Style Guru Bio: Jordan Borkan

I am so excited to be writing again this semester for CollegeFashionista! My excitement continues as I ready for a new crop of fashion, people, and best of all, a new city!

My favorite season for fashion has to be fall and I can't wait to get inspired while walking down Commonwealth Avenue. I'm anticipating amazing sweaters, boots and funky fur and winter coats. As the eclectic students of Boston University get ready to bear a new year, I know I'll be seeing some very fashionable students.

Personally, I think every Fashionista needs a staple sweater and a simple pair of boots. Those are my personal go to’s when I want an effortless look. I'd also say a scarf is definitely necessary. Whether it’s patterned or plain, throw it on with any outfit and you've added a nice pop.

Just as the seasons begin to change, my style begins to adapt to whatever weather the crazy city of Boston may bring. My key stores for fall (well, and most seasons) would have to be H&M and Forever 21. They have great finds and definitely inexpensive items that will help you keep up to date with every fad that we’re going to be seeing this season.

As I mentioned before, I am so excited to start a new semester of College Fashionista being on Boston University's campus. I'm anxious to see the fall fashion and as they say in Boston, “hear the boots and heels click” down Commonwealth.

TREND: Crisp and Clean — The White Button Down

It seems the classic white button down has been through a whirlwind. Now that the button-down comes in a variety of colors and patterns, white isn’t alone anymore. The average Fashionista probably owns more of these new styles, but white does seem to be making a comeback. Bloggers and celebrities have been all over this trend for many seasons. As the summer winds down, and hopefully begins to cool, grabbing a crisp white blouse is simple yet chic. This closet must-have is a garment great for all seasons, seeing as its simplicity will never go out of style.

This Fashionista gave her classic white an edgy twist. Pairing a neutral on a neutral, her shorts add a more relaxed feel. Her dark accents, ranging from her shoes to her bag, add personality to her lighter outfit. I love the way she put the look together. It looks fashionable yet simple, as if any girl can look as chic as she does in just minutes. My favorite touch to her look is her bag. I am a huge fan of fringe this season. The unexpected piece makes such a statement against her all neutrals.

The great thing about this look is it is so easy to achieve. A classic white button down is sold in many stores. Try this one from ASOS and pair it with a pair of paperbag shorts. Top the look off with those perfect edgy accessories like dark booties and a fringe bag. This look is a perfect day-to-night look and features easy staples that can be worn in so many different ways.

Hint: This Fashionista chose a neutral look with an edgy twist, but there are so many ways to wear the crisp blouse. It seems easy to wear the simple white button-down with jeans, but the blouse is  made to be fashion forward. Be bold with your choices and wear the blouse in unconventional ways. Fashionistas can play with this trend because the top doesn’t need boundaries. The crisp button-down comes in different styles, from strong and dramatic, like tops detailed with bows or wide sleeves, to simple, straight-forward collars. Whatever  top you choose, play it up with your own voice and have fun with it. This is one trend with little boundaries, so be daring and let your true inner fashion sense speak for itself.

TREND: A Touch of Navajo

They may have been among the first to roam the United States, but the Navajos are making a comeback with one of summer's hottest trends. With funky prints and tons of ways to wear them, Navajo-inspired fashion is appearing all over the streets and runways, with designers such as Missoni showing the trend this season.

I spotted this Fashionista strolling the streets. Not only was she sporting a summer maxi, but the print was also amazing and such an easy one to carry into fall. She paired the skirt with a simple black tank and an amazing oversized bag. Looking simple yet chic, this Fashionista knew how to pull a look together. Adding to the Navajo-inspired feel, her sandals play up the skirt, yet are a shade of brown, which contrast the black and grey of the rest of her outfit.

To get this look, try a maxi skirt with a solid tank. If you’re looking for other ways to wear this trend, try a sweater or pants. Be simple with your jewelry and let the piece express itself. Play around with this trend. It is so easy to wear and comes in every article of clothing.

Hint: Be careful not to go overboard with this trend. You don’t want to look like you're walking out of your teepee. For beginners, try to choose one statement piece and work from there. Usually, it is best to wear a Navajo print with something solid so that you're not playing with too many patterns at once.

TREND: A Fall Feel

As summer inches closer towards fall, our fashion begins to display a slightly warmer feel. Left and right the streets are filled with fabulous summer knits and boots, two trends that aren’t normal on these hot summer days. To most Fashionista's surprise, knits were a huge hit on the spring/summer 2011 runways.

Sporting a fall-inspired look, this Fashionista gave knits and boots a chic, cool feel. Although the New York City summer heat can at times be unbearable, she looked calm and comfortable walking the streets. I love her blend of elegance and roughness. She toughened a pretty knit dress with biker boots, one of this summer's biggest trends. Adding to her already rocker look, she wore silver studded jewelry, but was careful not to over-accessorize.

There are multiple ways to get this Fashionista's look. Some of you may be thinking, "long sleeve knits in summer are impossible." But this season's knit is so easily wearable. If a dress is your style, try this one from Urban Outfitters. It’s an easy summer knit that wont strain the body during the summer. Another easy way to incorporate knit is by pairing a summer sweater with a fresh pair of shorts. To top off the look, add a tough pair of biker boots, throw on a cool necklace and head out the door.

Hint: Looking for fall pieces can be fun and easy, but it doesn’t mean you have to be bundled and overheated. Try to go for breathable knits that don’t hug the body. This way, you’ll beat the summer heat and look effortlessly chic while doing it.

TREND: Mixing Things Up

As the strong summer heat sets in, we cling to cotton, grab our jean shorts and sneakers, and then run out the door. Well, put the jean shorts and cotton tees on hold. This summer calls for bright shorts and other lightweight fabrics. On runways like Jason Wu and BCBG we saw a number of sheer garments that make the summer heat bearable.

I spotted this Fashionista on a hot and sunny day, but she looked effortlessly cool. She took a pair of bright red-orange shorts and played them down by adding a closet staple, the button-down. I love that simplicity was not her main focus. She took brights and sheer prints to a whole new level. Stepping it up another notch, she added oversized circular shades to top off an already amazing outfit, another out-of-the-ordinary must-have this season.

My personal favorite piece to her outfit was the blouse, which she told me she bought from T.J. Maxx. What a steal! This top is not only versatile, but I love the pop of color. It's a staple piece that can be easily transitioned into fall.

Assembling this Fashionista’s look is easy and fun. Start with a printed blouse and pair it with a bright pair of shorts. Finish the outfit with a pair of dark sneakers and killer glasses and you’ll stay cool in the summer heat while strutting in the season's top trends.

Hint: It seems like a lot of trends were put into this one outfit, so be careful when mixing trends. Like this Fashionista, start with one trend and then add on. The sheer and print trends have been combined into one garment countless times. If you're new to this, aim to find garments that already have the trends combined and go from there. My advice would be to go for two or three trends and not go overboard to achieve an effortless, trendy look.

TREND: Big on Bows

We’ve seen it all, from oversized clothing on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to oversized sunglasses on Nicole Richie, but now it seems oversize has taken on a new approach. Marchesa, YSL and Luella’s spring runway shows displayed a strong array of this season’s oversized trend: bows. This bold new statement can be worn in a variety of ways, but let’s just say they aren’t just worn as a child’s hair clip anymore.

Walking the streets of East Village, I spotted this Fashionista, who embodied the trend. Her bow was a fashion statement that commanded attention on the sidewalks. Although she has a petite frame, her bow wasn’t overpowering. She sported a beige top with a huge oversized bow, which she balanced by adding a slimming pencil skirt. Her outfit looks effortless yet with the accent of the bow, she looks so chic.

This trend is so lovely and feminine that any Fashionista can easily wear it; she just has to be careful of a few things. When choosing a bow, leave the children’s aisle alone. A bow that looks like it’s meant for a little girl wouldn’t be worn by a Fashionista. A true Fashionista wears a bow and owns it.

To get a look similar to this Fashionista, opt for an elegant top with a bow. For an evening look, pair this top with a structured skirt. For a daytime look, choose a more casual top and pair it with a simple pair of shorts.

Hint: There are so many ways to add a bow to an outfit. If you’re new to bows, I suggest going with a subtle touch. Simply start with a high waisted pair of shorts or a skirt that ties like this one from Urban Outfitters. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for an oversized hair bow to spice up an already amazing outfit. One thing to remember is let the bow be the statement piece in the outfit. Don’t over-accessorize with this trend because the bow speaks for itself.

TREND: Color Blocked

Solid-colored separates aren’t made to be boring anymore. One of the biggest trends from spring that has definitely carried over into summer is color-blocking. The greatest part of this trend is the ability to play with the clothes you already have. The limit to color blocking is endless; from red with yellow and purple with orange, take the colors you love and wear them together. It has been a hit all over the spring 2011 runways like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and it doesn’t stop with just clothes. Designers like Chloé and Kate Spade came out strong with color blocking accessories.

I spotted this Fashionista wandering the city streets in an outfit that perfectly embodied color-blocking. She downplayed her bright yellow top with a deep red skirt, two colors that work well when worn together. She stood out in a good way and I wasn't blinded by too much color. Although color blocking allows for a mix of colors, you can always pair an outfit with neutrals like this Fashionista did. I like how she complemented the brights with neutral accessories and played with fabric at the same time. Her suede shoes contrasted the silk of her blouse to give us a elegant day time look.

I am a huge fan of this trend. Playing with fabrics and colors is one of my favorite things to do with my wardrobe this season. Personally, I like to mix colors that aren't expected to be worn together. Fashion is one of the greatest arts, so when color-blocking think of the color wheel. My favorite is to mix complimentary colors (which lie across from each other on the wheel) or analogous colors, which lie next to each other.

Hint: Color-blocking allows you to play with your wardrobe, but certain colors work best together. If you’re new to color-blocking, it’s easiest to pair a neutral separate with a bright. After you gain comfort with a single bright, the look can be taken to the next level by adding another, such as a jacket, or simply a bracelet or a bright pair of shoes. My advice to Fashionistas would be to take a risk and mix colors you wouldn’t necessarily think go together.

TREND: Maximized Length

The maxi dress has become a staple in most Fashionistas closets’ as it has been around for several seasons. It's been seen over and over again on the runways like Chloe and a constant go to for celebrities and bloggers. So, one may ask why this garment continues to be such a statement season after season? The answer is simple. It’s flattering, flirty and looks good on almost every body shape. The fabulous thing about maxi dresses is that they come in various styles and prints, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll be seen wearing the same outfit as another stylish Fashionista.

This Fashionista stood out as she walked the city streets. As I mentioned, there is not just one way to wear a maxi dress. She paired hers with a knotted chambray top to incorporate another summer trend, the 70s inspired style. Because the print is so bold, she was careful not to overpower the look with a ton of accessories. I love how she wore a mix of bangles and other bracelets to polish off the look.

The great part to this look is that you don’t need a special occasion to wear a maxi dress. They work for day and night and can easily be transitioned from one to the other. For a nice daytime look, try this maxi dress and pair it with a chambray. Top the look off with a cute pair of sandals, and you’re set for a day out in the city. To transition to a night time look, loose the chambray and try a sleek blazer and wedges. Because the dress isn't very formfitting, go for a blazer that gives a little more structure and shapre.

Hint: One thing to remember about maxi dresses is shape and length. There are a countless styles of maxis, so when choosing a style be sure the fit is right. Don’t buy one that’s too baggy and gives you no shape. They’re meant to be loose and flowy, but just the right amount that you are still given a figure. When choosing the right length, I suggest not letting it drape all the way to the floor. I’d say the perfect length is right below your ankle, which will also elongate your legs. In the end, no matter what pattern you choose, or how you wear it, you'll look stylish in this reocurring length.




TREND: Throw On The Crochet

Previously known as being a grandmother’s pastime, knit and crochet has become a popular trend this summer. This look has been a hit amongst the most fashionable stars, whether it's being worn to a music festival or a day out getting groceries. Let's not forget it's been a hit on runways such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel. Although there are many ways to make this trend your own, this Fashionista effortlessly turned crochet into an everyday look. She pairs the top with a classic pair of dark denim and an amazing vintage over-the-shoulder bag.

To get a similar look, you can wear a classic crochet top such as this one from ASOS, which can be worn with a pair of blue jeans or a fun bright. If you dare to be different, the options are endless. Try a pair of crochet shorts, a skirt or rock one of summer’s hottest up and coming trends, a kimono.

Hint: There are numerous ways to wear crochet, as this Fashionista chose a classic route. If classic screams your style, simply wear jeans or jean shorts to make a simply perfect outfit. I am loving the crochet trend this season, but all Fashionistas should be aware that crochet can be see-through. If the piece comes without an undergarment, make sure to wear a slip underneath. I personally like that this Fashionista layered her look by adding a simple sweater. Crochet looks great simply left alone or pulled together with other pieces, like a statement bright necklace, earrings or layered bracelets.

TREND: ’80s Fabulous

A true Fashionista knows that fashion repeats itself by re-inventing past trends. One of my personal favorite decades for summer is the '80s. They embody color, playfulness, brights and comfort. What more could a Fashionista want on a sunny summer day? Now, I’m not saying go look at old pictures of your family from the '80s and take their old hand-me-downs (although some may be worthy), but be inspired by all that is '80s and take it to 2011.

These Fashionistas have done 80s right. They took two different approaches to the trend and gave it a hip, cool look. We’ve all seen the chambray come and go and it seems it has stuck around for another season, but this Fashionista changes up the game by wearing it in an acid wash and pairing it perfectly with a simple black skirt. Even more amazing than the not-so-simple chambray is her head-to-toe perfection. Bright pink lipstick has been a key staple for spring and summer. It makes her overall outfit pop along with the oversized sunglasses. Only a daring Fashionista would rock those glasses and they pull her outfit together perfectly.

Also, a Fashionista is rarely seen without her fashionable friends and this one didn’t let us down. The second Fashionista owned a plaid shirt. She brought a hip twist to a normal plaid button down by pairing it with dark denim shorts and a pair of sneakers. She looks effortless and cool. She dives even further into the '80s with her glasses. The thick-rimmed style prove perfect to pull together her whole look.

You don’t have to be a '80s lover to pull of this trend. There’s so many ways to bring pieces from the '80s into your outfit without looking like you’ve walked off the set of The Breakfast Club. One of the best places to shop this trend is Urban Outfitters or Nasty Gal. They’ve taken the decade to the present and their lookbooks give a Fashionista a multitude of ways to wear key pieces.

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