FIT FOR STYLE: Caleigh Drinkard

Lately, the weather has been so drab and rainy it has started to show an impact on how students are dressing around campus. As we eagerly wait for spring, the go-to color for students fall wardrobes are neutrals like gray and black. Black is so easily incorporated into any wardrobe and is a prominent color in workout clothing. I believe that any outfit is not complete without a hint of color being added. It’s proven that color boosts your energy and brightens your mood, and we all know the key to a good workout is feeling energetic and having a positive attitude.

Neon is the must have trend for spring, and this Fashionista is already ahead of the game. Her pink and yellow Nike sneakers add that unexpected color to her outfit. To my surprise the neon shoes contrasting against the all black workout gear stood out more compared to an overly stimulating head to toe neon look. Besides her insanely energetic neon shoes, her backpack is out of this world, literally. From far away I actually thought her backpack pattern was outer space themed but when I got closer I was astonished that those “planets” turned out to just be vibrantly colored circles. Either way, bright sneakers and a colorful backpack is an excellent way to keep the mind and spirits high before a tough workout.

Sure keeping one’s mind and attitude is important but making sure to eat a balanced meal before a workout is equally important. Pinterest has so many healthy recipe options that are packed with protein and fiber. It also has hundreds of simple snack options to keep ones energy levels up. Try eating apples and peanut butter like this Fashionista, or make ants on a log with celery and raisins.

Name: Caleigh Drinkard

Favorite Type of Workout: Stair Stepper

Favorite Food: Apples and Peanut Butter

College Fashionista: I know school can be very stressful and takes up a lot of time, so how do you squeeze in working out?

Caleigh Drinkard: I usually go after class in the morning. I love how refreshed I feel after working out and just feel better about everything.

CF: As a Retail Merchandising major, do you ever feel pressure to dress up your workout clothing? If so, how do you dress up the average workout outfit?

Caleigh Drinkard: I like dressing up but when it comes to working out, a pair of shorts and a shirt are all that matters. Whether I match or not, I just like to focus on the workout and what I'm doing.

CF: After a tough workout, what are some of your favorite healthy snacks to munch on?

Caleigh Drinkard: I love chugging a nice cold glass of water and munching on some fruit to fuel back up.

CF: What are some of your favorite workout clothing brands that you wear?

Caleigh Drinkard: I am a HUGE fan of Nike. They have bright, fun, and comfortable products. Plus, they are stylish and innovative!

FIT FOR STYLE: Katie Leavitt

Florida State has certainly stepped up their game this Basketball season. As the team advances in their ranking, FSU students have been showing school spirit by cheering them on at games, and of course, dressing in appropriate game day attire. Garnet is the usual go-to color for games, where gold is a rare commodity that is often neglected and forgotten. That was not the case with this Fashionista who wore the gold color proudly.

Head to toe in gold and garnet, she couldn’t have looked more stylish in game day gear. Her gold shirt with the trademarked Seminole symbol paired with relaxed black skinny jeans could not have looked more superb. I am obsessed with her shoes and they are anything but relaxed. They have the prettiest garnet ruffle detailing and large gold Nike checkmarks. She explained the shoes were purchased while still in high school and it was fate that she was accepted into FSU.

To recreate your own game day look similar to this Fashionista, start by investing in a great pair of shoes. TOMS sells several shoes in various colors and textures that would be perfect for color coordinating an outfit. In addition to the matching shoes, a gold sequin top will really show off your school spirit. 

Name: Katie Leavitt

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Exercise: Dancing  

CollegeFashionista: How many days a week do you normally workout?

Katie Leavitt: Usually 4 to 5 depending on how busy my week is.

CF: The usual gym routine can get pretty boring, what are some ways you spice it up to vary your workout?

Katie Leavitt: I listen to music and check my facebook in between reps. I also enjoy going to classes such as kickboxing, Zumba and yoga.

CF: Exercising is an important part of staying fit but what foods do you eat to stay healthy?

Katie Leavitt: When I can, I eat whole grain or wheat instead of white. I also make sure to eat well balanced meals, lots of fruit and veggies and I drink a lot of water.

CF: Your Nike shoes are fabulous! Where did you get them?

Katie Leavitt: I bought them a few years ago before I even attended FSU. They have withstood several game days and are still holding up! They really are one of the best purchases I have ever made. 

FIT FOR STYLE: Gabby Brown

Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight. That is what came to mind when I spotted this Fashionista walking across campus. Her running shorts are a tie-dye print that resembles a galaxy of shooting stars. What really caught my attention was her plum purple Jansport backpack that blended perfectly with her purple T-shirt. It was so bright out she wore her aviators that not only protect her eyes but also give her look that completed feel. This Fashionista will truly stand out as she runs like a shooting star.

From the runways to the track, Fashionistas all over are sporting the galaxy print. Take a hint from this Fashionista and run in style with Cosmo print spandex shorts. Try making your own funky print shirt by tie-dying it yourself. Instead, splurge on a pair of well-made running shoes. It will be even easier to exercise in style.

Name: Gabby Brown 

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Exercise: Dancing 

College Fashionista: Were you on your way to the gym?

Gabby Brown: Yes, I was meeting up with a friend to run the track.

CF: What is a normal day-to-day workout routine for you?

Gabby Brown: Run the track or treadmill for half an hour and then do abs.

CF: How many days a week do you normally workout?

Gabby Brown: 3 to 4 days a week.

CF: After a tough workout, how do you treat yourself? 

Gabby Brown: It depends on the day. Not usually but if I workout with others and they want to go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt after, I usually go along.

FIT FOR STYLE: Carly Zicker

There are so many different types of activities to partake in when keeping fit. Gym classes are always a fun option, hiking difficult trails or even workout tapes at home. But there is always that default that everyone seems to fall back on, which is running. It’s been the go-to exercise for centuries and I can surely see why. Whatever it is you decide, it’s always better to be doing something than nothing.

Just as I was leaving for class, I spotted this Fashionista on her way out also. She was gearing up to start a pre warm-up jog before her two mile run with her iPod in hand. It was still a little chilly outside, so she wore a hot pink scarf to keep the wind chill off her neck as she ran. She told me that the scarf also doubles as a hand towel when needed. I thought that idea was so cleaver and she still looked fabulous, even before a long workout. The running shorts were an impulse by from Old Navy and the neon yellow color helps her to stand out when trying to cross busy intersections. I could not think of a chicer way to dress for a successful workout than this Fashionista.

Name: Carly Zicker 

Favorite Food: Cheesecake

Favorite Exercise: Aerobics

College Fashionista: Were you on your way to the gym?

Carly Zicker: No, I was just on my way out to start warming up for my two mile run.

CF: What is your favorite way to relax after a tough workout?

Carly Zicker: I love fixing myself a glass of tea and enjoying it while relaxing on the couch watching TV.

CF: How many days a week do you normally workout?

Carly Zicker: I try to squeeze in at least 2-3 a week. I normally do weights one day and then take a fun group class at the Leach to get my cardio in. I’ve been meaning to try kickboxing but I really enjoyed yoga the last time I went.

CF: You mentioned you have a few pairs of tennis shoes. Is there any particular reason why you have so many?

Carly Zicker: Yes I have three! I have different pairs for different activities. I have one for aerobic activities, like taking a step class. Then one strictly for running and another for outdoor activities like hiking. Wearing different style shoes for different activities really seems to help to support my feet and posture.


FIT FOR STYLE: Jamie Sokos

As a health nut myself, I was ecstatic to seek out Fashionista/os who had incorporated some type of workout gear into their everyday looks. At first I thought this category was going to be a bit more challenging than I had intended but Florida State students really proved me wrong. 

There was an infinite amount of running shorts, track suits and Nike sneakers per usual but for my first post I wanted something that said fashionable not just functional. Nothing gave me that wow-factor until I saw Jamie Sokos.  She was sporting an oversized Louis Vuitton bag, fitted leggings and the most adorable knit headband. What I loved most about her look was that she started with a simple palette, leggings and a sorority sweater. By adding simple accessories like a scarf, headband and watch, she took an everyday gym outfit and made it classroom appropriate. Instead of just wearing tennis shoes, she took advantage of the rain and wore plaid rain boots with knee high socks. It’s safe to say that I think we can all take style tips from this Fashionista, weather dressing for the gym or just attending class. 

Name: Jamie Sokos

Favorite Post Workout Snack: Grapes and Almonds

Her Blog: The Three C's

 CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite fashion trend that you can incorporate into you outfit when going to the gym?

Jamie Sokos: I wouldn't say that I necessarily incorporate a trend because I love to work out. Admittedly, I always do my hair! I don't know what it is, or why, but I'm one of those people that always has to have their hair done, so I'm sure I look ridiculous at the leach! I do always wear my New Balance toning shoes to the gym or just around campus to help “tone” my legs. I'm convinced they really work, I was sore after my first few weeks of wearing them.

CF: After a busy day of class, what is your favorite go-to snack to keep your energy levels up?

Jamie Sokos: I try to eat as healthy as possible. One good snack are almonds and grapes, almonds are packed with caffeine and grapes are not only delicious but help keep you hydrated because they contain so much water. I like to my grapes from Fresh Market, they're organic and huge. Other than that, definitely some kind fruit.

CF: Do you normally put a-lot of thought into your gym outfits or keep it pretty simple?

Jamie Sokos: I really do keep it simple, and more importantly comfortable. But I certainly advocate feeling good about what you're wearing and being confident to help your performance and self-esteem.

CF: Your headband is really cute! Where did you get it from?

Jamie Sokos: Thank you! It's from J.Crew Factory. (it's gone to clearance)

Style Guru Bio: Katie McCarty

Hi! My name is Katie and I am so excited that I am on board, yet again for another semester as a Style Guru. Last semester I wrote the Accessories Report but I decided to switch gears and try something a little bit more challenging by writing the new column, Fit for Style. Exercising is a passion of mine and I can’t wait to seek out Fashionistas/os who have incorporated some form of gym attire into their everyday looks.

My love of fashion started when I was a baby and just escalated as the years went on. I’ve always been in-tune with my personal style but it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I realized I wanted to pursue fashion as a career. Being a merchandising major at FSU has truly opened my eyes to all of the numerous opportunities the fashion industry has to offer. I’m not exactly what part of the field I want to pursue, whether it be PR or visual merchandising but whatever it is, I know I’m spending my time accordingly writing for CollegeFashionista.

When I’m not scouring the streets of Tallahassee for street style, you can find me managing Florida State’s Rent the Runway team. Each semester we team up with different organizations and business around town to host a school-wide fashion show. I’m also the treasurer for Fashion Inc., which is one of the many fashion clubs at my school. We do everything from photo shoots to fun Do-It-Yourself projects during weekly meetings. When I’m not consumed in schoolwork I love to spend time with my sorority sisters of Delta Alpha Chi. They keep me grounded and I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

Style for me is not just about following trends. I believe everyone has their own personal style and that is what I love about fashion. If everyone was given the same t-shirt, they can style it a million different ways and create completely different looks. This is exactly how I feel about the Breton striped long sleeved shirt pictured above. It can be worn casually or dressed up for a fancier occasion. I decided to go for a little more dressy by adding a pleated skirt with a hi-lo hem. It was a bit chilly out so I layered on a leopard fur vest and also polka dot socks. The clutch was a sale purchase from Nine West and the top was also a sale item from Dillard’s big 50% off New Years day sale. The wedge boots were a Christmas gift, originally from Old Navy and the necklace was another New Years sale from Aerie.

I hope you enjoy my articles, and I can’t wait to start this New Year off right!


It’s that time of year again! Christmas bells are ringing, students are taking exams and the clothes fairy seems to have snagged up all your cute clothes and left you with only sweats and T-shirts. Luckily, I spotted this Fashionista wearing something besides her nighttime apparel.

I love how the subtle red detailing of the sock just barely peeks out of her boots. Not only do the socks provide an extra layer of warmth, but they also add a fun playful layer of color. The red sock draws the eye upward to the magenta scarf, which has a pretty flower embellishment. This Fashionista is beyond girly and cute and her personality fit’s this particular outfit so well. The red socks break up the two different grey tones to make the outfit more visually enticing. All of her proportions and layering are just right. The boot height that sits just below the knee helps to elongate, and the skirt length shows off the right amount of her gray tights without being inappropriately short for the cold weather.

In order to replicate her look, you must follow a few simple rules. Make sure that where you live its prime winter season for ultimate layering. Also, double check that the clothes fairy did not steal any of your clothing and, if they did, you can always buy these similar knee socks to wear with riding boots. To top it off and not leave your neck feeling lonely, a ruched scarf would be a lovely addition to finish accessorizing.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads my weekly post and that I am so excited to be on board again next semester! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all next year!

Spotted: Runway model Anabela Belikova is wearing a monotone outfit, complete with sheer thigh high socks during Vera Wang’s pre-fall 2011 show.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Just In the Nick of Time

It’s not every day that you spot two exceedingly stylish friends. This duo looks fabulous from head to toe, each brilliantly expressing their own style and personality through their clothing. This past weekend, one of my school’s fashion clubs arranged a holiday-themed fashion shoot. These two fabulous ladies were the stylists at the shoot, and, I might add, they did an amazing job. It is no wonder these two well dressed Fashionista’s were the stylists on set.

My favorite part of the Fashionista on the left look was her neon yellow watch. The watch gave off such a bright iridescent glow, that if you started at it too long, your eyes began to hurt. There’s nothing better than wearing an armful of accessories (a.k.a arm party) to jazz up any outfit. She kept the rest of her look simple by pairing a royal blue, flowy maxi skirt with a plain white tank top. The ease of her maxi skirt gave her the freedom to dress the models and not have to worry about what she was wearing. Her awesome statement necklace was in the shape of a coral reef branch, which bestowed a relaxed feel to her outfit.

The Fashionista on the right was just as chic as her counterpart. She wore lovely dangly earrings with elephant charms that were extremely long. She said they were rather heavy, but we both agreed that the pain was worth it because they were so darn cute! Her fitted tank top and paper bag waist shorts were comfortable enough to get her through the strenuous work of the photoshoot, too. When the sun started to fade, she threw on a multi-colored floor length sweater to keep warm.

All-in-all, these two ladies were a blast to have on set and their style is definitely noteworthy! To replicate their looks, start with a simple canvas and add your fun playful accessories to mix up your usual look a little. A similar style of the yellow Nixon watch can be found online in different colors such as pink or blue. Try these cute elephant studded earrings to add a little ele-fun to your outfit.

Spotted: One of Marc by Marc Jacobs most sought after and replicated spring 2011 RTW looks shows off an armful of colorful accessories.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: To Infinity and Beyond

After arriving back from Thanksgiving break, Tallahassee was finally greeted with cold weather. With the temperatures dropping below 60, the season of swim suits and shorts has been put on hold. The great thing about this is seeing Fashionistas/os bundled up in tons of layers. One of my favorite trends, the tube scarf, has been very popular for the fall. They are so easy and versatile, plus they keep the neck extra cozy, which is why I was so excited to see this Fashionista wearing one.

What made the scarf stand out so distinctly was the mustard yellow contrasting against the turquoise coat. The chunky cable knit tube scarf looked as though it was hand knitted by a loving grandma. I was informed the scarf was a sale item purchased from Charlotte Russe last Christmas. If you are looking for a custom scarf knitted with love, there are several online shops that specialize in personalized scarf making. I love that this Fashionista paired together two primary colors to create a visually captivating look. The bell shape of the coat resembles one of Azzedine Alia’s fall 2011 runway looks, where it tapers at the waste and then flares out ever so slightly. The jacket’s versatile collar can actually button up to create a turtle neck or can be laid down flat for an open neckline.

Tube scarves are an easy accessory to add excitement to any outfit. They not only keep your neck warm, but also add a bit of color to your outfit. For fairly moderate prices, you can stock up on different colored tube scarf to match with any ensemble.

Spotted: Rag & Bone styled different colored infinity scarves with several of their fall 2011 runway looks to make for a more interesting ensemble.


If there’s one trend that never dies, it’s stripes. Known for their sailor-esque feel, the Breton stripe has been around since the late 1800’s. Originally worn by French sailors, they could easily be noticed among the vast sea. If stared at too long, the endless lines of blue stripes create an optical illusion to the eye, making the pattern exceedingly noticeable. In a sea of people, Breton stripes surely make one stand out in a crowd, which is exactly how I spotted this Fashionista. Her light blue Breton stripes made her stick out like a sore thumb amongst leggings and running shorts. 

Classy. Classy. Classy. Those are the three words to sum up this Fashionista’s look. What more could be added to this ensemble other than a classic striped long sleeved tee. I’ve only discussed the striped shirt and this outfit is already perfection. The dark wash skinny jeans are a great starting point when working with a blank canvas. Apart from the classic look of the Breton stripe, the men’s-inspired fedora is what ultimately gives the look its casual feel. Other than running errands around town or strolling to class, the Breton striped tee can also be styled for fancier occasions.

For a more preppy take, try adding a chunky necklace over top of a tucked-in shirt along with a pencil skirt and ballet flats. To grunge the stripe up a bit, a leather jacket and studded boots should do the trick.

Spotted: Sporting his signature all-American Aesthetic on the spring 2011 runway, was none other than Tommy Hilfiger himself. Classic prints like Breton stripes were paired with eccentric prints and hints of neon.