It is always great to see a touch of creativity when it comes to style. When you add your own touch to an item you can be certain that you will not stumble upon that awkward moment when you are matching another person.

This Fashionisto makes sure to set himself apart from the crowd by firstly customizing his Pull & Bear jeans to make them awesome cut-offs. What is fantastic about this tailoring is that it could not be easier. So follow this Fashionisto’s good example, and get your own pair of jeans to turn them into your own masterpiece.

This Fashionisto then continues this ragged, rustic and personal look by combining a variety of bracelets together from which he acquired from different sources. From collecting his accessories from a shop in India, Diesel, Aldo and even one given to him by a nice old lady, this Fashionisto creates a brilliant eclectic mix. The rustic look is then also continued by his well loved and worn out Aldo shoes. The matching worn out brown leather is perfectly complemented by his rustic leather, wood and string accessories. His unique hair is  the cherry on top of the cake to this unique look. He chooses a style that is the perfect finishing touch to make sure that he stands out from the crowd, reflecting his talent for originality.

Hint: If you are looking for a cheap place to find some jeans to cut, I recommend searching in thrift stores. You will find a great bargain and it will also leave space for error if you haven’t quite yet mastered the art of cut-offs.



I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to his internship and was very impressed by his elegant attire. What first struck me about this Fashionisto was his tailored grey Alfani suit which, when paired with his Brooks Brothers shirt, radiates sophistication.

But what really sets this Fashionisto apart is his attention to detail. This Fashionisto is a great example of how to match items together. Firstly, the blue pinstripes of his shirt are beautifully complemented by his subtle Brooks Brothers pocket square. Including this little detail in the pocket of a suit jacket is a treat to see these days, as many modern men don’t bother to add this finishing touch. This Fashionisto then continues to impress by matching his DKNY tie, his Cole Haan shoes (which are beautifully polished I must add) and his Vcuffs cufflinks.

Saving the best part of this Fashionisto’s outfit for last I must bring your attention to the previously mentioned marvelous SCuffs. This Fashionisto explained how his dear friend and current fellow Trojan has successfully began a cufflinks company called Vcuffs. Check them out as they have a variety of different products, ranging from tie clips to suspenders, and also some very dashing Trojan’s modeling the products. I also personally adore the Champagne Flow tie clip and the Dark and Light cufflinks.

Hint: Keep an eye out for the fashion sprouting from your fellow students. It is always great to support those around you and from what I have seen so far at USC, you will be very satisfied with the unique products that are growing out of our generation. Fortunately, the SCuffs are currently available to purchase in the USC Bookstore. Therefore, I recommend you go pick up a pair soon so you too can look as chic as this Fashionisto.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: How To Parade Your College Colors

Wherever I am in the world I nearly always see someone sporting a USC logo. Whether is it is Paris, London or the Galapagos Islands (yes I have run into Trojans in all these places) Trojans will always take a minute to chat to each other. There is nothing better than having a quick conversation with a fellow Trojan to make the world seem a little less intimidating and overwhelmingly big. When sharing experiences of the 90 Bar and Grill and the football games it helps one feel slightly at home again.

However, we can all agree that the USC T-shirts, hoodies and so on are not the most fashionable attire. Thus I must bring your attention to this Fashionisto who subtly keeps the Trojan pride with him while still looking trendy.

It is very hard to mix the USC logos with other items of clothing and avoid looking generic and honestly pretty geeky. The way in which this Fashionisto steers clear of this error is by keeping the USC logo to a minimum by only featuring it on his hat. This Fashionisto then ties this subtle logo to the rest of his outfit by continuing to feature the USC colors through other methods. Firstly he sports all black Levi's jeans and classic Nike footwear, which provide a great base for his stark white T-shirt. This T-shirt then really ties in the USC theme due to the matching red and orange logo. When chatting to this Fashionisto he explained how much he loves the brand DrunknMunky which he can only find on the website BeWild.com, so I recommend you check it out.

Hint: So to conclude, make sure not to over clutter your outfit with extensive USC logos. Instead, match a simple logo with the college colors using other means throughout your outfit.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Break Conventions with Unique Shades and Prints.

I always love to see people take ordinary items and make them extraordinary. Take this Fashionisto for example — he takes a pair of sunglasses and makes them astounding. This is due to his shades featuring a striking smiley face, which is cut out of reflective and metallic material. It would be hard to find someone whose day is not slightly brightened up by these happy, uplifting and smiling shades. Check out Jeremy Scott for Linda Farrow Projects shades to add a magic touch to your outfit. You will see on the website the unbelievable range of sunglasses from Mickey Mouse, maps, hands and wings to televisions — Jeremy Scott has managed to turn just about anything into a pair of shades!

As if the sunglasses were not enough, this Fashionisto continues to break away from the norm by wearing a black T-shirt with a gold ribcage print. Here he is continuing to break expectations by wearing his interior on the exterior. Very unique I must say.

With all these complex and unique themes going on, this Fashionisto then continues this metallic theme by adding blue, baggy and slightly shimmering ASOS pants to the outfit. The pants support his unique, futuristic look and at the same time do not draw attention away from the main features of his outfit.

And just when you think this Fashionisto has done it all, he surprises us with Greek-themed sandals from Jil Sander to top off the outfit. When one thinks of this combination, at first one would assume that it would not work well together. However this Fashionisto proves that it turns out to be an awesome combination. These sandals are hard to find but worth it. To grab a pair I recommend you start looking on eBay.

Hint: Take usual items and make them unusual. Have the confidence to break away from normal conventions and mix and match themes — I promise there is a big chance that you will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes.


Growing up in London I saw fashion develop alongside the electronic music scene. Like most European trends, it took techno, dubstep and house a few years before hitting the streets of Los Angeles. Like the phrase “eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” USC’s established saying is “Can someone play levels?” With music festivals dominating the summer Adidas high tops and alternative hairstyles are ever more prominent on campus and the streets of L.A.

This Fashionisto caught my eye with the faded but bold print on his Topman sweater. His music themed Rihanna sweater – with its complex imagery – is well complemented by subtle jeans. His worn and well-loved J Brand jeans add a casual and vintage look while also causing his glossy electrifying Adidas high top shoes to stand out. Like this Fashionisto make sure to loosen out the laces and tuck the front of your jeans behind the tongue of the shoe. This in turn allows the shoes to share the spotlight. In terms of accessories, his black and gold Casio G-Shock watch is the perfect accoutrement to the outfit. Alongside the shoes it is another small but bold statement due to its shiny and clean-cut appearance.

Never forget the timeless combination to mix bold and new with your loyal and worn clothes. Make sure to appreciate those faithful items that never disappoint – a good pair of jeans can be joined at the hip, in this case literally, for years, and never loose their charm. Like wine, good quality jeans just get better with age! Taking a page out of this Fashionisto’s book, make sure you don’t clutter an outfit with excessive logos and prints; no one likes to see pretentiously plastered brand names on each item they are wearing.

So I hope to see you all following this example and getting pumped to go to whatever next festival that awaits you, or at the very least, joining this celebration in some high-tops and a little dance to AVICII at your own house party.

Hint: If you are having some trouble finding some high tops you like, design your own pair on Nike ID.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Keeping It Classical

A two for one deal is incorporated into this Fashionisto’s outfit. Firstly, the combination of a typical T-shirt and simple denim jeans ensemble is classic. Then he adds a second layer of depth to his outfit by featuring a classical painting print. With this touch of such a rarely seen print of Napolean on his T-shirt he makes his outfit much more interesting and unique. This Fashionisto appears worldly, very educated and also hip and trendy.

This Fashionisto also keeps a clean-cut theme throughout his outfit through the use of straight lines and pristine textures. This is important to do if you want to give off a presentable impression and it also gives closure to your outfit due to the common theme.

The fact that this Fashionisto keeps his choice of colors within a small palette means he provides his intricate print with the perfect frame. When one sports such a bold print on a T-shirt make sure to not over clutter your outfit. You must find some simple accents that don’t draw attention away from the main focal point. I advise that you find restrained colors that complement and/or are similar to the colors in the complex print. For example this Fashionisto takes the brown shades of color in his print and wears traditional and simple brown shoes from Red Wing Shoes and a subtle brown bag.

Hint: Keep an eye out for some of the world’s most famous, appreciated and loved artworks of the past and see if you can incorporate them into your next outfit. This Fashionisto found his T-shirt on eBay so I recommend you start online, as it could be very difficult to find this type of print in an every-day store.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Enhance Smart Casual With Easy Embellishes

This Fashionisto accomplishes combining elegance with informality. This is a look that we have seen many times before but what sets this Fashionisto apart from the crowd is that he adds his own spin to the classic male attire. The typical smart casual look of a shirt and pants is in no way a crowd stopper unless one adds their own personal details. With a vintage solid oxford shirt from J.Crew and Levi's jeans he takes a common theme and spices it up with the radiating touch of color seen in his bright red J.Crew socks. He then continues to personalize his look by rocking very trendy Ray-Ban Sunglasses, giving the classic base a hipster, more unique and artsy feel.

To keep an outfit casual, I would recommend following in this Fashionisto’s footsteps and trade a blazer for a slightly lose fitting jacket with a softer, less static fabric. To further the casual spin of the look it is key to choose a color that blends with the rest of the outfit – like this Fashionisto, the color of his jacket is subtle and thus gives a more laid-back appearance. Also with help from his subdued Zara shoes the little touch of bright color becomes even more striking.

Also this Fashionisto’s outfit is very versatile. This outfit is perfect for when LA summer weather has off days and becomes a little less sunny. A long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket is perfect for those days when the weather cannot decide whether or not to be hot or cold.

Hint: Check out J.Crew and get yourself some bright socks so that you too can add spice to a subdued look. And don’t forget to make sure to roll up the bottom of your pants a little so that those vivid socks can be seen and that spark of color does not go out.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: eBay Extravaganza

Quite fitting really that I would run into a French student when I am weeks away from being in Paris myself. Fortunately this Fashionisto proved that his fashion tricks are much better than my French.

This Fashionisto illuminates how fashion is not only found in stores, but awesome accessories can also be found online. And it gets better — they're really affordable! This Fashionisto rocks a headphone necklace and a clear beaded bracelet from eBay. What makes these accessories even more fantastic is that the headphone necklace, with all its intricacy, was only $3! His bargain accessories jazz up his standard shop-bought American Apparel hooded sweatshirt. It is great to match up simple, block colours which intricate accessories in order for your outfit to not appear too cluttered.

So if you want to spice up your simple hooded-sweatshirt-and-jeans ensemble, go web surfing and check out what you can find. As it is proving very successful for this Fashionisto I recommend you begin at eBay.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is also very interesting as it is a cultural mix. His jeans are from Kaporal in France, his LA hat from Macy’s and his accessories are from China. This theme of crossing cultures is very intriguing and so my last hint would be that when you are in a new place this summer, try to always keep your eye out for fashion. Thus you can keep memories from your travels and experiment with how these new exotic finds can work with your wardrobe at home.


This Fashionisto provides a great example of how to collage unique items together without clashing. His outfit is full of one-of-a-kind items that fit perfectly to create a fun and sentimental outfit. From his friend-made beaded backpack to his flea market skull bracelet, from Little Tokyo in LA, he achieves an intricate and textured look.

I was first impressed by this Fashionisto’s ability to incorporate an outfit with so many colors, most notably with the radiating animal print shorts that he discovered at JOYRICH in Melrose. The way this Fashionisto accomplishes such a striking outfit is that he threaded these unique items with a common theme — faded, well loved and worn.

A great start to finding a look like this is to check out Wasteland – a store that offers many unique vintage pieces. The reason I recommend vintage is that you can use it to create the same treasured, slightly aged and unique look that this Fashionisto achieved. Wasteland, a one of a kind store in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Francisco, should be your first stop. From vintage Chanel to modern designers Prada and Alexander McQueen, Wasteland will not fail to delight you. Don’t forget to check out markets, as they are often a great way to find pieces for your collaged themed outfit.

Urban Outfitters is also a great place to find unique clothing when you check out the vintage section. Their vintage collection includes everything from Esprit leather backpacks to LA Gear windbreakers and even a little bit of YSL mixed in. Not all their clothing is true vintage, but achieves the same look and is often much more affordable, so I guess you could say its our dirty little cheat sheet. 

We all know how unpleasant it is to wear the same outfit as another, but thanks to the rarity of vintage and these unique finds, this embarrassing experience can be avoided. So with all this in mind, go out there and find some individual pieces, experiment with unique prints and textures, for as you know: different is always the most intriguing.

Style Guru Bio: Kate Lindemann

My name is Kate Lindemann and after spending much time writing about women’s fashion I am excited to have the opportunity to delve into men’s trends with writing for Let’s Hear It For The Boys. Born and raised in London, I crossed the pond to attend USC in Los Angeles. Although LA has influenced my style I still stay true to my European roots with how I dress.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when my interest in fashion began. As a young child I had no interest in it and I was perfectly happy wearing my brother's old soccer shirts. Looking back  I think it was when I was walking along Spring Street in New York, and I stumbled upon a small clothing store called LF. I spent hours in the store, completely fascinated by the intricate lace and the flower dresses. This store, LF, at 15 years old, struck a chord with me. For some reason, this is where my passion for the fashion industry began and surprisingly not with my family who had always been very much involved with fashion, as my great grandfather is the founder of Etam. Yet I guess all teenagers have that spirit of wanting to be independent and explore the world through their own eyes.

Studying art history in England  also aided my growing interest. I was learning how art and what people wear mirrors what is going on around them. It was one way in which people could express themselves. When one sees an impressionist work, a painting full with slap dash paint strokes and far from realist interpretation of the world many believe the painting is a mess. What many do not know is that those paintings are not a lack of talent, they are a rebellion. They are people rebelling from the classical conventions and traditions. If people had never done so then we would not be in this world of exploration, movies would still be in black and white and women would still only be painted flawless. What I am trying to illustrate is that fashion is an art form that shows how far we have come. It shows how in our day-to-day lives we too have touches of the same spirit of those impressionists that broke boundaries. To break these boundaries one must have the confidence to try new things and not just repeat what has been done before. However, like painters, one can’t just paint a wall blue and expect to be respected, one must persevere and be educated in order for one to be taken seriously.

At 20 years old I have much more to learn but I hope that, with the other Style Gurus, we can help guide people with their own experience of fashion so that matching colors, accessories, whatever it may be, can be just that little bit easier and we can help spark some inspiration for what you would like to wear the next day.