This spring, we've been lucky enough to have a surplus of sunny days in Seattle. However, today was not one of them. No, today was the rainy and gray Seattle that we all know and love. On this misty afternoon, the streets were not filled with skirts, sandals or floral dresses. Instead they were once again filled with a lot of black puffy jackets. But one outfit stood out to me. It was this Fashionista's outfit, comprised of skinny jeans, oxford-like flats, a white blouse and a bright red blazer, that brought a little light to this dreary day.

This Fashionista's cherry-red blazer is by Sparkle and Fade and was found at Urban Outfitters. Lucky for us, red blazers are aplenty and can be found at a number of trendy stores. I love this inexpensive round-hem blazer, which is from Forever 21. However, I adore the structured fit of this coral red blazer from Tobi. Her skinny jeans are J Brand, while her blouse is one of Urban Outfitters' renewal vintage pieces. As for the shoes, these fine leather flats are by Rive Gauche and are a memento from a trip this Fashionista took to Italy. But I also love this slightly similar pair of leather flats from ASOS with their modern laser cut-out design.

I love how this Fashionista uses her red blazer to dress up an otherwise casual street outfit. In addition, this outfit has just enough class and elegance with the addition of this Fashionista's Neiman Marcus “love” necklace, Tiffany stud necklace, Michele watch and bangles from her sister.

Red blazers can be worn in a number of ways, but there is nothing more chic than pairing it with your best-fitting skinny jeans, a white blouse and your favorite pair of shoes.

Remember that no matter what, you should always dress the way you want. There are no rules in fashion.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cooler Tones For Warmer Weather

Colored denim has been all the rage as Fashionistas have been running around with brightly colored legs for the past couple seasons. While color is still the star, less bright versions have recently been stealing the show. Although I love my colored denim in watermelon, persimmon orange and royal blue shades, I'm becoming more and more intrigued by softer hues, which have a more wearable and even professional appeal without losing their fun vibe.

This Fashionista grabbed my attention in her pair of Adriano Goldschmied mauve denim as she strolled the streets on a warm spring day. I especially love how her more neutral denim doesn't overpower the studded detail of her otherwise simple Free People tank. In addition, she wore a buttered-tan leather crossbody bag from Old Navy, simple T-strap Steve Madden sandals and vintage-looking accessories gifted by her mother.

Not only do I love the cooler tone of her mauve denim, but I also love this statement top, which has just enough detailing without being overdone. This outfit can be recreated using similar pieces even in different colors. I'm a fan of these skinny jeggings in lilac as well as this soft turquoise pair from ASOS. I love this studded top, but I also like the idea of making the sandals the statement feature, which can be done by wearing these glitzy sandals from DSW. Finally, I adore this Fashionista's crossbody bag, but I also love the more worn look of vintage bags such as this genuine leather version from Etsy in an almost identical shape.

Summer is surely the time for bold pieces and color, but sometimes it's nice to step back and stick with the basics that are jazzed up just enough, but not too much.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mastering Menswear

The notion of women wearing men's clothing or simply dressing in more masculine styles is definitely not new, but the idea of doing it so casually is new to me. Whenever I think of women in menswear, I picture stiff silhouettes and sharp edges. Apparently the idea of throwing a men's button-up shirt over virtually any denim bottom had completely slipped my mind until I spotted this CollegeFashionista rocking the trend in such a casual manner.

Wearing an oversized button-up shirt over a pair of worn-in denim shorts, this Fashionista makes wearing menswear look too easy. I guess it's all in the fit because she couldn't look more appropriate as she was strolling the streets around campus on a weekend afternoon. I love the simplicity of this blue men's button-up, which is from H&M. The denim shorts are from American Eagle while the black leather sandals are from Gap. Although the denim shorts are no longer available, I love this lighter denim pair, which are currently on sale for under $30. As far as the sandals, Gap has this all-black pair available, which are very similar to this Fashionista's own pair.

Along with the ease of this men's button-up, I like how this CollegeFashionista didn't try to go overboard in the opposite direction by wearing too much glitzy jewelry. Instead, she chose to wear some simple bracelets from H&M along with a Dogeared wishbone necklace. Dogeared also offers several other similar necklaces including ones for karma, good fortune and luck amongst others. Finally, the perfect-sized tan leather bag from a local vintage store topped off her outfit. With simple accessories and a dash of confidence, you can be a master of menswear as well.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Essence Of Street Style

Although the skirt and sneaker trend isn't new, it is definitely tried and true. Creating an outfit that is the combination of dressed-up and dressed-down isn't always easy, but this CollegeFashionista proves that it can be done. This Fashionista got the look right when she paired her high-waisted skirt with a simple t-shirt, denim jacket, crisp-white sneakers and strong accessories.

When I think of Converse sneakers, I typically think of the “jeans and a t-shirt” look that we all know and love. However, I'm warming up to the idea of incorporating sneakers and skirts, or dresses, into a more everyday look. Not only is this look easy to recreate, but it can be done on the average CollegeFashionista's budget. And I encourage you to put your own spin on the look; you don't have to stick with sneakers and skirts.

This Fashionista's look includes a Levi's jacket, a basic grey tee, Topshop swan-print skirt, Madewell necklace, Michael Kors watch and Converse sneakers. Although a Levi's jacket is a piece you're sure to have forever, I also like this lighter-denim version from Forever 21, where you can also find this adorable printed skirt. As for the accessories, ASOS carries a bold necklace and simple watch in similar styles to that of this Fashionista's own jewelry. Finally, the shoes. You can't beat the Converse sneaker.

Although this Fashionista's outfit is a perfect example of how to wear this trend, you don't have to stick with her pieces in order to achieve the same look. I'm personally excited to wear a polkadot dress with a pair of Sperry's this spring. And you, too, can come up with your own look that's sure to be the perfect balance of dressed-up and dressed-down, the essence of street style.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Perfect Spring Outerwear — The Denim Jacket

Until recently, the idea of wearing a denim jacket sparked memories of some unfortunate childhood get-ups, which may have included head-to-toe denim and possibly even rhinestone bedazzling. These days, however, I have figured out how to wear multiple forms of denim without looking like a '90s teen. In addition, I have realized how versatile a denim jacket can be, especially when paired with, well, virtually anything.

This Fashionista inspired me with her fashion-forward, yet incredibly casual look, as I caught her on her way home from class. Wearing an H&M denim jacket, a striped maxi dress, Dolce Vita black and gold sandals, minimal accessories and an oversized Louis Vuitton bag, this CollegeFashionista was a vision of spring.

Denim jackets can be found almost anywhere these days and the amount of different styles that are available is simply incredible. I love this unique, cropped moto-style jacket from Urban Outfitters. I also enjoy this crisp-white jacket, which simplifies the task of layering denim-on-denim. Finally, there is the basic blue-denim jacket, which perfectly encompasses the traditional denim jacket look.

Regarding the rest of this Fashionista's outfit, the striped maxi dress is from a small boutique near her home in California, but similar versions can be found elsewhere. I'm planning on wearing this striped maxi dress, in navy, pretty much everywhere this summer. The coral-stone cuff is also from a small boutique, but ASOS offers a gold cuff, with the choice of a fuschia or emerald-green stone, that won't break the bank. As for the Louis Vuitton Palermo GM bag, a girl can dream…

Whether worn with a maxi dress and sandals, a crochet dress and chunky wedges or a streamlined blouse and leather leggings, a denim jacket is the new must-have for spring outerwear.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Try Out An Unlikely Combination

This spring, CollegeFashionistas are pulling out all the stops. Never in my life did I think I'd wear hot pink pants, at least not past childhood. But low and behold I purchased a pair last week. I didn't think high-waisted shorts would ever find their way into my closet either, but it seems as though I have quite a few in there. This week's Fashionista has me eager to try yet another new and unusual trend: layering a dress over a button-up blouse. This happens to be another style that I didn't see extending into adulthood, but here it is and I just so happen to love it.

This CollegeFashionista stood out to me not only because of her unlikely outfit combination, but because of the way she wore it with such unbelievable style and class. The pairing of the formality of the dress with the casual appeal of the chambray shirt is what really makes this ensemble. I adore this Madewell chambray, but there are endless other options available at a number of stores. I own this darker-wash option from H&M, but I particularly enjoy this sleeveless version that is currently available at Urban Outfitters.

As for the dress, this sun-kissed Fashionista found hers at Madewell, but you don't have to stick with the stripes to get away with a similar look. This polkadot dress from J. Crew has a similar length, fullness and color tone, but steps away from the stripe pattern. To change things up, you could even choose a shorter version in a much bolder hue such as this orange-red dress from Anthropologie. Either way, pair your look with some mixed metal jewelry and a statement necklace such as this one and you'll be set to go. It looks like this Fashionista has set a new trend.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Polished Neutral Palette

This spring, I am all about the bright colors we're seeing everywhere, but I will always be a neutral girl at heart. My closet screams tan, black, gray, white and, oddly enough, mustard. But when I see a CollegeFashionista donning the styles and neutral tones that make my heart flutter, I can't help but notice. That's why I loved this Fashionista in her neutral-toned outfit that included excellent basics and layering pieces. What stood out most to me, though, were her adorable gray-brown booties worn with an easy go-to outfit for any day.

As spring continues to set in, I love seeing how Fashionistas transition fall/winter pieces into their spring wardrobes. These magnificent booties, which are from Gap, can be worn with a lightweight outfit, such as this one, or they can be worn with flowy floral dresses for a fresher appeal. These boots, which are so versatile, can be found nearly anywhere and most of them are even on sale because of the passing boot seasons. I adore these olive suede booties from Madewell, however they are a little pricey for a CollegeFashionista budget. For a more affordable pair, I found a great zip-up version at Gap. Finally, for a pop of refreshing color, I would love to see a Fashionista rock these bright red booties with anything and everything this spring.

Paired with a Forever 21 trench coat, a white tee shirt from Victoria's Secret, leather pants from Gap, the perfect scarf and a Rebecca Minkoff purse, this Fashionista made all the right moves. Whether worn in the fall, winter, spring or summer, these booties are a great investment and are a wonderful addition to this polished neutral palette.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Biker Babe Essentials

Although spring has finally sprung, winter fashion trends are still noticeably present. Flirty florals and vibrant brights are starting to pop up everywhere, but I can't help but cling to some of the more bundled fashions that we've been seeing during fall and winter. One of those popular trends was the strong presence of leather in all forms. Not only do I love how this Fashionista rocks an outfit that includes more than just one piece of leather, but I especially love the effect of her faux leather boots on this leather-laden outfit.

Wearing a brown leather jacket, a graphic baseball tee, black wash denim, ray ban wayfarers and lace-up boots, this CollegeFashionista's outfit is the perfect mesh of vintage and modern, biker babe and Fashionista. The brown leather jacket was a find at Nordstrom Rack, but I'm also keen on this reasonably priced buttery version. I adore the “motor city” Aritzia tee, but a similary printed tank from Aritzia is also available, which has an equally soft look and feel. This pair of black wash denim was a steal at Gap for $14.99, but Forever 21 offers similar styles for equally inexpensive prices. Finally, the coveted boots; this pair was purchased at Forever 21, but Steve Madden also offers a more polished version.

Although every piece in this outfit is key to obtain the biker babe look, the boots are the star player. With their lace-up detailing, mid-calf height and worn out appeal, they transform this leather jacket and jeans look into a tough girl uniform. However, when paired with a flirty dress, they add just enough edge to a romantic ensemble. Finally, with shorts and a vintage tee, these boots create an urban vibe. Biker babe, romantic and urban looks can all be achieved with these versatile must-haves because these lace-up boots can do it all.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: How To Hit Your Highs And Lows

One of the most popular styles that has been trending lately is the hi-low hem. Whether it's worn in the form of a skirt, a dress or even a shirt, this unique hem has been making its mark everywhere. What started out on the runway has quickly made its way to CollegeFashionistas across the nation, including this week's Fashionista who is wearing a hi-low hem skirt from the always trendy Forever 21.

I love this recent style mainly because of its messy and imperfect appeal. Although this hemline pairs well with an outfit that is less than put together, I personally love seeing the effect it has on an already pretty ensemble, which is why I was drawn to this week's well-dressed Fashionista. I adore this outfit because the hi-low hem takes a simple and feminine look and turns it into an outfit that you'll aspire to recreate. Not only does this fashionable hemline make the look, but I also love the skirt's mustard hue and the animal-print sandals by Sam Edelman.

This hi-low skirt was found at Forever 21, where you can find several other versions such as this emerald-hued option. However, they are also available at Nordstrom, which is where I found this chic version in nude. The Sam Edelman sandals are from Nordstrom Rack, but I am currently interested in this inexpensive pair from Target. As for the white tank, this Fashionista purchased hers at Gap, but other tanks are available at nearly any clothing store. Finally, this Fashionista's flirty, yet subdued, cardigan is from J.Crew, but H&M has this versatile cardigan, which is currently available in a myriad of colors.

The hi-low trend is sweeping the nation so make sure that you take note of this Fashionista. However you wear the style, always make it your own.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back to Basics — In Color

One of the staple pieces that every girl should have in her wardrobe is a well-fitted blazer. However, when most people think of this particular staple piece, they think of a genereric-looking black blazer that is oh-so-crisp. Fashion is about stepping outside of the box though. So, when I saw this Fashionista prancing down the streets near campus wearing this blazer in a blush/camel hue, I was immediately drawn to her. As I further studied her outfit, I fell even more in love with the back of her unique blazer, which features a silk panel and a delicate tie unlike any I've ever seen before.

Blazers are considered to be an essential item in every girl's closet because of their amazing versatility. Whether paired with feminine silhouettes or jutting-edged attire, blazers always manage to fit the role of the perfect jacket. I love wearing my favorite snug blazer with billowing silk ensembles and chunky heels. However, I also enjoy it with a basic blouse, brightly colored skinnies and simple stilettos. Basically, you can't go wrong with a blazer.

Aside from admiring this CollegeFashionista's use of her flirty blazer, I also adore the color combination she chose for her basic outfit. By pairing blush with poppy and peach, this Fashionista transformed her simple attire into a winning spring look. This rare blazer was found at H&M, but I also love this royal blue blazer from ASOS as well as this Zara blazer in the popular peach tone. With red flats, also from H&M, this Fashionista really played up the accents of her looks. Although the deals at H&M can't be beat, I love the street appeal of these studded red flats by Sam Edelman.

Finally, this Fashionista took her color scheme a step further by wearing matching earrings, from H&M, in poppy and peach. Several similar looks are still available at H&M, but I also love the lemon hue of these geometric earrings from ASOS. Whether you prefer to wear black or all the colors of the rainbow, pair a blazer with your outfit and you'll add instant polish to your already glam look.