Here’s Exactly How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall on Campus

As the final freedoms of summer begin to wither away it’s time to pack up the car and head to college. Now the biggest and most difficult decision to make is what kind of clothes to buy, bring, and ditch. The first month of school feels like summer and the next thing you know the air has become cool. Your new summer clothes suddenly begin to collect dust and take up space in your already tiny closet. So how do you avoid bringing your entire summer, fall, and winter wardrobe with you? How do you know what to shop for? You can save yourself the trouble of trying to store everything in a closet that clearly can’t fit it, by collecting the perfect transitional pieces. Find items that will work in the heat, the brisk air of fall and will get you through your days as a college student. Below I have put together a list of eight lovely pieces, accessories and shoes that will be perfect for those first few months back to school!

1—Trousers.  These classic high-rise trousers are both comfy and professional. Being lightweight and breathable will make these pants perfect for back to school.

2—Button-downs and Stripes. Easy and on-the-go these button down shirts are great for my girls who love a lazy day but still want to dress to impress. Stripes have also become a great way to spice up a pair of your favorite jeans (or leggings) and give them a pop of color and personality to your wardrobe.

3—’60s Sunglasses. For those Mondays after a fun fulfilled weekend the only thing on your mind is coffee and avoiding all eye contact as you make your way through campus. Throwing on these adorable sunglasses automatically brings you from drab to fab—minimal effort required and no makeup needed.

4—Sheer tops. Talk about making a statement. Sheer tops have been all the rave lately. They easily will become a weekend must have in your college wardrobe. Throw a  cute lacy bralette under a sheer top and you’re cool for the summer heat or warm fall afternoons.

5—Mules.  These have easily become the crème de la crème of all the shoes in my closet. Dress them up or dress them down, these guys are so easy to just slip on and go.

6—Jumpsuits. Achieve that sweatpants and a T-shirt feeling while still looking cute and put together—at least as much as a college student can after pulling an all nighter.

7—Bulky Sneakers. Thanking my lucky stars that simple kicks, like my favorite Air Force 1’s, have become such a killer trend. They work with anything and everything! Perfectly versatile for any season.

8—Tote Bags. An oversize canvas bag has remained super popular and they make for a perfect way to carry around your laptop if you’re just not feeling a backpack that day.

How do you plan your wardrobes for college and what are your essentials for the upcoming fall season? Tag @Cfashionista on Instagram and show us how you rock your trendy transitional pieces around your campus!

Leggings, On Leggings, On Leggings… Oh My!

From the gym to the streets, leggings are always and will always be every girl’s holy grail. They are cute, convenient, and, of course, comfortable. However, finding the perfect pair is not as easy as it looks or sounds. There is an entire checklist of things to look for in the perfect/sustainable pair of leggings. Are they see-through? Do they make my butt look good? Are they cute? The list goes on. As a bodybuilder, I myself take leggings very seriously. It has been years of trial and error looking for leggings that pass all the tests and fit in my college budget but, I managed to compile three of my favorite brands that pass my tests and are 100 percent worth the buy.

For the past five years of my life, I have been a loyal Target customer. Recently,  I picked up a pair from their new C9 champion line, and needless to say, I was wearing them at the gym an hour later. Not only have they passed the squat test, but they also receive a 10/10 for cuteness overload. They do not stretch out or become too loose around the waist and have a price point that can’t be beaten. Although they are not as well known or considered a popular brand, they are by far one of the best legging purchases I have made in a while.

Another brand I need to shed some light on is Zella, a line from Nordstrom. I had gone against my better judgment, not knowing much about the brand and knowing how picky I was with leggings, and bought two pairs online. When they came in the mail, I have to say I was extremely nervous. To my pleasant surprise, the fit of these leggings was remarkable. Extremely well made, high-waisted, fit snug on my body, and showed off all the right curves. I thought to myself, is this too good to be true? Leggings that are flawless for under $60? All in all, the Zella leggings are worth the buy in terms of quality and sustainability.

My last and final leggings recommendation and must-have if you are a gym rat like me is none other than Gymshark. I purchased my first pair of their mesh leggings after discovering them on Instagram and I wore them almost every other day. A year later and this company is the most raved about activewear on social media. Placing first in my favorite leggings brand, Gymshark has it all: quality, functional, fashionable, and shockingly affordable. I am extremely impressed by the quality of their products and would be lying if I told you I wasn’t shopping for a new pair as I write this post! As a girl in love with leggings and who spends most of her time at the gym, these three brands will always hold a spot in my closet.

What are your must-have legging brands in your closet? Tag us on social media to show them off!

Diary of a Broke Girl: How to Chea(P)T Your Way to the Top of the Latest Trends

Scrolling through my Pinterest and Instagram feed, seeing all the latest trends, automatically triggers the small and very persuasive voice inside my head to buy whatever I see—sending my already hurting pocket book plummeting into a pit of regret. But at least I’ll be a cute broke girl, right? For my Fashionistas out there, you know the pain. So, what if I told you there’s a way to get those looks you’re so dying to rock with prices that are so good it will leave you shook to the core? Check out these looks inspired by my favorite street trends!

1. Vintage meets Millennial 

With authentic vintage style bouncing back into everyone’s closets, the best way to save your “cash monay” and stay on trend is by hitting up your local thrift store. Throw a colorful peter pan collared sleeveless blouse with some frayed high-waisted mom jeans along with some white platform sandals and the perfect 70s’ vibe summer outfit is ready to go. With this complete look you are all set to strut the streets (and yes I mean strut—those platforms make quite the impression!)

2. Sweet meets Street

Browsing around the Salvation Army, I just so happened to run into the most rad Adidas windbreaker. Pair that with a simple white tank tied up as a crop top, a grey sweatpant-like pencil skirt (for that girlie flair) and a pair of cute sneakers. With these essentials, I put together a comfortable street style and on-the-go look, great for rainy day errands or a simple outfit to wear out to lunch with the girls.

3. Classy meets comfy 

Okay, we all know the phrase “No pants, No problem” but when it’s socially unacceptable to walk into the movies without pants on, what do you do? When in doubt, flow it out. These flowy ribbed capris are the perfect alternative to achieve that feeling of freedom, and are an easy find at your local thrift store. Pair these comfy pants with a classic ruffled crop top. Throw in some black patent leather platform oxfords for the wow factor! Then accessorize it with your favorite choker and bag to hide your goodies and, voilà—you have the ideal date night look fit for a show.  

Put your favorite trends and styling abilities to the test and show us your thrifted and affordable looks on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista !