You Can Have Something in Common With Our Favorite Street Style Accounts

Street style has evolved over the past few years. No longer is it something that’s only available IRL. Instead you can constantly be inspired while mindlessly scrolling on Instagram every night.

Luckily for us here at CollegeFashionista, our community of Style Gurus offer a steady stream of fashion inspo. These Style Gurus show us that #ootd isn’t just a one time thing, it’s a lifestyle. (And for those of you interested in joining that “lifestyle,” be sure to apply to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.)

For the best street style selection from our community, take a read below and hit the follow button.

“I would describe my style as quirky and playful. A lot of the pieces I wear are thrifted, so it’s always fun for me to combine vintage pieces with new ones. It’s important for me to love what I wear, it serves as a confidence booster and a way for me to feel comfortable with myself.” @brisaamarr“I find my style to be pretty simple. I get a lot of inspiration from French It-Girls per se like Jeanne Damas and Camille Rowe. I pretty much throw on my favorite vintage Levi’s and one of the blouses I’ve picked up along the way at flea markets and vintage shops and head out. I also really like small handbags and funky earrings when I want to add a little something fun.” @elizagracehuber“My style tends to not follow any rules, and instead, it goes along with what feels more personal to me on a specific day. One day, I’ll be wearing a simple sun dress and slides, and the next I’ll be wearing a full denim look with way too many accessories. There’s hardly any consistency.” @fracturedaesthetic“After having spent the past two summers in Manhattan and Los Angeles my sense of style has definitely become bolder and riskier as I’m wearing more interesting cuts and experimenting with different trends and colors. My favorite pieces to wear are menswear blazers, vintage sunglasses, and floral dresses and I will forever be inspired by 1960s Parisian street style.” @katilyn_perry“I believe that fashion isn’t about the brands, it’s about how you put the pieces together. Being in New York I have felt a sense of freedom with my street style opposed to being back in Florida. It’s quite amazing actually. The streets become your runway and you get to show the world your personal style.” @lovelyykelly“I love how “street style” has become its own fashion category. To me, it means playing with different styles and making them your own to fit with who you are. I’ve always described my style as ever-changing because I don’t want to limit myself to just one category. New York is the perfect canvas to establish your style and I feel like I’ve learned and seen so much by simply walking around the city” @maddyhaller“My style is all about being who you truly are and expressing it through the clothes you wear. It embraces being the different and unique person at each of us are. nothing is off-limits to me and how I dress! What I love most about my style is that it can change every single day. It’s all about what is inspiring me that day. Whether it be a photo I saw on Pinterest, A post I saved on Instagram, or even remembering a manikin in a store that I loved, I pull inspiration from every where. Lately I’ve been really inspired by vintage clothes and different decades styles. my mom always told me when I was little that I was an old soul and it’s definitely coming out a lot recently in my style!” @mmoorhead24“I always say this and I will continue to stand by it, my style is ever changing. I don’t necessarily believe in trends, I just wear whatever I want and whatever makes me feel good!” @samanthaneira“My style is typically very minimal and a little sporty. I tend to gravitate towards menswear pieces and looser silhouettes. I love a loose button down top with a pair of wide leg trousers and white sneakers.” @taylorknoxx

Are you inspired yet? These Fashionista’s know what’s good when it comes to street style. What’s your favorite look?

How To Wear Gingham Without Looking Like a Picnic Blanket

Gingham is trending…no way? This is shocking news. It’s not like it hasn’t been taking over our closets, sidewalks, and Instagram feeds. (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

And while, yes, this print is literally everywhere thanks to retailers like Zara and every blogger to ever exist, that doesn’t mean it is always done well. Is it just me or does the sight of the red and white checks suddenly make you think of a picnic (and subsequently crave a sandwich)?

To ward off the ants and be on trend, take some styling tips from these Style Gurus’ latest looks. Not only will you get some major fashion inspo but you’ll learn that gingham can be bought almost everywhere and at any budget!

Gingham from Marshalls

Photo by @lovelyykelly

Gingham from Boohoo

Photo by @lovewiththelms

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @avayvay

Gingham from Topshop

Photo by @thatchiclex

Gingham from Shein

Photo by @emilyguz_

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @biancacanales

Gingham from American Eagle

Photo by @thatchiclex

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @queenhalpal

Gingham from Windsor

Photo by @briannarlowe

Gingham from LF Stores

Photo by @alliesarachene

Gingham from Aerie

Photo by @nicoleakerman

Gingham from Zara

Photo by @alliesarachene

Now that you have a lookbook of gingham inspiration will you be sporting the trend this summer? Let us know how you’d style it in the comments below!

Successful Interns Fuel Their Days at These Coffee Shops

If you are anything like me your world revolves around one thing: coffee. Starting off the day without a cup in your hand leads to what might be thought of as the worst (and most exhausting) day ever. The perfect cup of coffee is both indulgent and, frankly, necessary. Especially as interns, our veins are practically pumping with caffeine.

So before you take your third coffee break of the day at your run-of-the-mill chain coffee shop, think again. If you are interning in a major city, take advantage of finding a local shop that knows a thing or two about brewing a great cup of coffee.

These five coffee spots will keep you wide awake until the next cup while keeping your Instagram on point. So whether you live, intern, or are simply visiting, check out the coffee hot spots interns swear by.

Florida: Buddy Brew

“Buddy brew is my favorite place! Not only does their coffee wake me up and have an outstanding taste, but the atmosphere of the shop is so inviting and comfortable to hangout in.” @avayvay

Dallas: Sipstir

“In Dallas there is a place called Sipstir that is soooo good!! It’s such a great coffee shop because the coffee is really good! I love coffee shops that serve caramel as an option and this shop does!” @ashtonguevara

New York City: Ralph’s

“Ralph’s. NYC hands down has the best coffee spots. There are plenty of cute cafes and aesthetically pleasing Insta-worthy spots; you can’t go wrong.” @hellogabrielle

Iowa: Brewhemia

“Brewhemia has super delicious unique drink creations such as ‘The bohemian’ which has cold pressed brew, milk, and vanilla!” @taylor.marie.s

Michigan: Astro Coffee

“If a coffee crawl was a thing Astro Coffee would be at the top of the list. It’s delicious drink options and overall aesthetic makes it #1 in my book.” @thatchiclex

If these coffee shops haven’t convinced you to step away from Starbucks, I don’t know what will. Do you have a favorite coffee shop-if so, what is it? 

An Intern’s Guide to Making a Budget

So you’ve landed a dream internship in a major city. Besides starting to plan what you will wear to the office every day, I’m sure you’ve started making a list of all the fun activities and insta-worthy eats you plan to tackle outside your 9-5.

You don’t need to be mathematician to realize that having an unpaid internship doesn’t really afford you (pun intended) the ability to spend what little money you have saved frivolously. Sure, while you are getting “paid” in experience, you can’t really use that currency when purchasing an overpriced latte.

But just because you are making all of zero dollars this summer, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time outside of the office! Here is how to save money in five key categories that will still give you the flexibility to enjoy your new city!

Although the word budget may make you cringe, it’s essential to making it in the city. The first thing you need to do is break down your spending. Decide how much money goes towards your essentials, like groceries, transportation, and rent. Next allocate how much you have to spend on activities, such as grabbing brunch with a friend or trying one of those overpriced group fitness classes you read about. Finally don’t forget to allocate some money for savings/emergency fund. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing it down or using an app, like Mint, to keep track. But having a financial plan that you can reference and stick to is vital.

Living away from home, especially in a big city like New York, Chicago, or LA, can be expensive. Finding a place within your price range may take some time. First you have to evaluate location, price, furniture, etc. In order to stay in your price range, you may need roommates. Use Facebook groups like Gypsy Housing to connect you with people and places. Living in local dorms also may be an option.

This one is the hardest. Who wouldn’t like starting their day with a fancy latte or grabbing a salad for lunch to get out of the office? But when your saving money, food is a cash killer. Avoid going out to eat on a regular basis or turning “treat yourself” into a daily indulgence. Does you office have granola bars and fruit in the kitchen? Take advantage of these perks for a grab and go (and free!) breakfast. You can still leave the office for lunch. But instead of an overpriced salad, opt to bring your own and have a picnic instead. Save spending on food for social occasions.

While in an ideal world, you would curb your shopping until you have a steady income to rely on. But welcome to reality. If you’re not ready to stop the shopping bug, give thrifting a try. And if you just can’t stay away from stores like Topshop or Madewell, be sure to take advantage of their student discounts. A lot of stores offer discounts to college students; so even if you don’t see anything publicized, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Just because your budget is low doesn’t mean your fun level shouldn’t be high. Check out all the free things offered in your city. Museums are usually just a donation; and, if they do have an admission fee, it’s often discounted for students. Parks are also always a great way to spend an afternoon sunbathing, reading, and catching up with friends. Lots of major cities also have local summer activities, such as movies in the park, landmarks, and concerts, that cost all of zero dollars to enjoy.

Although a budget may seem overwhelming, if you break it down it’s not as scary. Are you interning in the city this summer? How do you make a budget work? Let me know in the comments below.

Graphics by Jessi Simpson

How To Successfully Live With Another Human

Growing up, your “roommate” was most likely your younger sibling. And while she may have borrowed your clothes and tattled to your “landlords” (aka your parents), there was a certain amount of comfort given that you are, in fact, related. And while everyone gets jazzed to fly the coop for college and leave behind their childhood bedrooms for more “adult digs,” that doesn’t mean the roommate thing goes away with this new found freedom. Now, instead of dealing with your little sister, you are forced to co-habitat with someone who doesn’t share your last name.

Roommates are something everyone will experience at one time or another. Whether you’re in college and sharing a teeny tiny bedroom with three other roommates or sharing a one bedroom apartment in New York City with complete strangers the situation can be quite overwhelming and make you second guess ever complaining that your sister snores…

But before you pack your bags and reside to living at home forever, follow this advice to make living with a roommate a breeze.

1- CommunicateTalking is the key to everything. In order to have a good relationship you have to talk about how you feel. If something is bothering you talk to your roommate about it. However, make sure you are willing to compromise and explain your reasoning.

Photo by @thatchiclex

2- Be Upfront about ExpectationsWhen you are first moving in, be upfront about what you expect. Nothing is worse than getting mad at your roommate halfway through the lease about something they didn’t even know bothered you.

Photo by @kelciequinn

3- Be RespectfulTreat others the way you want to be treated. You hopefully already live by this motto; but when living with roommates it’s even more important. Be respectful of not only the person but their stuff. Ask before borrowing anything and always return stuff in the same condition you found them.

Photo by @maddyhaller

4- Clean Up After YourselfThis is a roommate deal breaker. (Is it just me?) Your roommate is not your cleaning lady or mom. At least try and pick up after yourself. Clean your own dishes, don’t leave the common areas a mess, and, yes, you may have to scrub the toilet. Although it may not be how you want to spend your Saturday, having a clean dorm or home will lift the mood and keep petty roommate tiffs to a minimum.

Photo by @amarachiikeji

5- Spend Time TogetherNothing will make you more connected to your roommate than spending time together both at your shared residence and away. If you don’t put in the effort neither will they. Ask your new roommate to grab a cup of coffee. Make it a Sunday ritual to go grocery shopping together. Offer to borrow your parent’s Netflix password for a girl’s night in. You never know you might meet your new best friend. (I certainly did.)

Photo by @coolstorykals

6- Be FlexibleWhether your still searching for a roommate or already have a place, being flexible is a must. Whether that’s making compromises on decor, negotiating shower schedules, or sharing fridge space, being flexible not only makes you a more understanding roommate but shows you care about the other persons well being.

Photo by @mmoor

Although living with a roommate may not seem like your cup of tea, it really can be the best time of your life. Look at the positive and try to make yourself the best roommate that you can possibly be and hopefully you’ll receive that in return. How do you and your roomies live in harmony? Let us know in the comments below.

Here’s What To Wear Depending on What Music Festival You’re Actually Attending

Summer is synonymous with iced coffee, saying “see ya” to studying for three months, and, of course, festival season. Festivals are no longer just a place for live music but instead have transformed into a cultural experience. From the food to the fashion, there will be something you have never seen, heard, or experienced before.

If you’re new to festival going, I will bet you’ve googled festival fashion or at least started a Pinterest board. I am sure you have seen floral crowns liter your social media feeds ever since Coachella became a thing. However, styles change not only season to season, but festival to festival.

Festival fashion isn’t “one size fits all.” Each festival has their own aesthetic, mood, and rhythm (both literally and figuratively). Which means showing up to Warped Tour in a maxi dress and Birkenstocks might make you look a little out of place.

The skies the limit when it comes to fashion. However, if you keep these tips, in mind you’ll look like a fashionable festival pro in no time.

Governors Ball, New York City, June 2-4 

Photo by @govballnyc

Governors Ball is a festival in the city that never sleeps and probably the most fashionable one in the bunch. Makes sense, since it’s in one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world. The looks you’ll see are more eclectic and diverse than even what you’d imagine at Coachella.

Governors Ball Staples: 1. Jumpsuits 2. Statement Earrings 3. Cool Sunnies

Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee, June 8-11

Photo by @tesschristinexo

This isn’t so much a music festival as it is a full-on experience. Thousands of people camp out, listen to music, comedy, and try to figure out how to survive without modern conveniences (or showers) for the weekend. Don’t worry, no one will notice your dirty hair with a totally awesome outfit and The Weeknd on stage.

Governors Ball Staples: 1. Bralette Top 2. Bohemian Prints 3. Dry Shampoo

Lollapalooza, Chicago, Illinois, August 3-6

Photo by @gabikroeker

Although Lollapalooza may not be as much of an escape as Coachella (the literal middle of the desert), you’ll be surrounded by the city instead. Which definitely has an impact on the fashion you’ll see. Lolla is a little edgier and urban than the rest of the festivals mentioned. Vans, Adidas, and Converse are the only shoes you’ll be seeing.

Lollapalooza Staples: 1. High-waisted Shorts 2. Band T-shirts 3. Skate Sneakers

Outside Lands, San Francisco, California, August 11-13

Photo by @claudiasulewski

Just like the city of San Francisco itself, Outside Lands is understated and effortlessly cool. With a lineup like The Who, Solange, and A Tribe Called Quest, let the vibes of these visual artists inspire your own fashion choices. Plus, with the most food line-up of any festival, make sure to wear clothes that save room for plenty of Insta-worthy eats.

Coachella Staples: 1. Inspired Denim Vest 2. Decorated Bandana 3. Interesting Shorts

So there you have it, four music festivals but four totally different aesthetics and fashion. Are you planning on attending any festivals this season? What are you going to wear? Be sure to show us on Instagram how you plan to stand out in the crowd!

Are Loafers the New Sandal?

Summer is (un)officially here and we are officially excited. Time to switch over to iced beverages, start making travel plans, and bust out your warm weather favorites. But before you totally box up your spring wardrobe for next allergy season, think again.

Instead of the quintessential strappy sandals we’ve come to live in the past few seasons, we’re holding tight to arguably the biggest trend of last season: the loafer. Once reserved exclusively for grandpas, thanks to a little-known-brand, Gucci (ever heard of them?), this style is every Fashionistas go-to for just about any occasion.

Photo by @maddyhaller

But why? What makes the loafer special? Ummm have you ever worn a pair of loafers? They’re like wearing socially acceptable and fashionable slippers. (Grandpa was really onto something here…) Not only does it upgrade your fashion game but you don’t need a pedicure to rock them. (Major plus) This “girl on the go” only as so much time to do her nails.

Photo by @biancacanales


But loafers? For summer? How does that work? Well let me ask you this question: how does it not work? Whether you are wearing shorts, skirts, or trousers, the loafer will bring sophistication to your look. We’re partial to the slide style that marries the traditional loafer with the feel of a sandal. (A little business in the front, party in the back.)

Photo by @maddyhaller

Don’t feel obligated to say so long to your favorite shoes just because it’s summer. Your style and feet will thank you.

These are my shoes of the moment! Are they yours? Let me know in the comments below if you’ll be switching up your sandal game this summer.

Memorial Day Travel Ideas When You Pretty Much Have Zero Dollars To Spend

Memorial Day kicks off the best parts of summer: white shoes, the end of classes, and vacation season! If you’re a college student, the word “vacation” brings a sudden burst of excitement followed by utter disappointment considering traveling usually entails spending money you don’t have. However, planning a Memorial Day weekend trip can be all sunshine and rainbows (literally) because there are college budget-friendly options are out there.

Kick off summer right with one of these six Memorial Day ideas that even the most scrappy college student can afford.

1—The Super Affordable Option

After being away from all semester, returning to your childhood home actually seems like a vacation. Think about it this way: the accommodations are super personal, the kitchen will serve you anything you want, and there is the most attentive “hotel staff” (aka your parents) ever. (Photo by @astylebreeze)

2—The Chic Option

Even if you aren’t spending your summer interning in NYC, chances are one of your friends is. Take advantage of cheap airfare and a free place to stay by crashing with your bestie in her summer digs in the Big Apple. A lot of locals leave the city for the weekend so the crowds will be less (Photo by @nickolehaymaker)

3—The Magical Option

Let’s be real—no matter how old we get, we will always have a soft spot for amusement parks. Whether you go big by jetting of to Disney or find a local pop-up fair near you, let your inner kid-ult out for the weekend. (Pro tip: rollercoaster then cotton candy, not the other way around.) (Photo by @bluejeanbrdy)

4—The Beach Option

You don’t need to travel to California to hit the beach. A local beach or lake is most likely just a short drive away. Use the money you saved on airfare and put it towards renting a kayak, jet ski, or surfboard to make your trip a true adventure! (Photo by @ximena.adriana)

5—The Road Trip Option

No reservations? No problem. A tanks of gas, a gaggle of girlfriends, plenty of snacks, and a working GPS are all you need for the perfect road trip getaway. (Photo by @alliesarachene)

6—The Outdoor OptionMemorial day doesn’t have to be spent in a different place. Instead, just get outside. Whether you go for a bike ride, a walk, or are just enjoying the sun take advantage of the beautiful weather and earth that’s available to us. (Photo by @tiffanygeovana)

Hopefully these six ideas inspired you to get moving this Memorial day. Whether you are exploring a new a place or somewhere familiar, the holiday is the perfect time to spend with friends and family. (Photo by @mmoor)

How are you spending your Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments below!

So You’ve Landed an Internship, Now What?

For the past few months you’ve spent every free moment researching, applying, DMing, and hustling to land the internship of your dreams. After spending more time than you care to admit perfecting your interview look and practicing your answers to questions, you got the email you had been hoping for with “Congrats” in the headline.

So after immediately calling your mom to tell her the good news and celebrating with your roommates, the reality sets in. OMG I’m going to be interning for [fill in the enviable company name] and I have no idea what I’m really doing.

If you’re anything like me, you want to put your all into everything you do, including your internship. This means being overly prepared, probably overthinking your outfit choices (again), and certainly doing as much research as you possibly can.

So what can do now to be the internship superstar you’ve been waiting your entire life to be? Follow these seven rules and you might surprise yourself.

1—Learn your industry

Nothing is worse than not knowing your industry. Spend time getting to know specifics, forming opinions, and knowing who the leaders are. (Photo by @geowollner)

2—Get organized

This goes hand and hand with knowing your industry. Being organized helps you get prepared. Buy some cute office supplies and reasonable walking shoes—both will come in handy more than you can possibly know. (Photo by @daniellenwefo)

3—Be prepared

Make sure you come prepared. If you show up to your internship on the first day without your laptop, writing utensil, or planner, I’m a little nervous for you. (Photo by @taylorknoxx)

4—Dress the part

When researching your industry, look at what to wear. Showing up in jeans may not be acceptable for certain internships, so do your research and dress the part. (Photo by @bellsxwhistles)

5—Practice the commute

Being late is the absolute worst. Being late on your first day is unacceptable. Make sure you practice the commute so you show up with a few minutes to spare. Worst case you spend that extra time finding your new go-to coffee shop. (Photo by @threadedco)

6—Set Goals

Set goals for your internship. Maybe there are specific things you want to learn, people you want to meet, or ideas you want to pitch. Write them down to keep yourself in check. (Photo by @sarahgargano29)


Lastly, remember you’re interning to not only learn from the people around you, but to make connections with your fellow interns. Ask your internship supervisor for the email addresses of your other interns so you can connect prior to your first day. (Photo by @thatchiclex)

What are you doing to prepare for your internship? Let us know in the comments below!

The Pant Style You Are Already Wearing Is Major For Spring

If you are hoping to hear the words “skinny” and “jeans” when talking about the most on trend pant style for spring, you may just be surprised. The pants of the moment are the exact opposite. No longer are these skintight suction cup pants ruling the fashion world. Instead, the culotte is staying strong and our circulation could not be happier.

If hearing that word scares you, you might not be doing the trend right. Culottes can be a little scary at first. In theory, these oversized wide-leg pants seem unflattering and, dare I say, frumpy.

However, there’s a secret to their success. It all comes down to the length. Finding the perfect length can be difficult, but you’ll know it’s right when it hits directly above the ankle.

Check out how these fashionable college students are staying “cul” and fashionable.

Photo by @mmoor

Photo by @devynnediaz

Photo by @marybordelon

Photo by @lovelyykelly

Photo by @fracturedaesthetic

Photo by @elizagracehuber

As you can see, the trend can be done with just about everything. Pair it with sneakers, heels, T-shirts, blouses, or whatever you can get your hands on. Although skinny jeans may be foolproof… culottes are what’s cool.

Will you be rocking them this season? Sound off in the comments below! And if you want to take on another controversial spring trend, check this out.