TREND: Fawn and Floral

This Fashionista knows how to work it for summer. I saw her scoping out small shops in a tiny little town in Michigan. It was a scorching summer day but she still took the time to put together a look that was cool and comfortable. My particularly favorite part of this look is the use of tan. The floral romper has a lot of look so to tone it down she used fawn-colored neutrals. This color is a staple that everyone should have. Black and white are always classic, but this light brown will work well in spring, summer, or fall.

With this outfit this Fashionista could easily transition her look into night by swapping her flip-flops for a pair of booties (in the fawn color of course) and then adding a chic jacket.  This jacket would be great to wear to the office on a casual Friday with a pair of dark trouser jeans. Gap has some new fits, colors, and sizes that will look great on any body type! I can't wait to get my pair in the mail so I can wear them with my light-weight scarf and fedora

Next time you're out in the sun and need a way to stay cool, think about adding a new neutral to your palette. 

TREND: The Perfect Jegging

Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings? I know what you're thinking…ABSOLUTELY NOT! I have to agree that I took that stance and held firm for a year. My sister got a pair, my friends got a pair, but I just couldn't convince myself to buy some. But then a miracle happened…I found this Fashionista strutting her stuff in a pair! These jeggings are not only chic but don't even look like the jeggings I shied away from in the past. This Fashionista was extremely happy with her purchase. The extra cash thrown down for these was well worth it. The key to finding a pair of jeggings that don't creep up in the midsection or make your butt expand is the fabric content. I'll say it over and over, you get what you pay for. Even those Fashionistos out there should be paying attention. With the new skinny jean style for boys, they can take part in the jeggings experience too. Make sure you check the fabric content even before you try them on. Look for a mix of cotton and spandex. The more spandex, the more stretch and give. The spandex keeps them soft and stretchy while the cotton will help keep your jeggings durable and lasting for a long time. 

This Fashionista pulls her outfit together by keeping it sassy yet classy. Looking cute while staying comfortable and fully clothed is hard to do these days with the resurgence of crop-tops and the ever-shortening hemlines. For many who aren't comfortable baring it all, look to this Fashionista for advice. By layering with a matching cami, the top stays streamline and enlongates this petite beauty's body. By cuffing the jegging and wearing a peep-toe bootie she keeps it summer friendly with just the right amount of skin. The moral of this outfit is never judge a piece of clothing before you find the right one for you. Continue to search for that perfect jegging because once fall comes around they will work perfectly with your boots. Always remember to think of how this outfit will transition into the fall and upcoming school year.

TREND: A Dress to Flatter Your Figure

After a relaxing day at the pool I decided that a nice dinner at Panera Bread in the Levee would top off the day perfectly. Little did I know that this Fashionista had the same idea…except she looked STUNNING! Walking around in the heat is never that fun but when this Fashionista did it in style, I was wowed. To keep the breeze flowing, this chic chick wore a loose-fitting dress. The best way to show off the smallest part of your body is the thick, contrasting band around your natural waist. (This looks good on any body shape). If you quickly take a glance at the picture where do your eyes go first? The tiny waist, right?! You can try this look out too with this cute khaki and black strapless number from Urban Outfitters. Safari is all the rage this summer and what better way to keep cool (literally and fashionably) than by wearing this dress! Don't have extra cash to spend? Don't worry, I have you covered! Dig through that closet of yours and find a belt you forgot you have. Take any dress you own and cinch it in at the waist. TA-DA! Easy, chic, and cheap. 

The other thing that keeps this Fashionista stylin' is the beadwork at the top of her dress. Keeping with the dress' color scheme, the bead work adds a little something extra to draw the view up to her lovely face. Looking at this outfit is like looking at a piece of art. You first see the waistband, but then your eye travels to the beadwork, and then to her beachy hair. Want to try a dress with some beautiful beading too? Try out this Silvery Studded Dress from a new site I found via Facebook. If you can't find the perfect beaded dress in a store, why not try making your own? Get some flat-backed gems and use some Aileen's Jewel-It glue and create your own glittery frock. Remember that less is sometimes more and simplicity is key.

TREND: DIY Studded Oxfords

The other day I was debating what shoes to wear: heels or no heels? I personally love heels but my feet (and my boyfriend) don't. So wouldn't it be nice to have a classy, sassy shoe to wear daily that aren't painful? So after some searching I found a pair of oxfords at J. Made in Italy, all leather, and chic to boot, the only problem…I have a college student budget. Paying $200 dollars for shoes is unfortunately not in the checkbook. So more searching I did, and I found out that oxfords are also known as "brogues." I looked up the term on and found the definition to be,  "a heavy shoe of untanned leather, formerly worn in Scotland and Ireland."  After 2 hours, a movie, and a small bowl of ice cream, I found my dream brogues! Alas, they were still très expensive. These are by Dolce Vita and I found them on (a great shoe store online).

After a lot of debating if my checkbook could take a $255.90 dent I realized…I'm a designer! I can do this myself. So I bought a pair of plain oxford's from Macy's. After buying some flat back studs in the size and color I wanted (great deal online only $2.95 per gross) I used E6000 glue to affix them to the shoe. This glue is a life saver and I always keep a tube around. Make sure to crack a window, though, because it is pretty powerful. So next time you see a pair of shoes that are really adorable, but très expensive, and you MUST have them…think like a designer and find a new, creative way to show off your artsy side. Everyone will want to know where you got them and you can reply, "I made them. I'll make you a pair but it'll cost ya." 

TREND: Jersey Cloth Saving the World

I hate to admit it but I sweat like a boy. I love the summer as much as the next person but when the temperatures climb into the 90s and 100s I’m more likely sitting in the A/C than by the pool. One way to keep cool this summer is to wear cotton/polyester jersey. Cotton/poly jersey is made from cotton and a manmade fiber called polyester. The small amount of polyester helps the garment retain its shape while the cotton keeps the wearer cool. Cotton naturally wicks away moisture (i.e. sweat, rain, spilt drinks) leaving you nice and cool. These two Fashionistas were out for a Den Pop on a hot summer day. Guess what kind of fabric they're wearing…JERSEY! 

One benefit to wearing a natural fiber is it has the opportunity to help others. Using eco-friendly fabrics has changed how the fashion industry works. By using a material that uses no chemicals, like pesticides, it helps keep our environment clean. On top of helping our planet, wouldn’t it be nice to help a country in need? Edun Live is part of an initiative to get Africa back on its economical feet. By providing Africa with cotton seeds, the people of Africa can harvest, clean, weave, and then sew and with it, creating more jobs and profits for the failing economy. Although eco-friendly fabrics can be more expensive, they are better for the globe and they help economies become sustainable. Next time you go to purchase a plain white tee, rethink it and use one of the following sites to help our planet.

Eco-Friendly Clothes (that are also fashionable):

Keep it clean, wear some green!

TREND: Cool Summer Cuts

With Fourth of July just around the corner, I know where I'll be and that's the lake. With all of the festivities who has time to blow-dry, straighten, and fix their hair? I know I don't! Between the parades, cook-outs, fireworks, and carnivals, I want a no fuss 'do. I found this Fashionista on a scorching day on campus looking quite cool with her ultra sleek hair. I've always loved changing my hair because if you don't like it, no prob, it'll grow back. This hair cut is adorable AND easy to style. 

After checking out some local salons I decided to go to Henni's on Northwestern Avenue. I have to admit that I did chicken out at the last moment and instead got a shaggy trim which was still short but not AS short. For those who are brave, I suggest getting a Katie Holmes do or even a Posh Spice cut. For those of us that aren't brave enough to handle the scissors, you're in luck! Today's hair fashions are great at any length. While sitting and waiting for the cook-out or parade to start, cover up with a floppy hat. It will shield your delicate face from the sun and keep you looking patriotic. This mixed beaded head wrap also boasts our nation's colors and keeps those bangs out of your eyes. For those DIY-ers, why not pick up a fake flower (real flowers will wilt on a hot day) and put it in a side pony-tail. Not only is it easy but the flower's color and type is up to you (and your outfit of course). Support our troops and have a great Fourth of July!

TREND: Prints, Prints, and More Prints

Hello Fashionistas-

While I was strolling around Purdue's campus this week getting my daily iced mocha at Grey House, I ran into a delightful beauty in a sweet and sassy dress. It wasn't the dress that grabbed my attention though, it was the print on the dress. I am one of those people always in a solid color (usually black), which is sad because I LOVE prints! I guess I am a victim of 'match-itis'…I have to admit that matching for me takes more thinking than it should for a Fashionista. But don't despair, mes amis, I have found a foolproof rule: "One print. One piece. One pretty girl." Pretty easy to remember going through those early morning rushes to work. 

This Fashionista's dress came from Anthropologie (complete with nautical rope detail) which she was wearing for her choral try-out (Good Luck!). For those Fashionistas on a budget, have no despair! It's on sale! The print of this dress is nautical themed, and is complemented by the rope detail, her gladiator sandals, and her Wayfarer Ray-Bans. Check out the new Ray-Bans that are coming in hot new summer shades! These are my favorites; the NYC Metro map is a cute detail (Plus if you ever get lost you have a map ready at hand). 

There are plenty more dresses with cute prints that can be found for your summer fun. This dress from Urban Outfitters is bringing back the 1940's vibe with a sexy little twist. Check out the cutout at the back: it's not something your grandmother wore but is still demure enough for those summer weddings. The turquoise piping can be matched with some authentic Indian turquoise jewelry and even a cute pair of Macrame sandals. As the summer wears on consider wearing leggings, a cropped jacket, or even boots to keep your dress stylin'.

TREND: Rollicking Ruffles

Do you ever wonder how you can take a new trend and make it your own? Seeing the fashion shows online is one thing but to take a crazy idea and make it your own is a little more difficult. I for one am always interested in taking an idea of grandeur and making it my own. This Fashionista did just that. A ruffle dress can be overwhelming but by adding your own personal touches, it can become a staple to any girl's wardrobe. The neutral color of this dress keeps the ruffles from taking over her figure and by pairing it with some plain black leggings it makes everything more streamlined. The belt she is wearing highlights her waist, which would otherwise get lost in the ruffles. 

Even this Fashionista's accessories keep it mod. Her tote is a tongue-in-cheek play on expensive handbags that seem to be a staple in wardrobes nowadays. The hybrid store Colette is responsible for this and has alot of other cheap and not-so-cheap fashions. After visiting Colette in Paris, France it is a new type of store that everyone should experience. Keeping it retro these Wayfarer glasses give a nod to the 80's. Although this Fashionista splurged on her accessories, there are always less expensive options. Make sure you look around at all your options before spending your book money on those new sandals. They may be cute now but when August rolls around you can't learn from them.

TREND: Sweet Summer Dresses

While summer is just beginning, sweet dresses are always an easy go-to staple. No need to mix and match a top and bottom, put a dress on and go. But before you do make sure you know what is a good fit for your body. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a black and white buffalo plaid number. The cotton tank top fits close to the body and shows off her figure while the A-line skirt cinches at the waist and fills out this petite little lady. Since it is summer (and notoriously hot) length plays a big part in how and where you should wear your chic little dress. A dress hitting at mid-thigh, like this one, is great for going to the mall, eating at a restaurant, and maybe lounging at the park. Any shorter and you are in clubbing territory, be careful what messages you send forth with your exposed gams.

As all fashionistas know, accessories make the outfit. This Fashionista was particularly excited about her $10 sandals from Walmart. Don't knock it til you rock it! On top of being comfortable, they are stylish and affordable. I must admit I bought a pair myself. While keeping her jewelry minimal, her bag is not only cute but functional too. Across-the-body bags are becoming all the rage due to the fact that they can hold more than just your lip gloss and they are hands free. This bag is perfect for going to the mall and shopping or walking around campus (who knows when you'll need your number 2 pencil). If you plan on going clubbing with your purse find one that has a little bling and that's a little smaller; a gold chain or some punk rock studs always look flashy on the dance floor and your hands are free to be a Jersey Shore gal and do some major fist pumping!

As always, keep it classy, keep it chic, and rock what you wear.

Style Guru Bio: Katie Koski

Hello Love,

I'd like to introduce myself: Katie Koski is the name, fashion is my game (or rather my life). I am a fashion designer from Purdue University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. I just graduated and I'm excited to hit the ground running (preferably in some cute oxfords). I was born and raised in Indiana but I love to travel the world. The fashion capitals, New York City, Milan, and Paris were wonderful but even the unconventional trip to Australia or Mexico gives me some great new inspiration for clothing, accessories, and world views. After living a year in NYC I have decided that it's definitely not the place for me… I missed the grass too much to stay.  I have been on the job hunt and after 200+ applications, I am a devoted Fashionista at CollegeFashionista. (I was even interviewed about my senior collection earlier this year).

As a fashion designer I look at things differently. I am a self proclaimed DIY-er and enjoy looking through Vogue, Nylon, and the occasional Harley-Davidson magazine to see what looks I can replicate with my own twist. I love shopping but because of my college student budget I'm a big advocate of bargains (My family calls me Bargain Betty). This upcoming summer look for stylish looks, good prices, and handy tips in making a look your own. 

If there's one thing I want the world to know, it would be that no matter your size, shape, color, or style you can look great, feel great, and be down right fashionable!