WHAT TO WEAR: Fancy Date Night

Going out on dates is very common during college. Let’s admit it, college is not only about getting an education but also about meeting people and possibly dating. (Although, who has time for it with such workload?) Putting an outfit together to go on a casual date during the day is a lot easier than putting one together for a fancy date night.

You might argue that dressing up is easier for men in general than for women but if you think about it, men can also struggle just as much as women when deciding what to wear for a fancy date night. The difference between wearing heels or flats for women is equivalent to the difference between wearing a button-down with a tie and suit jacket or wearing it just by itself.

Being a menswear enthusiast, I was in complete awe when I saw this week’s Fashionisto gracefully walking in his gray suit. Suits are not only meant to be worn for professional occasions such as jobs/internships but also for more formal occasions such as dates or important family events. I believe this Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for a fancy date night because of his choice of colors. The light gray suit combined with the colorful plaided button-down make the overall outfit seem more playful and fun.

One Simple Change: If you think the tie and suit are way too fancy for your night out, just choose one or the other to wear with your button-down. It is always good to keep a tie in hand though, you never know, you might change your mind about your outfit once you arrive to your destination!

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WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Getting out of bed was a struggle this morning. Shorter days and longer nights leave me wanting to stay in bed watching movies with a cup of warm chocolate in hand. Unfortunately, adulthood comes with responsibilities and we all know that “laziness” is not one of them.

After hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock for the fourth time, I went ahead and got started with my day. People watching in the mornings as I find my way through campus is not as fun as it is in the afternoons; sleepy heads are all I see. I was about to give up on finding my Fashionista/o for the week when I crossed paths with this fabulous Fashionisto. His denim button-down, khaki chinos and dress shoes were on point. What I loved most about his ensemble was the bag; the brown leather “carry on” (as he called it) was simple and elegant. I will choose any leather bag over an actual backpack any day!

Being college students, we are constantly in search of internships that will help us get that experience that will lead us to our dream job. When I stared this Fashionisto down, I realized that his ensemble would be perfect for a day as an intern. The simplicity and effortless elegance of this week’s Fashionisto’s ensemble represents the exact amount of chic and professionalism combined that is needed for an internship.

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One Simple Change: If you are still in search of an internship, you need to first look for an outfit for interviews. You can easily find a similar outfit to this Fashionisto’s and dress it up by adding a tie and blazer. If you still feel underdressed, simply replace the denim button-down with any other colored button-down. Best of luck!

WHAT TO WEAR: Midterms

Midterms, oh midterms… a time when putting an outfit together, fixing your hair, doing your makeup and having a fashionable day is probably the least of your concerns. This time of the semester requires you to spend most of your time in the library, face between books and fingertips on your laptop’s keyboard.

This time of the semester does not only involve books and studying; it is also the time when golden leaves begin to fall and UA Wildcats get their way through campus with a cup of hot coffee in the mornings and a cold frappuccino in the afternoons… wait, what?

Yes, that’s right. For those of you that have never visited Arizona, you must know that the closer we get to winter time, the harder it is to figure out what to wear due to the change of weather throughout the day. This is an issue that concerns everyone; fashion enthusiasts and also those that do not really care about the way they look.

If you have morning classes, it is possible that you decide to wear pants, a long-sleeve blouse and/or a sweater. It is also very common to see students wearing boots and scarves during this time of the day and semester. But what happens when you are on your way to your third class of the day around noon? You both get hot due to the excess of clothes and stay uncomfortable until the glorious time you get to go home or you carry your extra garments around for the rest of the day. Carrying clothes around is annoying to say the least. So what to do?

Keeping a balance with your clothing during this time of the year will make it easier to stay comfortable while stressing out on midterms. This week’s Fashionista wore the perfect outfit, from head to toe for a day of studying during this time in the semester. Wearing shorts might seem like a crazy idea if you wake up before 8 a.m. but as long as you take something to cover your upper body, you will be glad you did not wear pants. This Fashionista wore a basic yet stylish T-shirt under her strapped denim shorts, a large, warm scarf and nude flats. The large Celine bag is what initially captured my eye when I ran into her. Besides the obvious (it’s a Celine bag, need I say more?), the bag is large enough to carry your studying materials and the scarf you wore early in the morning. So there you go, an effortless outfit that will keep you both looking cute and feeling comfortable during the long session of studying that awaits after you’re done with classes. During a time of midterms, who wants to be worrying about wearing the wrong clothing for the current weather? No one.

One Simple Change: For a casual date at the park, wear tennis-shoes instead of flats. If large enough, you can even use your scarf as a blanket to lay on the grass and cuddle. Well, that’s only if there is no risk on the scarf getting ruined, duh.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


Even though it is currently fall semester, the heat in Arizona can still be almost as strong as it was during the summer. If you are new to Tucson, please beware of random heatwaves. Just because October is here, Tucson can still remain extremely warm for a long period of time; the day I ran into this week’s Fashionista happened to be one of those days.

This week’s Fashionista gracefully carried herself around campus wearing a polka-dotted lose skirt, orange button-down, beige sandals and of course, cute sunnies. I believe skirts are the most appropriate to wear during extremely hot days. Unlike shorts and pants, skirts give your legs the opportunity to freely move around without feeling suffocated and trapped.

Something as simple as wearing accessories can have a great impact in how comfortable you will be throughout the day. This week’s Fashionista did the smart thing by wearing a small necklace and ring during this sunny day. Remember that sometimes, less is better.

Black and orange can be a tricky combination of colors to wear, due to its Halloween-y look. The light shade of orange and white polka-dots soften the overall look of this Fashionista, preventing her outfit from reminding you that Halloween is getting closer. Overall, this week’s Fashionista’s simple, fresh and cute ensemble is perfect for a sunny day in Arizona’s number one campus, U of A. Bear down, Wildcats!

One Simple Change: When going to the beach, wear your bikini under your outfit. You will be able to easily remove your garments and jump into the ocean without having to waste any time!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

Monsoon season has been over for a while but with Arizona’s bipolar weather, we shouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly starts raining soon. Especially now that the weather has started to cool down, anything can be expected, really.

During rainy days, I used to worry because I did not own any rain boots. After a while, I realized that rain boots are not always necessary for a rainy day in Tucson because the rain is not even strong enough to flood the streets of our small city. If you happen to not own any rain boots yourself (who would think you’d need a pair when living in Tucson, right?), there is no need to worry- any type of boots should do the job!

The outfit of this week’s Fashionista is perfect for a typical, random rainy yet humid day in Tucson. Her unique denim dress makes such an effortless statement; I bet you haven’t seen anyone else rocking denim dresses on campus, have you? When wearing boots, it is only obvious that you will need to wear socks so you might as well find yourself a long, cute pair that will sneak out of the top of your shoes. The textured socks that this week’s Fashionista wore are the perfect choice because they give a soft, girly look in combination to the hard combat boots.

One Simple Change: For a brunch date with your lady friends, wear your denim dress with a pair of beige or red flats and leave the socks and boots behind!

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

For my weekly posts, I usually write about ladies because it is rare to find a guy that is not wearing a tank top and basketball shorts to campus. This week, I was lucky enough to find a guy that looked like a total Fashionisto!

When having an early, morning classes, most men find an excuse to pretty much show up to class wearing similar or sometimes even the same clothes they wore to bed. Guys, don’t be lazy; looking good does not require that much effort!

This week’s Fashionisto is here to represent all of those Wildcats that wake up an extra 15 minutes earlier in order to put themselves together and look good for the rest of the day. The green polo is perfectly paired with the faded blue shorts; a combination of brights and pales always looks great! Also, you can never go wrong with brown of black shoes. This week’s Fashionisto decided to complete his outfit with brown loafers and a pair of stylish sunglasses.

Whether you’re a guy or girl, you really have no excuse to not show up to your morning class looking presentable. Showering and leaving an outfit picked out before going to bed will make it easier for you to wake up and be ready on time the next morning.

One Simple Change: I believe this outfit is appropriate for many occasions, meeting with a professor included as well. If you want to look a little more formal, you can simply replace the shorts with a pair of jeans or dress pants.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Whether interviewing for a job or internship, you all understand the importance of preparation. Making a great first impression is just as important as being prepared with killer questions and being well informed about the company you want to work at.

I cannot help you prepare for your interview but I can definitely help you make a lasting great first impression. It does not matter if you are the brightest student at your university,  if you show up to an interview looking anything less than professional and presentable, you’re better off saying goodbye to the opportunity of obtaining your dream job.

The classy and professional ensemble of this week’s Fashionista is perfect for an interview for a creative job position. You might argue that her attire does not consist of the typical garments, such as a pencil skirt and suit jacket, for such professional occasions. The reason why I believe this Fashionista’s pale, pink dress is appropriate for an interview is because I was specifically thinking about Fashion related jobs and internships when I saw her at an event on campus. You see, when you work for a creative and open minded industry, such as the Fashion industry, you are lucky to have more options on what to wear!

This Fashionista’s attire is the perfect combination of modest, sexy and chic. With more creative industries, like Fashion, being a little daring with your outfits is appropriate, as long as you are not looking inappropriate!

One Simple Change: For a fancy date night, add some bold colors to your soft ensemble. You can simply replace the heels with black stiletto pumps and accessorize with a little spiked clutch.

STYLE GURU BIO: Joscelyne Felix

Here it is, my fifth STYLE GURU BIO post!

The end of my college career is just around the corner; it’s bittersweet. I am extremely excited to graduate next year and continue onto the next phase of my life. But at the same time, I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the wonderful team of CollegeFashionista.

The semester has just started so let’s not skip ahead too much into the future. Since it’s the beginning of fall and summer is coming to an end, for my bio post for this semester, I decided to wear a fluffy white dress with a purple and green sheer top and yellow pale heels.

I believe this outfit is appropriate for the start of fall semester because it consists of both pastels and dark colors. In a way, it portrays the end of the summer and beginning of fall. Wearing heels to campus is not exactly the smartest thing to do (unless you have a presentation or interview) so instead of heels, I would wear flats or sandals during the first few months of the semester. Towards the end of the fall, I would add tights and boots to this lovely ensemble; tights will never fail at keeping you warm and will always make your outfit more interesting looking.


Being a college student comes with numerous responsibilities. Waking up early to go to class or work, hitting the gym whenever possible, spending infinite hours in the library, sleeping late, going out, having funthe list goes on. In between the time slots of your busy schedules, what do you do? Let’s be honest here; you either sleep, watch your favorite TV show, or run errands.

Running errands can be fun or stressful, depending on how much time you have in your hands. Since you have to get things done no matter what, you might as well do them while wearing something cute! You must agree that whatever you do, if you look good doing it, you will feel even better.

This week’s Fashionista is dressed to take any tasks the day has to offer. My favorite thing about her outfit is the loose, button-down floral top, especially the back of it. The floral top is a perfect example of how you can turn a simple outfit (T-shirt, jeans, booties) into a more interesting, cute one. The looseness of the top gives this Fashionista the freedom to move around from one errand to another with the comfort that a tight shirt cannot offer.

One Simple Change: During a heat wave, pair your button-down top with shorts and sandals. Make sure to keep a bikini inside your tote bag; always be prepared to jump into a pool during these hot, sunny days!


WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

The summer is almost over. While some of you have been having the time of your lives visiting places and having fun, others may have been working and/or taking summer classes to catch up or get ahead. If you have not had a chance to go on vacation, plan a small trip with a group of close friends or family and get away for the weekend!

The idea of going on a summer vacation always sounds appealing to everyone; Unfortunately, not everyone has the means or time to do it. You don’t necessarily have to go on a one month trip to Costa Rica or spend a couple weeks at the beach. If you have not planned a trip because you believe you cannot do it, you better think twice before you give up on a little getaway-fun. As long as you have group of friends, a car, gas money, money for food and clothes, you’ll be good to go.

Your daily outfits should be simple and basic- just like your quick weekend getaway. Keep in mind that basic does not mean boring! An accessory or even color can be what makes your outfit vibrant and fun. This week’s Fashionista decided to combine different patterns and colors. I really like how this she wore the blue polka-dotted shirt over her colorful, floral shortie jumpers. Playing with colors is always fun! Another thing that caught my eye was how her toe nails’ nail polish matched her strapped sandals; how cute is that?

One Simple Change: For a day at the beach, wear your bikini under your rompers, remove the shirt and replace the shoes with comfortable sandals.