I think every girl has at least a handful of love for edginess in her heart. Whether it’s the preppy girl who loves her Brooks Brothers sweater or the saucy girl who loves a Hervé Léger bodycon dress, there always seems to be a little hint of edgy in their style. When I think of edgy, I think of rock and roll, leather, zippers and studs. Unfortunately, when some Fashionistas think of edgy, they think of Gene Simmons (circa the 1975 “Rock ‘n Roll All Nite” music video). Though that is indeed some form of edginess, that is not the one to which I am referring. I’m talking about Miley Cyrus with her new haircut—a fabulous addition to your style that makes you stick out in the best of ways.

I spotted this gorgeous Fashionista on the way to her chemistry class one afternoon on Foggy Bottom. She is sporting a blue blouse with a fantastically edgy studded collar, a pair of dark wash jeans, a chunky cardigan and a pair of combat boots. What I love about this Fashionista’s look is how her hits of edge are subtle but not unnoticeable. Studded and detailed collared shirts are one of the latest fashion trends that can be commonly found from your favorite designers. Additionally, the combat boots add a military-chic aspect to this look; always a great option when it comes to edgy shoes.

Studs are a fantastic way to add edginess, like this Fashionista did on her blouse collar. Other suggestions when it comes to studs is to go for a studded shoe or handbag—accessories are great at helping to define the essence of your look! But, if studs aren’t your thing, try adding in some zippers or leather. Leather jackets will put some edge in any look and a bag with zippers all over it is very posh. Regardless of how you do it, every girl should spice up their outfit with some edge every once and a while in order to create an eyebrow-raising look.


Winter is a time of layers, thick fabrics and dark colors. As someone who loves feeling warm and cozy, winter clothes are always a great comfort. But with winter clothes comes a lack of color selection. Have you ever noticed that it’s almost impossible to find a great, bold color during the winter? I have found myself in this predicament multiple times. Some would argue that it is partially due to the fact that some colors are designated solely for spring and summer, like bright yellow and magenta. But there are also plenty of colors available to add to an outfit in order to create some colorful and subtle accents.

I spotted this Fashionista on her way back from a group presentation one chilly, Friday afternoon. She’s sporting a black coat, cream silk blouse, dark teal cords and cap-toe flats. Additionally, she is accenting her outfit with bright coral jewelry. Although coral is not a deemed winter color, I loved the idea of spicing up her outfit with little hints of color. From far away, this Fashionista looks as though she falls into the category of traditional winter chic. But when you look closer, you can notice the subtle color accents in her earrings and ring that create a unique twist on her look.

I love this outfit. A black coat is a stable and necessary object in any cold-weathered area. It can be dressed up or made more casual depending on what it is paired with. Also, I think that cords are a great piece to have in your closet. They're an alternative to jeans and are equally as practical. When it comes to shoes, a great pair of flats are great to wear while you can in the winter—they’re cute, easy to wear and sensible. The jewelry worn with this outfit is the most wonderful part. I love the coral accents. When it comes to subtle jewelry accents, you can use colorful jewelry or something with a little bit more sparkle. Either way, a subtle accent through jewelry is by far the best way to add a unique twist to your standard everyday outfit this winter.


Let’s be honest, leather is simply fabulous. Though some would argue that this edgy material is an acquired taste, leather is always sure to create an amazing look when done right. Leather is used for accessories, pants, shirts, shoes and, my personal favorite, jackets. A great leather garment will last you years on end. Leather accents are always amazing for the fall and winter seasons and are sure to spice up an outfit that would otherwise be considered simple.

I spotted this Fashionista leaving her apartment early one chilly morning on the way to class. This is a great outfit for class in the beginnings of winter—a simple, yet very stylish jeans-outfit. This Fashionista is sporting a great leather jacket, a T-shirt, a pair of dark-wash jeans and a pair of combats. The central elements of this outfit are definitely the jacket and the boots. The jacket is keeping her warms while still keeping her fashionable and edgy. The combat boots are also leather and create an edgy, military-like essence to the outfit. As a girl that loves all things black, all things edgy and goes ga-ga for a great leather jacket, I was quite excited.

A leather jacket is a must-have for every girl. Whether it’s black or brown, cropped or tailored, a leather jacket is a piece that, like a good pair of boots, will last you countless years. However there are girls who simply are not fans of leather. If you’re one of these girls, try going for a jacket that makes a similar statement; a military-like jacket would be perfect. Also, when it comes to combat boots, I know for a fact that not every Fashionista loves these. As an alternative, you can always stick with a pair of fabulous knee-high boots or ankle booties to have a similar winter effect. When it comes to accessorizing this outfit, the key is to stick within the theme. With this Fashionista, I would suggest a studded handbag to really illuminate that edgy factor. However, if a Fashionista wore a pair of simple knee-high boots, I would advise for a major statement necklace and some simple earrings. I adore this Fashionista because of how fantastically simple and accessible her outfit is. It’s a great example of an outfit for class that can be easily followed by any struggling Fashionista.


As winter is beginning to show its icy face here in DC, everyone is beginning to take out their warmer pieces from the back of the closet. The one common misconception that I really hate about winter clothes is that they have to completely consume your body. I will admit, that was my impression when I moved to a colder climate. But, I have discovered over the past year that there is another fashionable option that is sure to keep you warm and cozy on a winter day. Any clothes can be warm as long as they are made with the right kind of material. The Fashionista exemplifies this concept perfectly.

I caught this Fashionista leaving brunch one chilly (about 55 degrees) afternoon. Notice, that even though it is winter, she is wearing an emerald green skirt. When I approached her and asked if she was cold, she simply responded that her skirt was keeping her warm because it was made of wool. Additionally, she models a light blue oxford shirt, dark brown boots and pearl earrings. An understated touch that I loved about her outfit was her consistency in her pearl accents; both her earrings and buttons on her oxford are pearl. She looks adorable while managing to keep warm. This is often a struggle for Fashionistas everywhere, including myself.

I strongly believe that any garment of clothing can be warm as long as it’s made from the right material. Take a vest, for example. If the vest is made of a standard or light cotton, it is most likely not going to be warm enough to wear out during winter. But if it were a fur vest or a wool vest, any Fashionista would be cozy and content. The same idea goes for sweaters, coats and skirts. Fabrics like cashmere, wool, fur or really heavy cotton, are sure to do the job while still managing to keep you looking fabulous. Finally, a fun way to accent these great and practical fabrics is to have gold or silver accents in accordance to the color palette of your outfit. Winter is a season full of chills, thrills, snowflakes and cozy threads. There’s no need to choose practicality over fashion — you can choose both!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fantastic Fashion Transitions

November has always been, in my experience, the time of transition from fall to winter. Because this is a time of change in season, it is also a changing instance in fashion. Many women often find themselves in a bind over what to wear during this transitional period. Does one go for more of a winter look or a fall look? Would it be a faux pas to continue dressing for the fall even though it is coming to an end? My answer is simple: go for an outfit somewhere in the middle. I believe that it is more than acceptable to dress with elements of fall fashion in the month of November. However, I do think that it is also a great thing to begin adding some winter touches to your outfits. 

This Fashionista is perfect at channeling both the winter and fall seasons in her outfit. Her dark, patterned dress is ideal for the winter. A patterned dress is great during any season; the teal and navy color of the pattern is what really makes it wintery. Additionally, her brown boots are lovely with the dress. Anything brown is epitome of fall. Boots can be worn throughout the fall and winter seasons; usually, brown boots for the fall and black boots for the winter. Lastly, this adorable Fashionista accessorizes her look with a very simple and classic gold necklace.

I really enjoy how this Fashionista combined her fall and her winter clothes. The patterned dress is fabulous with the teal and navy coloring. If you're unsure of any patterned dresses you’ve got in your closet, try going for a solid colored dress in a winter color. When it comes to shoes, I am a strong supporter of a great quality boot. Though they are often an investment, a well-made boot can last you years. If you don’t have a brown boot, try going for a black boot—they’re great for the fall and winter. When it comes to accessorizing this look, you can try a simple necklace, like this Fashionista, or you can go for a fun scarf to spice up your look. I love fall fashion and have always had somewhat of a rough time transitioning into the winter months. After seeing this Fashionista, it has become evident to me how to transition in a gradual, and of course, fabulous way!


I have yet to meet a fashion-loving woman who lacks the urge to be chic. I know that in my experience, even as a young girl, being considered chic was the highest degree of excellence in terms of personal style. When people think of something that is chic, they rarely imagine a look that is understated. Usually, when I think of the word, I imagine a woman wearing an outfit that is super innovative and fresh to the eye. In other words, chic to me has often been associated with an outfit that would not be considered typical or easily accessible. Never had I ever thought of an alternative to the word… until I caught a glimpse of this Fashionista.

I caught this Fashionista coming out of an interview one afternoon in Foggy Bottom. When I saw her outfit, I instantly knew that I loved it. The preppy blazer paired with edgy black patterned skinny jeans was instantaneous eye candy. Additionally, the cream silk blouse was perfectly accented with the necklaces that she was wearing. There were three words that popped into my head after carefully observing her outfit. This outfit was understated, fabulous and, most noticeably, chic.

The concept of being chic, as this Fashionista has proven, is not an impossible feat. Individually, I would not consider her pieces chic, though they are fashionable. However, when they are combined together, they’re undeniably amazing. There are two elements of this outfit that I am obsessed with. First, I noticed that this Fashionista is wearing two fairly simple necklaces. Alone, they would not be what I would consider statement necklaces. But together, they scream fashion and classiness. Who doesn’t love a statement like that? Second, I adore the edgy pants paired with the crisp cream blouse. The contrast of hard and soft is one of my favorite fashion trends. An outfit like this is very easy to achieve with the right pieces from your closet. I can’t wait to try it for myself! This Fashionista rocked her outfit, and probably her interview, too!


Personally, whenever I think of pastels, I think of Easter eggs. And when I think of Easter eggs, I think of spring. However, I have noticed that in many of my favorite stores recently that pastels are present. Is this presence of such bold and bright colors a preparation for spring or is it actually acceptable to wear pastels in the fall? After seeing this Fashionista, I could not tell you why it might be considered unacceptable to wear pastels in the fall. After all, she looks simply fabulous.

I spotted this Fashionista dodging the aggressive wind and rain from the hurricane approaching us at George Washington. Despite the emergence of a terrible storm, this girl managed to still look flawless. She is sporting an asymmetrical peach blazer, a white tank, a tan bandage skirt, a silk scarf and dark flats. The first thing that I asked her regarding her chic outfit was that scarf. It‘s such a statement piece, yet it doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Next, I examined her peach colored blazer—a rare find. I had seen this girl around campus plenty of times and she has always been super fashionable and sports the latest trends. Naturally, I decided to trust her judgment that pastels can absolutely work for the fall. Just look at her. She looks gorgeous!

When it comes to achieving this outfit on your own, I would argue that there are two pieces that are must-haves. First, is the bold silk scarf. Though silk scarves are often quite pricey, they are an item that can be utilized for the rest of your life—a silk scarf is timeless! Also, I would suggest a fun colored jacket. This Fashionista chose a peach color, but I wouldn’t be afraid to try a violet or magenta blazer either. Additionally, the skirt can be any color that you want as long as it works with the tank and blazer that you chose to wear. There is no need for it to exactly match the scarf because, as a statement piece, it acts somewhat independently of the rest of the outfit. 

Though some elements of this outfit might be hard to find, they create a fun and bright look that any Fashionista could benefit from. And who doesn’t love pastels? They’re so pretty and are sure to brighten an onlooker’s spirits on a rain and wind infested day here at GW.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unleash Your Wild Side

Everyone likes to get a little wild. But sometimes, getting wild can get overwhelming and messy. Looking for an easy alternative? Take a step on the wild side when putting together your next outfit! Many have a different definition of the word wild. Some would define wild as an adjective describing something related to animals. Others would categorize it as a word that means stepping out of the usual norm. Others, like this fierce Fashionista, prove that wild can mean both of those.

I spotted this ferocious Fashionista one afternoon on the corner of 23rd and G Street. The first thing that I was drawn to was that leopard skirt. Leopard is my favorite animal print – it's fresh and fierce. Next, I love that she paired the bold leopard print with a classic blue oxford shirt. The shirt is simple but pairing with the skirt makes it mind-blowingly chic. Next the bootie wedges add some edginess to this Fashionista’s look. And finally, the crisp neutral tote perfectly complements the colors in the skirt. Together, she looks undeniably fashion-forward and fabulous.

This outfit is amazing. What’s better? That it is incredibly easy to put together! Although you might not see a leopard skirt in every store you walk into, there are other skirts with some wild flare that can be easily discovered. Try another animal print or simply go for a skirt with bold colors. Next, the oxford shirt can be traded out with any basic blouse or be animal printed and paired with a basic skirt. The same effect goes for the bag. If you’re looking to keep your outfit on the tamer side, try pairing an outrageous tote with it! The part of this outfit that I think is imperative to have in any closet are those black bootie wedges. They’re so stylish and can go with so many outfits across the several seasons – a true must-have!

This is by far my favorite look that I have seen at GW this year.  As a fan of preppiness, edginess and animal print, this outfit was my heaven. This Fashionista exuded an awesome and eclectic sense of style that I cannot wait to see more of around campus!


As I have said before, I am all about making a statement. When a girl sports a statement piece, a subtle element of personal style is magnified. Whether it’s wearing a neon blouse, a chunky statement necklace or outrageous shoes, statements are just flat out fabulous. With pieces like these, you can wear the simplest of outfits without the fear of coming off as bland or boring. Though these are probably the most common means of spicing up your outfit, I have discovered an easy and fun new way to make the same lasting impression – a fun pattern! I spotted this crisp Fashionista on a rainy morning at GW. Her pattern made an instantaneous impression on me. I naturally approached her immediately with intrigue.

This polished Fashionista is sporting a beige, short trench coat, a chain-linked scoop-neck dress and jelly flats. A short trench in my opinion is a more versatile and casual raincoat.  It is a garment that doesn’t entirely cover an outfit, like a full trench. Rather, it completes or adds to a look in rainy weather. The chain-linked dress is, by far, the focal point of this Fashionista’s look. The bright coral color within the pattern appeals to the eye and works extremely well with the beige trench. And, because the pattern of the dress is a statement by itself, the Fashionista has wisely opted for simple shoes and accessories. The jelly flats add a fun, yet simple element to the outfit while still remaining understated. This Fashionista got it spot on!

Though this chain pattern is undoubtedly chic, such patterns are sometimes hard to stumble across. However, if you can’t seem to find a pattern like this one, I would suggest simply going with a bright and bold colored dress.  When a girl is wearing a color that is ideal for skin tone and hair color, there is a very good chance that they look amazing. Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean that it’s not fabulous. Anyone can make a fashion statement. I know for me, seeing this Fashionista made me want to go venture out for some outrageous patterns for the upcoming fall season.



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Noteworthy Neutrals

Neutral colors have never really been a big part of my wardrobe. I’ve always worried that if I were to wear cool colors like taupe, olive or pewter, I would look boring and lifeless. In short, I worried that I would look like a rock. And, as a girl who has a very fair and pale skin tone, I’ve always tried to lean towards the warmer fall colors like rust and beige in order to avoid such a dilemma. So, when I saw this Fashionista, I was very surprised and pleased to see how the cooler neutral colors worked on her skin tone. They in no way wash her out or make her look lifeless at all. In fact, the colors in her outfit complement her gorgeous red hair and adorable smile in the best of ways. My initial hypothesis about neutrals was clearly disproven.

I caught this Fashionista taking a stroll on a chillier-than-usual afternoon. She’s sporting an adorable black and white striped dress, a structured olive jacket, a pewter wool infinity scarf, a pair of classic black flats and a taupe tote. The jacket and scarf combination is defiantly the central focus of the piece. With the metallic gold buttons on the jacket and the wool texture of the scarf, a hard-soft contrast is created. I love the east-coast preppy aura of her outfit – it’s very GW.

Perhaps the best aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit is the fact that each piece can be worn individually to create an entirely different look. The jacket can be worn with jeans or shorts and paired with boots or sandals to create a polished, casual look. Also, the wool infinity scarf is particularly versatile in the fall and upcoming winter seasons due to its practicality and versatility. Though wool is great for the season, infinity scarves are also available in bold prints and other fabrics. And finally, black flats are an imperative part of every girl’s wardrobe. Not only are they cute and stylish, but they go with almost every outfit for fall, too!

Fall and winter are defiantly my favorite seasons at GW because of the awesome Fashionistas like this one! Who knows what amazing styles I’ll come across this coming week?