STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Spice Spring Up With Some Tribal

Tribal prints, fringed tanks, high-waisted jean shorts, and moccasins are some of the hottest items this spring. Its something bold, funky and most of all fun! Celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Lauren Conrad have all embraced this tribal trend, making it a go-to style this season. These celebrities have combined eye-popping colors with traditional tribal prints to put a new twist on an ethnic trend. By embellishing the prints with hot colors, tribal items create the perfect transition outfits from spring to summer.  

The best way to wear the tribal trend is to use one print and work the rest of the outfit around it. For example, today’s Fashionista encompasses the tribal spirit in her Forever 21 top. She uses the print on her shirt and pairs it with neutral items in order to make the outfit classy and avoid a potentially very busy ensemble.

So where are the best places to stock up on tribal clothing? Banana Republic is great for those of you looking to incorporate tribal prints into your work wardrobe. Their Ikat strapless dress is perfect for the workplace when paired with a neutral colored cardigan. BCBGMAXARIA also embraces the tribal trend and combines it with high-waisted shorts in their Tobyn tribal print short. This item is ideal for a night out paired with wedges or pumps. If you’re looking for something more casual, try Forever 21. They have an array of tanks and shirts available for affordable prices, like the painted tribal tank.


This past academic year, students have really taken a liking to the layered look. In the fall, Fashionistas all over campus would pair a waffle long-sleeved shirt with vests and scarves. In the winter, tanks would lie under heavy cardigans, topped with a winter parka. Now that spring is here, the layers have stayed but the garments have changed. During springtime it is tricky to layer clothing because we are dealing with warmer weather, but that’s the great thing about layers — you can always take one off!

One of the best lightweight layer options I’ve seen around campus is lace. Lace tops, crop tops and tanks are all great layering options that won’t make you sweat to death on those warmer spring days. Personally, I think the best look is the lace crop-top. As seen on today’s Fashionista, this sort of top can be layered over a solid-colored flowy tank (another hot spring trend!) for the perfect spring outfit. This Fashionista also takes advantage of the layering trend I discussed earlier by adding a leather jacket to the already layered tank and crop top. This outfit is ideal for spring days when the weather is fluctuating and layers need to be put on and off for maximum comfort. The lace top also adds some interesting texture to the otherwise solid outfit. Introducing the combination of lace and leather layering is an age old texture combination that today’s Fashionista pulls off flawlessly.

So where to go to stock up on some lace goodies? I’d suggest Urban Outfitters. They have some great dresses, tops and shorts that are all embellished with lace. My favorite is their Kimchi Blue Lace Tulip Back Tank. It’s a great spring option! Also designers like Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs and stores like American Apparel have a ton of lace garments perfect for springtime.


Undoubtedly my favorite part of the year in Ann Arbor is spring. Not only is the University of Michigan campus decorated with gorgeous flowers, but also new spring fashion trends are emerging everyday. Something about the warmer weather gets students excited to add color to their outfits and accessorize. One of the many new springtime accessories that I have noticed over the past week is a light scarf. It is the ideal addition to liven up a simple outfit.  

Today’s Fashionista incorporates two major spring trends into one outfit. Not only does she sport a colorful floral scarf, but she pairs it with colored skinny jeans to make the ensemble “pop” even more. The combination of the two fit flawlessly together. It works so well because her deep purple pants highlight the deep purple accents on her scarf. The scarf is lightweight making it comfortable to pair with a long-sleeved shirt for a chillier spring day, or a tank on the warmer ones. 

If you’re in search of the perfect spring scarf look no further than Bloomingdales offers a wide variety of scarves in different colors, patterns, and textures. One of my favorites is the Missoni Large Wave Scarf with Fringe. This lightweight scarf also has fringes on the edges that add a perfect spring touch. Not to mention the water colored pattern that would combine flawlessly with a solid shirt and jeans. Spring scarves, like this one, should be a staple item of your spring wardrobe.    



As Michigan is fighting its way into summer, the full-blown spring weather in Ann Arbor is as always challenging to dress for. All over campus students are finding any excuse to trade in their leggings and skinny jeans for shorts and tanks. So what is the best way to inch your way towards the ever fashion friendly shorts season, while still avoiding being cold due to the Michigan winds? My suggestion: a light leather jacket.

I know, usually heavy leather jackets are seen around campus in the fall, but this spring I’ve been seeing a large number of students sporting leather. Of course there are obvious differences between the types of jackets worn in the spring and those worn in the fall. In the fall, the leather jackets are usually heavy, have some sort of insulating inside, and are most likely black in color. This spring, the leather jackets are light weight, light in color and are can be perfectly paired with light pastel colored tops and shorts.

Today’s CollegeFashionista is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Her tan-colored leather jacket is the perfect addition to her flowy, pastel blue tank and dark jean shorts. The combination of the sheer flow top, denim and leather makes today’s Fashionista’s outfit versatile and trendy. By meshing all of these fabrics her outfit transcends and laid back vibe perfect for the spring.

We all know that leather jackets can be expensive so I’d suggest checking out Urban Outfitters for reasonably priced spring options. My personal favorite is the Jack by BB Dakota Hyde Faux Leather Jacket. Not only is it a perfect light color for spring, but also the asymmetrical cut of the jacket allows air to flow through for stylish warm weather comfort.


There’s no doubt that this spring’s hottest fashion trend is colored jeans. Colored denim offers a boost to any outfit. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz have dressed-up colored denim skinny jeans for nighttime events as well as made the pants a part of a more casual ensemble for daytime errands. Blue jeans have become synonymous with plain black leggings in the sense that they are seen as blank canvases that can be paired with just about anything and look acceptable. But this doesn’t have to be the only case! Fun, colored denim is now becoming the centerpiece of any spring outfit.    

In the past couple of days a select few Fashionistas have pulled off this look, and I expect many more to follow in their footsteps in the coming weeks. The trend has started off with pale colored pastels but, as spring comes into full swing, I predict that more daring colors will emerge. Denim brands such as J Brand, Joe’s Jeans, 7 For All Mankind and James Jeans are just a few that have amazing selections of skinny colored jeans perfect for this spring. My personal favorite style is the Joe’s Skinny Stretch Denim Jeans that can be found at Nordstrom. This style is offered in many different colors and is made extra comfortable due to the use of stretchy jean material.

Today’s Fashionista pulls off the pastel skinny jeans look flawlessly. By pairing the blush bottoms with a leather jacket and converse, the ensemble gives off more of an edgy vibe, which is a very popular look right now as well. Be inspired by today’s Fashionista and try a new spring look!


If you have been in the Ann Arbor area in the past three weeks then you know how crazy and unpredictable the weather has been. From a threatening tornado to amazing summer-like weather, U of M students have experienced it all. Of course, this meant that dressing for school has been a challenge. One day the diag is filled with people wearing high-waisted shorts and tanks and the next people are bundled back up in large sweaters and UGGs. So how can we combat the erratic weather? Layers!

Today’s CollegeFashionista has this look down. On top she layers a plain tank, long-sleeved flannel, and an army inspired jacket in preparation for any weather. This allows her to take off or put on layers as the weather permits. Furthermore, not only does layering help combat unpredictable weather, but it is also a great way to combine patterned clothing. Today’s Fashionista pulls this look off perfectly. She combines a flannel/denim button down with a canvas and leather fabric jacket all over a solid colored under shirt. The reason this look works and does not appear too busy is because the colors of the different patterns and material are subdued. For a look like today's Fashionista check out the Vintage cotton tank from J. Crew, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Denim Lily Jacket from Bloomingdales, and the C&C California Juniper Multi Check Roll Sleeve Shirt from These items can create an awsome outfit! 

Layering allows for so many different articles of clothing to be of use. For example, if you do not want to wear a tank, button down and jacket, you can always simplify the look. You can do this by pairing a short-sleeved shirt with a light vest and a scarf. Keep layering in mind with this unpredictable weather!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ditch the Fitted Tops

For now, ditch the fitted tops. Bouffant pants and flowy tops are in! This new spring trend is taking over, and fast. This flattering outfit choice adds a girlie touch to any ensemble. I’ve always thought of flowy tops as the perfect day to night option. For example, you can pair one of these shirts with jean shorts for a more casual daytime look or you can opt for a pair of skinny jeans or a bandage skirt for an ideal nighttime outfit.

My favorite place to get flowy tops is Urban offers a wide variety of these types of dual-purpose tops that are perfect for the daytime/nighttime switch. From silk to sheer to cotton to lace, has a color, cut, and fabric for everyone and every outfit! My favorite top they are now offering is called the “MINKPINK For Pleats Sake Blouse”. This sheer flowy top is long enough to pair with leggings during the day and dressy enough to wear with a bandage skirt at night.

Another pro of owning and wearing a flowy top is that it cools you down no matter what you pair it with. Everyone hates being too hot in a shirt, but the loose-fitted nature of these types of tops allows for ample body breathing room. Sounds crazy, but this fit prevents one of everyone’s biggest fashion pet peeves: sweat marks.    

Today’s CollegeFashionista uses a flowy top to make her outfit more business casual. She combines a blush, flowy top with black detailing with black jeggings and black leather boots. By pairing this type of shirt with basic black bottoms the top is able to make a statement all on its own.


With spring right around the corner its time to trade in the down winter jacket and find something more suitable for the warm weather. In the past I have often suggested sweaters to help transition between the seasons, but Fashionistas all over campus have taken a liking to something else: the blazer. A blazer jacket is a great alternative to a light sweater if you want to dress an outfit up. Blazers are often equated with business dress, but they don’t have to be! By pairing it with jeans, a white T-shirt and leather boots, you can have the perfect outfit for class, the library or going for lunch. This type of ensemble allows the blazer to speak for itself and make any regular outfit suitable for class a little more professional.

Take for example today’s CollegeFashionista. She pairs a white tee with black leggings, black leather shoes and a cream colored blazer. Without the blazer this outfit would be much more subtle and a little less fashion forward. In my opinion, the addition of the jacket simply adds a little personality to the Fashionista’s outfit. It is also important to note that she couples the neutral white and black with another subtle color, cream. This allows the jacket to be not so loud looking but rather classy and sophisticated. Yes, when blazers were all the rage in the '80s, Chanel runway sequin jackets were the obvious and over-the-top choice, but today I would suggest following our Fashionista and letting the cut of the blazer speak for itself, not the color. For more blazer options check out Bloomingdales.They have an amazing selection of budget-friendly blazers by Aqua!


Ann Arbor is filled with sweaters galore between November and March. They are the perfect piece of clothing that can be paired with a winter coat to keep you extra warm on colder days or worn without a jacket for the warmer days leading into spring. So on a campus where sweaters are seen just as frequently as the frigid Michigan winds, how does a Fashionista stand out? You need think only one word: patterns!

Patterns are the perfect transition print from the winter to spring 2012 season. Runway veterans are putting a new twist on the run of the mill nautical striped pattern. Designers are now using warmer, more spring friendly colors to help ring in the spring. Furthermore, they are now pairing different sized and colored stripes on a single garment. This new trend allows for a new spin on a timeless pattern.

Today’s CollegeFashionista combines the sweater and striped trend to make a simple yet trendy outfit. Her knit sweater is ideal for the unpredictable winter to spring weather. It is important to note that our Fashionista picks up on the stripe trend I mentioned before. She pairs basic black leggings with a somewhat busier pattern. The garment makes use of chunky and skinny stripes as well as transitional warm colors such as pink and orange.

A great place to find the perfect winter to spring striped sweaters is Urban Outfitters. Their website has an amazing collection of sweaters that combine warm colors and different stripe sizes to make the cutest tops. Check out their BDG Horizon Sweater for a simple yet colorful sweater option. I love this top because the stripes do not take over the shirt but they add some fun color in a subtle way.


Living in Ann Arbor through the frigid Michigan winters is a challenge. Fashion typically takes a backseat to comfort and warmth. But does it have to? A staple part of every person’s winter ensemble on the U of M campus is the winter jacket. Whether you opt for the classic North Face Down jacket or the Patagonia Nano Puff jacket, warmth is always at the forefront of this decision making process.

CollegeFashionista’s all over campus have found a way to balance the relationship between warmth and style with the integration of the ever-popular peacoat into their wardrobe. Peacoats are the warm, stylish and somewhat sophisticated alternative to the typical huge winter jackets. As seen on today’s Fashionista, her peacoat adds to the put-together look of her outfit. The addition of this type of jacket makes her look more professional and trendy pairing the coat with combat boots and colored jeans.

My favorite peacoat-shopping destination is J.Crew. They offer peacoats in eye-catching colors that are easy to pair with just about any outfit option. Their newest iconic peacoat is called the Trudy peacoat. This design is inspired by 1960's peacoat trends and is made with cotton twill for warmth and comfort. Furthermore, Nordstrom’s online store offers a wide variety of heavy peacoats perfect for winter weather. As opposed to the styles offered from J.Crew, the peacoats from Nordstrom are more neutral in color and are better suited for business casual type outfits. My personal favorite jacket featured on is the Calvin Klein Double Breasted Peacoat. This wool-blend coat is fitted and definitely a dressier winter option.