Style Guru Bio: Katherine Bonnin

Hey, my name is Katherine Bonnin and I’m one of your Style Gurus for Penn State University. I am a senior Advertising major and Business, International Studies minor. I believe strongly that fashion is the way that we choose to present ourselves to the world. It is a daily decision we make about what kind of things we want to say and how we want others to view us. I want to help other people find the group they are most comfortable with and tailor a clothing lifestyle to them on a personal level.

I had the recent opportunity to study the fashion and luxury business in Milan, Italy – the fashion capital of the world. My style is deeply influenced by the time that I spent there, but knowing me, things will change soon like always! I am in love with glamour, so that plus a little bit of free-spirit eclecticism is evident in what I wear. Recently this has involved me buying every menswear blazer and faux fur piece I can get my hands on. I really love to see people take the time to put together an outfit for the day and push the boundaries with it. Penn State style means distinct seasons: hot summer dresses, fall sweaters, school athletic pride, layers to battle the cold winter, and cute spring style…so many chances to express one’s fashion!