Style Guru Bio: Kari Brandt

Headbands, plaid skirts, blazers, oh my! Growing up, I went to an all girls school with a uniform. Through this experience, I discovered my personal style. In order to differentiate myself from the sea of girls all rocking Lands End attire, I had to spruce up my look in order to feel unique. I believe that style can be determined by everything from nail polish color, to handbag, to hairstyle. My look is very much a mix of uptown and downtown sensibilities. I love to wear inexpensive pieces and pair them with a tailored blazer, a statement necklace, or fabulous shoes. I believe that sometimes looking disheveled yet fashionable is the chicest look. I think it is always important to take fashion risks, yet be comfortable – feeling ridiculous is never fun. My ultimate style rule is to be true to yourself; don’t let somebody else tell you what looks good on you or how to put it together. Also, nothing looks as good or as fashionable as confidence!