Jeans are arguably the most worn item in most college girls' closets. There are many different cuts and styles, but they take you where you need to go. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down, and are as classic as they come. Whether you are a wide leg fanatic or true blue jeggings fan, there is definitely a style and cut for you. 

Distressed denim is a great, on trend way to bring a little bit of edge to an otherwise simple outfit. A pair of distressed jeans is perfect for a day at the library or out shopping. They offer the same comfort and ease as regular jeans. They are exciting and different and best yet a project you can create all on your own.

There are many ways to create your own original pair of distressed jeans. Many people start by wearing away at the denim using sandpaper or even a cheese grater. But the best part about making your jeans your own is having a unique look that you can be sure no one else has. But I recommend checking out this site for cool ideas and a video demonstrating how to distress your jeans.

If crafts are not your thing and you are looking for a fun pair of jeans that are already distressed, check out this pair of light wash skinny jeans which would look great with a cute crochet cut-out top and a pair of wedges for a night out. Or if you like looser fitting jeans, this pair of boyfriend jeans would look great with a simple scoop neck white T-shirt and a pair of loafers for class. 

If you are not feeling as daring with all the rips and tears, I recommend taking smaller steps and getting a pair of slightly distressed jeans like these paired with a beaded blouse, so you can maintain all the '70s style without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone.

I spotted this Fashionista rocking a cool light rinse destroyed jean with a tan sweater and a pair of gladiator flat beaded sandals.


I spotted this Fashionista making a statement in a graphic tank, an unbuttoned denim shirt, a comfy pair of leggings and her classic Converse. Her outfit is very laid-back and comfortable but adorable. She easily makes the transition into fall pairing her favorite printed tank top for summer with a pair of leggings and a long-sleeved shirt.

Graphic tops have long been a go-to look because of their comfort and instant style. While it can be a fun adventure to scour thrift shops searching for T-shirts from the year you were born (totally guilty), there are also many other places to get T-shirts that scream style online and otherwise. It can be really original to personalize by wearing T-shirts from your hometown and from your favorite sports teams.

Also you do not have to worry about putting away your favorite tank top from summer just yet because as our Fashionista demonstrated, it can be easily worn into the fall layered with a jean jacket, cardigan or button-up. This summer, was all about the cut-outs and deep arm holes but by layering a screen tank with a long sleeve shirt, it can be instantly class appropriate.

Playful printed tees have been more present than ever this past year. Many make a nod to pop-culture both present and past. Also with the upcoming election nearly in full swing why not endorse your favorite candidate in a cute and memorable way?

To start a fun T-shirt collection that can go beyond the gym, I recommend picking up shirts when visiting friends at other colleges and when vacationing in interesting locations. These kinds of shirts are the ones that make fun stories and are great conversation starters. If you are looking to start an entirely new collection, I suggest you check out Junk Food Clothing, which has a lot of fun shirts, which feature both retro icons and cool designs.

Style Guru Bio: Katie Bachler

Hello! I am Katie Bachler, a sophomore at Elon University studying Strategic Communications and I am so excited to be coming back for another semester with CollegeFashionista. I had the pleasure of representing Elon this summer in Chicago, where I live, and showing readers looks I spotted in the streets of Chicago. However, this semester excites me because I get to show the world what Elon University's style is all about. My posts will be on students on campus who truly encompass the definition of a CollegeFashionista. Elon's student body is full of well-dressed young people who are passionate about their school and I am hoping my posts will capture all that. I will strive to illustrate a variety of trends and styles while writing for “STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK.” 

My own personal style is all about variety. I love to change up my style depending on my mood or the weather. Usually my outfits are all about classic, easy feminine looks. But I also cannot resist a good thrift shop T-shirt or a cool interesting headband. I love to add eclectic pieces because I think it adds visual interest and personality. I also love neon colors and sparkles to a fault so I am going to try and steer away from my go-to looks and create newer, more mature styles. 

I know to the working world the year begins in January but to me it's all about late August. Coming back to school means new students, new classes, new housing arrangments, new friends and a new season for fashion. Lucky for us living in North Carolina, we will not have to ween ourselves off sundresses and jean shorts just yet. But with the summer officially coming to a close, it is crucial to adapt your wardrobe to keep you warm but also stylish. A new season is also a perfect excuse to adapt one's personal style. So before heading back to campus, don't skimp on a cool new scarf or a funky jacket because that is the material (literally) of a very promising and interesting wardrobe. 

Style is all about taking risks and showing the world what you're all about. I know I am going to try and steer away from the Nike shorts and put more effort into my everyday looks. With a new “year” in store comes new resolutions and I encourage you all to make yours. Until then I look forward to seeing all of your personal styles come to life on campus and in the classroom. 




Animal print has transformed from a trend to a staple in recent years. It is surprisingly versatile because it is made up of neutral tones. While leopard print is not anything new, it can be revamped in lighter fabrics for the summertime. Other animal prints can also provide visual interest in accessories.

I spotted this Fashionista having fun with spots in her adorable, airy leopard print blouse and dark rinse denim cut-off shorts. 

In order to create a look inspired by this Fashionista all your own, one needs an animal print item whether it be a chiffon sleeveless button up in a leopard print or an exciting pair of loose-fitting shorts. Next, pair the print with neutral shades such as black or white. A pair of white denim shorts  or a fitted peplum black skirt would be perfect with a leopard print top. A leopard print bottom would look perfect with a white button up or a simple black tank top

Another way to add prints to your wardrobe is through some fun, but wearable accessories. A pair of strappy sandals in a leopard print is perfect for both day and night. A leopard print scarf is cute for cooler nights and is an easy way to dress up or down an outfit. 

Snake print is a good option because of its versatility. It offers an outfit texture and visual interest. A clutch in a python print can easily spice up any outfit. A pink snake print dress can be paired with a jean jacket for an easy night out. Also a pair of snake print wedges would be a great way to mix animal print into your wardrobe.


I spotted this Fashionista soaking up the sun in a chic neutral tank and white skirt ensemble. But what I loved most about her outfit was her cool turquoise necklace. In a season of vibrant color, it seems natural to mix up your style by including new colors. However, the simplicty of a neutral outfit should not be ditched. There is no denying the classic style that black and white apparel exudes. But for a quick update of a classic look, one should simply add a colorful piece of jewelry or a bright accessory to create a look that is truly standout. 

A simple white tee looks cool with a pair of black leather shorts but with a fun red statement necklace, it is instantly memorable and exciting.

A little black dress is a must have in every modern woman's closet but it can appear a bit boring with a pair of basic black pumps. Color can instantly turn a look from blah to awe. This black dress is perfect for a night out and with a pair of bright pink pumps and a yellow necklace, it is neon chic. 

A good investment piece is a pair of bright studs. They bring attention to your face and are an easy addition to a simple outfit. They have the potential to glam up a simple white button down, skinny jean and ballet flats look from class to classy.

Another way to add color with investing in a colorful accessory is by using some unexpected color on your face. For daring make-up gurus, a bright lipstick or a fun turquiose nail is a simple way to accessorize with color. 

As college students, it is far to easy to throw on a pair of old jeans and a plain top and call it a day. But by adding a colorful piece such as a fun pair of sandals, your look is pulled together and stylish. It is easy to fall into a neutral color rut but it is also easy to update your look with some bright jewelry or shoes.


The roots of fashion are in function. A wardrobe should be reflective of your personal style but it also should be practical. A warm parka is not my cutest piece, but it is necessary for Windy City winters. It is important to stock up on quality pieces. These items should stand the test of time. While trends come and go, styles that flatter your body type and appropriately cover your body for the seasons is a must. 

While there is a wide array of items that people consider staples depending on their own personal style and where they live, there are certain universal items that most would need in their closets this summer. I think a good pair of well-worn light rinse jean shorts is a practical purchase. They should be mid-length so that you can cuff them if you want them shorter. A white eyelet tank top is easy to pair with any pair of shorts and screams summer. Another essential is a simple sundress that can worn during the day or night.  It should be made of  cotton or jersey or something that does not need to be sent to the dry cleaner's after each wear. A good pair of sandals is crucial as well. My personal favorite is a pair Jack Rogers Navajo sandals. They are super comfortable after a few wears and are classic. A large tote bag is also nice for either the beach or a weekend trip. I love the LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag. They are made of canvas and are very roomy to fit all of your things. 

I spotted this Fashionista rocking a jersey dress and jean jacket. She paired her outfit with a pair of gladiator sandals and a large hobo bag. Her look is very simple but elegant. 

Stick to quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe. A few nice pieces are worth the money when they get good wear and can always be updated with some fun accessories.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Monochromatic Chic

Don't get me wrong, I love playing with color. Yet there is something about the undeniably chic look of an outfit consisting of one color. Every fashion lover can create this look by simply looking through their wardrobe and go against their instincts to use contrasting colors. Instead they should pick items of similar shades and use the differing textures and fabrics to make their outfit one for the books.

For someone testing the waters with a single colored look, black is the easiest route to go. Black is classic and slimming. For a night on the town, a pair of black shorts and a blouse with lace shoulders looks great along with some fun black wedges and a black tote. A black-on-black look is simple but chic. For a day style, one can look for lighter shades to keep cool in the summer heat. 

In order to create a more daring look, the same color in differing hues can create an interesting fashion-forward look. A pink look, with a pleated skirt in bright pink paired with a coral tank is eye-catching and fun. 

I spotted this Fashionista in an all white ensemble. Her look is easy and classic with her breezy white tank and white jeans paired with simple black accessories. 

Monochromatic looks are timeless and easy to wear. They are fun when combining items of different textures. Choose to either combine very different hues or the same as to not appear sloppy. Also don't be afraid to play around with accessories of different shades.


This year has been all about the ombre. It has been spotted in both the beauty department (cool hair-style and manicure) and on the backs of free-spirited college students everywhere. Dip-dyed looks scream summer to me. It is the essence of laid-back, backyard summer chic and it's a look that any girl can attain.

Summer camp tie-dye gets a makeover through updated styles. A tie-dyed tee-shirt is now updated into a cool tank dress perfect for any day at the beach or afternoon in the sun. Another way to update is with a chic maxi using darker dye creating a much more grown-up style. A tank in comfortable cotton is a perfect and easy wardrobe addition. A headscarf is an easy way to add tie-dye into your style and works for fashion as well as function in the hot summer heat. This interesting jumpsuit shifts away from the typical tie-dye by combining both sheer and ombre inspiration. 

Ombre shorts have been a big trend lately. The best thing about them is that while they can be purchased, there are many DIY websites out where crafty Fashionistas can create a pair all their own. All you need is a pair of well worn Levi's that can be purchased from Goodwill and a little time and the look is all yours. 

This Fashionista rocked a cool pair of dip-dyed colorful shorts with a simple white T-shirt. She added some fun accessories to keep the look interesting and personal.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Lending An Olive Branch

This year in many resort wear collections, cool olive green clothing was ever-present. The army inspired trend is one that is easy to rock. It makes any fashionista appear very laidback and instantly put together. One line that included this interesting and surprisingly versatile color in many of their items was Alexander McQueen. The shade flatters virtually every skin tone, which makes it a must have in every girl’s closet. The chic look of slim cargo pants is one that can easily replace a pair an over worn pair of skinny jeans. A pair of fitted cargos can be found at any price. I found this super cute pair from Target!

A pair of cargos can be worn with simple sandals and a white tank for an easy afternoon. The look can be easily transformed into a cute evening style with a fun turquoise statement necklace and a pair of wedges. There are also many other ways to have fun with army inspired looks this summer. One idea is a pair of boyfriend style shorts that are not only fashion-forward but also very comfortable. Also a cute military inspired vest can be easily paired with a simple dress either black or printed and a fedora for a summer music festival. The style can be easily mixed into a simple wardrobe and can make an outfit standout.

I spotted this fashionista sporting some slim olive green trouser pants, a classic V-neck tee, and sandals. The style is very light and airy, which is perfect for the summer weather and looks very relaxed. Her look is topped off with a shoulder bag, classic Ray Ban aviators and a simple Dogeared necklace. While her look is one that is built on basics what makes her style standout is that it is appears very effortless. To me, an effortless look is one that I always hope to emulate in my own styles. There is nothing more impressive than those girls who are able to throw together super chic looks in a few minutes.  Yet there is no reason we all cannot be that type of girl with a few updates to our closets!


Style Guru Bio: Katie Bachler

Hello! I am Katie Bachler, an incoming sophomore at Elon University in North Carolina. I am pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications and plan on working in Public Relations or Advertising in my future. I am a native Chicagoan so adjusting to the beautiful southern seasons has been an interesting but refreshing transition.

Like most, I am a huge fan of summer not only for the carefree lifestyle but also the cool looks it brings about. I love adapting trends into outfits and I think that summer is a perfect time to rock them. Summer is a season where everyone is allowed an escape from the reality of school (my apologies to those of you stuck taking summer courses) and experiment with creating and altering your own personal style.

As for my style, I am a very inspired shopper. I get a lot of my inspiration from films ranging from Love Story starring Ali McGraw to Georgia Rule with Lindsay Lohan. I also follow many fashion blogs such as Atlantic-Pacific and Brooklyn Blonde. While I admire these style icons for their daring fashion looks, I personally take more subtle risks with my clothing.

I think colors make a look standout and I am a huge fan of the bold hues. I make a point to vary the shades in my wardrobe and therefore have a very vibrant closet. I have also never grown out of my very elementary love of sparkles and shimmer. I adore intricate beading and cute sequined accessories . But despite my fascination with color and sequins, I love wardrobe staples. I am constantly on the hunt for a good pair of dark rinse jeans, ballet flats, boots and sweaters. I think having such staples is essential for a solid wardrobe, but I am constantly looking to evolve my fashion sense.

My personal style is a combination of classic, girly and vintage inspired looks. I look to people such as Olivia Palmero, Rachel Bilson, Kate Middleton and the eternal style of Audrey Hepburn, for inspiration. I admire these icons for their classy risk-taking.

I take the phrase “dress to impress” to heart. An outfit is the first impression the world has of you. I think people should have fun with their style playing around with accessories and interesting colors yet always dress with class. Fashion is a fun way to constantly both defy and re-defy your own style. One’s wardrobe is something very personal and expressive. I am looking forward to writing for Style Advice for the Week and putting Elon out there on the fashion map.