School is out Fashionistas! For three months we do not have to worry about homework, exams, or studying! We can spend time with our friends, get a tan, and have fun! One of the best parts about being home is being able to relax and not have to stress over school. Temperatures are warming up and we can put away our winter clothes. Fashionistas, this summer, experiment with your wardrobe and wear something that you would not normally wear but are still comfortable in.

My favorite trend this summer is the off the shoulder top. It can be dressed up or down and comes in so many different varieties! Our shoulders have been hidden all winter and its finally time to bring them out and get rid of the lingering tan lines from spring break.

I saw this Fashionista at a cute café in my town on a beautiful day. She told me that her favorite style is preppy and loves accessorizing simple outfits with colorful purses and her favorite bracelets.

She is wearing a black and white horizontal striped off the shoulder top with black jeans and black flats. This shirt is perfect to wear with skinny jeans on a chilly day or a pair of colored shorts. This Fashionista carried a baby pink Kate Spade purse to add a pop of color to her outfit.

One of my favorite parts of her outfit is her watch that has a world map as the face. It is such a simple accessory but still brings a lot of character to the outfit and it says a lot about this Fashionista and her love for traveling. She also accessorized with different gold bracelets and layered necklaces.

Take advantage of this summer to try some new styles and have fun! I love reading fashion magazines while getting my tan on the beach so I can catch up on the latest trends and think of how I can incorporate trends into my own wardrobe and personal style. Make sure to relax and not stress out about the upcoming semester. Happy summer, Fashionista!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Spring into Action

The snow has finally melted and the flowers are blooming! What does this mean, my fellow Fashionistas? Spring is finally here! If you are like me and spring is your favorite season, then you are very excited! No more heavy jackets, no more winter boots, and no more below freezing temperatures! Some of my favorite parts about spring is the way that campus lights up because the trees have fresh, green leaves on them, students are sitting out on The Oval hanging out, and the smell of blooming flowers that fills the air. The winter blues are finally gone and the semester is almost over!

Unfortunately, finals are near but summer is just around the corner and there is no reason to not dress up a little for class to keep up our energy. When I need a break from studying, I have found that a day trip somewhere with my girlfriends is the best way to relieve some stress. I spotted this Fashionista walking out of her sorority house on her way to the North Market for a day of fun and not thinking about final exams. When asked what inspired her outfit, she said that she loves boho prints paired with edgy accessories.

On this beautiful spring day, this Fashionista wore a patterned button-down dress with her favorite light jean jacket, black leather slip-on shoes. She paired it with Alex and Ani bracelets and a black wire choker.

A patterned dress is a great dress to wear during the spring while wearing a light jacket or sweater. It can easily be transitioned in the summer by pairing it with sandals and your favorite sunglasses.

I promise you this Fashionistas, the semester is almost done! Take advantage of the nice weather that spring brings us and go outside to study and get a head start on your tan at the same time! Dress for success and walk into your exams with your head high while wearing your favorite outfit!

STYLE ADVICE: Ripped Apart

My mom always told me that women should not have holes in their jeans, and whenever mine would have the smallest tear, they would automatically be thrown out. But mom, ripped jeans are the style these days!

Even in the cold winters of Ohio, women can be seen braving the frigid temperatures and wearing their favorite pair of ripped jeans. They are so easy to dress up or down and can make an outfit go from plain to edgy. Distressed jeans are so unique—one pair is never exactly the same as another. Hopefully they never go out of style.

I found this Fashionista walking around campus in her favorite pair of ripped jeans and a green long sleeve shirt on her way to class. It was not a particularly cold day in Columbus, so she put on an infinity scarf to keep herself warm.

This Fashionista also paired a pair of boots with her outfit, which I thought were really cute. She uses her purse for both school and everyday use. Having accessories that are versatile are a necessity for every Fashionista; you cannot forget her silver bracelets that pull the entire look together.

A way to transform this Fashionista’s outfit from spending all day in class to an outfit for a night on the town with her best girlfriends is removing the infinity scarf and adding a long layered necklace and a dramatic dark red lipstick.

I hope ripped jeans never go out of style, they are so easy and simple, yet unique. Ripped denim is very cute and you can own your campus runway no matter what the weather is like outside.

WHAT TO WEAR: Dress for Success

As a new semester begins and we start to stay up late to study and get good grades, our sense of style can also increase just like our GPAs.

One thing about college that I like is that fashion has no rules. You can wear whatever you want and no one will judge you. If you want to show up to your 8 a.m. in leggings and a sweatshirt, everyone in your class will understand. If you have more time in the morning to get ready, then you can dress up your outfit a little bit and dress for success.

When I saw this Fashionista, I definitely knew she was dressing for success. Turtleneck sweaters bring a 90’s vibe to this outfit. Her high-waisted jeans with the bottoms cuffed make this outfit look so effortless and allow her to sit in class and not be uncomfortable.

This Fashionista’s brown heeled boots allow her look to transition into an outfit to go out with her girlfriends for a night on the town and can easily be switched to a pair of flats or boots with no heel on them for maximum comfort to walk around campus feeling confident.

Something that really caught my eye was this Fashionista’s black vintage Mundi purse. This is such a classic bag that can hold a wallet and pens and pencils for class.

She is wearing is such a simple outfit that does not take much time in the morning to put together, and is comfortable to sit in two hour lectures and will make you feel like your campus is your runway!


My name is Katie Raby and I am a sophomore at The Ohio State University! I am a marketing major with a minor in fashion retail studies. This is my first semester at CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me.

As I started to grow up, my love for fashion grew. I would sit and watch Project Runway with my mom and watch in awe as designers made incredible outfits, keep up with fashion trends, and watch my stack of Vogue magazines pile up in my room. Fashion is a way of self-expression. It is something that is unique to each and every person and I think that it is so cool that you can tell so much about someone by the way they dress.

Like the famous Forest Gump said, “Momma always said that you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.”

Not only did I fall in love with fashion, I fell in love with makeup and how much fun it is to experiment with and use it as another way to express yourself. I believe that makeup is used to enhance the beautiful features that people have and not to cover up their imperfections. You can always catch me wearing a dark or nude lipstick with a dramatic highlight.

I would describe my personal style minimalist, I love neutral colors and not wearing dramatic patterns. I mostly stick to colors like black, white, maroon, and grey. Colored pants and riding boots are a staple for me in the winter, I think it is such a classic way to bring some color to the cold and dreary Ohio winter days while staying warm. My favorite accessories are my Alex and Ani bracelets and small Kate Spade purse that is just big enough to hold the necessities.