Summer is my favorite season for many reasons. No school and sunshine are at the top of my list, and this summer seems to be holding up to its high expectations. Perhaps the absolute best parts of summer are the nighttime activities, particularly, concerts. With Sasquatch and DMB Caravan in our near future, music is a huge part of making this summer exciting and one that we will never forget.

Besides the fabulous music and atmosphere of concerts, there is something to be said about the concert merchandise…. particularly concert tees. Concert t-shirts are a unique way to express your music taste, all the while remaining put together with ease. Some of my favorite concert tees are found at vintage stores, but don’t think that bands of today aren’t coming out with some great apparel options. This Fashionisto proved that in a t-shirt signifying a beloved band, Vampire Weekend. A T-shirt like this one is great because it is a little bit more understated so he was able to jazz it up more accordingly. He paired his go-to t-shirt with a wonderfully soft maroon leather jacket, jeans, and a pair of colorful sneakers.

Want the look but have no concert events coming up in your future? Simple. Either dig around your local vintage or second-hand stores or get some cool t-shirts from stores like Urban Outfitters. I love this Van Halen one, but any of their other graphic tees would do the trick. A great pair of jeans is a must for Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike. My favorite for Fashionistos are the ever-classic Levis in the 514 Slim Straight Fit. Make sure to go for an indigo or darker wash. For Fashionistos, particularly, cool shoes are no question. This Fashionisto rocked some pretty sweet kicks, and I found another cool pair by Nike from Flight Club NY that would keep with Urban Fashionisto theme. Next, find a great jacket or cardigan to throw on that would subtlety match one of the accent colors.

For the Fashionistas, find a band tee at the same locations and cut it into an off-the-shoulder version. Rolled baggy denim shorts would look great, and pair with some combat boots or sandals.

Whether you are stuck at work or attending a concert, concert tees definitely add some personal flare.  Represent your taste and look effortlessly cool in a band tee this summer. Rock on.


There is a lot to love about summer break. Sleeping in, boats, beaches…what could be better? My favorite part of summer, however, has to do with the fashion. From what I have seen in my past summers spent as a Fashionista, people pay more attention to what they are wearing and put more effort into their look. Trends are much easier to keep up with, as shopping takes the place of time spent in classrooms. My favorite looks for this summer include casual comfort and loads of accessories. In fact, I think that the most important piece of a Fashionista/o’s summer look is just south of his or her ankle. Shoes can make (or break) an outfit, and this summer, I am loving the latest trends. Whether you decide to go more casual with an embellished sandal, or sassy with a sky-high wedge, shoes are absolutely the most important “accessory.”

On the hunt for a great pair of shoes myself, I spotted a pair on a fellow Fashionista that were to die for. This Fashionista rocked a pair of high heeled oxford-esque shoes in a perfectly summer nude shade. The best part of this pair of shoes is that, not only did they lace up, but they had one of my favorite details…a peep toe. Peep toe shoes are great in any material, and can be worn throughout the seasons. After falling in love with this Fashionista’s pair, I did my best to find a similar option for all the Fashionistas out there. A fabulous pair can be purchased at Nordstrom by beloved brand, Michael by Michael Kors.

Next comes the rest of the look. I was particularly inspired by this Fashionista’s ability to accessorize and play up the shoes perfectly. Let’s start with the pants. I am loving skinny cargos for summer, as seen on this Fashionista, and this pair by J Brand would do wonders for any Fashionista’s summer wardrobe. For the top, go for a dolman sleeve or button up, or layer with a baggy lightweight sweater similar to this colorful version from Anthropologie. Add some shape to the sweater with a skinny belt, and make sure to grab some kind of headpiece, whether it is a shapo or headband. Dressed up or dressed down, a peep toe is a fun and flirty addition to any outfit. The femininity of the peep toe is enough for any girl to claim herself a full-fledged Fashionista.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Back in the Swing of Things

School’s out for the summer! Though we are done studying—for a while—we are never done exploring the world of fashion. Summer is my favorite season, not only because the temperature rises, but also because we are able to try out new things and explore new trends. Whether you are out on a boat or stuck inside an office all day, summer brings new and interesting outfits, ones that we can definitely have a little more fun with. This Fashionista has been hard at work all semester, on her degree and on her fabulous put-together ensembles. The sun was shining and she seemed to define the saying “April flowers bring May showers.” Totally obsessed with her bright threads, I had to take a closer look. She so perfectly pulled together a floral swing dress with complementing accessories: a belt, sunglasses, a vintage necklace, and moccasins…if you don’t have them in your closet now, get some! I adore moccasins by Minnetonka

I couldn’t help but to wonder what else could be paired with a similarly shaped dress. A swing dress would go perfectly over a swimsuit, or even with a pair of skinny jeans. The opportunities are endless. For this week’s post, I made it my mission to find a similar dress, and put together an outfit that you at home could try, inspired by this admirable Fashionista. I found this dress (same brand as this week’s Fashionista's) by Free People in a solid. It could be worn alone, or with a great pair of rolled, straight leg denim in white or blue. This particular swing dress would look fabulous with these “real straight” boyfriend jeans from the Gap and sandals or wedges from my favorite website, Nasty Gal. Wear a cognac belt, or let your swing dress swing free. Pile on the accessories with gold bangles and layered necklaces. Once you’re fully accessorized, you’re all ready to go.

Remember, dresses are great alone and equally as great layered. I love a great swing dress for the summer, and don’t be afraid to wear it several different ways. Accessories are key in transitioning this dress from day to night and also help to make one dress work several different ways. Put a little swing in your step this summer.


Here we are, wrapped up in finals week with countless tests and projects due. While some of us remain committed to our outfit choices, students definitely drop off a little, as they prefer to be cozy when sitting through a long exam. This Fashionisto was an amazing exception. As a personal favorite look of mine, I found myself in awe of his perfectly styled, perfectly put together look. This Fashionisto added layers and dimension to his look that were not only inspirational but totally unexpected. His look made me think business on the top, party on the bottom. The perfect contrast for a transition from daytime to nighttime. A sucker for gray myself, he stuck to the hue by offering different shades of the color. The “pop” came from the subtle hints of black from his shirt and shoes.

The piece that caught my eye the most? His fabulous vest. We have seen vests in all shapes in sizes, from furry numbers to simple knits. What we have not seen is a Fashionisto with the boldness to pull of that look. And pull it off he did by pairing it with dark tones such as gray and black, with casual gray jeans and the ever-timeless Converse.  To all of the Fashionistos out there, pay attention to this look. All it takes is a few extra touches, and you will have others envious of your look. This Fashionisto gave me all the details of his own ensemble, so a similar look will be easy to achieve. Let’s start with my favorite piece, the vest. While this Fashionisto’s vest is by beloved brand 7 for All Mankind, I found a similar version at a great site, Metropark. To layer under the vest, either pair with a solid V-neck, henley, or button-up. Next comes the jacket. I love this Fashionisto’s choice of a Life/After/Denim and found a similar option by timeless designer Hugo Boss. Gray denim is a must to pull off this look, and I think that this pair of jeans from Bloomingdales would be a perfect fit. If you don’t already own a pair of Converse, get them now. A black pair would do your wardrobe justice. Just because the end of the school year is near doesn’t mean that your fashion should plummet. A vest is a particularly great way to step-up your look and wow others around you. This Fashionisto did just that and he proved to have one of the best looks of the year.


When the word “cardigan” comes to mind, I think several things. One being the band, The Cardigans (who doesn’t love “Lovefool”?) and the button-down version of a sweater. In fact, the word cardigan does much more justice to the idea of a sweater, because it simply gives it more oomph and pizzazz. No stranger to cardigans myself, I find them to be the absolute perfect piece to pair with a dress or shorts and a tank. Most Fashionistas out there would agree that a cardigan is a perfect layering piece, particularly when the weather outside can be anything but predictable. Fashionistas at Washington State University have known and owned this trend for quite some time, but I must say the Fashionistos out there were a little bit lacking. As of late, I had yet to see any male cardigan action until I spotted this diamond in the rough.

This Fashionisto had on a perfectly two-toned gray cardigan, which he paired effortlessly with jeans, a plain white V-neck and must-have boat shoes. His look got me thinking how I could translate his ensemble into something I could wear. This is not a difficult task, because this look is incredibly versatile. For the Fashionistos out there, start your look with a plain colored V-neck and some jeans. Next, find some canvas or leather boat shoes. This week’s Fashionisto wore his beloved Sperry’s. Grab some aviators and find a cardigan that will emphasize your overall look. I absolutely adore this “military” cardigan from J.Crew. Now, for the Fashionistas. You can rock a similar look with jeans, or a personal favorite of mine, chinos. This pair from Nordstrom is great, and would look awesome with either boat shoes or—wait for it—these AMAZING platforms from Nastygal.

Top off your look with a swing tank, like this one from ASOS, and a fabulous cardigan from Urban Outfitters (any color would look fabulous). A cardigan is a great piece that anyone can wear. Layer it or wear it as the main attraction. Loose, fitted, buttoned up or buttoned down, don’t forget the cardigan is timeless and will always be around.


When the sky is blue and the grass is green, the only thing on this Fashionista’s mind is color. I find myself craving a good color palette and something that differs from the norm. When it comes to color, I say, the bolder the better. This Fashionista was on her way to class one sunny day, and I was taken aback by her unexpected mixing and matching of two of the spring’s hottest colors. Not only did she have on one of the most vibrant shades of blue I have ever seen, she paired it with—drum roll please—ballet pink. This is a combination I would have never thought of myself, and the shades perfectly complemented each other. I have found myself inspired by this Fashionista’s unexpected shades and decided to implement her color bravery into my own wardrobe. What a way to stand apart and what an easy way to jazz up your outfit.

After taking lessons from this Fashionista, I decided I would try a similar look, using other shades that would produce the same effect. I absolutely loved the shape of her bright sweater, and I found a hot pink version at Topshop that is equally fabulous. Like this week’s Fashionista, pair the bold color with something a little unexpected like this beautiful printed top in complementing colors from Anthropologie. Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and some riding boots. Make sure to accessorize your look accordingly and don’t think about whether or not things “match.” By showing your true colors, you will be sure to turn heads. 


As a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista over the course of the semester, there is something that I have failed to mention. This “accessory” that I would deem perfect for most any choice of ensemble goes ignored by most, yet it can truly change the overall feel and power of your look.  Perhaps I have forgotten about this important detail because it is not an item of clothing, a purse, sunglasses, etc. It is (drum roll please) lipstick. Now I am not just talking about any lipstick here; I am talking about the bold shades that we have seen on runways everywhere, in bright red or hot pink hues. While it may not be an item of clothing, it is something that you wear, and this Fashionista wore it oh-so-well. This particular Fashionista I spotted is no stranger to finding a perfect lipstick hue, as she is a makeup expert/extraordinaire at the Clinique counter here at Washington State. What I didn’t know about this Fashionista is that she also has amazing style underneath her work “uniform,” the signature Clinique white coat. To enhance her amazing bright pink lipstick (note to self—purchase immediately) she wore black and shades of gray to make sure that the color of her lips were the star of the show. I cannot stress enough how much a good lip shade can add some sassy playfulness to an outfit. It can also dress up a look, if that is what you are going for.

Ready to try out a bold lip color yourself? Start out by choosing an outfit that won’t be too busy or take away from the lip’s appeal. This Fashionista did a great job of sticking to a certain color range that would allow her lips to pop. I also liked her addition of stripes that added a sense of dimension to her look. I adore this top by Elizabeth and James, which would look amazing paired with these black slim pants by Alice and Olivia. Grab a scarf in the same color range, and slip on your favorite boots. This Fashionista wore some killer, knee high boots, though this look has so much versatility that any boot height can be worn. I have had this pair by Modcloth in my shopping cart for weeks. Now for the grand finale, lip color. Whether you are going for reds, pinks, or oranges, I love all of the colors of M.A.C. lip-glass, particularly one shade called “Pink Poodle,” a similar shade to that of this Fashionista.  Try on several options before choosing your signature shade. Once you find the perfect hue, don’t be afraid to gloss it on even if you are just going to the grocery store. Take a look at another Fashionista, Gwen Stefani. She chose a fabulous red shade, and has stuck to it, making it her signature. You can achieve the same thing yourself. Hollaback girl.


Students across the country are fresh from spring break and ready for the next big thing—summer. Summer is perhaps the most highly anticipated time of any student’s life, and this summer is no exception. We anxiously await the long summer days where we are bikini-clad and sublimely tan. It seems like Washington State University has just a few weeks left, and there are endless opportunities to show some great fashions before we hit the road home. Though we are still in Pullman for the time remaining, I seemed to have forgotten about that fact when I saw this Fashionista rushing off to her next class. As I have stated before, the WSU campus is a sea of yoga pants and UGGs. Seeing something different is not only exciting, but it is also noteworthy for this Style Guru.

As a trend that has been around for seasons, I am still totally obsessed with a good fedora. Whether you choose a wool cap to pair with a warmer look, or a straw one for sunshine anticipation, they are simply fabulous. What I loved about this Fashionista’s look was that she paired a darker ensemble with the airiness of her own straw version of the fedora. Her particular look shows the amazing things you can do with your look when you are stuck in somewhat of a seasonal transition period. If you are a Fashionista/o who finds yourself in a similar fashion transition (i.e. spring to summer), take note from this Fashionista’s wardrobe choices. By pairing light and feminine pieces with darker hues or edgy textures, this look is not only easy to pull off, but you can do this from items already existing in your wardrobe. Taking inspiration from this Fashionista, take a pair of your favorite dark denim jeans, or perhaps some leggings or ponti pants. I love these by David Lerner. Next, see if you can find a shirt that is lighter in color to add the feminine touch. For this look, I like this option by Free People that keeps the look cohesive. Now for the finishing touches. A leather or denim vest fits perfectly with the overall feel of the look; check out this one by Insight.  Throw on your beloved Converses or some combat boots and accessorize accordingly with sunglasses. For the grand finale, top it off with a fabulous fedora, which can be found at several retailers including Urban Outfitters. This look can be created and re-created in several different ways. Have fun with it, and remember that seemingly little additions, like the fedora, can make a huge difference in your look. Hats off to you Fashionista/os!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Tee it High and Let it Fly

The birds are chirping and the sun is (sort of) out. The lazy days of summer are on the mind, and school seems to be the furthest thing from our minds. Lazy Sundays are no exception. Whether you make the choice to lay in bed all day or hit the pavement, fashion choices should never be ignored.  This Fashionisto exemplified Sunday best on his way to a round of golf for a leisurely day. While most golfers are known for somewhat hideous fashion choices, this Fashionisto stripped that stereotype by keeping it cool with colorful threads and must-have accessories. While I would typically be drawn to his driver’s cap (I am a huge fan), I found myself most attracted to his colorful, button down shirt. The colors in his shirt exuded warmth and the sun shining outside, and he stood out amongst a sea of pleated Dockers.

The look shown here is extremely versatile, not only off the golf course, but it also can be worn by the opposite sex. I was extremely inspired to try this look with a few more feminine touches. Both Fashionistas and Fashionistos can share pieces of this look, particularly in regards to the hat and shirt. You can find AMAZING hats at a store near and dear to my heart, Goorin Bros. For the shirt, go for something more colorful than your typical flannel. Try one like this from Urban Outfitters. If you would rather dress down, go for blue jeans. Complete your outfit with a pair of Converses or, for the ladies, slide on a pair of oxford flats, like this pair by Frye. There you have it. Whether you are hitting the green or gallivanting around campus, this unisex look is perfect for both spring and summer and is sure to be a hole in one. 


The arrival of spring break could not have come sooner. While I am sure we were all ready to bust out of Pullman, I still had one last, and very important, thing to do: find a Fashionista.

While the town had mostly cleared out for this year’s break, I spotted this Fashionista who stood out to me from across campus. Not only did she pull off one of my favorite looks, but she also did it with ease. The first thing that I noticed was her beautiful fur vest. I am not sure about anyone else, but for some reason, I have yet to pull off this look. With so many amazing fur and faux fur options out there, fur vests or jackets should be worn by all, including myself. Besides her fur, I noticed something short of amazing: her pants. The only pants we seem to see around here are jeans, yoga pants, or leggings. You can imagine my surprise when I noticed this Fashionista in khakis. Now, these weren’t just any uniform khaki pants or chinos. These khakis allowed for an edgier look, with holes and rips up and down the leg. With the fur vest, she took a different approach then most Fashionistas I have seen out there.

This look is not only fabulous, but it is also easy to replicate. It is fun to mix and match colors and textures and experiment with things in your closet. Obviously, my favorite part of the ensemble was her ripped khakis. You can find a similar pair by AG Jeans.  Put on your favorite thermal or long sleeve T-shirt, like this one from All Saints.  Throw on some over-the-knee boots (I like these from Nordstrom) and a fur vest. I found a great fur vest at that can be worn throughout the seasons.

Be sure to accessorize your look, like this Fashionista did, with a long necklace or lots of bracelets. Like I said, it is always fun to experiment, and this is a look worth trying out. Give your old jeans a rest and try out something new. Go khaki go.