STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casual by the Chrysler

The constant sound of the beeping horns, the decadent illumination of headlights and business signs, the loud business man on his Blackberry crossing the street next to a group of friends heading for an afternoon drink (all visible from my room, might I add). All these sights and sounds are just a reminder that I really am here in New York. Living in an area surrounded by young people trying to find their way in the city also means that there is no such thing as unfashionable. Even on a casual afternoon, there is sure to be eye-catching style in every direction you look.

This Fashionista pulls off the perfect sophisticated casual look while dressing with pieces that ensure she won’t overheat in this early summer humidity. The main feature of her outfit is a cream-colored chiffon blouse with an identically-hued cardigan over top. The boyfriend fit of the shirt and the super-light airiness of the fabric mixed with the classic color make this an elegant choice for an easygoing stroll down through the streets. To compliment the fit and the color of her top, she opts for a simple black mini skirt and black gladiator sandals. She ties together the entire ensemble with a super-chic Marc Jacobs handbag that really ups the sophistication factor, because if there is one thing I have learned since being here, it is all about the merchandise, baby.

This season is showing an overwhelming trend of light, loose-fitting tops paired with shorts and mini skirts. And if you’re feeling like going more bold, try this floral kimono top from Zara.

Style Guru Bio: Kara Birney

Hi Fashionistas! My name is Kara Birney and I will be a senior at Colorado State University this fall, majoring in Public Relations and Communications. I was a Style Guru last semester and cannot wait to continue blogging this summer because I will be in what I consider the fashion capital of the world: New York City! When I'm not pulling a 9 to 5 for my internship, I will be scouring the streets of the city looking for the best of young people's fashion. East side, west side, lower, upper; I'm going to cover it all. Be sure to check out my blog every week to see what I find. Have a great summer guys!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ain’t Nothin Wrong With a Little Country

One of the best parts of the transition period between spring and summer, besides the beautiful weather of course, is the ability to wear pieces from fall, combined with new items you have bought for this glorious rise in temperature. By mixing in the new colors and patterns of summer with the trends of the fall season, the possibilities to create a super cute outfit are endless.

This Fashionista perfects this method of creating an ensemble that works great for days on campus and on the casual days of summer. She starts off with a flattering light blue button-down with subtle navy stripes. Light colored button-downs are a superior choice for the warm weather days because they can be dressed up and down very easily, left completely open with a cute tee underneath, or buttoned halfway with a feminine cami slightly exposed. Here she opts for the third option, and layers a lacey brown cami underneath, a nice complement to the light blue. She then wears a light brown mini skirt with a white floral pattern. The floral pattern of the skirt mixed with the subtle stripes on the button down is an excellent pattern combination because they are both equally indistinct. The ultra light denim jacket she wears over completes the color scheme, while adding a clever country-girl look, and the rich brown leather boots tie together the entire ensemble. With an eclectic mix of accessories, including some beaded bracelets and feather earrings, she achieves a fun and lighthearted look that is still chic for summer.

Hint: This season has shown an ample amount of floral patterned skirts. Try one of these two options, paired with a soft colored button down to get this look down solid.


As we wrap up yet another semester in our college career, the excitement to start the fun, carefree days of summer is undeniably present. Though the daunting hours of final exams are still lingering in the near future, it never hurts to start showing off that fresh summer fashion to remind us that it really is that time of year again! With the light and airy fabrics and all the beautiful colors and patterns that emerge with the onset of the season, it is the perfect time to find that flirty, summer dress you will never want to take off.

This Fashionista is looking pretty in pink in this ultra-feminine sundress. The loose-fitted cut of the dress along with the delicate fabric makes this an ideal dress for days under the sweltering sun, when you still want to look cute without feeling too overheated. The intricate creamy white cross-stitched embellishment at the bottom adds just the right amount of flattering detail. To make this dress campus casual, she throws on a mid-waisted denim jacket. The dark blue hue of the denim is a great compliment to the light coral color of the dress, while the mid-waist cut accentuates the shape of the dress. So as to not take away from her idyllic look, she wears a simple pair of thinly strapped flip-flops and gold hoop earrings. This look classy enough for a sipping iced lattes at an outdoor café and comfortable enough to cozy up next to that special someone on a starry summer night.

Hint: The coral color of this dress looks flawless against her coloring, but if you have a darker shade of hair or if you have already been working on that summer tan, try wearing shades of light green or purple to really compliment your coloring.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When In Doubt, Go Graphic

One of the many exciting aspects of fashion is when you spot someone who so flawlessly pulls off an unexpected wardrobe ensemble that many would not think to put together. When I think of this sense of fashion, I immediately think of the character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, a style icon who, because of her daring fashion choices, I often heard people respond with an, “Oh my, does she really think that looks good?” while watching. Since Carrie Bradshaw is one of the most renowned style icons of our generation, it really goes to show that style comes from within and only the most fearless Fashionistas/os deserve to be icons.

This Fashionisto exudes individuality from head to toe with a fantastic array of patterns, colors, textures, and accessories to achieve a look that is all his own. He layers a boldly patterned graphic red tee under a blue-toned, plaid button down that is left open with the intention of revealing only subtle detail from each shirt. The combination of both have some serious impact, though. To make the color from his shirts really pop, he wears a black leather jacket over it and a pair of faded-gray skinny jeans with a bit of destruction. His black leather, high-top shoes are not only a perfect finishing touch for his look, but they balance out the contrasting black and gray hues with the vivid reds and blues. To polish off his casual edgy look, he throws on a black beanie and some seriously blinged-out studs. If his unique look doesn’t scream, “This is me, take it or leave it”, I don’t know what does.

Hint: The darker color palette of his overall outfit gives you infinite options for potential layering. Men’s graphic tees come in so many different varieties of colors and patterns, so the possibilities are endless. Another alternative to a button down shirt is a bold zip-up hoodie. Not much is off limits here, folks. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Easy, Breezy, Boho Chic

This time of year always brings with it a renewed spirit of invigoration that is prevalent all over campus. Just strolling through the plaza in the beautiful weather you see so many more smiles, hear more laughter, and you can’t help but notice that people are just walking with a little more skip in their step. With the anticipation of summer and easy living right around the corner, people are even dressing for the occasion. Bright colors and stunning patterns are everywhere you look, and this Fashionista really stood out in the crowd.

A radiant, airy sundress is the perfect choice for days when the weather is so nice that the only thing stopping you from twirling in the grass is the fact that you might get some interesting looks in your direction. The charming turquoise undertone of the dress mixed with the array of floral and paisley patterns makes for a color palette that is undeniably ideal for this time of year. Since the abundance of fabric forms a looser fit, she creates shape by adding a thin, brown leather belt at her waist. To add to the silhouette, and just in case it might get a little chilly, she wears a denim jacket that cuts off at her waist. Both the belt and the cut of her jacket are great choices to emphasize a curvier shape because they highlight a smaller waist. She finishes off with super cute sandal flats and a simple silver necklace that really give her a boho chic look. Now if only classes could be held outside from now on.

Hint: Tis’ the season of the sandal, and the season really stepped up its game this year. There are so many fantastic options to choose from, so don’t be afraid to play around with color and texture. This sandal from ALDO is very feminine and the neutral pink gives you plenty of freedom to mix’n’match. If you’re feeling bold, try this sandal from Colin Stuart.


When you think of spring time, I’m sure certain words such as “new”, “rebirth”, “color”, and “life” come to mind. This time of year marks that point where embracing bold fashion choices is just about as natural as the new leaves blooming on the trees. Dare to make a statement with some funky patterns that resonate perfectly with the new life this season brings.

This Fashionista really brings her A-game to the table with some fearless fashion choices that I’m sure have been turning heads all day long. Her mod-shaped dress, with an collage of fun and bright patterns is the focus of her ensemble, and is definitely one of the most prominent pieces of fashion I have seen on campus so far this semester. To slightly downplay the vivacity of the dress, she wears a simple white cardigan over, that adds some variation to her look while still accentuating the colorful patterns. She then switches to some casual edge below the waist, wearing black tights with black army boots. This unlikely trend has been popping up everywhere now that the temperatures are increasing and the shorts and skirts are finally making an appearance. To polish off her look, she throws on some fun beaded bracelets and a pair of long peacock feather earrings. The combination of funky mod, flirty and feminine, and edgy casual are what give this Fashionista a style all her own. What makes her look so versatile is that it can be achieved while saving change at the local thrift store, or dropping some serious cash at a high-end boutique.

Hint: If you’re not looking for such a boldly patterned frock, try this dress from It will still have as much impact but with some slightly more subtle color choices.


As a college student, we all know how it feels to at times be lacking in the sleep department. There’s always going to be those mornings that we wake from our slumber and temptation to press the “snooze” button. It just feels too nice to resist. Worry not fellow Fashionistas; there are some easy wardrobe solutions that get you out the door fast, while still looking fresh-faced and classy.

This Fashionista has put a modern and edgy twist on a look made famous by the unforgettable style icon, Audrey Hepburn. Black, mid-calf length leggings and simple black flats were the icon's signature trend, and here she has combined the trend with a beautiful white tunic and a form-fitting leather jacket. The tunic has a cute, floral pattern with a babydoll fit, which creates a great feminine silhouette. Her mid-waist leather jacket ties in just enough edginess without taking away from the rest of her feminine flare. By using a clean and classic palette like black and white, mixed with some simple yet timeless trends, this look is perfect for the mornings that time is of the essence and you still want to look cute for a day full of classes.

Hint: Since spring is right around the corner, mix up the black and white a little and try some colorful leggings or flats. You’ll still be ready to go in a flash and uphold the essence of Audrey.


One of the most exciting parts about the onset of spring is that we can start throwing on some bright colored accessories without fear of sticking out like a sore thumb. Whether it be a florid headband or some richly-hued shoes, nothing expresses individuality like bold color choices.

This Fashionista hit the mark with her vivid accessories, making sure to impress without overwhelming. For the base of her outfit, she opts for neutrals to really make her accessories pop. Wearing a simple white tee and classy black denim is a very clean and perfect fashion combo when the clothing is not meant to be the main focus. She also wears a pair of brown motorcycle boots and matching aviator sunglasses to give her that casual edge that is so acceptable for a day on campus. To bring in the color, she chose a beautiful sheer green scarf that, because it’s so light and airy, is an ideal accessory as the outdoor temperature slowly but surely begins to climb.

Since we would never go to campus empty-handed, our backpack or shoulder bag gives us another opportunity to play with some bold colors. This Fashionista is carrying an oversized turquoise bag that is just the right size to carry the larger items like notebooks and binders, but also the small and equally important items, such as pens, your cellphone, iPod, and mid-morning snack. She is perfectly equipped for a day of classes, while still maintaining her fun and fashion-forward style. 


Though the ice hasn’t completely melted and there are still patches of white on the ground, it never hurts to try to add a little color to campus through your outfit. To make up for the flowers that haven’t quite bloomed yet, we can compensate with fun patterns and feminine colors for the time being. There has been a surge of color emerging on campus in the effort to make spring arrive a little early, particularly in hues of purple, pink, and blue. Through mixing and incorporating these colors with some delectable floral patterns you can create the perfect look for the oncoming of the spring season.

This Fashionista is wearing a blue tunic with a pink floral-pattern underneath a classic navy blazer. The combination of a light and airy top under a fall essential, such as this blazer, makes for the perfect daytime duo. She ties together the color scheme with a light pink circle scarf from Express that has just enough subtle gold shimmer to make it an ideal new trend for the season. To maintain her dressy casual look she wears some skinny jeans and a pair of white wedges. Word of warning: white or beige shoes are great for spring, but please avoid those muddy puddles! Nothing can put a damper on your day like a little mud between the toes.

Hint: To really indulge your spring fever, try wearing this blazer that combines color and floral patterns all into one. Tie in some light pink or blue accessories and you’ll really get the birds chirping.