TREND: Singing the Blues

It is move out time at NYU! While lifting boxes and carrying suitcases isn't always fun, it is fun to look cute while doing it! Moving out of a dormitory is usually an all day affair that is most successful when you are comfortable. It is also a way to make a lasting impression on your friends before you part ways for the summer. If you want your friends to remember you for your awesome sense of style, I advise you to think twice before digging out those old baggy sweatpants from the bottom of your drawer. Instead, set aside a cute and comfy outfit for the big day!  

This Fashionista's ensemble consists of a floral cotton sundress and an oversized denim blouse to go over it. This blouse from Madewell can be worn in place of a cardigan which may be too dressy for moving out of a dorm. It is also handy for being outside in the early evening as the temperature drops. This Fashionista has her sleeves rolled up, but as the sun goes down, she can gradually unroll them for more coverage. She has also added a bit of glam to this working outfit by wearing a gold statement necklace. This completes her ensemble without going over the top with accessories.

Hint: While moving out, it is often difficult to keep your important belongings such as wallets and keys with you at all times. By having a small messenger bag that is to be worn across the body, you will be able to keep track of your belongings.

TREND: Boys in Shorts

During the hot summer months, it may be hard for some Fashionistos to find shorts that fit comfortably and are stylish.  No one wants to be that guy with the ridiculously short shorts taking a stroll in the park, but at the same time, no one wants to wear shorts that are too long and baggy. The bermuda style is the perfect casual summer style for men.  

Bermuda shorts, which are also a favorite among Fashionistas, also look great on Fashionistos looking for a way to stay cool in the heat.  This Fashionisto's ensemble includes a pair of jean bermudas, a basic polo, and, classic brown loafers. This look is great for sightseeing or walking down a beautiful sandy beach!  Although this Fashionisto has chosen jean shorts, there are many other fabrics and colors to choose from.  For a classy, business casual look, try khaki bermudas along with classic loafers. A more casual option is the khaki cargo bermuda. The pockets in these cargos are very handy for odds and ends.

Hint: Although many people tend to stay away from flip flops while trekking around the city, they are more than acceptable for going to the beach! A very sturdy and comfortable pair of flip flops to wear with your bermudas are Rainbow Sandals. They mold to your feet and are comfortable for walking in the sand on a nice summer day!

TREND: That is Mighty Bold

Prints are all the rage on campus this spring and today's Fashionista wasn't afraid to make a statement in her bold leopard bag and downtown chic ensemble.  

Hanging outside of NYU's Gramercy Green dorms, I spotted today's Fashionista celebrating the end of finals. Her tote bag was nearly impossible to miss with it's shocking animal print design. Taking things to another level she decided to embrace the ever popular denim shorts and tights look.

If you are looking to stock up on a leopard print check out Paul's Boutique, for this outrageous tote.

And finally, you can't be a true NYU Fashionista without patent leather Dr. Martens like today's featured trendsetter. It doesn't matter the season Dr. Martens are always in style. 

Hint: For a night out, wear Dr. Marten heels or wedges. They are cute and sturdy for any extensive walking that occurs in NYC. 

TREND: Original Accents

While I was taking a stroll (stalking the Glee cast) in Washington Square Park this weekend, I spotted a Fashionista wearing a very unique piece of clothing. Her vintage vest initially caught my attention because of the interesting patterns. The color palette is also reminiscent of fashion trends of the 1980s.

This Fashionista's vest is cropped, thus setting it apart from most '80s style vests which tend to be longer in length. The cropped length is also perfect for women because it helps to frame the body by showing off that hourglass figure you've been working on all winter! Also play around with different patterns and colors. The gold in this Fashionista's vest works seamlessly with her blue jean ensemble. If you are going for a more eccentric look, choose a vest with larger patterns and brighter colors.

Hint: Another vest option is the sweater vest. Wear something like this on a chilly summer night out on the town!

TREND: Closing Time

The end of the year has unfortunately crept up on New York University students! Everyone is out and about enjoying their last free weekend before exams and graduation with style.

This lovely Fashionista is rocking a comfortable, season appropriate belted cap sleeve dress from Urban Outfitters as she relaxes in the park on this warm and sunny day. Although her (school) year-end outfit is more on the conservative side, she spices it up with her bright red Ray-Bans sunglasses.  The goal for this type of outfit is not to go overboard with accessories, but to use one or two accessories that pop! This Fashionista has chosen to bring all the attention to her face by downplaying the accessories on her wrists and neck.  Her delicate, baby blue flower necklace adds just enough color to compliment the red sunglasses.  This outfit is simple and perfect for a day of relaxation before the last week of school.

Hint: Try wearing other bold accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and scarves with your simple spring dress. Make the outfit yours!

TREND: A Foggy Day in London Town

There is a new trend blossoming on New York University's campus! At such a diverse school placed strategically in the middle of New York City, most students tend to steer away from the infamous "collegiate" look. This semester, I have found that more students are embracing this more sophisticated look for spring.

This Fashionista is rocking a cute English themed tee with her royal blue crested blazer. This burst of red and blue compliments her skinny blue jeans which she has rolled up to capri length. Another great element of her outfit are her shoes. Many students in the city wear oxford shoes, but our Fashionista's are unique because they are worn in. The worn look mixed with the sophisticated blazer creates a simple yet fashionable look that is great for early spring.

Hint: Try playing around with different colored blazers along with tees that represent countries you are most interested in! 

TREND: Patterned Tights

Walking around campus, I rarely see Fashionistas who wear dresses or skirts with bare legs anymore. Everyone is either wearing leggings or tights underneath their favorite spring item, and it's not because of chilly weather! Tights and leggings have become all the rage this spring.

This Fashionista spices her outfit up by choosing patterned tights as opposed to regular ones. There are many different patterns and weights to choose from when searching for tights to add to your wardrobe. Depending on the occasion, you can play around with the many looks that can be created. Today's Fashionista's gray light-weight tights go well with her light pink cotton shirt dress and make for a comfortable outfit for going to class or hanging out with friends. For a night on the town, I recommend something like these leggings or tights. The more exaggerated pattern will go well with any plain dress or skirt and make your whole outfit look extra special.

Hint: Play around with colored tights to add life to a seemingly boring outfit! 

TREND: Ripped For Spring

Spring is just around the corner and many students are attempting to get fit for skirt and shorts weather. Here in New York, students are getting prepared other ways besides going to the gym.

This Fashionista is rocking her long scarf and ripped jeans ensemble as she makes her way to class. What could initially be an everyday outfit is transformed into something special. Her exaggerated ripped jeans are the perfect fashion statement for a Fashionista who wants to look sophisticated and trendy.

While some may believe that ripped jeans always look sloppy, there are actually ways in which they can be utilized in an outfit that looks well put together. These ripped jeans from Urban Outfitters are the perfect example of jeans that can be dressed up with a few additional pieces. Just by adding a pair of heels, the outfit is on its way to sophisticated success! For a more laid back ripped jeans look, a great place to go is Abercrombie and Fitch. These Super Skinny Destroyed jeans are great for hanging out in!

Hint: In cooler weather, wear your ripped jeans with leggings underneath. You can keep your legs warm while looking great!

TREND: Long Leather Days

The return of the blistering cold weather in New York isn't getting everybody down. As I walked around campus everyone except for this Fashionista seemed to be disappointed about this sudden change in temperature. Her strikingly long leather jacket puts a smile on her face as she spends her day shopping around NYU's campus.

I've seen many students rocking long winter coats, but I've never seen a leather one. This unique coat is ideal for the cold Manhattan wind tunnels that occur during winter months. It is also a sleek staple item to have in your closet that can be dressed up or dressed down. This Fashionista wears it casually as she takes a stroll down Broadway on this cold, windy day. Although her outfit is casual, she spruces it up by adding a few accent pieces. Her colorful tasseled scarf picks up on colors from her burgundy jeans and brown moccasin boots. The weight and length of the scarf along with her fingerless mittens (which are great for texting) are also ideal for warmth. 

Hint: Play around with colors as much as possible! When it is cold in New York City, it is hard to stand out in the sea of people wearing only black. 

TREND: Knitted Fitted

Every Fashionista has had the experience of having to wear that itchy sweater knitted especially by grandma. Those long days at school seemed even longer as the uncomfortable fabric scratched and irritated your skin, but believe it or not, knitted clothing has come a long way since then. The childhood styles that were once dreaded are now becoming a hot commodity on NYU's campus. 

This Fashionista is bringing back the knit sweater style with a beautiful blossoming of floral hues. Her heavy green knit sweater is unexpectedly yet perfectly balanced with the lighter fabric of the dress she pairs underneath. It also provides structure to the rest of the outfit.

Another great aspect of this Fashionista's outfit is her shoes. Her khaki brown oxfords and white ankle socks add to the sweater's collegiate feel. An outfit like this is especially perfect since spring break has arrived for most universities. This just goes to show that even during a long awaited break from school, you can still look like the sophisticated college student you are!

Hint: If you like accessories, try wearing a pair of thick rimmed glasses or a cute headband. It will polish your outfit right up!