Magenta is such a unique color. It is kind of like taking the ever-so girly color, pink, and roughing it up a bit. Only the bold can truly get away with wearing this courageous color, particularly during the transition from fall to winter. With that said, I love the idea of adding a color that is not considered the “norm” in one’s typical, winter wardrobe. This color easily spices up an outfit, and can really be the statement piece of any ensemble. However, magenta should only be used in moderation; after all, moderation is the key to anything, right?

This week’s Fashionista is executing this valiant color effortlessly. First off, she wears a laced magenta brassiere underneath her white-laced camisole. Next, she sports a pair of gray cargo skinny pants. She cuffs them to add some flair and finishes the ensemble off with a pair of fabulous magenta heels. I love the juxtaposition in her outfit; her cargo pants add some edge to her outfit, while she throws in the bold world of magenta. To complete her outfit she adds some of her favorite bracelets, a simple necklace and her sunglasses.

Despite this bizarre sunny, November day, winter is upon us. Los Angeles if finally starting to feel what a seasonal change is. With this said, incorporate magenta like our Fashionista did. Little pops of color will bring your outfit a long way. Try this muted version of magenta flare jeans; add a pair of your favorite heels and it is the perfect amount of color for a winter ensemble. If colored denim is too much for you, try a pair of heels. Pair it with a basic pair of dark skinny jeans and your favorite winter coat.

Though winter is upon us, it doesn’t mean that color has to disappear. Sometimes this is forgotten in the fashion world, however; color is almost necessary in any outfit. It can be an easy way to add some flavor to your ensemble. Perhaps magenta isn’t your particular color, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other pops of color into your wardrobe.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tribal Inspiration

Among the sea of Fashionista/os at FIDM, one will find a roaming pack of Jeffrey Campbell Litas, faux fur vests and possibly too tight of clothing. However, despite these fast trends among campus, with an open mind, one can find that each individual has their own sense of style. Last week while I was sitting outside in our bizarre 73 degree weather, I spotted this Fashionista talking on her phone. Her jacket immediately grabbed my attention: a funky knitted jacket with bright bold tribal prints.

This Fashionista is wearing Urban Outfitters latest line of jackets. Interestingly enough, she informed me that Urban Incorporated had stirred up quite the controversy with the Native American population with their latest “Navajo” collection. However, despite the issue, she absolutely rocked this jacket. Her color palette is a perfect combination for any fall outfit. She wears a pair of dark crimson jeans, a printed pink button-up and a great pair of riding boots. I loved how she tied her flimsy oxford shirt to add even more originality to her outfit. To complete her look, she threw on a knitted scarf and a black tote. 

Looking for a great tribal printed fall item? Though I may be bias because I work here, Anthropologie carries a great poncho. It looks fantastic on; it can easily be matched with a basic pair of skinny jeans and boots. Throwing on a longsleeve basic under a poncho like this will help complete the outfit. Stray away from bright, bold under layers to avoid taking away from the eccentric, printed poncho. 

Tribal prints come in all types of patterns, textures and colors. These prints can transform any outfit to bohemian chic or they can even make a polished, chic ensemble. If a poncho is too much for you, try more of a muted tribal printed top. It still adds a fun pop to the outfit, but it can be paired with other basics to make the print less intimidating. Either way you prefer, don’t be afraid to add a little tribal to your life!


Black skirts come in all types of shapes, lengths and textures. Today, it is a common staple item in any Fashionista’s wardrobe. Whether it is fall or summer, it is inevitable and near impossible to avoid the classic, black skirt. They are everywhere after all, and it’s all about how the individual chooses to execute it that makes it a unique style all its own. The black skirt can easily be dressed up or down, and it is a great item to throw on and easily call an outfit. 

This week’s Fashionista executes the black skirt impeccably. She pairs her black skirt with a knitted, bulky sweater. These particular sweaters are fantastic for fall; they’ll keep you warm and are effortlessly chic. This Fashionista also pairs her black skirt with sheer black tights. Instead of adding some color to her outfit, she decides to keep her look black. Additonally, to give her ensemble an edgy side, she wears black wedge booties. The embellished cross and other necklaces, as well as '60s inspired sunglasses, are the final touches to put her look together — not to mention, her perfectly tousled, ombre hair! 

Though this Fashionista is wearing a shorter black skirt, I can’t help but love this skirt. It is '50s inspired, and can add the perfect amount of femininity to any ensemble. Pairing this black skirt with a white blouse, or even a floral top, will help add more structure to the outfit. Keeping in mind the length of the black skirt, pair it with a simple pair of heels. If you chose to pair it with the white blouse, add some color by wearing a colorful heel!

So regardless of the length you chose, the black skirt is always a fashion go-to. When the weather is a bit chillier outside, pair it with funky tights. Tights can help add more texture to an outfit and they will help keep you warm. Though a black skirt hanging on a hanger may look drab, think outside the box. There are so many possibilities to dress up or down a black skirt.  So, be creative and own that black skirt!



When they say that fashion is a never-ending cycle, they were not kidding. The maxi skirt, which was made popular in the 1970’s, is now making a comeback — in a big way. The maxi skirt is a perfect staple item for any Fashionista's wardrobe; it’s easy to throw on and instantly make one’s ensemble bohemian chic. The simplicity of a maxi skirt is difficult to duplicate, providing high appeal to the Fashionista in need of something quick to throw on before a day at school! Maxi skirts come in different patterns, prints and materials, also making it easy to find the perfect suitor for you.

Though maxi skirts can be looked at in a dull light, this week’s Fashionista is rocking a basic black maxi skirt. However, she makes this piece interesting by spicing it up, adding a timeless brown oxford and a denim jacket to complete her ensemble. Taking a closer look, one will notice the slit in the back of her oxford top which adds a surprise element to her outfit that is also quite unique! To add to her bohemian style, she wears her hair in a loose braid and includes her favorite accessories. Due to the maxi skirt's minimalistic manner, this week’s Fashionista does a fantastic job of adding her own personal style to make this trend her own.

Depending on what type of skirt one is looking for, this particular printed skirt is great for an outlandish and eccentric vibe. Pair it with a simple black top, a pair of gladiator-esque sandals and voila! You just made a perfectly constructed bohemian outfit. It’s an easy look to pull off, plus it is super casual and comfortable!

Despite the weather change, maxi skirts are still a perfect alternative to your basic pair of jeans. Make sure to layer with the maxi skirt to add a more appropriate fall feel. Experiment with different patterns and prints as well, you never know what you may come across.


Being that it was F.I.D.M’s first week of the fall quarter, everyone wad dressed to impress. Naturally, any onlooker on campus would spot a sea of Jeffrey Campbell’s, maxi dresses, colored denim, and of course, faux fur. Faux fur is a great way to spice up any outfit; it’s versatile, and can either be dressed up, or dressed down for a day at school. Either way you choose to wear it, faux fur a great statement piece and it will definitely draw a crowd to question: is it real or faux?

This week’s Fashionista created quite an ensemble with her faix fur. Being able to intern with CZ Falconer has quite the perks, including being able to sport the latest and greatest of her beautiful collection. With this said, our Fashionista wears her fur vest perfectly. She keeps it simple, making her fur vest the statement piece of the outfit. She wears a pair of black skinny jeans, a basic white top with the ever-so trendy tied knot and a pair of strappy sandals. She doesn’t over-accessorize, allowing for a controlled and chic outfit. This 100% Tibetan curly lamb vest is a variation of the fur vest. Its shagginess gives it an effortlessly cool look, which this week’s Fashionista, executes naturally. 

This faux fur vest can be worn in a simplistic way. Pair it with a basic pair of dark washed skinny jeans, a simple top and a pair of flats. Leave the top tucked in, or left out; either way, making sure the silhouette is clean and simple for the perfect pairing with this amazing vest. Due to the eccentricity of the faux fur, never over accessorize; it will take away from its appeal.

Faux fur, and fur, have been fighting to become a fashion statement for quite some time now. Finally, it has become quite the addition to a woman’s wardrobe. It instantly adds a glamourous, chic vibe to any outfit, and this week’s Fashionista embodies this cool essence without a doubt.


There is something about sweaters that just screams coziness. Maybe its the protector to cold weather, a way to stay warm while reading a book, or simply just a fashion statement; sweaters are a great segue into the fall routine. Sweaters come in all different shapes, sizes, textures and colors; finding that perfect fall sweater is never hard to come by. In fact, it is encouraged to have as many sweaters as possible! They’re easy to incorporate into any outfit, and create a perfect fall ensemble. 

This week’s Fashionista executes a gray, oversized cowl neck sweater, with a black top to layer underneath. She then wears a pair of cuffed skinny jeans, and black lace-up booties. To incorporate a pop of color to her look, she sports a pair of bright orange socks. This Fashionista manages to look cozy and comfortable for her endeavors throughout the day, a perfect style for a fall day. Her funky socks add a little quirkiness to the outfit, which in my opinion, is always a good thing!

Looking for a great sweater this season? Try out Free People’s latest sweater, with a pair of dark skinny jeans, a pair of heels and a new ring! Want a more basic, versatile sweater to wear? Try this one, and throw it on over a skirt and tights. In colder weather, it may be tempting to slum it down, and wear sweatpants and a hoodie, but don’t give in! There are so many great sweaters out there to be worn, and can provide you the same amount of warmth as your old, ratty sweatshirt can. 

So yes, the colder (this term is loosely thrown around in the greater Los Angeles area!) weather may be upon us, but do not fret. Sweaters are here to keep us safe and warm, so don’t be afraid to try a new style and pair it with your favorite fall fixings.


Finally, Los Angeles is beginning to feel the arrival of fall. With September 24th marking the first day of fall, fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike are allowing their fall wardrobe to surface for everyone to see.  Whether it is more layering, warm booties or new jackets, fall apparel is apparent around campus. The transition between summer and fall can sometimes be difficult, letting go of our summer dresses and flimsy shirts is hard to do. However, fall is trending for some amazing items to add to your wardrobe: faux fur, colored denim, leather jackets and deep colored hues.

This week’s Fashionista is sporting the ever-so-popular fall item: a trench coat.  This particular jacket is a military inspired trench; its material is light and airy, making it perfect for essential fall layering.  It is perfect for any type of outfit; a pair of jeans and flats, or even over a great fall dress.  The trench is flattering, and when tied, it easily brings together any ensemble. This Fashionista pairs it with a basic pair of leggings, Kate Spade sunglasses and an original pair of booties from Korea.  This look is the perfect fall outfit, particularly for the on-the-go Fashionista, who is looking for a simple, yet chic jacket to throw on.

Looking for some trench loving in your life?  Try this particular trench. The color is great for fall and can be easily incorporated into any outfit. Add a pair of bright bold denim to add variety to your fall ensemble. Then, to finish it off, pair it with a basic pair of pumps to add some height. Overall, it will create a fantastic fall ensemble that can be worn to school or even to simply run errands.

Never be afraid to try something different. Pick a trench in a different color for a surprising element; it will add variety to your wardrobe and help differentiate from the rest. Trench coats are a great staple item for the upcoming colder weather, plus, they’re chic and practical.


As I have stated many times before, FIDM’s sense of style and ability to attract fashion trends are anything but the norm.  Each student has their own unique way of altering their outfit to fit their own personal needs.  Whether it’s a lazy Monday morning, to a final presentation outfit, each student has the ability to create an ensemble that is distinctive.  With this said, I spotted this particular Fashionisto lounging around in the sun in our school's courtyard, where students are able to take a quick break from classes and enjoy the warm Indian summer afternoon. 

This week’s Fashionisto is sporting the ever-so trendy cut-off jean shorts.  While inquiring about his outfit, he informed me that he took an old pair of jeans, and chopped them to his liking, creating a perfect pair of shorts for a hot September day.  Luckily enough for us Angelenos, we are able to enjoy the warm weather for a few more weeks, stretching out summer as long as possible.  Though we are transitioning into fall, students around campus can get away with summer-like apparel.  This Fashionisto wears his jeans cut offs, with his staple black vans and a pair of geek-chic glasses, giving him a chic, yet casual outfit for a day of school.  It’s great, simple outfit and allows him to be comfortable in the warm weather!

Looking for a pair of jeans to hack off and make your own “jorts?”  Look into your wardrobe, and pick a pair of jeans you hardly wear!  Pair it with a pop of color, and a pair of fall booties.  Accessorize with a cuff, and an original ring, and call it a casual Monday outfit.  The cut-offs are a perfect staple item.  Not sure what to wear for the day?  Grab your cut offs.  One can pair it with almost anything and create a chic little ensemble that is ideal for a basic day at school.

So though the cut-off may be looked at in a simplistic view, have fun with the idea of creating your own pair of shorts.  Make them long, short, fringed, whatever you prefer.


As tradition states, one should never wear white after Labor Day. Though this may be an old tale, many stay true to this saying. So, as Labor Day marks the end of summer, the transition into fall begins. We are slowly preparing ourselves for the colder weather, and saying good-bye to our beautiful, warm, rejuvenating summer.  However, saying goodbye isn’t all that bad; layers, darker colors, tights, sweaters and jackets are all starting to pop up in our wardrobes. Welcoming the fall marks a new season, and new trends!

Though I am a huge fan of color and standing out, this week’s Fashionista made quite the statement with her all black ensemble.  Dressed to impress, for an important final presentation, our Fashionista wears a black blouse, tucked into a layered black pencil skirt.  She belts the skirt, adds a blazer, a pair of tights and finishes off her look with a pair of ever-so-trendy Jeffrey Campbell floral heels. To add a bit of color to her outfit, she wears a few gold bangles and magenta nail polish. She wears her hair long and polished, looking fantastic for her presentation! 

Black is everywhere, and is easily accessible in every category of apparel. Meaning, though black is a great staple item in every wardrobe; always add a pop of color to each outfit. An unexpected splash of color creates a lively, upbeat ensemble in seconds. Try a dress with a great pair of boots and a fun bracelet. Though it is the beginning of the new season, dresses and skirts can easily be incorporated in one’s wardrobe. Add some layers to the outfit; a chunky sweater, an oversized trench or a great scarf. Whatever style you choose, make it fun by playing around with prints, textures and colors!

Black is the perfect necessity item in any wardrobe; one can mix and match with different colors, or like our fantastic Fashionista this week, can stay true to one color.  Black will always be apart of the fashion world. It is effortlessly chic and adds a bit of sass to any outfit.  This season, incorporate a some of black's sass into your outfit and enjoy the change of season!


Red has multiple meanings; love, passion or even anger. To put it quite frankly, however, the color red is a great segue into the fall season. It’s bright and bold, yet can still be worn to make a great fall ensemble. Whether it is a red shirt, red sweater or red-colored denim, it is apparent red is taking over this season’s wardrobes. It can be found in any fashion-forward store, making it that much easier for you to get your hands on, too!

This week’s Fashionista incorporates red into her outfit as a main focal piece. The deep red color of her top immediately draws the eye to its beautiful cut. She pairs her blouse with fringed, moccasin-like boots, skinny jeans and a casual sweater. The best part about her statement top is that it is multi-functional. This Fashionista owns the casual look by pairing her top with skinny jeans, but pair it with a skirt for a look that is instantly more sophisticated. Either way, the look will radiate with the power and intensity of red.

For a spicy feel, try this sweater thrown over a dress.  Feeling adventurous? Be daring in a pair of bright J Brand jeans. Match them with a black blouse and a pair of heels to really accentuate their color. To complete the outfit and add more variety, wear a different colored accessories, like this ring

This fall, stray away from the typical, muted colors of fall and try something new and bold like this week’s Fashionista! Red is a sure-fire way to make a grand statement this season. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to sport this style!