From presentations to work revisions, the fact is that helpful teachers make it a lot easier. This week I found a Fashionista on her way to a quite formal meeting and despite being very nervous she gave me the best tips on what to wear in these situations.

Starting from the bottom, she pointed out the importance of shoes. A great entrance in any room will leave a good impression on everyone. If you’re not too comfortable wearing heels you should have no problem choosing from the amazingly wide range of flats that can be found these days. Her favorites are the Melissa ones — always on the go whenever you need them.

The black skirt is a classic and if there is one piece you should always have in your closet, this is it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that models vary a lot but you should always shop in accordance to your body type. A simple yet colorful top enriches the look. However, you should always make sure everything looks proper. Finally, and like in every situation where you need to feel powerful, the blazer is ever-present. I especially like the fact that it has a discreet pattern because it’s always good to see small changes from the basic black.

When it comes to accessories, this Fashionista reassured me that less is more. The black bag goes in line with the rest of the outfit. At the same time, the necklace gives it a feminine touch while the watch balances it as a stronger piece.

All in all, you’ll do as well as you feel. And with tips and inspiration like this I’m sure you’re set to get whatever you want.

One Simple Change: Going for a pair of jeans instead of a skirt will make this outfit ideal for a study group or even for running errands.



In case you haven’t noticed yet, I truly believe in making every day a runway day. It means that no matter where you go or who you’re going with your outfit should be sublime — making you stand out in a unique and graceful way. I also think campuses are very rich grounds when it comes to finding people who celebrate life through fashion and encountering this Fashionista proved me right.

When we met she was having a busy afternoon. Not on a shopping spree but looking through various libraries in the search for a specific book. I was surprised by how chic she was under such a stressful situation (we all have looked in three or more stores for that pair of shoes, let alone a book we need), but she told me that once comfort and style get together, everything is good.

Indeed, her outfit was all about being cool, collected and classy. The versatility of a simple black shirt makes it a must in every occasion. The neutral color of the skirt was a brilliant choice.  Like Aubrey Hepburn said, “I believe in pink,” and, in this case, it’s the perfect hint of style without drawing too much attention. The boots give it a country touch, ideal to keep this look on a casual style.

Finally, the accessories complement the entire outfit. Mix and match to create a set of bracelets for a unique way of making a fashion statement. The black necklace was a very smart choice but what really caught my eyes was the bag. The silver straps distinguish from others I have seen before and the considerable size is much appreciated when studying requires us to carry more than our weight in books. Similar bags can be found easily, but make sure you choose the right material to keep it from being ruined in a short matter of time.

One Simple Change: While leaving on your skirt, throw on a pair of heels and you ready for a girl’s night out.