Wild animal prints have come roaring back onto the fashion scene lately. From handbags and shoes to dresses and bed linens, this hot, fun and funky trend seems to be having a big comeback.

When I saw this CollegeFashionista prowling campus in a leopard top, I had to stop and ask her for a picture. She paired her printed blouse with white shorts, perfect for the first day of school rapidly approaching, but there are still many ways to incorporate prints. Celebrities like Mary-Kate Olson to Angelina Jolie have been showing their print pride this year, and it makes for an immediate sex appeal.

The best thing about prints is that they can often be worn as a neutral, which allows for a lot of room to match it with bright colored accessories. So if your waiting to get your paws on that perfect statement print piece look no further than Bloomingdales, this top can be worn like this Fashionista, or you can pair it with some bright colored shorts/pants if you want to stand out. The neutrality of the prints makes it easy to pair it with a pop of color. It turns up the sexy, but is modest at the same time. If you’re too hesitant to wear a printed top or dress, try some oxford shoes that show off your wild side, but don’t take over the whole wardrobe.

So whether on the prowl or just wanting to turn some heads, prints will be your best friend to get the job done.



While most of us can confess that we’ve dressed as a flapper girl or a Pocahontas for Halloween, fashion has slowly made fringe inspired from these iconic costumes wearable in as an everday trend. This doesn’t mean it’s socially acceptable to wear those once-a-year costumes to class tomorrow, but dress like this Fashionista and you’re in the clear.

From her cardigan, to her purse, fringe is tastefully worn perfectly to keep a free-spirit identity on campus. Be sure not to go overboard with the element, just a hint of fringe on one major part of your outfit will get the idea across. While this cardigan is great for class, you can also go for a more bohemian inspired top if it’s a bit warmer. To dress up the idea of this style, Topshop has some amazing fringed shorts that will make a statement with a black top and simple accessories for that special night out. Fringed boots could even be the main attraction with everyday shorts and a T-shirt to get the look across. But if you’re tight on a budget go to your local crafts shop, pick up some cool fringe and sew it onto a T-shirt you have at home! It’s a DIY project that is a lot easier than most.

Whether fringe is found on your shorts, cardigan or even boots, this style can be pulled off easily and affordably.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Maxing Out Everything But Your Card

Let's face it, college is expensive, from books, late night Taco Bell runs and tuition to a few new pairs of socks because there are never two left at the end of your laundry. A big credit card statement can sometimes break your bank, but this stylish ensemble can save you money!

Maxi skirts are comfortable, affordable and stylish all at the same time, who doesn’t mind that? Marc Jacob’s resort 2013 collection shows that the long skirts are making a comeback. The best part is that you can throw it on if you're pulling an all nighter, to even applying for a job.

This cotton maxi skirt is keeping it simple by being a neutral color. She matched it with a bright pink colored top, a fedora and combat boots perfect to wear for school. If you don’t mind showing a little bit of skin, pairing one with a bustier crop top is another option great for a night out. But if you’re the type that likes to be super edgy, a sheer maxi skirt is a third option that shows off your legs and is a dressier version of the cotton edition.

Maxi skirts are a versatile statement that are as comfortable as they are stylish for work or play. Now stand out in the sea of Nike shorts, and save some of that well earned dough — whether spent on tacos or socks, you’ll look good buying it.


While Nelly's “Hot in Herre,” might have jumped to conclusions, it’s no joke that the daily 102 degrees in Louisiana is starting to become unbearable. Not to mention it makes putting together a trendy outfit without showing sweat stains that much more challenging. I spotted this CollegeFashionista wearing an ensemble that had cut outs galore, which the fashion gods, I believe, made trendy just for these types of record-breaking heat days.

The first thing I noticed was her high-wasted shorts paired with a pale pink crop top. Then she turned around and I saw the surprise element: cut outs. Not only in the back of her shirt, but her shoes had them also.The best part about cut outs is its versatility: designs range from modest to ultra-revealing. Fendi and Marios Schwab are just a few designers showcasing this trend in their spring collections. 

Now if your looking to copy this look so you can earn yourself some cool points in both areas of fashion and weather, Urban Outfitters has many options for a shirt that fits your style. Even if you’re more of a dress wearin’ type of girl, ASOS has many ranging from boho daytime cutout to the dressier date night attire.

Many dread the thought of even looking through their closet knowing the walk to class will be as hot as ever. While it sounds tempting to “take off all your clothes,” try cutting out the heat by strutting this summer's latest trend.


The “Lace and Leather” song Britney Spears sings will be replaying in my head over and over. While sporting a girly lace dress ensemble, along with a touch of unisex leather boots, this CollegeFashionista’s image could not be anymore impeccable.

As we all know lace is one of this summer’s hottest trends being available in pretty much any store out there. Here’s how this student pulled off the image differently: lace dresses usually scream girly girl, but by pairing it with knee high boots it gave the outfit a statement saying “I can also hang with the boys.”

The contrasting textures produce the perfect street style look. It can be taken as sexy, proper or even edgy, not to mention it’s a great alternative to sequins and glitter. Boots are just one leather option that can be used. A leather jacket with romantic lace can also give the outfit an edgy feel. And lace doesn’t just stop at dresses: skirts, shirts and even shorts can pull off this must-have summer look. ELLE magazine features their favorite lace articles that work as statement pieces when paired with leather.

Like Britney says, “French finger tips, red lips, girl is dangerous.” Celebrate girl power on a whole different level and wear the outfit girls will by dying to pull off.


“It’s Salmon, not pink”, answered this student rushing to his early morning class. It’s funny how some boys are still hesitant on the daring color pink because of the idea that it is reserved just for women. Although, I didn’t stop this LSU student for his daring choice of “salmon” colored attire, but more because he incorporated one of the newest summer trends: color blocking.

Color blocking combines two or more blocks of color on an ensemble, and can be pulled off by men or women! It could be for a top, bottom, dress, and even handbag or shoe. The color wheel explains what colors would be best to put together. Pairing primary colors (red or blue), or secondary colors (purple and orange) would be a good guide. This student pulled of the trend effortlessly casual, by paring a simple tee with different colored shorts perfect for school days. 

The style is also great for using it to hide the flaws in your body. Generally color blocking will work best if you stick to the usual rules for your body shape. Apple shaped: avoid horizontal blocks around the stomach area; pear shaped: try darker shades on the bottom half. if you’re hourglass, color blocking around the waist accentuates your small mid figure. Although, when it comes to accessories keep it simple like this kid. Pairing it with colored accessories would throw the whole look off.

So whether your outfit consists of Salmon or Pink colored shades, put some color in your day instead of pulling for that neutral colored ensemble.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressed Right Day And Night

I found this CollegeFashionista dropping a father’s day card into the mailbox like all good daughters should. But her answer to the inspiration for putting these pieces together was quite surprising, and not to mention made LSU’s award for one of the top party schools by Princeton Review that much more comical. She admitted that the outfit was the same one she wore the night before to go out, but instead of her nighttime heels she paired it with day time flats. Winner for most versatile outfit goes to the lucky lady in yellow.

While not all of us can be the party starter by night and shining star by day, there is something we can do about finding the perfect outfit to satisfy nighttime and daytime use. Here’s the breakdown of why this look does the trick: the white jeans are the must-have to pull this switch off. If you're willing to dip into your savings for a basic piece these jeans by J.Crew are perfect. Or for the more affordable price range, an Armani Exchange pair could also do the trick! 

Pairing the jeans with a versatile striped top, allows the outfit to be dressed up or down with accessories. I liked the way she went with the bright approach that screams summer by pairing the striped yellow top with a lime green necklace. Too many different color palettes can complicate an outfit, but by sticking with this simple accessory it gave the look a pop of unexpected!

So next time you wake up late for class, half asleep, with a long day ahead, I hope you can have a little peace of mind knowing that whatever the day holds, at least your wardrobe will be up for the test… even if your mind isn’t.


Although I would suggest leaving the face paint, headpieces and grass skirts at home, tribal inspirations are becoming this season's craze. The trend is showing up on everything from dresses to skinny jeans. As I waited for my summer class to start, I was ecstatic that my camera was there to capture this awesome outfit statement.

Wearing tribal prints does not have to be a daring venture. You just have to know how to work it into a outfit without going overboard. For example, this Fashionista paired it perfectly with a plain colored top and dainty accessories. Her white summer pants are set apart from the rest because of the unique tribal designs that made the outfit pop.

This edgy, colorful idea is so bold that they don’t need any accessories to look chic! Try combining this trend with another of this summers hottest fads: the maxi dress. Pairing the outfit with simple neutral flats or wedges will have heads turning. Keep in mind that tribal patterns do not stop at just clothes; whether you’re going for a bikini or stepping into the trendy one-piece, the design speaks for itself.

So as content as you may be with laying by the pool or being posted on your couch during these lazy summer days, take a step on the wild side by reppin’ this summer's hottest trend: tribal prints.


Florals are sprouting all over this summer's to-get list. As summer school is about to begin and the heat of Louisiana weather is starting to set in, I was excited to see this CollegeFashionista walking to class wearing some awesome floral pants on one of our rare cooler days! 
Pairing these jeans with a pastel orange blouse made a statement that did not go unnoticed. She admitted that both the shirt and pants were from Zara, which is a chic and affordable store to get your head-turning outfits! The look was almost identical to an outfit Jessica Alba wore while strutting down Hollywood Boulevard recently.
Even though these floral pants are about to get too hot to wear at LSU, floral sundresses are just as fashion-forward in this summer's must-have wardrobe. The most famous designer who is known for her floral statement designs is Betsey Johnson. Combining a subtle tan wedge with her extreme floral patterns makes the outfit a perfect versatile outfit for almost any occasion! 
If you're going with a more casual look, feminine shorts are also a great alternative for everyday wear! Try Anthropologie’s silk ruffled shorts paired with a cotton yellow shirt that will keep you cool and stylin’ all throughout summer. Whether it be fun floral jeans, bright patterned shorts or a Betsey Johnson dress, this statement is one that should be in every CollegeFashionista's wardrobe of this summer’s must-haves!

Style Guru Bio: Katie Kreuz

My name is Katie Kreuz, I am currently a junior at Louisiana State University majoring in Fashion Merchandising, and minoring in Business.  After finishing college I plan on jumping straight into the fashion industry and moving where ever the fashion world takes me!

Although I was raised in Louisiana, I was born in California and go back to visit every summer.  This combination of fashion cultures has had a big influence on my day-to-day wardrobe. Fashion is ever changing, and that is how I would probably describe my style.  One day ill be strutting the classic southern Ralph Lauren look with penny loafers, while the next day my Free People beach/boho look will be in full swing!

Art has also a huge influence on my life ever since I could remember.  Competing in contests, and sketching clothes has helped me realize fashion is what I want to be doing.

Baton Rouge is a great place to soak up every type of style all you college fashionistas are looking for! While many might think the city is mostly southern dressed college kids that only wear polos and frat visors, they are mistaken.  Because there is a large amount of people coming from all over the United States, the fashion around campus is hard to put into one category.  The city consists of diverse boutiques, close diameters to the famous New Orleans, and not to forget tiger stadium!  I am excited to show you personal styles through out LSU’s campus, and expose the south’s true fashion colors!