With Labor Day comes the dreaded and undeniable truth: Summer is officially o-v-e-r. But, is this really true? Certain fashion “rules” have been assigned to Labor Day as the heat meets the chilly breezes, but aren’t rules always meant to be broken? Whoever said that white clothing needs to be boxed up come this holiday was “seriously disturbed,” if I may quote Legally Blonde. Such colors like winter white demonstrate this rule is a complete myth. Also a myth: Summer clothing need to go bye-bye for good. Hey, if it’s hot, it’s hot and a fall riding coat isn’t going to make you feel much cooler.

Follow the lead of this Fashionista, who radiates the attitude that she does what she wants. On this particular day, it was pretty steamy and I found myself in shorts and a tank. However, this young lady decided to say adios to her short shorts early and reveal the newest additions to her fall wardrobe immediately. Her jet-black jeggings, tucked into her camel booties, provide this Fashionista with comfort during the iffy transition weeks from summer to fall. Her short combat booties showcase the prominent neutral colors that have been gracing the runways, not to mention they illustrate the tough military trend while still retaining some femininity. Lastly, she added a silky blouse graphic top that radiates delicate and cool. Overall, this Fashionista embodies simplicity and neutrality while remaining her girlish charm (the bed of flowers around her certainly bolster this) as she says hello to fall.

To get this look, I found a great pair of short combat boots from Bloomingdales, simple black jeggings from James on Bluefly, and a flirty, silky smoke blouse at Shopbop.


In the beginning of August when Staples starts to put out its back to school specials, my mind instantly regresses to the joyful times when preparing for the start of school was a king-size event in itself. My siblings, mother, and friends would all pile into the minivan to purchase new backpacks, the coolest non-mechanical pencils, neon kitten folders, and the most glorious planner ever. Sadly, going back to college isn’t as much about school supplies as it is about fashion. Having not seen some of your friends for months, you want to look your best, obviously; not too flashy, not too conservative, but revealing enough skin to display the hours you spent laying in the sun—I mean, working…This Fashionista captures “back to school” like no other. Her button-down shirt with light pink stripes is thin enough to wear into September and provides enough overall color to finish off the bright months of summer right. This style of shirt is very versatile: It can be dressed up or down and the sleeves can easily be rolled up to showcase a more rugged feel. Since the sun is still blazing in Ithaca, contrary to its tundra reputation, this Fashionista chose to wear dark denim mini shorts. These close-fitting minis provide the perfect balance to the loose and baggy nature of her top. To round out her summer/fall look, she shielded her eyes with the always-classic wayfarers and held her essential school items in her studded cross-body bag.

Hint: To hold onto what’s left of the summer, stick with gladiator sandals to complete your look. Once the cold breezes roll in, you can easily wear this outfit with flats or flat booties.

I found a lightweight plaid shirt at Madewell, an awesome pair of cuffed cord shorts at Old Navy, and seriously rocker studded angle boots at Bloomingdales.

Style Guru Bio: Kathryn Botvin

I am a senior at Cornell University, majoring in Nutritional Science. Originally from Scarsdale, New York, I spend most of my time in New York City admiring the many diverse and innovative fashions of the streetwalkers. Aside from working for CollegeFashionista last summer, I recently interned in the accessories department at SELF Magazine in NYC, where I acquired my great love for costume jewelry and learned a very valuable lesson: an accessory truly can make an outfit! I am extremely excited to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and am looking forward to capturing all of the style stars on the Cornell campus this summer!


It seemed to have been raining petals, because this spring florals were flooding the runways. From Chanel to Dior, it seems as though designers’ lust for everything related to flowers was embodied in jackets, skirts, shorts, tops, and dresses. This Fashionista perfectly exemplifying these trends by wearing the latest tube dress with clumps of floral patches surrounded by several stripes. The dress features rouching in the bust and a tight band right below the rouching, creating an empire waist and allowing the bottom part of the mini to drape away from the body. The individual green, yellow, pink, blue, and orange tiny flowers configured together, forming flower patches throughout the item. The central flower partch is framed by stripes that echo the colors of the flower petals, which provides a nice color contrast against the off-white background of the dress. However, I couldn’t help but notice that the colors present in this sun dress were a little reminiscent of the print on my grandmother’s couch. Or, for those of you that oddly enough haven’t been to my grandmother’s house, the pattern resembles something right out of That 70’s Show. The poignant oranges juxtaposed with the pinks and blues make me want to put on my bellbottoms and flowy blouse and buy my first class ticket on a time machine destined for the 70’s (although I don't usually frequented that era). By pairing this retro print with a fresh style, the strapless mini, this Fashionista looks ready to hit the gorges or the club– not the disco! With prints, like this one that may seem a little “frumpy” or outdated, make sure the style of the clothing is innovative so that the outfit does not look archaic as a whole. For instance, this dress would look great with a gold multichained rosette necklace or even a chunky beaded necklace.

Check out this embroidered floral jean dress from Forever 21 that can easily look ancient if not updated with new accessories or shapes. Add a chic fedora hat, chain necklace from Shopbop, and even some fun nude studded clogs from Asos to take the ensemble from Little House on the Prairie to Hip on the Slope.


If there is one item that is essential to your summertime wardrobe, it has to be a flowy top. The summer weather is hot, humid, and sticky—all not conducive to looking cute while wearing something tight. Restrictive clothing in the summer is like Rihanna wearing a Queen Elizabeth skirt suit—it just isn’t going to happen. Instead of fighting the heat, embrace it by creating your own air conditioning ; choose items that allow for you to feel cool and breezy and most importantly, show minimal sweat stains! This Fashionista tackled the steam by wearing a coral billowy top. The blouse is made out of a thin, silky material that lets her literally hot bod breath. When tucked into her short black skirt, the top perfectly balloons over and creates perfectly relaxed pleats, which slims the Fashionista’s torso. With black halter straps complementing the black mini skirt, this lady is ready for a night out on the town with her guys or gals. By sticking with a simple color palate of coral and black, the top and shirt blend and appear as one very interesting dress. To make the outfit even more formal, I would suggest adding a few layers of chain necklaces in either gold or silver and wearing a chain cross-body bag. Additionally, a studded neon green bracelet or watch would amplify the focus on color and provide an usual visual contrast. While this Fashionista paired her outfit with gladiator high heels, wedges or flat gladiators in a metallic color would also look extremely hip and relaxed.

I found this awesome gold rosette chain at Piperlime that mimics the romantic flow of a similar blouse, at Bloomingdales, that floats away from the body. Bejeweled and studded platform sandals, that I spotted at Endless, dress up the outfit and add a rocker feel to the outfit's overall sweetness. Lastly, to add personal accessories from your jewelry box to make this adorable outfit your own!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: To Flop or Not to Flop?

To flop or not to flop? Hats are a tricky thing to pull off, and do not always work for everyone. I, for one, look like a teenage boy in hats; it is truly a rarity that any sort of hat will look remotely decent on me. Besides my personal negativity toward hats, many Cornellians have been enjoying their coverage this summer. The most prevalent style that men and women have been strutting around campus in has been fedora hats. However, it is less likely (I mean, closer to never) that you will see a young lady, like this Fashionista, wearing a floppy style, beachy hat. I have to say, when I first spotted this hat, I was a little floored. I have never been in the presence of such an accessory unless the event included the word Derby and consisted of a middle-aged crowd, large animals, and cocktails. But, after further inspection, I realized this hat really did have it going on–as did its confident owner, who decided to wear it because she "liked it." Being large and in-charge, this hat commands attention (and it certainly receives it!). While it may look outrageous, it serves a very functional purpose: protection from the sun. Sometime we forget that fashion can also promote healthy behaviors (hello, practicing safe sun exposure is the most “It” campaign of the summer). And let's face it, without our health there is not feeling good or fashion. This Fashionista's belief in herself, style sense, and keeping her face shaded made me realize this floppy hat is a big "do" of the summer, permitting this Fashionista to enjoy the sunshine and protect from too much radiation. Paired with a classic white V-neck dress with short sleeves (to protect those marvelous shoulders) and sling-back sandals, this stylin’ gal is ready to hit the derby, the gorges, or even The Commons for a stroll. Neutral jewelry, such as the chain necklace she is wearing, allows her grand hat to take center stage. So guys and gals, follow the lead of your fellow Fashionista and choose a hat that represents your personality; whether it be big, small, floppy, or stiff, a hat is a great accessory to add to any summer outfit to protect that gorgeous mug!

I found a staw hat with a beautiful built-in scarf at Target by Eugenia Kim for Target, an airy scoop neck white dress at Bloomindales, and red studded sandals at Zappos. Of course, you can purchase sunscreen at any convenient drugstore. My personal favorite is Neutrogena Sport Spray-On with SPF 55 or higher, which can be found at many locations including CVS.

Hint: Stay away from strong colors or patterns and stick with a plainly colored straw material. The hat will stand out without that added pizzazz.




Sadly, I have only had the privilege of attending one wedding in my life—when I was five. But I’ve heard, from my lucky friends that have been invited to many weddings, that summer is the time in which many are attended. While I was watching a ceremony on the beach from afar, I of course was thinking of what I would wear to such an affair if anyone ever invited me. An event like this would call for the ensemble to be formal, yet casual, cool, and comfortable. Oh, and something simple so you are not even the slightest bit close to outshining the bride! I came across this Fashionista and instantly thought she was wearing  the perfect outfit for a summer wedding (or any summer formal event for that matter). Her black mini dress is always an appropriate go-to for any formal occasion, and can easily be updated to take it from day to night. The halter neckline is chic and simple, exposing her tanned shoulders and adding a unique element to the dress. Made of a thin, silky material, this mini allows for breeziness in the heat, while the shine makes the outfit dressier. The skinny tan belt wrapped around her waist provides structure and definition to the flowy dress, in addition to playing to the neutral trends of the season. Lastly, nothing says summer like naturally wavy hair worn to one side, as this Fashionista beautifully demonstrated. While many may argue that heels or wedges must be worn with an outfit like this to an event, I would say that a pair of elegant sandals are more than fitting; metallic gladiators or even embossed flats could easily be on par with dress code.

If you have a formal event to go to in the summer, assemble an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s. A draped halter dress from Shopbop is classy and sexy, especially when worn with a brown woven belt similar to the one I found at Urban Outfitters. Simple silver or gold metallic woven sandals such as from Piperlime are perfect for any summer occasion and allow for comfort and sophistication.


With the Fourth of July parties kicking off the summer festivities, being able to dress in a casual and trendy way is becoming an even more valuable skill. At summer barbeques, the weather is often quickly changing from warm and sunny to chilly and dark, making it imperative for your outfit of choice to be extremely versatile. To accommodate the day to night party, it is important to dress in a relaxed way and not look as if you are attending a nightclub. To accomplish this, follow the style of the Fashionista above, as she decided to take advantage of the “It” color of summer: white. This Fashionista chose to go to her friend’s barbeque while wearing a white mini dress. The dress has a floral eyelet pattern, providing her outfit with a light and airy feel. To take her white mini into the night, she opted for sky-high espadrilles with a nude canvas fabric that aligns with the summery tones of her outfit. These espadrilles are a great substitute for sandals worn during the day in order to make getting ready in a jiff easier. Lastly, this Fashionista topped her dress and wedges off with a bright, patterned headband, which contributes color and liveliness.

To elevate your daytime look like the Fashionista above, pick a cute, white mini like this C & C dress from, strappy wedges like these from Piperlime, and a handkerchief with a standout pattern, such as this one I found at Echo Design, to wrap around your head.

Hint: For those incredibly crisp evenings, bring a cardigan in your handbag to layer over your dress.


Shakira had it right when she emoted: “there’s a she wolf in your closet, let it out so it can breath.” There is an inner animal in everyone, so show it off through your summer apparel! Although my extreme love for animal prints is significantly greater than the average person, I would safely suggest highlighting your outfit with a touch of animal (and not cover your whole body in it, as I would love to do if it did not look ridiculous). Choosing an accessory to express your favorite print such as a handbag, belt, or scarf, as this Fashionista did, aptly illustrates your wild side without looking as if you belong on Animal Planet. This Fashionista decided to boost her ferociousness by draping a thin leopard scarf over her graphic tee. While layering prints can look busy and be very dangerous, it can be successfully executed by paying close attention to the size and color of the prints. As shown above, the dark graphics on her T-shirt are less prominent against the bright golden color of the leopard. With size of print, it is best to pair a small print with a larger one, like this Fashionista did: the small leopard spots on the scarf complement the extensive pattern on the tee. Her dark, solid shorts on bottom balance out the prints on top, with white flip-flops lightening the overall color palate and rounding out her summer look.

To dress on the wild side like this Fashionista, you can find a cheetah scarf at Echos, graphic tee at Urban Outfitters, neutral Free People cargo shorts at Piperlime, and complete your look simple Havianas sandals.


As demonstrated by this Fashionisto, the Fourth of July does not mean aborting your inner style mantra and settling for expected red, white, and blue attire. Instead, celebrate our independent nation by showcasing your independent flare! While many may be attending formally coordinated events, others, such as this Fashionista, may be enjoying themselves at a laidback beach party where personal pizzaz and more casual outfits take center stage. This Fashionisto chose to pair his favorite white V-neck graphic tee with a lightweight pair of rolled grey jeans (good for avoiding the heat and preventing your pants from getting dirty in the sand!). His camel-colored fedora with black ribbon displays his hipster nature by adding a hint of mystery and an element of cool to his summer look. Keeping with the airy feel, he completed his look with white low-top chucks and remarkably imaginative body art on his arms.

I discovered a similar slim-fit jean at J.Crew, thin graphic tee and fedora at Urban Outfitters, and low-top sneakers at Zappos.

Hint: Rolling your jeans is a great way to adjust your wardrobe to fit the summer. Simply fold your jeans as many times as needed in order to achieve the length you desire!