STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Darling, I’m a Professional

As much as we would all love to be able to get away with wearing our favorite pair of fashion denim, boots, and knit tops forever, there comes a time where we all have to move from campus chic to professional and polished. Those years of darting from interview to interview and climbing the career ladder are lingering right over our heads, so why not try dressing the part now when you get the chance. A few staple pieces are perfect to have for days you need to dress to impress, and no trendy girl should ever have to resort to humdrum business suits and square-toed pumps.

This sophisticated Fashionista has just come from an interview for an internship and is modeling the perfect head-to-toe dressy business ensemble. A cream-colored blazer is perfect to wear as business attire because its neutral hue can be paired with a wide range of colors and it adds that expert feminine flare to any outfit. She wears a black cotton dress from Free People under the blazer, which has just enough subtle lace detail to spice up the look without going overboard. Her look would not be complete without a pair of sexy pumps to give it the edge necessary for any modern girl moving into a professional career.

Hint: A blazer is a great addition to a spring wardrobe because it is super easy to dress up and down. When you’re not going for a professional look, wear the blazer with a pair of denim boyfriend capris or cutoff shorts and a cute tunic for the ideal easy breezy Spring outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Class to the Club

The hectic schedule of a college student sometimes requires wardrobe planning that allows for a perfect day day-to-night transition, when a quick trip back to the closet might not be in the works. Busy girls struggle with balancing class, meetings, working out, spending time with friends or a date with a significant other. The last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our outfit is going to endure from a.m. to p.m. This Fashionista has put together the perfect ensemble to make the switch super quick and effortless.

Incorporating a few versatile wardrobe items that are always schedule-friendly is key to creating this look. Dark denim skinnies are perfect because they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A pair of ballet flats are essential because they provide both style and comfort, combining the agility of sneakers with the shine and femininity of heels. This Fashionista wears a simple black wool sweater that covers the skin revealed by her sparkly halter and makes this summery frock winter-appropriate. Cardigans, scarves, and hats are also appropriate additions to winterize your cute summer tops. The combination of a shirt that's cute enough to go out in and a sweater that’s appropriate enough for school and work is essential in cutting out the wardrobe change necessary to make the transition from daytime to evening activities. With this cute combo, she can schedule her activities back-to-back and go straight from work to the club by simply taking off her sweater.

Having a large bag allows you to keep your books for class, clothes for the gym, makeup for afternoon touch-ups, and smaller purse for later outings all in one place. She completes her look with a simple updo that’s casual enough for class and cute enough for going out. Only the messy bun gets cuter throughout the day and can be instantly perfected with a quick readjustment of a clip or headband!


When those chilly and overcast days sneak up on you, it’s hard to resist the temptation to just throw on some sweats and head to campus. The majority of students make their way from class to class with their main focus being just trying to stay warm in the process. It was so refreshing to spot this trendy Fashionista and to be reminded that, despite the depressing weather, spring is right around the corner.

From head to toe, she evokes such a fun and fresh style that is accentuated by some cute accessories that completely tie together her look. The main focus of her outfit is a black, tiered dress underneath a gray peacoat. Cultivating a very prevalent trend for winter, she wears black leggings with boots, but throws some light pink knee-high socks in the mix that breathes some air into a darker color-schemed ensemble. To highlight the soft tone of her socks, she accessorizes with a pink heart-shaped necklace and a black bow barrette in her hair. She effortlessly pulls off the flirty feminine look so often seen in spring. When matched with the black apparel, she gives it an edge that is so perfect for this transition period between the seasons. When I asked this Fashionista where the inspiration for her style comes from, she coolly responded, “I just like to keep it funky.” Enough said.

Hint: If you’re looking to liven up your end-of-winter style, try wearing a floral-patterned dress like one of these two from, underneath your favorite jacket. Throw on a pair of patterned tights or leggings with boots and even if this weather might not be able to warm us up, maybe your outfit will.


It’s all about sparkle this season, and this Fashionista pulls off the look flawlessly. It’s a comfort to know that despite drawbacks of the winter chill, you can add some extra flair to an outfit while still staying bundled up! By layering on a shimmery sweater or cardigan underneath your coat, you can easily add that glamorous detail. Since these sweaters can be found with just a simple metallic thread you can choose to keep it subtle. But if you’re really feeling daring, go for threads enriched with actual rhinestones and sequins.

This trendy lady chose to “go for the bold" and opted for a little extra sparkle. To really make her cardigan pop, she wore a simple black tee underneath and a pair of black Joe’s jeans. Her knee-high cream-colored boots with metal embellishments enhance the overall look by tying in more of that glitz and glam detail. What would typically be considered a common everyday outfit is amplified by both the chic and sparkly detail of both the cardigan and the boots. Also, her outfit is perfect for a day to night transition. If she switched up her denim for a dark mini-skirt and her tee for a cute cami, she would be good to go! The effects of layering that shimmering cardigan make for quite the stunner.

Lucky for you, achieving a similar look will take little effort because sequins are everywhere you look right now! If you prefer a more faint approach to shimmer, try this gold cardigan from J.Crew or this cardigan from LOFT, paired with a fineline cami or tank to appear easygoing yet elegant. If you’re really looking to wow the crowd for a night on the town, wear this cardigan over your favorite little black dress.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Daughters of Anarchy

Amidst all the hustle and bustle at the start of a new semester, there’s nothing like spotting a perfectly fantastic accessory on a fellow student that makes our head turn and puts a smile on our face. Whether it be a pair of statement-making boots or some bold shades, an accessory can be the x-factor to complete any outfit.

Fortunately for us, this Fashionista was able to take her already simple yet bold outfit up a notch by flaunting the ideal accessories for her casual rocker look. The base of her outfit consists of a simple, gray fleece sweatshirt underneath a leather jacket and slate gray leggings. By wearing a similar color scheme for your overall outfit, it makes tying in those eye-popping accessories that you want to be the main focus of your outfit super easy. Her black motorcycle boots, aviator shades, and crocheted beanie add those cool, confident finishing touches to a look that’s perfect for strutting your stuff on campus after months of hiding from the winter chill. Of all her accessories, her boots definitely stood out as the item of emphasis because of the subtle red lining along the zipper on the back. Once this small and almost unnoticeable detail catches the eye, it ties together the entire ensemble and creates that much desirable va-va-voom element.

This exact pair of boots can be found on the Steve Madden website and come in two other color scheme options, but a notable trend for this upcoming season is not just motorcycle boots with a dash of added color, but also rain boots with a range of spectrums. Try this daring pair of boots from, mixed with some vibrant blue denim skinnies to truly stand out in the crowd.

Style Guru Bio: Kara Birney

Hey people! My name’s Kara Birney and I’m a junior at Colorado State University, majoring in PR and Communications. My love for fashion has been a significant and ever-evolving part of my life. I have been passionate about it since my early teenage years of sketching outfits onto notebook paper and experimenting with hot pink pleather plants, to present day wear fashion is a vital ingredient to my individual expression. I truly believe that style comes from the inside and is reflected through not what a person wears, but how he or she wears it.