STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Micro-Printed Maxi Dresses

While you are on break this summer, give your usual sundresses some time off too. While it’s cute and feminine, it isn’t always the most comfortable and practical. Why not let loose and stay both comfortable and stylish. You can easily transform a maxi dress from casual day wear to chic wedding attire with a few simple steps. It’s the prefect staple piece for your wardrobe this summer.

If you are like me and didn’t achieve that ideal beach body for summer, you can fake it by elongating your body with a maxi dress. Dark colors will give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette as well. A micro-printed maxi dress is understated enough to dress up and wear to more formal evening events. If your dress has a tubular shape, bring in the waist with a bold belt to define your curves. Belts are a great accessory to express your style while helping your figure. Finding any accessory that expresses your personality will set you apart from the crowd while keeping it modest. Modesty is key for summer weddings and the concept can easily be lost if you are not mindful. If you are feeling like you need a little extra coverage for early mornings or late nights, a long loose cardigan will fit your needs.

Tie your look together with a strappy sandal and a great pair of shades before you walk out the door. To take this look from day to evening, switch out your sandals for a pair of heels, and replace your flowy cardigan with a more structured sweater or jacket. Also, adding a pair of dangling earrings and a few metallic bracelets are sure to give you the extra glamour that you are looking for. A small envelope clutch should be all you need to carry the essentials on your night out.


They are everywhere and I am not surprised, Fashionistas have been choosing white shorts over many other alternatives this spring. They instantly freshen up your look and make you feel great. The days are getting warmer and nothing feels worse than hot and heavy fabric. Ditch that bulky denim every once in a while and wear a lightweight linen for a change. Mixing up textures can open you up to newfound purposes to your clothes, which is something we all could use and love.

Maybe it’s still on the cooler side in the morning and you are looking for a sweater that suits your mood, and you are already feeling confident you won’t spill anything on those white shorts, so why not do a complete power trip in a red cardigan! It will boost your mood and you will surely make you feel like you can conquer the world — a great outfit if you still haven’t completed your finals.

Speaking of finals, what do you need to take other than notes for last minute studying and a pencil? Nothing, so why deal with big bags? It feels great to finally take off that backpack and remove the weight from your shoulders, literally and figuratively speaking. Satchels are still very fashionable and very practical for everyday use. You can take it anywhere on a casual day and not even notice it’s there. A tan leather satchel is probably your best bet for matching all of your clothes and accessories. Remove any extra stress by wearing a watch to ensure that you make it to class on time. Good luck on finals!



Summer is almost here and you know what else that means! The music festivals we all have been waiting for are right around the corner. Get your style in gear for following around your favorite bands and supporting the free spirited icons we know and love. Whether it is a band T-shirt or a colorful graphic T-shirt, find at least one shirt that can be thrown on in a hurry and played up with accessories.

This colorful graphic T-shirt is a bold statement that doesn’t need much more added to it. Layering bracelets and rings are an easy and very trendy look that won’t seem too over the top. Daring hair colors or eccentric accessories are also very popular. If the weather is cold and rainy, don’t let it cramp your style, a cargo jacket in an earthy tone like this will surely not clash. Because of its utilitarian look, it will never go out of style, thus leaving you with a timeless piece, which is never a bad investment. 

A more practical choice of bottoms for day long summer extravaganzas are a good pair of cut-off or destroyed denim shorts. Denim like this gives you that effortless edgy sense of style that everyone will envy. Studs can be bought at your local craft supply store and applied by hand if you are looking to revamp a forgotten pair in your closet. No matter if you prefer a pair of jeans or short-shorts, canvas shoes are the summer shoe to be in your wardrobe. They are versatile, comfortable and affordable under any budget.


It is that time of year when spring fever has a whole new meaning. Many students are overly stressed due to lack of sleep and are therefore getting sick. While this Fashionista is healthy and glowing, she inspires a fashionable look that can be comfortably worn by anyone. Instead of wearing your actual pajamas to class, you can substitute them for the more stylish printed harem pant; or more recently nicknamed, the pajama pants.

Pants like these can really do a lot for you; pairing simple yet complementary pieces is all that is needed to look stylish and put-together. A pant that stops right about the ankle is perfect for showing off a great shoe. If you are looking for extra waist definition, try a high-waisted pair! If these bottoms are not risky enough this is a great opportunity to add a statement necklace. A necklace helps balance out the outfit, especially when your top is a bit lacking. If you want to bring the attention upwards toward your face and away from your chest and mid-section, I suggest a collar necklace. If you need to add length to your torso, try a long chain with a pendant.

If you are wondering how to take this look from day to night, start with a simple ballet flat and throw on a great pair of heels for evening. For those chillier nights, channel your inner Rihanna and sport your pants with a structured blazer and a wacky hairdo. A bold lip color, like the one highlighted on Refinery29’s webpage, is all you need for a final touch.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spectacular Sperry’s

For quite some time our campus has been without a doubt, a sea of Sperry’s. Boat shoes have become quite the trend and are being mimicked by many companies so anyone can get the look. With most people sporting the classic tan kicks, one student opted for an upbeat colorful pair. These mint green Sperry’s caught my attention, not only because they are mint, but because they are sequined! A little glitz can never hurt a girl in my opinion. With so many colors to choose from, this Fashionista definitely hit this one out of the park.

To achieve a preppy vibe, take inspiration from this trendsetter by wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo with accessory matching embroidery. Any color will do; this is a great opportunity to use a color that looks best with your skin tone. If you are one of the lucky few that can pull off almost anything, find your favorite spring 2012 Pantone color and work it! A quick side note: Ralph Lauren Polo shirts are also prefect for larger chested women by flattering and concealing those blessings. Stay classy and don’t let a little too much spill out.

If you are looking for a more down-to-earth appearance, use a natural turquoise colored ring or necklace. You can find many statement pieces this season in this hue; it is a bold in itself and adds a little extra punch to any outfit. Less is more when casually heading to your afternoon classes. Don’t forget to put on your final and best accessory: your smile.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Effortlessly Eclectic

Getting ready in the morning should be no chore. Pick out what you like and what you feel like wearing for the day even if it doesn’t necessarily match. The more confident you look in your outfit, the more admirable you become. Some of my favorite Fashionistas that I have photographed seem completely oblivious to how good they look, and I love that! They are humble and flattered by my requests, probably because they do not waste hours putting together one outfit.

I first noticed this Fashionista's uniquely patterned leather bag as she stepped out of her car. As I continued to analyze her outfit, I kept noting more and more interesting pieces. While speaking to her, I observed her interesting retro frames. Sunglasses like these are right on trend and are an absolute must-have. With so many different styles, you are sure to find a pair that suits the shape of your face. She keeps the look casual with a light denim button-up. Light colored denim is really making a comeback so make sure to stock up! She also sports a pair of leather loafers as an everyday shoe. These go with almost everything and are comfortable enough to wear all day. 

As I went to take her picture, I noticed this last little surprise: a beautiful elephant bangle. The neutral colors make it an easy accessory to add to any outfit and more bangles can be layered to complement whatever you are wearing. Are you still missing something? Throwing on a bright scarf will surly complete your look.


This week, CollegeFashionista is highlighting monochromatic looks. Much is to be said about this flattering and stylish trend. It can be worn on any body type, can coincide with anyone’s style and is essentially effortless. Do you want to make things really easy and even blend into the crowd a little? Try black. Dark colors slim your body and are subtle enough to wear anywhere. Staying on trend has never been so simple!

This Fashionista knows how to put a number together. She brings all elements of her personality together without pieces clashing. Her black jacket is simple and light, allowing flexibility within her wardrobe. A piece like this should be in every woman’s closet; it can be worn year round and for many occasions. The black and white blouse underneath sets in the feminine undertone to her outfit early, avoiding anything too edgy. A basic pair of black skinny jeans will do well here as well as many other tops you already own. A bold shoe is always a great go-to item when your outfit seems to be lacking something.

Many people use shoes as a main way to express themselves. The type of shoe you wear can depict the type of athletics you are interested in, what kind of daily activities you engage in and, of course, your awareness of fashion. A basic loafer has been transformed into an edgy yet glamorous conversation piece. I know I have to ask, where did you get those? These black studded loafers had me dreaming all day.


A former Western Illinois University student came back for a visit after spending the past two semesters at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Luckily, our spring breaks do not run simultaneously and we get to see how his style and life have evolved within the past year. This Fashionisto shared with me how much more comfortable he feels expressing who he is in the Big Apple. Being an intern for the former Project Runway contestant, Viktor Luna, this helped him discover new colors, textures and prints to bring into his wardrobe.

A once self-described minimalist, he has stepped, or should I say leapt, out of his box into a world of color. He pays more attention and is open to trends not yet accepted by the Midwest. A huge trend for both men and women right now are cuffed pants. Rolling up your jeans to expose a little ankle or a great pair of socks is very fashionable. This look is prefect for all of you wanting to show off that new spring shoe you are dying for everybody to see. If you want to sport a pair of socks, don’t be afraid to wear a pair that are bold and attention grabbing. These color blocked tube socks are the perfect statement piece for any day of the week.

The outfit’s complementary color scheme is sure to turn heads and impress passersby. However, this look can easily start to look elementary if you are not careful. To keep the ensemble structured and put together, he chose to wear a tailored navy blazer over a fresh, bright blue shirt. Choosing a colored button-up rather than a white one can show you are more adventurous, and it helps play down the formality of any blazer. He topped off his look with a silver bow tie, which gives him a little extra spunk.


The smell of moist soil and the newly sprouted grass and flowers has been so refreshing. A strong case of spring fever has broken out in the last couple weeks, drastically changing the moods of students in a very positive way! You can’t go anywhere without seeing large crowds of people out and about soaking up the nice weather. With that being said, we should be mindful that while we watch others, they are watching back. Now is the time to show off your new spring clothes that you have been so excited about.

It seems like a lifetime since we have seen so much green. If you love green but do not want to blend into the scenery, try mint. It is a huge trend this season that I have been constantly raving about; pastels are not just for children and Easter. With multiple garments being manufactured in this color, you can easily keep your personal style and make it age appropriate. This Fashionista chose a wide striped shirt with white and green stripes and belted it for a personal touch. I love that she chose a tan braided belt because an earth tone color keeps the look from being to childish and shows off your curves. Her matching mint nails show how ecstatic she is about this trend as well!

Cuffing your skinny jeans has also been a big trend. Even if your pants are just the right size, you can roll them up to capris and nobody will even know. This is especially nice when you have a cute new pair of silver sandals to show off. A simple pair of metallic sandals is prefect for everyday use, going out or more formal events like graduations and weddings. Versatility should always be on a Fashionistas mind.


Students returning from their beach spring break hot spots will be wanting to bring the ocean back with them. What better way than to wear one of the most popular colors this spring that gets its name from beautiful ocean sea life? Coral is a fresh hue that looks good on almost everyone. It is clean and will bring out your nice new tan. It is not just for the ladies either; I have seen a few boys here and there and it looks just as good.

Depending on your skin color, coral can almost act as a neutral color. This Fashionista makes this shirt look so clean and understated. She is able to wear a lot of bright whites without it contrasting in an over the top way. I have already mentioned in a previous post how important a denim jacket is; taking it on a new level to a crisp white jacket is the kind of thing I love to see. Stepping away from the ordinary is what a Fashionista is all about after all. This is an example of personal style that doesn’t have to look wacky to be different. She keeps her look modern with shiny silver jewelry and layering it for visual interest. Her matching silver sandals kept the outfit looking polished and put together. My favorite part of her outfit was the big white flower she decorated her side pony with for a little extra femininity. This look is simple but in no way boring.

Adding more color to your look is always an option and don’t be afraid to experiment. A trend that I noticed last spring was navy, a great combination. I would also love to see coral with mint or neon green. Spring is a time of rebirth and beauty; we might as well go with the flow.