Tie dye is tricky. If worn the wrong way, it can look tacky. However, if worn the right way, it can be a truly chic print. I immediately took notice of this Fashionista because of the unique pattern of her dress. I like the colors of her tie dye dress because they do not immediately evoke the psychedelic seventies; it is tie dye done in a modern way. Also, I love that this Fashionista chose a simple silhouette as the canvas for this busy pattern. Though the pattern covers the entire dress, the cinched waist breaks the look apart and is figure flattering. In fact, this dress would look fabulous with a thin belt. This Fashionista keeps things simple with minimal accessories, though I love her metallic sandals. She shows us that it is okay to mix trends as long as it is done in a subtle way. Designer Matthew Williamson has been using tie dye in his collections for years, but now this trend is more accessible on a budget. Check out this cute dress from Gap! If you are really feeling adventurous, you can even make this a DIY look. Buy an inexpensive white dress and experiment with tie dye!


This week I am in love with layering. More than just a way to add different textures and points of interest to your outfit, layering can truly be a functional way to move an outfit from day to night. Many of us have internships that require us to dress in business attire. However, what are you to do if you have a date with the girls and don’t want to look like you just stepped out of your cubicle? Layer! This Fashionista looks fantastic wearing a long bohemian style dress in midnight blue. To make this work appropriate, she layers a white camisole underneath and wears a cropped jacket. The length of the jacket balances out nicely with the longer length of the dress. Taking this look from day to night is so simple. All she has to do is remove the white camisole under her dress, swap her flats for heels, and choose a cute clutch instead of her bigger leather bag. To get a look like hers, try heading to Wink. The store has all the same trends that they carry at a store like Intermix but at slightly more affordable prices.

Hint: Wear more layers during the day so you can remove them before you go out for the night. That way you can leave the extra pieces at work and not have to carry them around at night. Also, pack light accessories like earrings and bold makeup for an easy way to spice up your day look!


Strolling down the streets I could not help but to take notice of this Fashionista. Seeing her from a distance gave me a moment to ponder what we consider typical as far as articles of clothing. If someone were to ask me to give a generic list of clothing I would say: shirt, pants, dress, skirt, jacket. Though we have subcategories within those aforementioned, that generally covers most types of clothing. However, something has happened in the past few seasons that will revolutionize the fashion world; we have a new category, the onesie! The look that most girls are sporting in the summer is the romper. This Fashionista however does great justice for the less commonly worn one-piece jumper. Designers like Derek Lam are creating structured jumpers that are perfect for work or a night out. If worn in a structured way, this really is the modern day fashion forward version of a suit. This Fashionista gives a sophisticated yet casual spin on the trend. The light material is perfect for summer, and it drapes loosely over her frame. She pairs this all black ensemble with a chunky necklace and oversized purse. While this Fashionista looks unbelievable, readers do beware! For the tall Fashionista’s out there this is a perfect, figure-flattering look. Unfortunately, for our vertically challenged readers, you want to avoid this look if the jumpsuit you choose is too loose or if it is patterned. Stick to a more structured body hugging option in one color. I love this one from American Apparel. 

Hint: Try adding a belt or finding a jumper with elastic around the waste to give your body more of an hourglass shape and to spice up your outfit. 


It's funny how in a city where there is so much hustle and bustle, many people can be completely tuned out. It was almost as if I woke this Fashionista up out of an iPod enduced coma when I asked her if I could snap a photo of her. When she finally understood what was happening, she explained to me that she was just running some errands and threw something on; she didn't think it was a worthy outfit. When I am walking around the streets of New York, it feels like just about everyone is embracing the everyday Fashionista inside of them. Sometimes it feels like too much though; when did the treadmills at the gym become moving catwalks? So, I felt for this Fashionista's insecurity, but assured her that what she "threw on" looked amazing on her and embodied New York street style.

It's summer time and cut off shorts are a staple. I love hers because they are torn and white. White denim is huge for summer. Her floral top is loose which is a must not only because of the heat wave, but also because her shorts are tight – the juxtaposition works well together. She takes her own spin on the gladiator sandal wearing a pair with a less traditional pattern than most we see on the streets. Her purse is vintage (if you count stealing you mom's old bag as vintage!) and looks awesome with the other modern trends she touts.  I am loving how this Fashionista is keeping it fashion forward even as she runs her errands. 

To get a look like this Fashionistas head to LF. It is kind of like Americas response to Topshop (and more convenient because there are locations across the country). 


As I mentioned in my Style Bio, I believe that confidence is the most important accessory a Fashionista can tout. Sometimes it takes more guts to not wear a trend than it does to actually succumb to them. This Fashionista divulged to me that she never shops in big name stores; instead she ops for vintage stores. Her favorite in the city is Screaming Mimi’s. I immediately took notice of this Fashionista because of her non-traditional white sunglasses. Instead of rocking a traditional yet modern shape like the aviator or wayfarer, she wears what I see as an updated pair of 50’s shades. The contrast between her spunky white frames and flaming red bob was eye catching. I adore her dress with its delicate floral design and loose ruffle top. This Fashionista told me that she admired the fashion from decades past. Her cute purse is a nod to the times when people got dressed up simply to take a stroll through the park. I must say that I myself have fallen victim to the trend of wearing oversized bags at all times. Seeing this Fashionista with this delicate purse was a refreshing reminder that a small purse can not only be more comfortable than a large bag but also just as cute. 

Hint: Don’t shy away from wearing a piece you love even if you think it is off trend. Wearing quirky pieces will set you apart and make you look totally unique. Fashion is about taking risks, and if you love what your wearing, chances are others will too!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keeping Cool in the Summer

This week’s Fashionista epitomizes casual cool with a look that is low key, yet trendy. I chose this Fashionista because she so effortlessly pulls off a trend that I find looks forced on others: the fedora. Walking around the sweltering streets of NYC, this straw hat is both practical and fabulous. She pairs her hat with neutral pieces that pull together her boho look in an understated way. I love her woven shirt, which provides more texture and interest than a plain white T would. Tucking it in loosely into this high wasted skirt is perfect for daytime. High waisted skirts are always a figure flattering option and look great worn with anything from a loose cotton top to a fitted leotard. From head to toe, this Fashionista truly looks fabulous. Her nude gladiator sandals are on trend. Wearing too many trends at once however can make you look like your trying too hard. When you wear them in a color like nude (like this Fashionista did) they become a compliment to your outfit. To get a look similar to this Fashionista's, head to Topshop, a virtual trend emporium, where you can get almost all of the pieces this chick rocks. 

Hint: To make this look totally unique, try pairing it with floral wayfarer sunglasses, like these, or a leather chain bag.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Military Pride- Fourth of July Style

Fourth of July is around the corner, and that means lots of barbeques to show off your stylish duds. This Fashionista looks amazing in an outfit that is casual, comfortable, and eclectic all in one. She shows us that a basic look can be taken to the next level by simply adding a strong accessory or shoe. These boots would also look unbelievable with a short white or floral print tunic. The juxtaposition of a feminine piece against these military inspired boots would be truly striking. In fact, this Fashionista does this hear wearing a huge trend- colored denim. She wears a pastel short, this softens her looks. Wearing these boots in the summertime may be counter intuitive, but I think that is what makes this Fashionista stand out so much. You can get a pair of these boots at Steve Madden, but for the most unique pairs, head to vintage stores or flea markets. For the Fourth, it’s all about being comfortable and looking cute. To me, in the summer time, nothing completes a look like a great pair of sunglasses and its nice to have a few funky pairs in your wardrobe. I love the rounded with a twist ones this Fashionista wears. Designers like Chloe and Marc Jacobs are featuring glasses just like these in their collections.  

Hint: To take this look from day to night, try American Apparels slinky one shoulder dress and pair it with the combat boots. Wear your hair back with some big gold hoops, and you're ready to go. For the Fourth of July, it’s all about nice weather, good company, and great food.  Oh, and looking awesome never hurts!


This international Fashionista is a Spanish punk princess who is rocking a casual daytime look. This Fashionista embodies the principle that it is not just the clothes that makes a girl look stylish. This Fashionista exudes personal style. She daringly wears a bold pink bow atop her adorable pixie cut. Anyone who has the guts to rock this fierce cut is a style maven in my book. Check out her head phones which she wears almost as an accessory when they aren't on her ears, of course. Most girls probably have the staples that she wears; jeans, a long white tee, loose sweater, and Converse shoes. Her clothes are from Zara and H&M. To get a look just like hers, head to your closet and pick out your favorite basics, but this time, punch up your look by juxtaposing these boyish pieces with something super girly. Maybe that is a hot pink purse, a jeweled headband, or ballerina flats. Any way you wear it, you're bound to look like a true Fashionista- just like her! 


Are you working a boring summer job? Wish you could be chilling on a boat instead? Even though most of us won't have the luxury of living the nautical lifestyle this summer, it doesn’t mean we can’t dress regatta chic! Nautical style is a huge trend this season; it can be found everywhere from Louis Vuittons Resort 2010 collection to the hangers of the Gap.

I love how this Fashionista wears the style. She pairs a nautical staple, the striped shirt, with pink shorts which gives the look a feminine feel. She continues to use the sea as inspiration in her sandals. The T-strap flats use a pearl and coral motif; they are funky and functional. Every girl should own a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. It is a super inexpensive way to tout this trend and pull any outfit together. While this Fashionista rocks a daytime look, her shirt would also look fabulous paired with skinny jeans, a blazer, and heels for a night out.

It is important to not wear one trend from head to toe. I like how this Fashionista adds a rocker edge to her outfit with a dagger necklace. To get a look just like hers, head to J Crew or Forever 21. Then, go to a local flea market to buy a cool piece of jewelry, like an anchor necklace. Shopping at local markets is great, because the prices are usually affordable and the merchandise is unique. These are usually the pieces that get a Fashionista noticed!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s All in the Details

This week, try to spruce up your look with simple clothes that are rich in detail. I love the way this Fashionista kicked up her cute and casual summer look with a splash of sparkle and color. Nothing says summer like a pair of Daisy Dukes, but this Fashionista chose a pair where the interior pocket square hangs down and is bedazzled with neon blue sequins. This makes her totally unique! When wearing short shorts, it is important to avoid wearing something too tight on top. Try rocking a loose top like this Fashionista did. While she wears a “boyfriend” top over her shorts, a flirty, feminine blouse would also look fabulous! What this Fashionista does so well is she balances casual with upscale. Her Balenciaga bag is straight off the pages of US Weekly where we have seen endless celebrities toting the same purse. To get her look, go to any major department store. Her shirt is Theory and her shorts are 7 for all mankind. If you are on a budget and want to get a look just like this Fashionista’s, try Urban Outfitters or even your boyfriend or dad's closet for the shirt. For the shorts, make it a DIY project! Take some old jean shorts or jeans and cut them so you expose the interior pocket. Use a glue gun to bejewel or sew on sequins.