Athleisure—The Do’s and Don’ts

Athleisure is one of my favorite trends. There is nothing better than looking cute and being comfortable at the same time. Clothes that were once only for the gym have become acceptable to wear out and about when we all know you have zero intentions of working out. For someone who loves athletic clothes, but does not love to workout, this is the perfect trend for you.

Athleisure is a broad category that many different brands have created their own lines of. While some are more casual than others, others tend to be nicer than your average gym clothes. With such variety available, it is easy to wander astray. Since you can either buy actual athletic clothes or specifically athleisure wear, there are some key do’s and don’ts of this trend. I have compiled these guidelines into two simple lists that will leave you rocking the athleisure look this fall.


1—Find what fits you best (i.e full-length leggings vs cropped leggings).

2—Keep it simple.

3—Cute sneakers.

4—Wear sports bras or bralettes.

5—Rock the athletic look when it is appropriate (class, errands, shopping).


1—Wear two loose fitting items.

2—Wear too many bright colors.

3—Flip Flops or sandals.

4—Let your socks show.

This Fashionista followed all the do’s of the athleisure trend. She has long, slim legs, therefore the full-length leggings make her legs looks even longer, and fit her perfectly. She kept the whole outfit very simple by pairing black and white, which is always a great decision. She is wearing a simple white tank top with a sports bra to match. When it comes to athletic tank tops, many of them make your bra very visible, which is why it is very important to make sure whatever you are wearing underneath is not only cute but also matching. She paired her super simple outfit with all-black Nike sneakers. While I think you can absolutely pair a simple outfit like this with a colorful sneaker, it is always a safe bet to go with black.

Going out in athletic clothes to anywhere but the gym is a more recent trend, but it is a pretty awesome one because who doesn’t want to be comfortable when they are going to class or the grocery store?

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A CollegeFashionista Inspired Proposal

I never ever thought my internship with CollegeFashionista would help me trick one of my best friends into looking adorable for what she had no idea would be her wedding proposal. It’s a little difficult to get someone to dress the way they would want to for their engagement when they have no idea that it is about to happen. My friend knew I was always asking people to take pictures of them for my internship, so I realized that it would be the perfect opportunity.

Her fiancé approached me with a week’s notice that he was flying in to surprise her with a marriage proposal, and that he needed my help to make it all happen. I had to think of a way to pull it all together and get her to the restaurant without her having the slightest clue. My Fashionista-self needed to make sure my friend looked absolutely adorable for this. That’s when the idea hit me of telling her that I wanted to take pictures of her for my CollegeFashionista internship would be a fabulous way to get her to look her best without giving away the surprise. She really had no idea and was sending pictures of what she was thinking of wearing, which was exactly what I wanted. She decided on pairing a white lace-up skirt with a blush blouse and a pair of lace-up brown block heels. A very simple outfit, but great for an outdoor summertime brunch proposal.

Everything ran so smoothly, while she thought I was just taking pictures of her against a blank wall, he snuck up behind and I was able to capture the moment. She was in absolute shock when he came up and dropped a knee. It was so amazing to be a part of their special day, and I would not have been able to pull it off without the help of CollegeFashionista.

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As a recent, and very excited, member of the 21 club, I find my night life to be quite different. By different, I mean that it is evolving or, one might even say, maturing…well a very light sense of the word. I have started trading in my high-waisted shorts and crop tops for rompers and block heels. The times of house parties are behind me, and I am welcoming happy hour with open arms.

The reason that this is such a milestone when it comes to how I dress is mainly due to the fact that what is appropriate at college parties is not exactly acceptable for a night out downtown. As any girl in college knows, your look matures throughout your four years. While it was completely fine to go out in jean shorts, a crop top, and some old sandals freshman year, you wouldn’t be caught dead in that senior year. Not only do trends change drastically in four years, but so do we. We are constantly changing from what we do and how we act to what trends we like and how we dress.

This outfit combines my three favorite pieces to wear for a night out: a bodysuit, a skirt, and block heels. Block heels are my absolute favorite shoes to wear when I head out to happy hour. Not only are they more comfortable than stilettos, but they are less casual than wedges. I love to wear some short of heel when I go out, mostly because I’m short, but the real plus is that it helps not get your feet stepped on.

The skirt speaks for itself and is just one of those versatile items that you can dress up or down. Also, the pocket detail and the button front are adorable. I paired the skirt with a very simple, open-back bodysuit. Bodysuits have become my replacement for crop tops, because they still allow you to be sexy without having to have half of your stomach out.

This outfit is a great alternative to the crop top and high-waisted shorts because it is not a drastic change. This is just a slightly more sophisticated look for a girl growing up, but still not ready to leave that college lifestyle behind.

STYLE ADVICE: Do’s and Don’ts of Off-the-Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder top has become increasing popular in the most recent seasons, making its first major appearance for spring and summer of 2016. This trend can be very simple and easily pulled off, but there are times when it is better to just leave it on the hanger.

Off-the-shoulder tops are very chic and can dress up almost any outfit. They are great for any body type because they are loose fitting and won’t cling to those sensitive areas. While this is a good aspect to any clothing item, it also makes it necessary that you do not wear other loose fitting items with an off-the-shoulder top. It is a big no, no to wear two items that give you zero shape, at least in my opinion. While there are a few instances when you could pair a top like this with a skirt, it is in your best interest to just stick to pants when wearing an off the shoulder top. Off-the-shoulder tops are the statement piece of any outfit, so it is important to keep everything else simple. They tend to come in floral patterns, strips, and solids. It is your best bet to pair these tops with simple bottoms, such as skinny jeans or solid shorts.

This white and floral patterned, off-the-shoulder top that this Fashionista chose is adorable. She follows all my rules by keeping everything else in her outfit simple by wearing cuffed, denim shorts. She added a little edge by pairing it with some tan, lace-up, high heel booties. While she did not accessorize, her hair is an accessory in itself. Her beach waves with the two braids gives her the half-up look and go perfect with this outfit. This Fashionista could wear this out to lunch or to happy hour. This look is great for so many different occasions thanks to the off-the-shoulder top’s versatility.

Next time you want to wear your favorite off-the-shoulder top, remember my few do’s and don’ts, but never forget that you are own your stylist and there is no better way to express yourself than through what you wear!

WHAT TO WEAR: Let’s Go Shopping

While you can go shopping in your gym clothes, there are times when you get to dress up and put on a cute outfit for a fun day of lunch and shopping with your BFFs. However, deciding what to wear to for a fun day of lunch and shopping with your friends can be tricky. The biggest mistake you can make is wearing something that is hard to take off. Nothing is worse than being in the fitting room for way too long because you wore a difficult outfit to change in and out of. Finding the perfect combination of simple and stylish can be hard, but this Fashionista has found the solution.

Rompers can be versatile for many different occasions. This simple three-quarter sleeve, wrap-front romper is great for a day of downtown shopping. Like dresses, rompers are not only easy to take on and off, but you don’t have to worry about matching a top and bottom together, which makes getting ready for the day much easier. While hats may be one of our favorite accessories, they do not always go with the occasion. However, in this case, adding a hat was the perfect decision. This Fashionista paired her olive green romper with a camel colored fedora. The fedora gives her outfit more street style, which is exactly what it needs. She finished off her look, with flat, brown gladiator sandals, a brown crossbody bag and some simple jewelry.

We all love a day of shopping, good food, and the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot, but finding an outfit to do all of that can be difficult. This Fashionista was able to put together an adorable look perfect for a day of outdoor shopping with her friends. Although this look is simple, it still fulfills all the necessary needs of an outfit for a full day of shopping.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back Through the Decades

As we all know, good fashion never dies. As the years go on, we see old trends become new again. You could even say that some things never even went out of style. Just in the last few years we have seen different styles from the past come back, and it looks like many of them are here to stay. This Fashionista took a combination of different trends from different decades and pulled them together to make a perfect bohemian styled look.

Let’s take a trip back to the 1970s. This Fashionista takes us back with our favorite trends from the ’70s, flare pants and round statement glasses. The best part about this look is the pants. The design on these pants is fun, but it is not too overwhelming. The neutral toned colors stop the pants from screaming at you while still allowing you to appreciate the details in the pattern. The sunglasses tie the whole look together. They are not too bold, but they are just what this Fashionista needed to complete her outfit.

The 1990s were not that long ago, and we are already seeing the style from then come back. Bodysuits are without a doubt the latest craze in the fashion world. A simple bodysuit was a great choice with these patterned pants. The lace-up front adds a little something to the bodysuit without clashing with the pattern in the pants. The simple pearl choker was a nice ’90s accessory to add to this outfit. She finished off this look with a simple, flat sandal and simple makeup to really emphasize the bohemian look.

The details of this look are what really take us through the decades. This Fashionista took different pieces, and put them all together to make an adorable outfit that you can wear for multiple occasions.

STYLE GURU BIO: Jordan Rizza

Hi guys! My name is Jordan. I am a junior at the University of South Florida, and I am studying marketing. This is my very first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I have been in love with shopping and fashion since I can remember, so I am beyond excited for this opportunity!

One of my favorite parts of fashion is inspiration. When you hear designers talk about their new clothing line, you almost always hear them say, “This look is inspired by…” However, I believe it goes even further than that. Every outfit you put together is inspired by someone else even if you do not realize it. You see thousands of different styles every day, and many times a look you see on the street is what inspires you to buy that new top. I know that I am always looking for new ways to wear the latest trends. It is other people around me that inspire the looks I put together. There are so many different styles out there, and whether you love fashion or not you notice them every single day. All it takes is one person to try something different to start a brand new trend that will continue to inspire others.

This look was purchased almost entirely at Forever 21. I am obsessed with this store, not only because it is affordable, but you can also find some awesome stuff in there–you just have to be willing to dig. I had been in search for an overall dress for a while, and I completely fell in love with this corduroy zip-up mini dress. Underneath, I am wearing a basic striped, long-sleeved T-shirt. I accessorized with a gold choker, my favorite Erika Ray-Ban sunglasses, a ColourPop Ultra Matte lipstick, and a bunch of rings. Anyone who knows me knows that rings are my absolute favorite accessories and that I never take them off! To finish up the look, I threw on some black gladiator sandals, which I bet you can guess, are from Forever 21.

I cannot wait to share more of my favorite looks with you guys! To stay updated with my posts make sure to follow me on social media! I would love to chat with all of you!