Okay, not literally yellow fever like the viral disease, but the term is the perfect description for this catchy trend. It’s slowly (emphasis on slowly) spreading like wild fire and is definitely brightening up campus. It’s unusual, and many are afraid to embrace the color because it is so bold and bright. Fear not though, yellow is here to brighten our lives. There are so many shades and hues of yellow that each skin tone can find a flattering color with some effort. Luckily (and scary) for us Angeleno's, the weather is absolutely perfect for this color.

This week’s Fashionista caught my eye from across the campus; I literally sprinted to catch up with her to snap a picture. I loved her yellow maxi skirt. I’ve seen a few fellow Fashionista's sporting the sheer maxi skirt with a layer underneath, but not in this particular color. Her black off-beat boots add a rough and tough look, but she is able to balance it out with a feminine white Oxford. Naturally her skirt is the essential piece to this ensemble, but her execution is exceptional.

Looking to catch the fever? Try this great dress. It’s simple but flattering and can be dressed in multiple different ways. Wear a simple cardigan and a cute pair of wedges with it to make a great day outfit. Not bold enough to wear a full all yellow? Try incorporating it into your outfit piece by piece. Maybe it is with a pair of shoes, an accessory or a top. Having a bit of yellow in your life will easily spice up your wardrobe and prepare you for the upcoming season.

So in conclusion, yellow is back and with a vengeance. It is in our faces and will be a large component to this season’s color pallet. Do not be afraid; it’s cheerful and fun and wants to be apart of your wardrobe.


Colored denim and pants are most likely one of the biggest trends happening currently. Any onlooker will see a sea of colored jeans amongst them and can’t help but want to give into the temptation of brightly colored pants. What’s so great about this particular trend is that both Fashionista's and Fashionisto's can participate in it. Whether bright or muted, colored denim is a fantastic way to brighten up any winter ensemble. Easy to dress, colored denim is a must in any wardrobe.

Although I typically notice Fashionista's sporting the trend, this week I ran into a Fashionisto that was executing it flawlessly. Interestingly enough, from afar they may be mistaken as denim, but with a closer eye one notices they are corduroy. I loved the idea of colored cords; adding a different texture to an outfit is always a great thing. This week’s Fashionisto shows off a simple, yet unique winter outfit. His brown leather jacket does a great job of accenting the distressed rouge cords. He pairs it with a winter printed sweater and a simple gray scarf. His black boots and a simple hat complete the outfit impeccably, and is a great way to showcase his colored pants. Adding different colors and textures to a colored denim look adds a cozy, wintry vibe.

For the Fashionisto, this particular jean is a great entry-level color to break into the trend. The color isn’t too bold but still is a great color to create a unique ensemble. For those Fashionista's that are looking for the perfect pair, Joe’s Jeans have an incredible assortment of any color ever imaginable. Joe’s Jeans are a great brand as well, although they may run a bit on the small side. Wondering what to pair colored denim with? The possibilities are limitless, so pair it with a muted top. A camel or beige colored top is a great option for those who may be timid to branch out and try something bold. However, if one is feeling daring, wear an unexpected color to create a color-blocking ensemble. Adding a simple belt or a necklace will always be a shoe-in to complete an outfit.

So whether it’s red or blue, green or yellow, colored denim is here to stay (for now). Embrace the trend and pick and choose your favorite colors. They’re versatile and fun, and can easily be worn in all seasons!


White: probably one of the most understated colors in anyone’s wardrobe. A simple white tee shirt with jeans, or maybe a new white trench, it’s the perfect throw-on for an any day outfit. Especially in the winter season, white can be a great way to complete an outfit. Think of it as a blank canvas; one can do anything and everything with the color white. Add color, keep it simple or accessorize. Either way, white is a great color to downplay or dress up, making it the perfect canvas for any Fashionista.

This week’s Fashionista is wearing a simple, white/cream crocheted, peasant-sleeved sweater. What I loved most about this simple sweater is that from the front, it is a flattering V-neck. However, from the back of the sweater, it makes a pleasing scoop with three baby-doll looking buttons. The detailing is what makes this sweater so fantastic and would look great on all body types. This Fashionista paired it with a simple pair of cheetah-printed Steve Madden flats, typical dark wash skinny jeans and oversized Ray Bans.

Though not a typical white, this Free People pullover is a great item for any Fashionista’s wardrobe. It can be accessorized or left alone. However, anyway one chooses to dress it up, it’s a great staple item for the winter wardrobe. Not looking for a sweater? Wear a simple white V-neck tee shirt tucked into any pair of jeans. Spice it up and add it to colored denim to make not only the white tee stand out, but the jeans as well.

Overall, though the color white may be understated, it will forever be present in fashion. It helps tie in outfits and is a perfect color to add to those bright and vibrant colors you may want to experiment with this upcoming season.


Color blocking: what exactly is it? In simple terms, it is the combination of particular colors to compliment one another. However, not all people are brave enough to give it a try. Eye-grabbing, unexpected colors are what make the aspect of bold color blocking appealing to fellow fashionistas. Being full swing into winter, it’s always nice to see bold colors and aspects that will excite us; living bold never seems to fade in the fashion world.  Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” I must concur with Mr. Frost. Being bold and expressing one’s style is the ultimate sense of satisfaction, and shows the world and its bystanders you are not afraid to be who you truly are. 

With this said, today’s Fashionista sports the perfect combination of color, with the ever-so popular neutral staple items. Wearing neutrals is an easy way to balance out the boldness of an outfit, and not overwhelm oneself while experimenting with color. With her classic crisp white button up, a timeless trench and neutral pumps, this Fashionista completes the outfit with a bold statement, her high-waisted orange-red shorts. Adding a touch of color to any outfit makes it that much more exciting. This Fashionista stands out and is allowed to express her own personal style. To complete the outfit, she has a blue-gray beaded necklace, as well as her cat-like glasses to give it a '50s glamorous touch. Although some may be afraid to completely indulge themselves in bright orange shorts, try adding color to every outfit. A red trench coat versus a neutral color, a fun colored wedge or even an outstanding necklace are all great choices. One’s wardrobe deserves that color boost that can easily brighten anyone’s day. It’s an easy fix to a drab outfit, and after all, it’s all about the element of surprise. 

Style Guru Bio: Jordan Brausen

Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”  Okay, although this may be a dramatic way of stating such a fact, fashion is a journey of change. Whether it is with one’s perception of fashion, or one’s literal style, alteration is always positive.  From my lovely little photo taken, one can see I come from a small little “cow town” in Northern California. In 2009 when I decided to embark on a journey to study at FIDM in Los Angeles, not only has my perception of fashion changed, but my ability to take risks has also increased. There’s something about this city that draws you in to its outlandish culture. It is almost too difficult to defy the inspiration it gives me every day. Each day, I learn something new about the city, the people and the culture.

I began the bachelor's program in Business Management this fall, and am continuing my education at FIDM for the next year and a half. Besides being swarmed with the work load of school, I also work at Anthropologie and am beginning an internship with HauteLook in the next week or so. I'm looking forward to what this quarter will unload upon me, and all the adventures I get myself into!

I look forward to my spring session with CollegeFashionista. It has been a great journey thus far, and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me this time around.  So, until next time, adieu!


With the drab weather amongst us, fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos may be looking for new ideas to warm up their winter outfits. Whether it's with a pop of color, or a fresh pattern, we all need some inspiration to keep us from falling into a winter slum. With this said, though it may be cold and frigid, adding some floral matter will easily add some life to an ensemble. Though usually floral prints are incorporated into springtime attire, it can always be added into an outfit to warm up the ensemble.

This week's Fashionista uses flower power in a new way. Fresh from the Melrose Flea Market, our Fashionista is sporting a unique flower headband. At a closer look, I noticed little white flowers tied onto a stem-like headband. Though she still dresses winter appropriately, her headband is utilized as a fun accessory to warm up her winter get-up. Dressed in a black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, her classic Ray Bans and a winter white infinity scarf, her floral headband is the perfect accessory to complete her look. What is so great about this week's Fashionista is that any creative Fashionista can make their own personal floral headband. It is fun and different, and a floral headband adds a new element to one's winter wardrobe.

Though not authentic flowers, this particular headband from Free People is a great accessory to spruce up an ensemble. It’s a great color and can easily be incorporated into a get-up that may be lacking the color and flair you so desire. I love the idea of a bright color against an all black pallete. If you’re feeling bold and daring, try this headband. It will stand out and be a statement piece, while still adding some spunk to your ensemble.

So though it may be the winter season, don’t be afraid to add in different elements to add some originality to your outfit. This week’s Fashionista did an exceptional job of adding a unique aspect to her wintertime look. Look outside the box, and find some inspiration that will help you lighten up your winter wardrobe!


No, I’m not referencing hide and seek when I say peek-a-boo, I’m talking about the subtle pops of color in any Fashionistas/os' outfit. It is what makes an outfit stand out, and adds some life to an ensemble. With today’s drab weather, everyone needs a little spring in their step. With finals around the corner, one may want to retire to their casual sweatpants and Uggs, but fear not — color can help boost your morale when it comes to winter weather.

This week’s Fashionisto utilizes color in a few simple ways. First, his bright blue Vans pop against his black Levi's skinny jeans. Then, he incorporates a pop of yellow underneath his winter appropriate flannel, and, he easily completes his outfit with a simple cream hooded sweatshirt. Though not over the top, this week’s Fashionisto truly understands the meaning of the peek-a-boo color effect. 

Looking for some color in your life? Try incorporating a colorful longsleeve top under your winter layers. If you’re really feeling daring, try a pair of colored denim. Colored denim have really made a statement the past few months and they can easily become the statement piece to any outfit. Not only are they fun and different, but they are great for colder weather. Mixing and matching colors with colored denim leave endless possibilities to the creative Fashionista/o. For those Fashionistos that like the idea of vivid shoes, similar to this week’s Fashionisto, simple Vans lace-up shoes are an easy way to brighten up any ensemble.

So whether it is with one’s pants, shoes or tops, color is essential to a cheerful outfit. Color is the easiest way to spruce up a wardrobe. Though it may be the winter season and black seems like the likely resort, stray away. Color is here to help you through this dark time, do not hesitate to experiment with a little vivid color!


Whether it’s a vintage Guns N' Roses T-shirt, or a basic graphic shirt from Urban Outfitters, printed tees and sweatshirts seem to be budding up everywhere. They are an easy add on to any simple outfit, and can give some extra flair to the ensemble. Whether it’s a simple band T-shirt, supporting a cause or even something silly like an animal graphic, one can never go wrong while choosing a graphic shirt this season.

This week’s Fashionista goes outside the realm a bit. Though still graphic, our Fashionista is wearing a LF original chunky knitted sweater with the symbols “&?” on it. What I love about this sweater is that it makes you question her motive behind it. What is the purpose to this graphic? It’s all up to the viewer. Not only is it a great winter sweater, but the silhouette is feminine and flattering. She pairs it with a simple black maxi skirt and her ever so polished bun. Adding her bright red wallet includes a splash of color to her black and white duo. To complete her outfit, she adds her favorite sunglasses and a simple necklace.

Due to the overwhelming amount of graphic-ness in today’s fashion, try this particular thermal. Any Fashionista can spruce this shirt up with a cute denim skirt and tights or even a maxi skirt. What’s great about the graphic T-shirt/sweater is that it is essentially a blank canvas. One can do anything and everything, so make it your own and experiment with different pops of color and accessories. With the colder weather upon us, Fashionistas may be looking to their wardrobes for warmer apparel. Thermals are a great way to stay warm, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

So whether it’s a day at school, or simply running errands around town, graphic tees and sweaters are here to guide you through the winter season. Don’t be afraid to embrace the graphics; instead, find what is suitable for you and make it your own!


With winter in full swing (yes, us Angelenos consider sixty and below winter conditions), it’s time to bust out the layers, scarves and, of course, boots! With so many variations of the boot, a Fashionista can never go wrong experimenting with different types. Whether it’s over the knee, to the knee or below it, boots are a must-have this season. They easily complete any winter ensemble and add a chic downtown vibe.

This week’s Fashionista is sporting a simple, yet detailed black bootie from Urban Outfitters. I loved her look; with her maroon colored denim and an oversized black sweater, her black boots did a fantastic job of pulling the look together. Her sweater slits created a peek-a-boo effect as well, which I absolutely adore. Her black booties are detailed with two buckles and a chunky heel, making it the perfect winter appropriate ankle booties. Though I am usually a fan of pops of color in outfits, her color combination is a great pallet for winter season. Her maroon denim is a nice surprise to contrast the black of her ensemble.

Inspired by her boots, I searched Urban Outfitters to find her shoes. Though not identical, this similar variation is a perfect pair for a chilly day. Pair it with a your favorite skinny jeans or funky printed tights. A thick heel always adds a bohemian chic look, so add a chunky sweater over it. The chunky sweater will allow you the opportunity to pair with your favorite winter accessories: scarves, hats and mittens.

So yes, the black ankle boot is fantastic. It may not be for everyone, so never be afraid to experiment with different types of boots. They are practical for the colder weather and are a great alternative to the common shoe. Getting cozy is not only sensible, but it is fun and allows the imagination to run free. So allow your imagination to get a little wild and crazy, and gear up for this upcoming season!


They’re back. Yes, they may remind you a bit of '90s grunge wear, but what is wrong with a little '90s throwback in your life? Over the past few seasons, the button-up has become a major staple item in all fashionable wardrobes. It can easily bring a playful vibe to a structured outfit; pair it with a black pencil skirt, and it will instantly juxtapose its professionalism. What I love so much about the denim shirt is that it walks the fine line between masculinity and femininity. It works in a variety of different ways, making it the perfect staple item for any Fashionista’s wardrobe.

I found this week’s Fashionista sitting outside on the steps, looking effortlessly chic. Though it was a gloomy day for Los Angeles, this Fashionista was bold enough to wear a mini skirt, and actually get away with it! What drew my attention of course was her denim shirt. I loved the way she incorporated it into her ensemble. With a simple tissue T-shirt, she wears her denim shirt as a layering device. She then paired it with her tribal-like skirt (which she created herself!), and her black combat boots. She created the perfect contrast between rugged and girly. Plus, her edgy haircut adds an alternative vibe to her outfit.

This denim shirt is different from this week’s Fashionista’s, but I like the idea of the fitted look as well. It can be paired off with a skirt, or just your every day dark denim. A pair of booties and a simple bracelet will help pull together the look. If you’re looking for the more casual version of a denim shirt, try Levi’s denim shirt. It looks great over a pair of colored denim, or even tucked into a skirt.

Either way you chose, the denim shirt is a must-have item for this winter. Play around with different ways of wearing it. It’s a fantastic layering piece, so finding a place in your wardrobe won’t be difficult!