The weather outside is frightful but your clothing certainly doesn’t have to be. For many, dressing for this season means piling on the warmest sweatshirts and sweatpants – layer upon layer. For others, it means throwing on a little red dress for the biggest holiday parties on campus. These next few weeks should definitely involve the coziest sweaters and fun, festive tops but a true Fashionista/o can combine all of the above while expressing individual style.

This Fashionisto shows off his festivity without those ugly Christmas sweaters that you wore for family photos. With a camouflage jacket and a red sweater he merges military and comfort for the perfect holiday ensemble. He manages to incorporate the two celebrated colors of Christmas, red and green, through a subtle combination of the two. In fact, it looks unintentional, as he avoids over the top items and overly enthusiastic flairs. By pairing the jacket with some distressed jeans and duck boots, he maintains this casual, laid-back look from head to toe.

Hint: The best way to spread holiday cheer, while staying chic, is to stay away from the cutesy items made for this time of year. Sure, everyone loves a good Santa hat but as an everyday accessory, it’s not the most fashionable. Layering subtle hues and ordinary patterns in anything from jackets to scarves, as this Fashionisto does, can show off spirit without going overboard. If you dying to be a little merrier, throw on a pair of holiday socks underneath your boots – they’ll make you feel jolly instantly.


This past week, Durham saw its first snow of the winter; a sight that brought both delight and despair to campus. Although this does signal the start of below-freezing temperatures, it also reminds us that winter break is near. Even with this in mind, students have given in to the frigid weather, as they throw on jeans, sweatshirts and whatever will keep them warm throughout the day. It seems inappropriate to wear leg-bearing articles in the midst of snow-covered quad, but why can’t you wear a dress and avoid the cold?

This Fashionista shows that it is indeed possible. By slipping on a pair of sheer tights, she covers up without the bulk of pants and denseness of opaque leggings. For that additional warmth, she pairs them with suede boots and thick knee-high socks, which bring out the cranberry-colored specks in the Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , Leave a comment on STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tight Delight


Finals week is just around the corner, and the libraries are more packed than ever. Students with ridiculously large backpacks are rushing into Perkins with stress written all over their faces, and the last thing on most of their minds is fashion. But who knows whom you’ll run into in the stacks? There are two words that should define library style: comfort (because who wants to stroll in wearing a dress and heels?) and chic (because sweatpants really aren’t the most fashionable articles). With these two adjectives in mind, this Fashionista has achieved the perfect study ensemble.

Nothing says comfort chic like fur; not only is it number one on any Fashionista’s holiday wish list, but it also adds some warmth to the otherwise cold and stuffy stacks. Layers are key here. By layering her vest over a cozy zip-up hoodie, she casually dresses up a library must-have. Furthermore, her sweatshirt over a blue striped top adds a pop of color, just subtle enough so it will keep from distracting the other bookworms. Finally, leggings are the obvious choice for fashionable and functional legwear. This Fashionista pairs them with scrunched socks and lace-up boots for a touch of military.

Hint: My favorite place to search for these comfortable yet stylish finds is Victoria’s Secret. No, I’m not talking about their undergarments (although they do carry the best); I’m thinking of the lounge clothing. Not only do they have great leggings and yoga pants, but they also have cute tops that you’ll never want to take off.


We’ve all see them – the clothing items that were cool in the past and although deemed dated in subsequent decades they have made a sudden comeback as the next big trend. From skinny jeans to jumpsuits, these retro fashions have stormed back onto the runways. But, what about denim button-downs? Have they truly returned to the fashion scene? Are they here to stay?

With this Fashionista as proof, the answer is clearly yes. She manages to combine two '80s trends: the distressed denim oxford and the black leggings. This combination creates one fashionable look that says anything but outdated. She even followed my advice on a previous post by purchasing the Target riding boots that I had strongly recommended. Overall, through her minimalist style, she shows off her ability to stay comfortable while still looking effortlessly chic. And following a short but sweet Thanksgiving break, you may have to ease yourself back into campus fashion, so this is the perfect way to do that.

Hint: Love denim but not crazy about oxfords? Try integrating distressed denim in another unique way. Although a jean jacket may be an obvious choice, there are plenty of other styles beyond the typical one. Go for your classic blazer or motorcycle jacket in denim. For a more feminine vibe, check out jean dresses, which will showcase everything from tight and grunge to sweet and classy.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Combat the Rain with Military Boots

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what makes us even more delighted to head home for break is the gloomy weather that has hit Durham. Even if you come from the coldest of places there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal and a warm, cozy bed to lift your spirits. Yet, to pass the time in North Carolina, Fashionistas have been adjusting to the rain and wearing the most appropriate items to stay dry. So, with the grounds this muddy and wet, it only seems natural that students all over campus don a pair of rain boots, whether they are classic Hunter styles or any other type of Wellington boot. Therefore, when I see another type of shoe in a welly-clad crowd, it stands out and I take notice.

That is how this Fashionista caught my attention. With her military style ankle boots she distinguished herself from the others, while still keeping her feet clean and dry. The canvas and leather combination give them a classic yet rugged look, thus complementing the rest of her ensemble. She tops off a slouchy, big sweater and a white blouse with a paisley square scarf that flawlessly balances bright and dull tones. With the bright purple and deep red palette, it adds some beautiful color, while still sticking with her understated look.

Hint: Although I love the idea of an ankle boot, you can also find some great tall boots for those rainy days. These will give you the extra warmth as the temperatures continue to drop. And for those not ready to give up heels, try this canvas-and-leather trend with heeled boots or sandals.


This past season, military styles have appeared all over campus and have been taking shape in anything from jackets to pants. However, most often, I see this look in combination with distressed denim and leather, which seems a little more Balmain than Burberry. Every once in awhile, though, I find military in a different form, one that shows off refined taste and flawless class.

That is how I distinguished this Fashionista from the rest. She took a different spin on the trend by adding her femininity into the mix. The ruffled trim on her coat provides girly details without overpowering the masculine attributes of the military trend. Similarly, she layers it over a white lace tank that makes the ensemble a little more delicate and a little less structured. Its intricacy gives another dimension to the outfit as it competes with the solid material of the jacket.

With the addition of each article, this Fashionista just exudes sophistication and minimalism. She doesn’t have to be over-the-top to get noticed. From her hair to her pointed-toe flats, she manages to make military look polished and put together, a refreshing variation of the trend.

Hint: Still not crazy about military? Try a military peacoat – it incorporates the trend without going out of the comfort zone for many of us!

TREND: Black and Blue

With skies this gloomy, it seems that Fashionistas all over campus are split between giving into the blustery cold with sweats and fleeces or working against the gray with colorful jackets and accessories. I found that this Fashionista takes the middle road—she works with the weather.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to throw on your comfiest clothes. In fact, I confess, I am guilty of the cold-weather faux pas from time to time. The other side to counteracting the gloom is by wearing your brightest brights while staying bundled and warm. Instead of fighting it off, try wearing the exact colors that you have been rejecting.

This Fashionista throws on a flattering black blazer over a patterned tank dress with the perfect combination of simplicity and complexity. The solid color of her jacket contrasts with the sketch-like design on her dress, which is a mixture that shows sophistication with a touch of imperfection. She tops it off with a pair of nude heels, which always look chic, and a large yet simple pendant.

So, take a different route when thinking of the winter blues. This Fashionista took it literally and put together an outfit that incorporates the usually scorned colors of the upcoming season without the dismal connotations that tend to accompany them.

Hint: Not quite warm enough for a mini dress? Follow Alexa Chung's lead, and grab some thigh-high socks for warmth.

TREND: Dress to Express

College is a time to express yourself, through your voice, through your demeanor, and through your clothes. Fashion in these four years should reflect something other than the latest trends; it should provide an opportunity, a chance to distinguish oneself from the rest. The greatest Fashionistas are those of you who show off personal style that’s unique to you.

These Fashionistas do exactly that. When I saw these two, after immediately admiring their outfits, I recognized how distinct their style truly was. I especially love their different interpretations of fall fashion. One takes a structured blazer to layer over a nautical tank, pairing it with distressed denim shorts and a light scarf. The other makes use of fall florals in her shirt, while throwing on a pair of riding boots and a brown leather jacket.

By incorporating their own favorite trends and pieces, these Fashionistas know how to create overall distinct looks. At the same time, they have managed to stay comfortable, weather-appropriate, and considering the weather this past week, that’s a feat.

Hint: Don’t be discouraged by the escalating prices of fashion in today’s society—you can still be uniquely fashionable at any cost. If you’re looking for a great blazer that won’t break the bank, check out Urban Outfitters, and you’ll get a variety of options for cheaper. Want riding boots that don’t cost a fortune? Target has a pair that I love.

TREND: All Laced Up

Right now in Durham, we’re riding a weather roller coaster. The constant switch from 80 degrees and sunny to 60s and rainy has all Duke students stuck in a rut over our wardrobes. As a result, the question of shoe choice seems common across campus. Neither flip-flops nor boots seem appropriate and it’s not quite time to switch from our summer to winter shoe collections, so what do we do?

This Fashionista has removed herself from the seasonal slump by investing in a pair of lace-up booties. Not only do they look great with both shorts and jeans but they also provide a comfortable yet fashionable alternative to ballet flats or sneakers. To top it off, her oversized sweater and cuffed jean shorts give off an effortless look that’s perfect for everyday. Plus the beige leather belt adds interesting detail to break up the blues.

Laces are much more versatile than you think. Lace-up ankle boots now come in heeled styles, as well as flat, wedged, and platform varieties. Furthermore, these booties extend across all styles, making a huge impact on campus footwear.

Hint: Socks are everywhere now, as they are being paired with anything from heels to boots to even sandals. Scrunch a thick pair underneath your lace-up booties, and you’ll keep your feet warm far past these mid-season months.

TREND: Get Romantic with Rose

In past posts, I have expressed my love for all things neutral. Those items that seem so understated, yet make a statement nonetheless. They’re fresh and refreshing, simple and natural. For this week, I want to delve into specifics and capture a particular hue that brings out the romantic side in you.

This Fashionista is all about romance in her dusty rose top. The silky tank features asymmetric ruffles, ones that would flatter any body type and give that extra boost of femininity. She picks ruffles that have less volume than most, thus avoiding added bulk on her upper half. Finally, she combines the lighter shades with dark jeans and cognac boots to shift her outfit into fall.

Being a neutral, rose goes with almost any color and, although it has the obvious romantic connotations, can be paired with a range of styles. Layering a rose-colored dress under a leather jacket, á la Jessica Alba, has a perfect balance of sweet and tough. Moreover, this color has made its appearance in other types of materials. From watches to necklaces, rose gold has also made its impact on jewelry trends for the past few years. If you took note from last week’s post and love the idea of an oversized watch, instead of yellow gold or silver, go for rose gold. The subtle pink-toned metal makes for a good middle ground.

Hint: If you really want to tackle this trend, pick up a pair of rose gold metallic heels. They were all the rage at Paris Fashion Week and a hot new metallic for spring.