White color is my go-to color for warm weather. I especially can’t resist buying new white pieces for summer. Exploring guy’s wardrobe, I believe they must have some white-colored items such as dress shirts, casual T-shirts, cardigans as well as shorts. Today’s Fashionisto brought people an image of preppy gentleman by blending a plain white crew neck T-shirt into his light-hearted monochromatic outfit. White experienced a huge comeback this summer in several designers’ collections. Taking notes from Chanel, Oscar de la Renta and Bottega Veneta, monochromatic combos mixed with metallic textures are the most chic for this summer.

While applying color-blocking trend are making appearances at every corner of the fashion district, this trendsetter opted for a simple, yet timeless-and-classic, silhouette with a sense of preppy and sunny. The fabric utilized is soft and comfortable, allowing you to move conveniently. To make the outfit your own style, you can team it up with a sharp blazer jacket, which is a functional piece to throw on when temperature drops down in rooms with air-conditioner.

The white monochromatic look can be imitated by trying out a classic plain white T-shirt from Alexander Wang, and toughen it up with casual shorts in cotton texture. Now summer is here, we can get a bit of a tan and whites look amazing with a sun-kissed glow!  Love this fresh, clean look.


While you're still deciding what colors to wear this season, and how to complement them with your accessories, today’s Fashionista has already predicted what colors are going to be in for the summer. You probably haven’t imagined that the color blue could be so chic. Electric blue, sky blue, baby blue, turquoise and so many blush palettes are presented in street styles.

This Fashionista’s baby blue shirt is of the lightest color among all of the other elements. The cotton texture looks comfortable for this certain season. The electric blue makes a great aesthetic combination with the shirt, whose color harmonically accentuates the shirt and stylizes the cool, light brown oxford. This trendsetter’s blush combo ideally fit into her plain look, outlining her silhouettes without adding any bulk feelings.

To imitate this Fashionista’s preppy look, I would recommend you to check out the cotton shirt from Madewell. If you’d like to try more color combos, don’t hesitate to search on their website. Abercrombie & Fitch has a perfect soft jean that's made especially for summer. Simple forms that are smartly combined make you look not only casual, but stylish.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Day to Night Ensemble

Summer seems a popular season to start internships. No matter what professions you are going to pursue, internships are the very initial step that can bring you to the right place. You probably have read some dressing codes for internships, while it’s not always easy to balance between formalness and uniqueness. Chasing trends and being unique are encouraged, while CollegeFashionista never endorses intimating fashion trends in blindness. Today’s Fashionisto convinces me that internship dressing for summer season can be comfortable, stylish and formal.

Classic shirts might be the most frequently seen item in internship Fashionistos’ wardrobes. They are versatile with almost every single item on-trend. Compared with the traditional white shirts, different patterns, textures and colors can bring Fashionistos entire different images.

The messenger bag is the most outstanding accessory in his entire look. Over the course of the last few years, messenger bags have taken over, and not just with girls and women. Several boys and men are actually among the first to use messenger bags to help make their load lighter, meanwhile, to be on-trend. The vintage-inspired messenger bag makes this fashion influencer’s look mature and unforgettable. 

To manipulate a refreshing and professional summer style, try taking on classic items in new styles and colors. There’s nothing more excited than starting a new internship life. Be prepared and be impressive!

Hint: Whether you're a teen or a terminally hip adult; male or female, you're sure to appreciate the advantages that a good messenger bag has to offer, but you might be overwhelmed by the numerous styles available. Here are two great messenger bags for you. Salvatore Ferragamo offers young Fashionistos a professional messenger bag that can make your internship look sharp and mature. If you’re looking for a more casual and easy-handled style, Tumi has a fabric messenger bag that couldn’t be more in for summer season.


With a collection named Resistance, Sharon Long ties together the themes of armor, protection in battle and outerwear in her senior designs.

CollegeFashionista: Tell me a little about yourself. What is your major and where are you from?

Sharon Long: I am from Indianapolis, IN. I am majoring in Apparel Design. This is my fourth year at Purdue.

CF: Have you had any internship experience in the past?

SL: Yes. For the major, we are required to do two internships – design and retail. I did my design internship at Purdue's costume shop during the full year.

CF: When did you know you were interested in pursuing a career in the fashion industry?

SL: Actually, I decided to pursue a career in fashion after I came to Purdue. I started sewing when I was seven, but that’s all pattern-based sewing. I actually turned my hobbies into a profession.

CF: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

SL: I love Christian Dior, a lot. He really pushed things forward from the '30s womenswear. They are really classic and elegant. I love them.

CF: What is the inspiration behind your senior collection?

SL: I was inspired by the contrast between the soft, draped lines and gold button detailing of the Victorian Era style mixed with the architectural, structured lines found in suits of armor. The combination of these two themes formed the basis for my menswear and womenswear designs this fall season. A second source of inspiration for this collection was the use of repurposed fabrics to create garments. As an avid thrift store shopper, I desired to experiment with unusual fabrics from thrift stores and to use them as another source of inspiration.

For more photos of the fashion show, please check out the two professional photographers’ personal websites: Brian Powell and Jon Busch.



It is unexpected to spot vintage trend at this point of a year. Sometimes when you think about chic and stylish, vintage outfit might not be the first idea that comes up in your mind. While, this Fashionisto convinced people that vintage outfit is a definitely chic trend in summer.

Denim shirt is a versatile item that you can wear it with everything you have — prints, color-blocking, and denim-on-denim, etc. It is a typical fabric which can be used throughout the year, but its style varies with seasons. Pale vintage denim is especially in for warm seasons. With sustaining hot weather, it can bring you cool visual feel without adding any monotonousness.

When I first saw this trendsetter, I was attracted by his effortless way to wear loafer. If you are struggling in choosing shoes for summer, loafers are your cup of tea. Unlike girls, guys concern more on comfort. How to balance chicness and comfort is always a hot topic for boys. Loafers can definitely accomplish your duo goals.

Sometimes it’s not easy to keep the most in styles on. For college students, backpack is a necessity to take textbooks. To discover a chic yet functional item is not easy. While, today's Fashionisto proved us a messenger bag can do all the works for you.

To imitate this fashion influencer's look, take on the Tod's loafer. Urban Outfitters has a vintage denim western shirt which is a must-have for summer season. As a substitute for backpack, the Herschel Morgan messenger bag can make a ultimate effect.


Undoubtedly, the color red is one of the most expressive colors extensively utilized in fashion. We usually portray the wearer by using the image of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. The color red is definitely a no-brainer and must-have for every season. You might not find any better pop of color to go with neutrals, such as gray and tan, as well as achromatics. Today’s Fashionisto demonstrates his effortless confidence by incorporating red color into his hip-pop ensemble. Taking notes from designer brands like Agnès B. and Moschino, this trendsetter applied the timeless color in various subtle ways.

Remember when I said summer was supposed to be casual, this Fashionisto reiterated the point by putting on his leisure, yet full-of-chicness, outfit. Who says trendy menswear needs to entail a rigidly suit? Today’s Fashionisto convinces you that an effortless outfit is the most in trend of the summer.

After excitedly scouting the market, I would recommend a poppy red jacket for Fashionistos who’d like to imitate today’s featured look. Besides the poppy red, jewel tones such as parrot green, deep plum, saffron and rusty red-orange are also the season’s chicest statement colors. Check out the instructions on how to wear color trends for summer 2012. Be casual and be chic!


Believe it or not, color-blocking was the It trend for summer season. The Italian-styled garments were remixed in America using our national colors: red, (sometimes white), and blue. The two primary hues accompanying with different palettes creat looks with infinity power. The spring and summer runways exploded with vibrant hues that were avant garde, playful, and impossible to ignore both for their brightness and their prominence across designers and retailers.

Today’s Fashionisto wore the color-blocking trend in his own style by incorporating red and blue into his whole ensemble. An ocean blue beret, baby blue T-shirt and a pair of dark-washed jeans made the main theme of his outfit outstanding when coming with crimson moccasins and plaid shirt.

To embrace the color-blocking trend, bring out your most-loved colorful single items from your wardrobes and begin to styling them together. To finalize the color-blocking trend, one tip you must know before you start: always wear no more than two super bright colors together. You must want every single item in your outfit to be attracting. So don’t let too many hues distract from each other. A never out of date formula is one bright, one bold, one neutral.

If you are interested in this Fashionisto’s ensemble, check out the beret hat on Nordstrom. It is versatile for all the colored items you wear. To better implement color-blocking trend, check out the J Brand candy jeans on Barneys New York. Ditch your monotonous items out and put colors on you. You are the street king on campus!


No matter who you are or what you wear, the sense of summer will make you feel delighted. After a monotonous winter, we usually think loud hues are supposed to take over spring and summer seasons. While contrasted with prevalent fussy looks throughout the campus, today’s Fashionisto proved to us that plain white colors and a casual look is totally in for the upcoming summer season. Now is the one time of year when less means more. Let your suits have a break and bust out your classic T-shirts!

I believe every man has a white T-shirt in their wardrobes, no matter what profession they are in, or what dressing styles they are up to. A plain white T-shirt is becoming a seasonal staple. Let your eyes take a break from floral hues and complicated textures and take on some monochromatic items. Summer is supposed to be casual. Like most CollegeFashionistos, he chose classic jeans to complete his clean casual outfit. If you feel hesitant on what should be worn on a typical day, jeans are always a safe choice. Try on the comfort denim jeans from Tommy Hilfiger. They are versatile for all the pieces you might wear. The oxford pant is also a good choice for guys who are up to loose structured outfits, which could bring you a cool look with your personal tastes displayed.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Higher Your Hemlines

This year’s summer came so early that no one feels it’s time to wear tanks and shorts. At this time, the temperature reaches only 60 degrees in the early morning and late night, but is over 80 degrees in the afternoon. I believe this must drive people crazy thinking about how to balance an outfit between the two extreme temperatures.

Today’s Fashionisto is a master on assembling an early summer look. A utilitarian-tan cropped pant does a good job overcoming the cozy weather in the morning, as well as bringing a cool feel in the afternoon. While bringing a casual feel, cropped pants can also integrate a sense of formal to your summer ensemble. If you’d like to add more flavors to your looks, candy colors may be your cup of tea. Take a look at these hued pants from DSquared2 that would be a sure attention-grabber throughout the campus. 

To best suit your cropped pant, a cotton tank top can make a sporty gentleman. Or, try on a plaid shirt and incorporate a bowtie to become a British gentleman. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Looks Transformer

Although a scarf is always treated as small accessory, it can complete or transform your entire look, in a subtle way. I personally like the way today's Fashionisto completes his spring look by incorporating a classic Burberry style scarf into his casual outfit. Under the unpredictable weather, a scarf is the ultimate choice to keep warm, while adding special flavors to your look. With demonstrations in fashion shows, scarves in various fabrics grab eyes.

Designer Corneliani presented a new summer collection focusing on stylish scarves, from airy cottons to chic ascots. This trendsetter takes notes from designer brands, wrapping a bold color scarf to complement his dark color palette ensemble. 

Burberry, a master brand featuring plaid scarf, has an ultimate wrap for spring and summer season. The cotton texture could bring you a cool feel without any stuffiness. The classic graphic pattern would endow you laidback sophistication. Vibrant colors will soon take over the whole campus. Now it's wise to make investment on hue scarves.