ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Lipstick Jungle

As I mentioned in my latest Style Guru Bio, my ever-growing love affair with lipstick is a passionate one. What’s not to love? Lipstick has the insatiable quality to convey an instant à la mode factor. Part art, part makeup; lipstick is the quickest way to amp up the trend factor to any look. This is why having a complete lipstick wardrobe that caters to any and every occasion is absolutely essential: coral colors are playful, red shades are sexy, pink hues are coy and the list goes on.

With the uprise in designer lipstick launches, its appeal has resurfaced over the past few years as a beauty must-have. This season, the beauty scene was graced with the debut of Kate Spade’s Supercalifragilipsticks — a collection of four ‘50s inspired shades. The brand’s creative director Deborah Lloyd worked alongside Poppy King to design the products. “Deborah and I wanted to create a product that had the glamour of lipstick without the commitment to a full pigment,” King told Instyle exclusively.

This Fashionista exquisitely employed the Kate Spade lipstick objective by applying a visible, yet subtle pop of color. Although even without her lipstick this Fashionista’s ensemble would have had a classic, sleek and chic appeal, by adding a piquant pop of pink, a trendy dimension was thrown into the mix. It’s no secret that this Fashionista knows beauty. Between her polished nails, long lashes, fresh face and of course, pink lips she uses her beauty expertise to top off of an already stylish look.

Expert tip from Cassie: The extra pop of color on the lip adds a little something to any outfit. Try and keep your face make up and eye make up a little more neutral if you want to add a vibrant color lip. The Fashionista pictured really did get this look perfect! Her non descript eyes allows the attention to be drawn to her beautiful hair and lucious lip color.

CollegeFashionista X Juicy Couture Advertorial: Couture is Here- George Washington University

Washington, D.C. has never been known for its overtly fashionable sense of style. Luckily there is a sector of the city that is completely extricable from DC’s fashion lull – The George Washington University Campus. GW students thrive as brand savvy fashion paragons with an ultra-chic take on metropolitan style. It’s really no surprise considering the utterly diverse international population and strong background of city-born students. GWU students perceive fashion as a means to make a lasting impression from the first impression, which is why we express our individuality and creativity through our wardrobes. Below are some of GWU’s most in vogue Fashionistas proving that at GWU, Couture is Here!

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How do you couture your look?

Kate Hoffman, Junior: I always fall back on my Tom Ford glasses to amp up my look. 

Maddy Mac, Junior: I always like to add a fabulous bag to my outfit. I think bags can really dress up any look.

Mia Geronemus, Senior: I like to pair large chunky sweaters with all sorts of pieces.

Molly Ackerly, Junior: I love to play around with my makeup to add some flair. I especially love bright lipstick.

Rachel MacAlpine, Freshman: I love to funk it up with leather and some clunky heals.

Rebecca Kelmenson, Junior: I love vests, I think they can easily dress up a plain outfit.

Sam Bort, Senior: I find a great pair of jeans and style around that. Jeans never go out of style and you can dress them up or down. Once you find a good pair (whether black, denim, or color) you can always feel confident.

Anabelle Soloway, Junior: I like to put together a mixture of styles to create outfits with edge.

Ashely Navid, Sophomore: I take the basics and spruce them up with accessories.


As my Style Guru Bio most explicitly states, I adore ballet-inspired fashion, therefore it is no surprise that this week’s feature focuses on the prima ballerina Fashionista. She is clad in point-shoe pink shorts, a warm-up knit sweater and, of course, an ultra chic, topknot bun. It is this simple, high bun that adds an instant chic to her precisely polished look. Take note and bring your own hair up, up and away to revel in this classic ballerina style.

Need verification that this strong, sexy do is taking the fashion world by storm? Exhibit A:  The Spring 2011 runway shows of Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Luella (just to name a few) proved just how chi-chi the topknot is. Exhibit B: Fashion forward celebs such as Chloe Sevigny, Erin Wasson, Alexandra Richards and Margarita Missoni rock their buns at just about any occasion modeling the style's super wearability.

For this sleek look, start by dampening your hair with a lightweight mousse such as this one from Tresemme. Next, pull hair into a high ponytail and brush back flyaways with a boar-bristle brush (try Denman’s; $20). Then, twist the ponytail into a knot and pin it on top of your head. Make sure to wind the knot in an oval shape rather than a circle for a softer look.

Expert tip from Cassie: Kate gave great advice on how to achieve a fabulous ballerina bun.  Make sure your pony tail is in line with your temples for the perfect placement.  This hairstyle is simple and easy to do.  It is perfect for running errands and even making your date night outfit that much sexier.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Fashion Forward Feathers

Fate was on my side for my very first All About Beauty expose. In a fortunate stroke of serendipity, I stumbled upon today’s featured Fashionista personifying beauty in all its glory. She covered all the beauty bases: long, thick hair twisted in the ever-trendy side braid, electric azure eyeshadow to compliment her ocean-blue eyes, and lanky limbs that could make any piece of clothing fit just right. But leave it to this beauty savvy Fashionista to kick it up a notch, past these elementary beauty basics, with her feather hair extension.

Feather extensions hit the fashion scene in mid January when celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff sported the feather’s boho-chic look. Soon after, salons around the country were selling out of this fashion forward hair accessory. Its appeal is obvious – a feather’s soft color palette integrates flawlessly with long locks of hair while also adding spice to even the simplest hairdo. The key to pulling off the look is having a subtle feather that will act like just another wisp of hair. This Fashionista did just that with her understated, grey-blue feather that has flippantly flown out from her kempt braid.

Urban Outfitters carries a sizable selection of hair feather extensions that are both adorable and affordable. My three favorite are the Beaded Feather Hair Extension, Feather & Chain Hair Clip and Mixed Chain & Feathers Hair Extension. Watch this YouTube video for hints on how to apply your very own feather hair extension.


Style Guru Bio: Kate Hoffman

Fashionistas, it’s time to get excited! All About Beauty has been added to CollegeFashionista’s roster of fabulous weekly columns, and I can’t wait to be a part of this beauty extravaganza. Ever since I was little, I have been infatuated with hair and makeup. Along the way, I have picked up a few beauty must-haves. My top three tips on everything beauty are as follows:

1. Mascara is a makeup essential! I am obsessed with thin, long lashes because they are absolutely sure to brighten up any Fashionista’s face, even without applying any other make-up. No brand does it better than Maybelline, who has the ultimate variety of affordable brushes.

2. A bright lip is the best way to create a statement with your makeup. Whether you’re sporting a hot pink, red or coral lip, it will be sure to amp up the trend factor to any outfit. MAC products rule the makeup world when it comes to lipstick, so look to their wide variety of shades to fulfill your bright color needs!

3. As for hair, I am in a never-ending love affair with the braid. From fishtails to French braids or over-the-shoulder to interwoven braids, they are perfectly appropriate for every occasion. Want to increase your braid repertoire? Look to YouTube for “How To” videos and you’ll be sure to find step-by-step instructions for any and every type of braid under the sun.

This fall I am so excited to share with all of you my beauty knowledge!


Fashionistos: look to the left, observe, and take note! This featured Fashionisto’s dapper style and good taste leaves a lot to be envious of. He knows just how to layer, accessorize, and style his pieces to create a perfectly unkempt look. Today’s Style Advice of the Week is inspired by his must have warm weather accessory — boat shoes! This Fashionisto’s classic take on the boat shoe proves just how timeless yet contemporary this piece can be, and so, every Fashionisto should be sure to have their very own pair (… or two, or three). Below, are the top 3 reasons you must add a pair of boat shoes to your wardrobe today!

1. Dress-them-Up or Dress-them-Down
Whether you’re going to a daytime or nighttime event, Ralph Lauren carries a variety of boat shoe styles that can be worn to almost any summertime occasion. If you’re going to a BBQ, spending the day on a boat, or picnicking in the park, Ralph Lauren’s Sander Canvas Boat Shoe is the way to go. And for a dinner party or outdoor concert, try Ralph Lauren’s Rylander Canvas Boat Shoe.

2. Summer Basic
Alongside your plain cotton tee, chino shorts, and braided belt, should be a pair of boat shoes! Why? Because their comfortability, practicality, endurance and most importantly style make them an essential summer basic. J.Crew’s Authentic Original broken-in boat shoe is the perfect example of this quintessential, staple look.

3. Versatility and Wearability
Boat shoes have been around for decades because of their exceptional versatility and wearability. Iconic Fashionisto’s such as Cary Grant and JFK rocked their preppy looks by sporting these shoes years ago. Today’s designers have created a wide variety of colors and patterns for this accessory to match and modernize any outfit. Sebago’s Spinnaker Boat Shoe, is a playful sea of colors that you won’t want to miss!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All-American Attitude

Ever since 1776 when the Declaration of Independence marked our country’s freedom, generation after generation has defined copious trends as “all-American” fashion. From denim garb to nautical attire, preppy looks to Western wear, all of these trends are considered to be classic American looks. But nothing screams all-American Girl as well as the amalgamation of a red, white, and blue color palette!

Today’s Style Advice of the Week is inspired by this Fashionista, who is decked out in a fabulously explicit patriotic color scheme. What could be more iconic than red, white, and blue? Not only does she thoroughly employ America’s colors, but she also applies one of the most classic American styles – preppy. Her tailored blazer, buttoned-up oxford, and casual chinos create a chic and sophisticated look which allows her patriotic colors to bypass any cliche undertones. Her brown leather belt, nautical canvas bag, and modern, leather-trim moccasin are the perfect compliments to her classic outfit.

How to: There is no better brand to prep-up your patriotism than Tommy Hilfiger. This brand has put their undeniable mark on star spangled style by creating looks that are polished yet discreetly sexy without boarding boring. Try shopping their classic white oxford, navy blazer, and red heritage chino to duplicate this Fashionista’s look. By following her lead and you’ll be sure to look like an all-American girl through and through!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jeffrey Campbell’s ’70s Show

Thanks to Mila Kunis’ buzz-worthy performances in Black Swan and Friends with Benefits, she has become 2011’s must-have cover girl. By gracing the front pages of Cosmopolitan, the Los Angeles Times, Elle and GQ , she has proven that her spunk, style, and stagecraft are all something worth watching for. This Mila media craze has not only kept me engrossed in all of her current publicity, but it has also enticed me to re-obsess over my favorite blast-from-the-past TV show — That '70s Show. I’ve noticed that mixed in with all of the sarcastic humor and cliche slang, Mila sports an inspiring collection of '70s ensembles. And with the 1970’s fashion world domination, what better way to get my fashion fix than to ogle over Mila Kunis’s That '70s Show getups?

With brands like Free People, Donna Karan and Alice & Olivia, there is no shortage in modern, '70s inspired women’s wear; but what about footwear? Well that’s where the Jeffrey Campbell collection comes in. Their vintage-influenced, chunky, platform heels are the epitome of a classic '70s shoe. Over the past few seasons, this brand has become an American fashion accessory necessity for designers, Fashionistas, and stylists alike.

This featured Fashionista enlists the help of her Jeffrey Cambell’s to add a subversive yet sassy edge to her laid-back look. Her black color palette and the added splash of crimson, incorporates a gothic spin to her '70s shoes — the overall look is a surprisingly perfect Mod combo (I can’t help but see the Mila Kunis beauty and style look-alike in this Fashionista).

Hint: To recreate her style, go to for your one-stop-shopping may-haven. Try this black lace dress, crimson handbag, and these black platform boots to replicate her look!


The upcoming fashion scene fully employed the saying less is more. This poignant trend of minimalism has been shown in every fall, winter, spring and summer runway show; from Gucci to Stella McCartney and Chloe to Jil Sander, each of these designers proved the power of simplistic styling. It’s a refreshing deviation from cluttered accessories, overdone layering, and clashing patterns.

This Fashionista here is the perfect case study of minimalism. Her calm color palette, man-tailored silhouette, and subtly sumptuous fabrics prove that simple never looked so good. Although the plainness of it all may seem monotonous, it’s actually quite the opposite – it’s avant-garde. The fact that a look created from so little can inspire such beauty is a very different take on fashion compared to almost all other trends.

Even more importantly than weeding through the fashion bullshit is this trend’s ability to stylize Fashionistas in a way that puts the spotlight on her rather than her clothing. Here we can see that this Fashionista’s effortless combination works alongside her the fresh and dewy makeup, and easygoing and flowing locks to create an overall summery glow. (Any Fashionista employing the minimalist trend should use her hair, makeup and figure to create beauty alongside her clothing instead of hiding beneath her wardrobe!)

Hint: Refinery29 featured an H&M runway lookbook of their upcoming fall line. Not only are these looks fabulous examples of the less is more style, but they’re also wildly affordable! Make sure to watch this video for inspiration on how to shop the H&M minimalist look.

We’ve seen the minimalist trend hold its own throughout 2010/2011 but let’s hope the approaching September Issues predict a continuing minimalist trend for 2011/2012 … I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Shape-Up with a Chambray Shirt

What is a Fashionista to do on a breezy, sunny summer day? You know, when it’s too warm for a sweater yet too cold for a tank? Over the past few seasons it has become obvious — layer with your chambray shirt! Whether your chambray shirt has an uptown chic style or downtown grudge look, it’s a top that can be worn in any season. And without fail, it will add a funky feel to your ensemble.

Look at how this Fashionista’s chambray shirt employs a cool yet effortless vibe to her daytime, city-chic style. Without it, her neutral color palette and swanky accessories results in a polished look. But by adding a twist with her denim shirt, this Fashionista’s trend factor is complete. Take note Fashionistas: this unique combination of classic and easy-going pieces have unexpectedly created an appealing look.

Hint: Here are a few killer options from some of my favorite and most dependable brands. Check out Gap’s Western Chambray Shirt for a boyfriend feel that will look it’s best layered over a thermal or under a loose-fitting cardigan. J. Crew shows the perfect way to vamp up a preppy look (colorful shorts, braided belt, and fedora hat) with their Faded Chambray Shirt. And H&M’s affordable Fitted Denim Shirt is styled with a floral skirt and distressed brown belt for a feminine, western feel.

Now it’s your turn to grab your very own chambray shirt!