I found this Fashionista leaving the subway station, and with a map in tow, I thought this touring Fashionista looked so cool and collected. Between the men's style oxford shirt, the Ray-Ban sunglasses, or the classically cut shorts, this look was the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. The slim lines, ballet flats, and over-sized hobo bag keep this look feminine, amidst typically boy-ish pieces. An oxford shirt is always such a clean look that can be the perfect staple for an internship wardrobe, or in this case with shorts, it can be a great fit for a casual day walking around the city. The Ray-Bans were my favorite part of the outfit, because it was like the finishing cherry on an ice cream sundae. It was totally in keeping with the rest of the look.

What I took away from this Fashionista's look was the idea to pair the feminine with the masculine. Rather than getting stuck in the sundress rut, I love the idea of changing it up with a few unexpected pieces. An oxford shirt, flat oxford shoes, motorcycle boots, and fedoras, are all boy-ish trends that have been made feminine as of late. Keep changing up girly looks with masculine accessories to give your old clothes a new spin.

Try these wayfarers year-round to keep your boy-ish side satiated. You definitely will appreciate the diversity embracing gender neutral pieces can add to your wardrobe.

One last boy-inspired piece I am still lusting after for this upcoming fall? Military style jackets paired with plaid and jean to keep a casual, relaxed look.


In fashion, there are always rules thrown around. No navy with black, no white pants or shoes after labor day, no baring of undergarments, and finally, no mixing of patterns. Well, each and every one of these "rules" has been turned on its head. After the recent popularization of underwear as outerwear, it makes sense that more rule breaking was in the cards in the form of mixing and matching patterns. Pairing of prints that don't "match" in the traditional way, really draws attention to an outfit as trendy and risky–a wonderful quality to have in a personal style.

I spotted this Fashionista in the elevator and was so completely mesmerized by her outfit. From the leopard print platform heels to the bright floral dress, her look was so uniquely fantastic. She was polished, but not in a boring or matronly way, and every last detail made sense. The foxtail hanging from her bag, the zebra print pedicure, the bright red lipstick, it all summed to the perfect finishing touches to her mix-and-matched printed ensemble. 

This Fashionista used the proportion of the prints to keep the outfit in check. The floral wasn't overpowering, and allowed for the bold shoes to stand apart. Don't forget to take size and proportion into consideration when wearing two patterns together. A horizontal stripe with a brocade, floral skirt, can be a really smart look if the stripes aren't too thick with an enormous floral, and instead you opt for one big pattern and one smaller.

A hint to pulling off the double pattern? Confidence. This Fashionista walked with such cool self-confidence that she really sold her outfit. It was the perfect finishing detail to an absolutely well thought-out and imaginative look.

Looking for some fun patterns to play with? Try this pair of airy shorts, this tribal bandeau top, or this cool, futuristic dress. Challenge yourself by working pieces like this into your wardrobe in unexpected ways. You won't regret breaking the rules after seeing all the fun new looks this opens up for you in your closet.


So frequently when us girls try and get "girly" we immediately go to pink. So many different shades to play with, and it is the perfect counterpart to blue, for boys. Well, despite the fact that we have been taught to find pink supremely girly and feminine for so long, I recently rediscovered my love of purple. This Fashionista reminded me why I painted my entire room purple in middle school. Purple is girly, but it has much more depth to it than pink does. And especially for a night out with friends, I think purple is the way to go. A deep purple can be a neutral, almost black color. Look at the way this Fashionista wears her purple skirt. Her tank top could so easily have been paired with a plain black skirt, but instead she opted for something much more feminine and inspired: purple.

When it comes to a night out, so many of us get caught up in the cycle of black dress, black skirt, black skinny jeans. I think it's important we remember to shake this up a little and try something new. This Fashionista dared to do just that in an outfit that, paired with the right heels, could easily move from a day at work to a late dinner date. Daring to change up your everyday fallbacks is what really makes fashion so fun. The unexpected choice can make people look twice. In this case, I just found the lack of black to be perfect, and something I need to constantly remind myself to do. Keep purple young and not middle school-y by choosing smart fits and flattering, modern cuts. No need to wear a lavender sundress that hits you mid-calf. That's not the purple I'm talking about. This purple is much more royal, and bold than any pastel, and is much more appropriate for night time.

Try this drapey top or mini dress on your next night out to keep your girly side satisfied, but still showing off your more mature style.


Black and white is always a classic look, but for whatever reason, it gets misconstrued as a nighttime look. However, this Fashionista proves this myth completely false. Running around the city in a flouncy white blouse and curve hugging black mini. I especially love the metallic details she adds to her look with a gemstone headband and a pair of gold, metallic flats. While black and white can be such a contrasting outfit combination, soft neutrals in the form of accessories can really help pull this look off. Another thing to keep in mind when matching your next black and white look can be proportions. Black is a figure flattering color, perfect for streamlining an outfit. White on the otherhand, isn't as forgiving of a color. Thus, pairing a baggy, oversized white tee with a fitted black skirt can be one of the best ways to highlight your body in all the right ways.

Try a banded black mini to carry from your summer internship straight to your next night on the town. It's an easy, classic piece to keep in your wardrobe for day or night. So for work, try it with a lacy tee, gladiator sandals and statement jewelry. Or if you're going out at night- keep the skirt and switch in a more form fitting tank and some outrageous heels.

Looking to wear contrasting colors but not sure you're into black and white? Think browns and navy to play up contrasting colors while still keeping it in the neutral family. Don't forget to mix in more colors or patterns through a bag, shoes, or a headband like this Fashionista.


This sweltering summer it's always a good idea to stay cool and safe from the sun. While relaxing in someone's backyard, it can be easy to forget about the sun's pounding rays. Well this Fashionista has the right idea with her wonderfully cute fedora hat. I think it is the perfect way to keep the shade in your face while sipping on lemonade and eating hamburgers at your next barbecue. Summer is the best time of the year to rock stylish hats that don't have to simultaneously keep your ears warm in the snow. These are all style, with a touch of practicality. Check out the variation you can sometimes find in these looks, some have a grosgrain ribbon around the top, or a patterned look that can add some character to your look.

I especially love the way this Fashionista paired the hat with a simple vest and jean shorts. A hat can sometimes be a bit of a statement piece. So if you're self-conscious about jumping into the hat trend, working a fedora into a plain outfit, can be the perfect accessory to complete the look and make even the simplest outfit unique.

Fedoras are a classic item, so don't feel bad adding a little funk to your look with some wayfarer sunglasses or mocassins like this Fashionista. The fun and texture a hat like this adds to your outfit is undeniable and is truly part of the fun of accessories.

Try a classic brown woven fedora at your next barbecue to add that something extra to your favorite sundress. Or, if you're looking something for a little different, try this fedora with a twist, with a tie-dyed ribbon along the top.


This summer, bold, abstract patterns offer an exciting alternative to classic stripes or solids. A boldly printed dress help you stand out in a crowd and can put you at the center of everyone's attention. That is just what this Fashionista did, caught my attention, with her neutrally based, striking sundress. Set off with a simple belt and a gold, braided cuff, this Fashionista truly makes a statement walking down the street.

This bold, attention-grabbing look, can work for an evening out on the town, or for an afternoon lunch. Try something sleeveless and short with flat sandals for a more casual look or pair heels with a long sleeved, boldly patterned piece. What makes these looks just as classic as they are trendy? Almost each pattern has a hint of classic black that allows you to streamline the rest of the outfit to keep the focus on the the eye-catching pattern of your dress. Think black tights, patent leather pumps, and a simple clutch to keep this look focused and uncluttered.

So this summer when you have weddings, family reunions, and job interviews, think about standing out in all the right ways in a confident, bold look like these dresses. But remember, take a hint from this Fashionista and keep your other accessories simple.

Interested in a bold look in your accessories rather than on your dress? Check out this bag to get an equally bold look over your shoulder this summer!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Florals for the Fourth

Rather than doning the typical overly patriotic tees we all fell guilty to at one point or another, this July 4th, I'm proposing a floral sundress instead. It's so easy to put on a flag t-shirt with jeans and call it a day. But I think this Fashionista has the right idea with her floral sundress. Florals are huge this summer and what better time to wear your favorite dress than on the 4th? It's easy to add a cardigan or blazer if it gets chilly at the late-night fireworks show.

A floral dress can be an easy way to get those patriotic colors into your outfit without being obnoxious or obvious. Feel free to use accessories to really add that red, white, and blue spark to your look. Colorful sandals and a purse can both be ways to add a patriotic flare.

So take a cue from this Fashionista and embrace florals this summer, and best of all, wear them on the biggest holiday of the summer.


Back home from Greece, and the lively color that Europe brings, I've found that I'm surrounded by tons of neutrals. I normally opt for loads and loads of color and florals in the summer, but I have to say, I find it increasingly refreshing to see summer appropriate neutrals. I loved this Fashionista's pairing of a neutral sweater with ultra high tan peep-toes. The copper necklace also gives her neutral look a funky touch, in order to keep it interesting.

Doing neutrals with some extra detail can be a way to stand apart of the traditional summer crowd. While everyone else bops around in flip-flops, strut confidently in cream espadrilles, or a tan ruffle dress. No need to overdo with traditional summer prints and obnoxious color when you could wear detailed, texturized neutrals. This look is always classic, simple, and clean. You'll never regret these purchases. Try high-waisted khaki shorts to a graduation party with flats to show off just how well college is treating you. I'm telling you Fashionistas, don't worry you'll look too much like your mom, khaki is back, and I promise you'll look hot for the summer!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Harem Pants, I’ve Finally Converted

I spotted this Fashionista on the small island of Folegandros. I was so excited because he is rocking a trend Europe finally convinced me to believe in: harem pants. Granted it’s missing the drop crotch, but the feel is still there and I think this is a much easier item to wear than the traditional style.

I love that she paired these new found favorite pants of mine with a sandal popular in Greece. It has multiple ankle straps with pearls, shells, etc. Very chic and perfect for summer! I love the way they set off the simple harem pants. Start off slow with the harem pant trend and ease your way in, because I think you’ll find that once you wear them, you’re addicted. They’re almost as comfortable as sweatpants, but infinitely more stylish!

Hint: Try this pair by Trina Turk


While in Greece I couldn't help but notice the re-emergence of military style, but what I have especially liked, is the way it has been reinvented. No longer is it limited to a fitted jacket, military has moved onto more adventurous trends. As evidence of this, check out this Fashionista at the beautiful Parthenon. She trekked up to this historic site in this fantastic military style romper. So many of the tourists there were stuck in the track shorts and running shoes trap, but I loved the way she stepped out of the box with this fantastic trend.

In shopping European stores, I have noticed more military touches in new ways–think harem pants, day dresses, and summery boots. Even without the obvious shiny buttons and tight fit of a military jacket, a touch of army green or epaulets can show off this trend too.

Try TOMS shoes in an army green canvas, boyfriend style bermuda shorts, or check out Zara's latest collection for inspiration! I love the way they use silk and still maintain a military undertone!