Style Guru Bio: Kate Pobuda

Hi everyone! My name is Kate and I'm a rising junior at Duke. I've always loved fashion, ever since I was little and picking out all my own outfits. I would say my aesthetic is classic with a twist. I love to keep it simple but add a pop of something trendy or out-there. My favorite clothing item is a baggy sweater belted–I think it can make almost anything or anyone look chic. My inspiration comes from everything around me; I love to spot what other people are wearing and reinterpret it in my own way.

My guilty pleasure is ultra high platform heels, although I have yet to indulge in my first pair of Louboutins (but hopefully soon!). My Mom has taught me how to scour the racks of TJ Maxx so I love to mix cheaper trendy items with more expensive classics. Also, I fully endorse spending extra money to have at least one pair of jeans that you absolutely love and feel comfortable in.

I'm thrilled to be sharing with you street fashion through my eyes!