Crop tops are the ultimate summer shirt. They are flattering, comfortable and perfect for, quite literally, everything under the sun. While Pennsylvania has decided to bless us with more rain and then even more rain, it isn’t always an option to dress like it's summer every day. However, there is no need to be sad about the quick and unwanted changes in temperature and sunshine. Just prepare accordingly! This Fashionista wears her cropped and knitted shirt with a pair of skinny jeans and embellished sandals. Her look is best for the transition between school and summer play. I love how the neutral color of the top is accentuated with her accessories, like the beaded shoe and the animal print headband.

There are many different ways to wear a crop top, but they all add an interesting look to an outfit. The uneven seam at the bottom adds visual interest to the shirt and is something a little different. This Fashionista shows that cropped tops are not just for summer concerts or laying in the sun, but are appropriate for every day classes.

Hint: When wearing a top like this, it's important to understand that the stomach may be exposed. If you are uncomfortable with showing that much skin on a normal day, simply add a tank underneath. This doesn’t take away from the shape of the shirt and can even enhance the overall look by adding layering. Experiment with different kinds of tops, varying from neutral, as shown, to printed or brightly colored.


What I love about the ankle cuffed jean trend is its way to accentuate my favorite shoes and, of course, its flattering look. Shoes have a special power over many people and if you are excited to buy and wear new shoes, you might as well show them off! I have seen this trend all over fashion websites and on campus, it is an easy way to transform the skinny jean into something different. This Fashionista chooses to use the cuffed jean to go along with a vintage look. Her shoes, being the focal point of the outfit, are buckled at the ankle and really a versatile shoe. She matches that with an over the shoulder bag and a vintage printed shirt. I just love how the look pulls together to be trendy and casual at the same time and the headphones are a modern addition to the overall look.

Hint: Cuff your ultra skinny jeans at the ankle to accentuate your favorite pair of shoes. These shoes can literally be any style, just make sure they are exciting! Wear a dark or neutral color top, this will ensure that attention is drawn to the ankles. This only works with skinny jeans and can be for either male or female. Also, this look can be taken from day to night with a really simple change of footwear.


It seems that everyone is celebrating something this time of year. Whether is graduation or an anniversary, a new job or moving to a new city, even simply that its summertime, there is something to be celebrated. There is no reason why these happy memories can’t be accentuated with the perfect outfit. I know I love looking back at old Facebook photos and remembering how much fun I had at that time and how much I had loved that new dress or new shoes. I mean no one remembers how good they looked in those busted old jeans and a sweater, right? This week, throughout all the celebrations, is the perfect time to take out all your favorite pieces that have been locked up in the closet all winter and wear

This Fashionista is dressed super feminine in a floral sundress and pink jean jacket. She is following the mixing patterns trend with her dress and accentuates the colors with the jacket. The dress is called an empire waist, which means that it’s banded above the waist. This style is flattering on every figure and can be used in so many different ways. I love how she pairs it with dark detailed flats as a contrast.

Hint: It’s certainly great to go light pink and flowers, but always keep in mind that it can look childish if worn the wrong way. This Fashionista is modest enough for class and work, but looks mature enough to be a college student. The trick is to be covered up just the right amount and also to not go overboard with the colors and patterns. A rule of thumb is the dress can stop a few inches above the knee and bare shoulders should be covered. This is enough to not be too laid back, but also to be young and flirty.


Vintage clothes have been mimicked by major fashion stores for a while now, but it never gets old. Sorry, that was terrible, but the point is, is that vintage fashions are original, stylish and a great way for the Fashionista to expand his or her wardrobe. For example, this Fashionista wears a super cute vintage button up paired with black. This creates a blank canvas to show off the find and accentuate the style of the shirt.

In State College, we have a few vintage stores to shop in and they are continually changing their merchandise. Downtown, there is Rag and Bone, which is small, but carefully chosen and higher quality vintage. A little further out of downtown and there is a Goodwill, which is exactly as you would expect. If you think you are going to spend an afternoon sifting through a warehouse of clothes, you are right. However, the chances of finding your new favorite shirt or the highest waisted, most perfect summer shorts around are enormous!

Hint: When purchasing a vintage piece of clothing, be sure to check it out carefully. Make sure that it is in good shape, with little wear, no tears, and a strong fabric. A little fading in color is ok, it may even be desired if you want that “vintage” look. Also be aware that the fit of the clothes will be different than some of the clothes that you buy today. Sizes have changed and so have overall cuts, so try on everything before you buy it. Simply pair with neutrals and a simple color palette to show it off.


Summer and graduation are literally a week away, and everyone is getting stressed out over finals. This is the most important time to stay focused on summer plans and figuring out what is the most important direction you want your life to go. Why not take this terribly stressful transition period and take a happy print to cheer you up? Everyone knows pastels are the colors of spring, but taking it up a notch and trading out pastels for bolder and more confident colors can only help you mirror this in your planning for the future. This Fashionista looks so cute in her pocketed skirt and ruffled top. She even pairs the super popular ankle shoe to stay comfortable, like a flipflop, but much less casual. These type of skirts are easy pieces to wear, since they only require a few other pieces to make an outfit. They are busy enough to stand on their own and a plain tank looks the best paired alongside.

Nothing could be more perfect than a simple cheery skirt to make getting dressed for class easier on an already stressed schedule. This is a tough time for everybody, and I am certainly speaking from a biased perspective, but I am definitely more productive when I take the time to change into an outfit for the day. Nothing ever seems to get done when I stay in sweatpants or my workout clothes. Loading up on these skirts are really the best investment one could make.

Hint: There are so many different patterns and fabrics to choose from when looking for a skirt that it may seem a little overwhelming. It is all about your own personal preference, however, choosing a fabric that is easy to care for, won’t wrinkle and is comfortable is the point. A cotton blend is probably the most appropriate. My suggestion is to dress for your goal! Want to be bold, confident and stylish? Then use this Fashionista’s skirt as your example.


Not quite hipster, not quite punk and not quite prep? Or how about all three! This Fashionisto shows that you don’t have to fit into a category to look great. He showcases many different styles of clothing, but manages to look put together. I fell in love with his Guns and Roses leather jacket that he was carrying on his arm, and on further inspection of his outfit, I fell in love with the color combination of his shoes and plaid shirt. He matched the colors well and even ties the yellow into the jacket. On a similar note, sneakers are a nice edition to a male student’s wardrobe; they look better than a tennis shoe, but are comfortable enough to walk all day in. So the moral of the story is, this week it’s better to focus on combining pieces from your wardrobe that you would not normally put together. The end result is a creative and personal look that will certainly get noticed for all the right reasons.

Hint: The most necessary thing a man can have in his closet is an amazing pair of dark wash, plain jeans. I cannot say it enough, and have mentioned this many times before. A slimmer fit, cuffed, dark, and all around nice jean will literally transcend any type of style. Long gone are the days when men are considered fashionable when wearing a distressed or crazy stitched jean (we all know what I’m talking about). A classic jean is simply the best thing to have in your closet; the rest of the outfit is simply personality!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Plant the Seeds of Fashion

Floral chiffon, pastel flats and a bright cardigan? Look what season it officially is! Easter has long since been coined the turning point for fashion, and while wearing black shoes after the holiday is the oldest and most untrue rule in the entire world, adding more color and fabric variety never hurt anyone. This Fashionista welcomes beautiful spring in an equally beautiful patterned skirt and flats. She looks comfortable, adorable and classy all at the same time.

Floral patterns are already hugely in style on the Penn State campus. I have seen the pattern transcend every article of clothing, from scarves to cropped tees, from socks to headbands. It is a popular trend with good reason: it’s cute! This trend is also easily able to be personalized with the way you wear the rest of the outfits and also your choice of accessories. This Fashionista took a conservative route for class by complimenting her colors from the skirt. She carries a matching and obviously necessary oversized bag to keep all of her books, which also doubles as a cardigan holder when it gets warmer.

Hint: Floral patterns come in every variety imaginable and can be quite the statement piece. Be sure when deciding what to wear with a floral pattern that it does not speak as loudly or else you run the risk of looking insane. However, some patterns work really well with floral, for example a playful polka dot or a simple stripe compliment floral patterns and look amazing. Also, fabric choices like canvas or a leather pair nicely as well.


The way spring works is that the sun comes out and people get outside. After being cooped up all season, people are more than excited to get outside and moving, however it’s not quite shorts weather. This season, there is an obvious change to students' clothing choices. I have never seen so many colorful scarves being used by both female and male students. I have spoken before about the use of scarves to make an outfit pop. This Fashionista is a good example of how to incorporate a weather appropriate outfit into spring season colors. She is casual for long sessions in the library, but the purple scarf pops the outfit and makes it look put together.

These accessories have been around forever, but it seems that this has been their year to shine. All around campus, I have seen every sort of scarf available, but my favorites are always bright and focuses on the overall look. They always look chic paired with skinny jeans, flat boots and a neutral top. The best part about them is that they are an inexpensive way to change the entire look of an outfit!

Hint: When choosing what to wear with your new scarf, remember that it is the focus of the outfit. No other part of the outfit should stand out as much as that accessory, so choose neutral or complimentary colors. This Fashionista uses black and gray as the backdrop for her standout piece. It fights the drab weather with color and cheers up the wearer as well as the onlooker. Try pairing this type of scarf with a cute black top!


This week’s style advice of the week is brought to you by the cutest and bravest Fashionista I’ve seen yet. Not only does she channel the Anna Wintor of college aged students, but she does it flawlessly. I’ve spoken before about personal style and the power that it holds. She uses prints, textures and small details to put together an outfit that stands out in all the good ways.

Details go a long way when the color is neutral. This Fashionista has details on her belt, shoes, tights and bracelet. By keeping the color scheme black and white, it keeps the outfit cohesive. The printed jacket also adds a playful attitude to an otherwise serious look, which is perfect for going to class. The outfit is certainly fashionable, but most importantly its personal. This isn’t a look straight out of a magazine, but instead it exemplifies what it means to dress for yourself.

Hint: When using so many different textures and prints, it’s important to stay conservative with color. This is different than mixing prints, because it adds another dimension to the outfit. Black is always going to look chic and should be a go-to color when purchasing a stand out item, such as fur vest. Another thing to remember is to try wearing a belt, as seen here, to break up the all black outfit. It will help create that hourglass figure with bulky items.


As we approach summer, bright colors and sunglasses reign supreme. However, consideration must me made to the rainiest part of the year, and the misery that ensues when you’re stuck outside ill-prepared for the torrent. This Fashionista wears happy spring colors in weather-proof form. She keeps boots on, since that morning it was rainy, long sleeves for wind protection and funky sunglasses for a little spring personality. Flannel is the ultimate laid-back look and she pulls it off by complimenting the colors of the shirt to the colors of her jeans, boots and accented colors of the sunglasses.

Mix and matching colors and prints is not for the timid dresser, nor is it for the careless one. Putting together a mixed print outfit that makes sense requires an aware person. However, the result is a super fun, fashionable and interesting outfit. This Fashionista pulls it off nicely by matching the black and purple secondary colors of her shirt to the black and purple secondary colors of her sunglasses.

Hint: Never match all of the colors perfectly. It is hard to look at and comes off as a little insane. Instead, choose one or two colors that will become the theme and then choose patterns that use them as accents. This way, everyone who is in awe of your incredible use of mix and matching skills will understand the outfit and compliment accordingly.