In the beginning of March, Vogue forecasted the most important upcoming spring trends— classic American, polished denim, pops of color, and new bohemian. Today’s featured Fashionista pulls her inspiration from my two favorite looks of color blocking and traditional American. Her hot pink shorts make her ensemble Spotlight Fashionista worthy, because of their eye catching and ambitious appeal. But she is able to retain an air of sophistication, even with her peppy pink bottoms, because of their polished cut. The rest of this Fashionista’s ensemble consists of a brown and cream color palette with compelling textures of leather and silk, which exemplify a Ralph Lauren-esque American look. Altogether, this Fashionista’s quirky combination of opposite spring trends comes together in a lady-like look, because of her elegant simplicity with playful, pink accents.

Name: Nicole Mills

Year: Sophomore

Major: Political Science

College Fashionista: Where do you look for fashion advice?

Nicole Mills: I like to look for inspiration in celebrities and blogs and then combine the influences from both. One of my go-to blogs is Whowhatwear and as for celebrities, I love Rachel Bilson because of the way she always adds pizzaz to her casual, everyday looks.

CF: What is your go-to piece of clothing or accessory?

NM: I think that a white sweater is a must-have piece of clothing, because I know that I can always depend on it for the perfect layering item. I make sure to have a sweater with me at all times to throw on in case the weather changes, and that’s where my light-weight white sweater comes in. Even more important though are my sunglasses I am obsessed. The ones that I am wearing today are Urban Outfitters, but I would die for Nicole Richie’s sunglass collection.

CF: Is your style influenced by your mood, the season, or the weather?

NM: It is definitely influenced by the season, and summer is my all time favorite season for fashion. The warmth leaves you with so many more ensemble options, because you don’t have to be weighed down by restrictions from the cold (like jackets). Also, I am just in a better mood in the summer and it makes me more excited to plan bright-colored outfits. Lastly, I love that I get to wear shorts and skirts, because with my long legs, pants are always awkwardly short on me.

How To: Click through Vogue’s article Spring 100+ Under $100 for ideas on how to replicate this Fashonista’s must have accessories on a budget (the American style guide starts on slide #1 and the Pop Color style guide begins on slide #56).


Vogue featured model Karolina Kurkova as this week’s Social Shopper, because of her stylish dedication to classic investment items. For her look, she passes over outrageous trends to focus on investment pieces of “quality fabrics, timeless silhouettes, and great tailoring”. I caught today’s spotlighted Fashionista sporting this immaculate look of simplicity and quality. The neutrality of this Fashionista’s beige, white, blue, and eggplant color palette allowed her textured fabrics to stand out as the expressive aspect of her look. From her long sleeve blouse (perfect for any season) to her versatile footwear to her leather bag, this Fashionista models a wardrobe of classics.

Name: Meagan Riordan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

College Fashionista: Do you find your personal style to follow a consistent look or vary depending on the season's trends?

Meagan Riordan: My style is pretty consistent. I try to incorporate certain trends into my existing style of simple, comfortable clothing (which I like to incorporate pops of color and accessories into). My staples are fitted skinnies and blouses. I use trends to accent these staple pieces.

CF: If you had a million dollars to spend on one designer, who would it be?

MR: Yves saint Laurent, because the looks are timeless and classic yet still unique. I especially love their heels- they are incredible.

CF: Do you follow fashion media for style inspiration?

MR: I obviously read Vogue; I have been reading it since I can remember. I absolutely love their spreads, because they create these amazing ensembles. Other magazines focus on separate pieces of clothing which bothers me, but with Vogue you get the full look. I don’t really look on the Internet for fashion advice- I am more of a shopper than a researcher. I like to see the clothes first hand instead of learning about them online.

How To: Rather than splurging on an expensive seasonal item, make a fashion investment in a valuable, classic piece. Whether it’s a dress, bag, top, or bracelet, start the foundation of your timeless wardrobe with well made clothing- like this Fashionista’s Missoni shoes, Equipment blouse, or Balenciaga bag.


In the 90 degree D.C. heat I spotted this California-chic Fashionista on her way back from the National Mall. Her faded pink denim shorts, lightweight cotton T-shirt, and strappy white flats were the perfect way to fight the scorching heat, while still looking fabulously fashionable. This ‘70s inspired style of color and comfort made her LA roots unmistakable- identical to California natives like the Fashionista trendsetters Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad.

Name: Maddy McNamara

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maddy McNamara: My style definitely has a very casual, southern California feeling. When I go out at night, I love to wearing leggings, a silk top, and a pair of pumps (rather than a dress). During the day, my go-to outfit is a cute T-shirt and jeans. I am obsessed with Splendid tops. They are the perfect simplistic, comfortable, and versatile top for any daytime outfit.

CF: When choosing your outfit each day, what is the most important aspect of your ensemble?

MM: Choosing my footwear is a big aspect of my outfit each day, because I think shoes can really complete a look. I don’t have one designer that I depend on for shoes; for me designers vary with the style of shoe that I am looking for. In the winter I also focus on sweaters and scarfs. This winter I was especially obsessed with my Missoni scarf, because of how big and colorful it is.

CF: If you were to design your own fashion line, where would you find inspiration?

MM: I really love Margherita Missoni and Stella McCartney’s designs, so I would model my line off of their trends. They both incorporated bright colors and florals into their clothing which I love, especially for the summer time (I like summer clothes much better than winter clothes!)

How To: Start with a basic cotton shirt from Splendid like this Fashionista suggested. Then browse Shopbop where there is a variety of colorful denim shorts. Keep your accessories simple with a Sam Edelman shoe- they have the perfect collection of neutral, strappy sandals. Lastly, add a playful twist with fun makeup from Sephora like this colorful eyeliner.


Lately, fashion has gotten a lot more personal by focusing on the individual statement through stylish experiments. Alexa Chung is the modern poster girl for this new trend, and Fashionistas around the globe are finding influence in her impeccably hip style. I caught site of this Alexa Chung-inspired Fashionista in a stylishly sexy tomboy look. This Fashionista’s laid back vibe was felt in her black denim shorts, untucked chambray shirt, perfectly cluttered jewelry, and military jacket- all quintessential tomboyish pieces. But more importantly, her hot pink and camel combat boots showed her audacious fashion playfulness; so I stopped her to discuss her adventurous style.

Name: Alana Wolens

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications and Criminal Justice

College Fashionista: Where do you find your style inspiration?

Alana Wolens: I grew up in Los Angeles and my high school was kind of like its own fashion show, so when I began developing my own style, a lot of my inspiration came from my peers. I also took inspiration from the stylish streets of Los Angeles, specifically Santa Monica. Right now I work at Madewell in Georgetown, which has influenced me to incorporate their clothing into my wardrobe. Alexa Chung (my fashion icon) does a lot of the styling for Madewell so I love to look to her to see what is up-and-coming in the fashion world.

CF: I can see your outfit is accented with many pieces of jewelry. What is one accessory that you cannot live without?

AW: I have two things (one is much nicer than the other, but I really love them both). The first is my Micheal Kors watch which I got when I was 18. It used to be white, but since I wear it so much it has become kind of gray. Either way, I still wear it because it is a classic and timeless piece, plus it makes me look at my watch rather than my phone for the time! The other is my dinky ring that I got from Israel (it was maybe 50 cents) and all my best friends there have it too.

CF: What advice would you give college students looking to take fashion risks in their everyday ensembles?

AW: I think you have to pair your risky items with something you can feel comfortable with. My daily attire is made up of all neutrals (I would wear only black, gray, and white if it wasn’t so boring). Then, I accessorize with my favorite season trends to add something that will pop- like the shoes that I am wearing right now. I bought them in Amsterdam and they are my favorite thing in the world right now!

How To: Follow this Fashionista and Alexa Chung’s advice by, “throwing on one item that turns heads to create a trademark style” such as these colorful combat boots or some eclectic jewelry. Statement pieces like these along with simply layered classics, all which can be found at Madewell, will complete your new tomboy-chic look.


As I walked onto University Yard this morning, I spotted this Fashionista’s feet dressed in my favorite patent leather ballet flats- Repettos! After bonding over our mutual love for Repetto flats, and then snapping a few photographs of our matching feet, I could finally focus on the rest of her ensemble. I loved the way this Fashionista combined a silky, printed blouse for sophistication and dynamic dimension to her otherwise uncluttered look  (Vogue named this popular spring 2011 trend of graphic 2-D florals “Hyper-Prints”). This is what she had to say about her springtime look, favorite trends, and shopping addictions!

Name: Anabelle Soloway

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

College Fashionista: What is your favorite season to dress for?

Anabelle Soloway: Definitely spring, because I love wearing shorts and skirts (mostly because they are so much more comfortable than wearing pants.) I also feel more inclined to wear colors, which is especially fun for me because I love pastels. Throughout the year I like to layer all my clothing but in the colder months, these layers are hidden by bulky jackets. The springtime is the perfect season to show off the various layers and colors I’m wearing.

CF: What fashion trend or item do you regularly sport?

AS: This isn’t necessarily a trend, but as a rule I only wear comfortable clothes. As for an item, I am almost always wearing a scarf- I love them! If I am wearing neutral, comfortable outfits, a scarf is a perfect way to accessorize any outfit (especially with my black winter coat).

CF: If you had one million dollars to spend at any store, where would you go shopping?

AS: Being from New York City, I have never had close access to shopping malls. This being said I would choose to spend my million dollars at Bergdorf. It is the perfect medium between a boutique and a mall, plus they have amazing clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Knowing myself, I would probably end up spending most of the money buying every color of my favorite shoe brand Repettos. They are the perfect ballet flat and this way I would have a pair to match every outfit!

How To: To replicate this Fashionista’s look, think about simplicity. Begin with your favorite pair of dark-wash denim, splurge on timeless Repetto ballet flats, add a classic Longchamp bag, and accessorize with a hint of jewelry. Once you have these traditional pieces, find a floral top that works for you (Joie always has a wide variety of printed silk tops!) Finish this ensemble by throwing on a lightweight scarf to prepare for the breezy springtime weather. Now your look is complete!


Over the past few seasons, neutral hues have dominated menswear. But luckily for colorful Fashionisto’s such as this one, designers broke out of their gloomy, gray streaks to bring some life onto the runways of spring 2011. There was no way I could have missed this trendy Fashionisto walking to class- the colorful array of his bright pink backpack, neon orange jacket, light pink shoes, green knit beanie, and blue thermal shirt made him pop among his fellow classmates. I was impressed by the daring ensemble of risky color combinations he pulled together, so I pulled him out of the crowd to talk about his style.

Name: Alek Hannessian

Year: Sophomore

Majors: Philosophy and Communications

CollegeFashionista: Your outfit is obviously filled with color today. Is color a big part of your everyday ensemble?

Alek Hannessian: Well, in a world in which what is considered “fashionable” is completely dictated and forced upon by the industry, all we have left to identify ourselves with and attain individuality with is color. So yes, I would say color is a big part of my everyday ensemble.

CF: What is your go to piece of clothing or accessory?

AH: My go-to accessories would have to be my beanie and blue blocker sun glasses. And as clothing goes, my colorful shoes or bright orange jacket. These items in particular, because as Mark Wahlberg said in a ‘98 issue of GQ “These are the elements which add the pop.”

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for?

AH: Summer, because I am from LA where warm weather is my natural habitat. This weather also makes it most appropriate to dress in color, which as you can see, defines me.

How To: You too can make a colorful statement like this fashion forward Fashionisto! Start with your statement piece- a jacket like this one from Ralph Lauren. Then add this Fashionisto’s favorite accessories like this knit beanie and vibrant backpack. Finish following in his footsteps by dressing your feet with subtly, colorful shoes such as these ‘60s inspired sneakers. Voila! Now you are ready to stand out in any crowd.


Patterned, silk scarves had a major moment on the runways for spring 2011. Valentino pushed this classic accessory in his seemingly endless, silky collection of mixed prints, designs, and sizes. I found this Fashionista rocking the lanky, silk scarf’s street-style look. She combined her sophisticated scarf of sultry colors with her subversive studded sneakers, vintage sleeveless denim jacket, and minimalist monochromatic silhouette. The gold accents throughout this ensemble brought the mixture of diverse styles into a flawless balance between trendy and simplistic- making her outfit appear effortless. I stopped to chat with this Fashionista to see where she finds her inspiration!

Name: Mondalena Nikc

Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology and Organizational Science

CollegeFashionista: What is your “go-to” clothing item or accessory?

Mondalena Nikc: A scarf. Infinity scarfs are the way to go!

CF: How do you pick out an outfit that is both weather appropriate for the brisk spring season, yet colorful and fun?

MN: When it’s sunny out I’m usually happier and dress in brighter colors compared to when its cold and rainy … in that case I just throw on a cozy sweater. Here I have found an in-between look, to mimic the indecisive D.C. weather.

CF: Do you tend to use the fashion media for your style inspiration compass?

MN: My two favorite blogs are Cocoperez and Cashmere and Cupcakes. Who can resist the photography, advertisements, and fashion layouts in Vogue? I like following all of these resources to keep up-to-date on new season trends. I also like to look at clothing stores for the latest styles, because they’re the resources that carry the hot items. I love (they have a lot of cute things), and Barneys (because they carry the brand name items). This spring I am really looking forward to wearing my Geren Ford jumpsuit.

How To: In order to replicate this Fashionista’s stylish springtime look, start with basic pieces that should be a staple in every girls wardrobe: a white top and black skinnies. Add a vibrant silk scarf (either draped around your neck, wrapped into your hair, knotted onto a bag handle, or threaded through belt loops.) Then layer with a surprise piece, like a denim vest from Topshop. It will give the whole ensemble a fun, edgy, ‘90s feel! To complete the look, stop by Upper Echelon Shoes where you can find a variety of funky sneakers (because shoes are your number one accessory to update any look … would Carrie Bradshaw lie?) 


In case you haven’t noticed, spring has almost sprung! I spotted today's featured Fashionista’s vibrant, floral dress as she headed back to her dorm from class. Her colorful ensemble of bright floral patterns, bold jewelry, and blue mascara perfectly paralleled the weather’s bright mood. Her ensemble couldn’t have been more inspirational for GWU’s spring vacation waiting right around the corner! To offset her lively combination of colors, she accessorized with a taupe, knit scarf and cream blazer. I was amazed at this Fashionista’s ability to combine texture, colors, and patterns into one flawless ensemble; so I stopped her to talk about this playful daytime look.

Name: Donna Farizan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications

CF: Is your style influenced by your mood, the season, and/or the weather?

DF: I would say that the three of those follow a ranking system for me. First, I focus on the season and the trends within that season. Then I go by my mood. Lastly, I look to the weather to determine if I want to dress up or dress down. I usually use the weather to determine my outerwear (like my shoes and my jackets).

CF: Do you follow fashion media for style inspiration?

DF: I definitely follow fashion media, but only to a certain extent. I use magazines (and websites) like Vogue, InStyle, and to figure out the trends for each season. Then, I like to incorporate those trends into my own stye. But I mostly turn to the celebrities that I idolize for fashion advice. This spring I am looking forward to floral patterned dresses because they are classic while also girly and flirty.

CF: Who is your fashion icon?

DF: My fashion icon is Lauren Conrad. She doesn’t stick to one solitary style, but she incorporates many different ones into her look. Sometimes she rocks the boho-chic look and other times she rocks the sophisticated, feminine look. I see this in my style a lot because I get bored easily with similar things. I look to her for inspiration in dressing up my own style based on the different trends of that season.

How To: In order to replicate this Fashionista’s stylish springtime look, start with a springtime basic: a floral dress. Then create versatility for both occasion and weather by adding a textured scarf and light blazer (both pieces should be staples in any girl's wardrobe!) To complete this look, sprinkle on a few bold rings and earrings, like these from Anthropologie, my go-to store for costume jewelry.

Style Guru Bio: Kate Hoffman

Hi CollegeFashionista followers, my name is Kate Hoffman. I am a sophomore at the George Washington University, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Additionally, I have a double minor in the Fine Arts and Art History.

I was born and raised in Westchester, NY, 45 minutes north of NYC. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom would take me and my three younger sisters into Manhattan to visit museums, restaurants, parks, galleries, Broadway shows, and of course, stores, uptown, midtown, and downtown! For me, this all ended in a “love affair” between myself and the urban culture. New York Fashionistas are fearless. I find their sense of style both artistic and inspirational. The fact is that I gravitate to cities- living in D.C. for my education, traveling to Paris to study abroad for the academic year next year, and eventually hoping to move to New York City upon graduation. I want to continue to find influence in the ever-changing atmosphere of metropolitan areas.

As you can imagine, growing up in a house of five girls (my dad has always been very outnumbered), one does develop a true love for dress up, nail polish, ballet, Vogue, arts and crafts, and 1950s movies- all which have influenced my effeminate style. I was a ballerina for 16 years and I have always looked to Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly’s feminine elegance for inspiration. I envy the sophistication of women’s clothing during this period. My personal style draws heavily from ballet-inspired fashion. I cannot live without my Repetto ballet flats; I prefer wearing stockings over jeans any day; I keep my accessories to a minimum; I knot my hair in a low bun by the end of the day; and I gravitate towards neutral colors.

Although I have always looked to Vogue, W, and Elle to satisfy my craving for the latest trends, I now depend on the growing collection of fashion bloggers for style coverage as well. I am so excited to become a part of this community at my favorite fashion blog, CollegeFashionista!