Jump Into the New Year

Jump right into the new school year with the perfect outfit—a jumpsuit.

Since spending my summer in South Carolina, I have found the cutest little boutique that shares my love for simple but stylish looks. There I found the perfect jumpsuit to jumpstart me right into the new year, and here I have shown you where you can find your perfect jumpsuit attire!

Start your new year perfecting your look. A jumpsuit is the best way to feel both stylish and comfortable while tackling the many duties us college students have. Having a successful school year is all about being you and feeling comfortable in your fashion. Find a jumpsuit that has a bit of flair, not just solid colors. By having a jumpsuit that has designs, you can dress it up with accessories to make it stand out even more.

Start With a Fabulous Jumpsuit

Look for patterns, prints, and a pop! These words are what you should live by when picking out your jumpsuit. Jumpsuits come in many styles and fabrics so getting more than one is totally okay and to me, highly recommended.

Choker Necklace

Neutrals will always be my favorite color scheme. Add to your fashion favorite look by adding a neutral colored choker. Though it will not pop by color it will pop by style. If you find a long choker, double it up and make a bow. This will allow for a more eye-catching accessory.

Group Bracelets

Now, tie together the entire outfit by adding the pop—grouping bracelets. Pick your favorite colors from your patterned jumpsuit and find beaded bracelets like are the same color. For my semester jumpsuit look, I decided to bring out the brightest colors since I chose neutral for my other accessories.

Small Wallet

To minimize the heavy tote bags while also lugging around a backpack, invest in a condensed size wallet. Not only can you store in away in your backpack when not in use but it will be even better if you are going out to dinner with friends. Toting a small wallet will also help with your organization because everything is all in one place.

Finally, how will you jump into the new school year? Share your look in the comment box below!

How to Stay Chic This Summer

It’s all about perfecting that chic neutral look.

Most Fashionista/os have the urge to explore the vibrant side and deter from the neutral color palette during the summer months, but I disagree, and I am here to tell you why. Neutrals are our friends when it comes to staying chic especially during the most colorful time of the year. Chic is simplistic, and by being simplistic, we are able to hone in on details, which is what truly matters when it comes to a perfect outfit. Details are what make a simple color palette pop.

Here’s how to achieve that ultimate summer chic look.

A Light Colored Top

This Fashionista has found the perfect shade of crème and top to go with the color. She has decided to wear a flowy crème top that has just a hint of darker shades to offset the neutral tones. Look for a solid color top, and dress it up with feathers, gold, and a little sparkle.

Envelope Skirt

Wear a skirt that is under the right color palette but has a unique look. When wearing an envelope skirt, the eye is looking at all of the different angles. As a result, it’s a show stopper because of the many levels put together.

Powerful Pair of Platforms

For this Fashionista, most of her outfit consists of the idle classic look but her platform heels add a bit of edginess. By using elements of class and edge, you will always be a trendsetter. Because of the combination, these super tall heels incorporate an idle look for anyone.

How do you wear your chic neutral look? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

How to Be the Trendy Intern

The time has come to take a break from books, and study the guide to being the trendy intern.

After a long journey of networking, strengthening a resume and cover letter, and applying, it’s time for your internship. Before thinking about what activities will take place on the first day, you must first decide how you will make yourself stand out from the other interns.

Find an inspiration: First, find something that motivates you to bring out your inner #girlboss. While partaking in an internship, you will be taught valuable lessons and skills. Find an inspiration from a book or role model and make it your goal to utilize the professional skills learned and bring them to life.

Perfect pair of pumps: The next step you will need to take is to pick out a perfect pair of heels that speak to you. The heels should be both comfortable yet powerful. One of the biggest components of a 10/10 professional attire are the shoes chosen as the accessory. A powerful pair of pumps that you can easily walk in gives off the impression that this isn’t your first rodeo.

Bag of secrets: Every intern needs to come prepared. Your organization shows the employer that you are ready for business. Make sure you have some sort of tote bag that holds a notebook, pens, planner, and a laptop for the “just in case” moments. Having a tote bag is especially crucial for the first day.

Black and White: Finally, choosing a color palette. My go-to color palette is black and white because it makes me feel most confident. My powerful pumps go hand-in-hand with my pen-striped pencil skirt. The combination of the two colors give a hint of chic design, but not over the top.

It seems overwhelming to perfect your professional look, but with practice comes perfect. To be a successful intern, you not only need to look professional but also you need to act it. Start by asking questions and being observant. Stand in the front as they give you the tour, and smile. A happy face goes a long way.

What was your first day at your first internship like? What was something you learned? Share below in the comment box!

WHAT TO WEAR: Finals Week Rockstar

So, it’s that time again—the dreadful finals week, but don’t let the thought of a final deter you from your stylish looks. For most people, this week consist of the baggiest of sweatpants and a lucky sweatshirt but this Fashionista has decided to pull out her best and rock her way to the end of the week. As she passes by the rest of the student population who goes for the alternative look, her confidence is boosted as she hears the “ooh’s” and “ah’s” of her fellow colleagues.

As the saying goes, “Look good, feel good.” And that is exactly what this little Fashionista has done for a successful finals week.

The best way to achieve a rockstar look during finals week is to pull out your favorite pieces that inspire your most confident look. For this Fashionista that consists of her favorite black denim skirt. As the temperature outside is rising so is her comfort by wearing an airy skirt that keeps her chilled out.

Another part of her rockstar look is her creme cardigan. To ensure she is comfy and cozy during the long hours of studying in the library, she takes breaks by cuddling up with her cozy cardigan but remains stylish without toting around an extra large blanket and pillow. It’s like your childhood teddy bear on your back and it’s the best of luck to ace those finals. To complete her stylish finals look, she tops it off with her floppy hat. Now, the secret to a successful finals week is to disguise the nerves and remind yourself that you are capable of successful with a little extra work and a determination to conquer the world.

Set out for the ultimate goals this week and remember, you will rock the runway one step at a time!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty and the Bell

As the new release of Beauty and the Beast is taking over all theaters, this Fashionista is winning over the hearts of all the viewers who look her way. We all have that desire to be a princess in our dreams but this Fashionista was able to bring her princess style to life by making her style accessible to the streets.

This Fashionista has combined class with sass to create a royal look but for a style that all are buzzing about. What’s her magic spell? Bringing out the “Belle” in all of us, bell sleeves. The flow of the sleeves reminisces back to when we were all little kids swinging around to ring around the rosie. This look can be taken seriously or with just one spin, light up the room.

To keep the groove going, this Fashionista paired her beautiful bell top with flare jeans. Flare jeans are quickly making their return back to being number one seller for a day out with friends. The light-wash color makes the outfit stand out more because it is not overpowering the uniqueness of the bell top. Flare jeans are a statement.

To top off her royal look to her Fashionista style, she has incorporated her signature wedges. The wedges highlight the outfit to a tee. The height of the shoe adds on to her princess incorporation because again, it is a statement. Standing out is what a princess does best by making herself known. This outfit does just that by being a Pinterest perfect look.

Just as Beauty and the Beast is making its new release to the top so is this Fashionista with her stylish look. Bell and flare are a perfect pair. This Fashionista was able to bring out her inner princess and so can you by finding essential elements that would rock the ball.

WHAT TO WEAR: Taking Care of Business

Spring is approaching and we all know what that means, job hunting season. Along with all of the midterms before spring break, we are also looking for our summer or future plans.

This little Fashionista shows us just the perfect amount of professional and fabulous. Dressing professionally does not mean we have to look bland or fit in with the crowd. Just like an interview, we have to find ways to make ourselves stand out. So, let’s start with how to make our professional look wow our employers.

First, this Fashionista’s pattern pants is exactly how you get your foot in the door. Dressing professionally does not necessarily mean all-black head to toe. By adding a little pop of print, you are showing off your own personal flair, which will make you stand out from the crowd. She keeps the classy look by adding her signature accessory, a pearl necklace. This accessory ties in the perfect amount of class needed for landing that dream internship or career in the interview. Lastly, the piece that ties the entire professional look together, the blazer. Every professional should have a blazer that gives the down to business look but still incorporates their own style.

Now, to achieve your young professional look, you have to insure that you make your look represent you from head to toe. Incorporate accessories and styles that make you feel comfortable and confident—the two key components in winning over the interviewer. Let your style guide you in receiving that position you are setting out to achieve.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: The Do’s of Decades Past

Glam alert! I spotted this Fashionista in the downtown part of Harrisonburg and she’s bringing back the do’s of decades past.

It is safe to say the outfit speaks for itself. As if this Fashionista does not show it enough, she caught my eye with the perfect amount of accessories to complete this ensemble.

Starting at the heart of this look is her jean jacket. My mother always told me that fashion repeats itself and I agree. As these jackets are making a return, they become America’s latest sweetheart of accessories and the trend is bringing out the hipster in all of us. The beauty of this jacket is that all Fashionistas/os that choose to sport one can make it their own by simply adding or subtracting accessories.

This Fashionista decided she would do just that in accessorizing her ensemble. Chokers are the new fad in making an outfit go from Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe in a matter of seconds. This Fashionista’s choker brings a hint of edginess to her classic look. Its black and gold garnish combines the neutral skirt in order to make this outfit look magnificent. Now, a choker jazzes up any outfit so if you are trying to take your outfit to the next level then grab yourself a choker with a little flair. If you are feeling a little crafty and want to start a DIY project, then chokers are actually inexpensive to make and it’s a fun project to do with all of your pals.

Suede, suede, and more suede. Take a moment to appreciate this heaven sent material. Especially when used with color, this material assists in taking any outfit and make it look as if it is ready for a Vogue photoshoot. A pop of color is always necessary when choosing an outfit that is a bit on the neutral side. What better way to show off that color than to tie it up with statement shoes?

Look for pieces that can take vintage to an entirely new level and bring it back to life with your own personal splash of fabulous!

STYLE ADVICE: Winter Wonderland

As the year comes to an end, let us all join together in saying, “That’s a wrap.” Christmas has come and gone so that means we can now embark on a new adventure of a new year and reminisce on the stylish trends of 2016. Whether or not 2016 was in your favor, the fashion trends were always increasing the talk. In preparation for the new year, you will find yourself scrambling around for items that are gold, glittery like diamonds, and metallic. But, do not forget the essence of beauty should also incorporate a little comfort.

Though the glitz and glam can make an outfit stellar, one can also shine with an addition of bling bling. Accessories are here to make an outfit pop. Just as this Fashionista made her cute and comfy look transform with an inclusion of arm candy. Michael Kors has made a success with the popularity of the watches because they are iconic which completes any look.

Something else that is pleasing to the eye is neutral colors. As much as I love a pop of color, neutral colors are rocking fashion. These colors pull together the outfit in order to make it chic. This Fashionista decided to add booties to complete her every day look which is just the perfect amount of fabulous and cozy. She paired her booties with an adorable patterned poncho that looks great wherever she goes: hangout with friends, class, or even dinner.

My advice to all of you is to find your favorite pieces of comfort and make them your own by incorporating some bling. Look for oversized sweaters and embrace the bagginess. Find a bomb piece of arm candy and show it off to the world. Get yourself a pair of snazzy booties and spice up your outfit. Whatever you do, make it your own and strut your stuff!

STYLE GURU BIO: Katelyn Merriman

My love for fashion came about when I was just a little girl. Making weekly trips to department stores with my mom to have fashion shows in the dressing rooms and inviting friends over to play dress up. As Ralph Lauren said, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.”

Either way, I knew that I loved what fashion is capable of doing for people; it transforms and brings out their inner beauty. Fashion is not just about what looks good on, but what makes someone feel beautiful on the inside too.

Just as a little girl blossoms into a young woman, my style has blossomed too. My style is simple: neutral colors with a splash of bright every now and then. I have a bit of a fierce side too which is why I chose to represent that by wearing my animal print booties. My style ranges based on my mood as well, so I can go from edgy to chic. I love pieces that make me feel confident and comfortable in my everyday life. My go-to pieces change depending on popular trends but right now my favourite go-to is something that I can pair with almost anything, my faithful black high-waisted pants.

Fashion is about what makes someone feel beautiful in their own skin. I am a firm believer that someone’s style should represent pieces which show off their unique factors and set them apart from the crowd. Every person is different but those differences are what makes one’s style so fabulous.

So to all of my Fashionistas/os, fashion is an expression of the inner self and never let that inner self be afraid to shine. I am beyond excited to share the fashion trends around James Madison with all of you. Cheers to this new stylish adventure!